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  1. @Reagan04 We will work on Social issues later Findley, Its just not a fight to be had within the first 100 days. I want bipartisian support on the first 2 or 3 things I do. Abd with this -he holds up an executive order- I have undone all of Barack Obama's executive orders. Get the healthcare passed....then I will get to prosecuting hillary, then some spending and tax cuts maybe work on immigration by then the first 100 days will be over and you can fight whatever losing battles you want. If by some miracle you get Planned Parenthood being defunded and tighten the ropes on abortion I will sign the bills....
  2. I stared down Findley "Look, minority leader Pelosi is being congenial. Give her the damn FDA. Or be prepared for a coup in the house and you wont make it to 2018. Think of how bad it will be for the Democrats meeting us in the middle with the far left on the rise like it is....I dont have to tell you that that if those guys start figuring out how to win primaries that Republicans will have 75 seats in the senate and 375 in the house because they wont be able to be able to beat us on economics. Give them what they want and later when we have all those seats you can shove through whatever antiquated morals you want. Add a rider to cut all federal funding for Planned Parenthood or something....talk it over with Logs... But I wont sign anything that leans too far to either side. get out" @Reagan04 @Kingthero @Sami
  3. Tucker Carlson is Press Secaratary...
  4. Gotta remember Logs good....findley bad
  5. @Kingthero My bad man. Just respond to what you think of the bill and the partial birth abortion deal
  6. -Romney sits at his desk seeing an opportunity he calls into the chief of staff- "Ms. MCCain send in the Speaker" -John logs walks in, he was fuming that I told Pelosi that I wouldnt sign anything that gutted the FDA- "John I told Nancy I wouldnt sign the law to give you an oppertunity to end partial birth abortions, this is a golden oppertunity for you to work ending partial birth abortions into the deal. Nancy wants her majority back...see how far to the right you will get her to move. You wont get an end to all abortions or planned parenthood defunded you and I both know that, and I know aswell that you can't negotiate deals worth a darn so I am telling you to give her the damn FDA and a clause that protects those with preexisting conditions for your antiquated social philosophies....this may be your only chance" Romney said rasining his voice at the end as the Speaker eyed him curiously. @Reagan04
  7. Mr. Presidents proposal keeps the FDA. Just makes healthcare more accessible to the lowest income.....and lets folks by healthcare from wherever they want. I wont sign anything that costs a trillion or two nor will I sign anything that guts the FDA....cutting a few regulations yes.... It would also make a law that insurance companies cannot deny supplemental coverage to those with preexisting conditions nor force people to carry insurnace they dont want.
  8. @Presidentinsertname Cabinet positions are available. The press Secaratary can handle the media I will be GMing Romney's world visits. Trump would make most world leaders mad, Romney was just a little bland worst he will do is bore them....lol...
  9. How about this and feel free to use this It satisfies both sides Raise the poverty line to $2500 a year so that anyone that makes less is covered by medicaid. For the rest we remove the lines between the states, and set up HSAs where people can opt to have their pretax income put into an HSA and they can use that for healthcare in addition to or in place of conventional insurance. That way the poor are taken care of and the wealthy have options too.... @Sami @Reagan04
  10. Indeed we are waiting on the Republicans @Reagan04
  11. Romney calls the minority leader "RomneyCare was a mistake, come up with something else"
  12. @Reagan04 "Social issues are a discussion that needs to be had, but I dont want there to be too polarizing of a fight in Congress in the first hundred days. We will speak more on this later, bring me something preliminary on healthcare by the end of the day."
  13. Shut it! He explained that as being states rights when he was governor. Nationally he thought it was a terrible idea.
  14. Romney's first day in the Oval office he assembled the majority/minority leaders the speaker and his Chief of Staff. "Our administration was elected on promises to repeal and replace Obamacare, cut taxes, acheive energy independence and repair our stagnent economy. John I know in Texas you ran on Social issues and I want to address those, but with a stagnant economy, we cant afford to.put social issues at the forefront. Right now the American people want to see progress and that wont happen with bickering over gays, abortion amd women's issues, i want you, Speaker Logs to sit down with the Democrats and hammer out a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. -looks at the minority leaders- you guys arent gonna get single payer, but it cant go back to the old system either. Work something out and call me and ask me if I would sign it before you take it to congress." Romney said in a show of force on his first day.
  15. At inauguration: "It is unnacceptable that our 'allies' in the middle east Harbor Radical Islamic terrorists that mean us harm, let it be known, if you harbor our enemies or align yourself with our enemies, you are our enemies. Further more, Iran will not be permitted to have or use a Nuclear weapon and neither will Premier Kim Jong Ung." "We cut taxes, we will decrease the deficit to get the economy to come roaring back, we will believe in America, goodnight everyone"