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  1. Windows says (PI.exe or whatever the file name is) has stopped working. Always after the first turn
  2. November 1 thats the only one I changed
  3. Just the start dates
  4. Patriots Quarterback and Coach. Both vocal Conservatives and big Trump supporters.
  5. Brady Bellicheck 2024
  6. Anyone else having problems with the 2020 Scenario. I changed some dates and added some money to some of the endorsers to give minor GOP candidates a prayer against Trump, but The game crashes at the end of the first turn. Well its not so much a crash as an error message about the game not working. Anyone else have this issue? Know how to resolve it? @admin_270
  7. I want to legalize Marijuana for recreational purposes. I do think we need a barrier at our southern boarder but that barrier should be up for discussion. My personal stance could be considered Far right.....but I am also willing to agree to any proposition that gives a barrier at the boarder and am willing to throw dems a bone on something else.
  8. Yes I believe taxation is left. On economics its hard to dispute that I am Far Right.
  9. What about language in the cobtext of our RPs? For example portraying a white supremacist character? That I know many have gotten away with. This rule seems to be a gray area on that.
  10. No I just want some serious questions because I dont think I am as conservative as a lot of people think I am.
  11. I agree Isidewith is marginal at best
  12. Thats not a question.
  13. People say I am a conservative. I wanted to see just how Conservative I am. So ask some questions. My IsideWithResults are right wing libertarian. But lets find out. Interview me I will give you my stance and Trust @Patine and @Reagan04 to determine how left right wing or Centrist I am.
  14. Bush withdraws endorses Pataki Herman Cain withdraws endorses Orrin Hatch
  15. @Reagan04 Can we Incorperate some of my fictional Candidates Such as Tom Birdwell a Radical far righty from Idaho? or what about Timothey O' Brien Republican Prohibitionist from Maryland? Or Progressive Hugh Wright from Maine? or Dr. joseph Blaine, a retired Surgeon from California with a TV show called ASK JOE where people call in and ask medical Questions. He is your Moderate Romney kinda Republican, modeled after me personally and my actual beliefs
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