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  1. Out of sheer boredom, I decided to make my first scenario and create 435 individual electoral regions all worth 1 electoral vote. Each electoral vote represents 1 member of the House of Representatives. http://i.imgur.com/ml2aBgs.png Using all polling data from every constituency in 2014, by putting the data in the game's .xml files one could make a rather accurate simulation of the 2014 HoR elections. At the moment I'm just working some kinks out and trying to fix some errors and technical errors. Here's some of the results for a mock 2016 election day. http://i.imgur.com/75PQEj1.png http://i.imgur.com/LAN3mvD.png If anyone has any ideas on how to improve this simulation, please feel free to PM or post here in this thread!
  2. Additionally, how do you make it so there are multiple regions on one map region? http://i.imgur.com/d35Vf7F.png
  3. How many electoral regions can PI:2016 handle?
  4. It seems that in some scenarios in PI 2016 poll information and numbers come in every single minute, and in most scenarios the numbers come in every 10 minutes. It's the same thing in PMI: Canada 2015. How do I make it so poll numbers on election night come in every minute, instead of 10 minutes? Thanks
  5. Cripes! Thanks for telling me so quickly, it's appreciated.
  6. Months ago I would play President Forever 2008, and there was one scenario I absolutely loved: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2012/02/19/united-kingdom-2010-2/ Would there be any way to transfer this scenario to President Forever 2016 though the help of the modding community? If not, could someone direct me on how to manually transfer the scenario through modding it myself? Thanks.
  7. Testing again, I also see a error: Access Violation at address 70B522ED in module d2d1.dll. Read of address 000000000.
  8. I have just purchased President Infinity and I see the same result, black screen.
  9. On my Windows 7 desktop whenever I try to play the game, it starts up like this: http://i.imgur.com/7o3wvud.png When I try to enable any players, it then turns to this: http://i.imgur.com/l9O5CJ4.png Is there a graphical glitch in the game or am I missing anything?
  10. Hi, I'm not sure if I can find a definite answer anywhere else, so I'll ask here. Is there a consistent period of time in between updates for PM Canada 2015? Or are they released occasionally with no specific pattern.
  11. http://i.imgur.com/cIS9Gxf.png This is the most that I got as Jack Layton's NDP utilizing the voter concentration/rally tactic while spamming billboards until bankruptcy. I was planning on getting Dueceppe, Ignateff and Harper into negative momentum right before the election, however my money ran out. What are your strategies for 2011?
  12. 1st debate: Pataki: 8 Graham: 6 Santorum: 5 Jindal: 4 2nd debate: Fiorina: 9 Rubio: 8 Bush: 7 Carson: 7 Trump: 6 Christie: 5 Kasich: 5 Paul: 5 Huckabee: 4 Cruz: 2 Walker: 1
  13. On social issues and constitutional issues, compromise is impossible. I would find it unbelievably ignominious if a politician made a compromise on issues like free speech, going half way on freedoms and civil liberties. So I would not compromise on those areas. However, I can be pulled towards the center on economic issues despite my far right values. I would compromise on entitlements as long as it would not further escalate a exponential deficit. I would also comrpmomise on point 10 of my plan, immigration. While I am for open borders, I do believe that there are some points to be made about open borders and I would not object to compromise given a equitable return to pass meaningful legislation.
  14. Personally, I find it egregious and appalling that in the modern era individuals would not serve people due to race, sexual orientation or otherwise using their religion as a scapegoat. However, I do believe that the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution protects these individuals no matter the basis in which they refuse service on. While I find it disturbing that people would deny service to others based on sexual orientation or whatnot, simply put, it's should not be the perogative for any individual to impose my beliefs on business owners. This includes the government. Furthermore, and do excuse me if I am getting a bit off course, on the topic of these laws, I find it more effective to allow these businesses to discriminate. In our modern day of social media and networking, news spreads fast and news of appalling acts against minorities spreads faster then most global issues. We do frequently hear cases in which bakeries and shops refuse to service individuals, however, we never hear about the shops continuing to refuse service afterwards due to the simple fact that these shops have shut down. Economically, there is the huge disinscentive to discriminate as well as politically. Discrimination laws may have been appropriate in the former periods of time where it was widely accepted to violate rights of minorities, however in these times there are no reasos for these laws to exist as the invisible hand of public opinion will inevitably end businesses which discriminate.
  15. 1. Repeal the FREEDOM Act, PATRIOT Act and other acts which needlessly violate the Fourth Amendment. 2. Defend the Constitution, make sure that the Constitution is recognized as a document expressing what the Federal Government can do, rather then what it cannot. 3. Repeal the Affordable Care Act, replace it with a free market healthcare TFSA approach. 4. Lower effective taxe rate for all wealth classes, make sure loopholes are eradicated. 5. Hold corporations that pollute responsible for the loss of life and harm to human life that they cause to reduce the effects of pollution. 6. Radically reform the judicial system by legalizing and taxing the vast majority of drugs and eliminating mandatory minimums. 7. Take on entitlements, reform Medicare and especially social security by slowly privatizing a no longer feasible program. 8. Balance the budget through acts like point 7 and wasteful military spending as well as needless foreign aid spending to areas like Israel. 9. Eliminate the Department of Education, use the money to fund a national school vouchers system. 10. Reduce border security and continue and reopen trade accords with Mexico to help empower their economy. What I can think of for now.
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