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  1. US Presidential History RP

    Not sure what to post?
  2. US Presidential History RP

    Dr. Henry Blaine South Carolina Federalist 51 Former MD, Retired Be a US Representative Be a Governor Dr. Henry Blaine is a Medical Doctor from Rural Soutg Carolina he practiced medicine in one of coastal South Carolinas smallest towns a town of 371 people. He has always been politically active and interested since his time as a doctor in the War for Independence.
  3. 2000 Convention RP

    any interest before I continue?
  4. 2000 Convention RP

    Popular Votes. *Contests won Pataki 18,667,729. 10 Dole 15,613,121. 14 MCCain 14,180,988. 16 Quayle 11,654,673. 9 Hatch 4,982,717. 4 Bush 1,108,296. 2 Smith 252,498. 1 Keyes 1,217 (write in) 0 Forbes 987 (write in) 0 Jesus Christ 805 (write in) 0 Harold Stassen 771 (write in) 0 Ron Paul 612(write in) 0 John Kasich 431(write in) 0 Micky Mouse 278 (write in) 0 Joe Lieberman 199 (write in) 0 Giant Meteor 102 (write in) 0 Jerry Seinfeld 85 (write in) 0 Ronald Regan 77 (write in) 0 Now that all votes have been cast this gives you the ability to make speeches with this info. I will hold convention results for day 2-3 *includes Territories There are the Popular vote Results
  5. 2000 Convention RP

    To my friends, i am inviting you all to do an RP based on my 2000 Scenario. Both parties are set to have brokered conventions. So here is how it will work, right now it is a 4 way race, 6 people hold and control Delegates....so the goal will be an individual choice, do you try to further your career? Bolster the party? Stay behind your candidate? I will list sone speakers as this will be a controversial convention. You also may interact with each other backstage. Here is the schedule. (Pick more than 1) Candidates still in the race George Pataki (popular vote front runner) (raised most money $67 Million) Elizabeth Dole (won the most delegates so far in the game, with a southern strategy) Dan Quayle (has the $$$ to stay in with Pataki to the bitter end) John Mccain (low on money, but a very strong showing from the Arizona Sen) Withdrawn with Delegates Bob Smith (won NH, has 17 delegates) withdrew January George Bush (won only DE, but has 47 Delegates) withdrew February Orrin Hatch (won UT, IA, NV, GU and has 107 Delegates) withdrew in March Withdrew before Primaries Mr. Allan Keyes (Endorsed Hatch) Rep. John Kasich (endorsed Mccain) Businessman Steve Forbes (pledged to support Nominee) Rep. Ron Paul (Endorsed Pataki) Days 2 3 and 4 are in Dissary till we have a nominee. I will list the agenda for Day 1...with Other Speakers we will fit in... Day 1 Party Chairman (look up the name) Ronald Reagan (Endorsed Dan Quayle who is still in the race) George HW Bush (Endorsed his Son GWB, Withdrew Feb 19) Platform is drafted (that will be me) Speaker of the house Dennis Hastert (Endorsed Elizabeth Dole) House Majority Leader Dick Armey (Endorsed George Pataki) Newt Gingrich (Former Speaker) Pat Buchanan Gov. John Engler (endorsed Mccain) Day 2 Balloting for Delegates (this is where it gets Tricky) Other Speakers David Duke Dick Cheney (George Bush) Arlin Specter (Pataki) Sen. Rick Santorum (Orrin Hatch) Sen Strom Thurmond (Dole) Bob Dole (Dole, DUH) Sen Trent Lott (Endorsed Dole) Rudi Giuliani Christine Todd Whitman (endorsed Pataki) Sen. Wayne Allard (Endorsed Mccain) Jon Voight Harold Stassen (aged 92, pledges to support Nominee) William Weld Gov. Pauk Sellucci (Mccain) Clint Eastwood Arnold Schwarzenegger (All withdrawn candidates will also speak) Gov. Jeb Bush (Endorsed Geoge Bush) Gov. Jim Gilmore (Endorsed Dan Quayle) Sen Fred Thompson (Endorsed Quayle) Sen Bill Frist (Endorsed Quayle) Gov. Mike Huckabee (endorsed Dole) Fmr Sen Howard Baker @Reagan04 @Kingthero @NYrepublican @LokiLoki22 @CalebsParadox @TheLiberalKitten @jvikings1 Invite anyone else you can think of
  6. US Presidential History RP

    marking to anti in later
  7. 1988 Roleplay

    He started in the 40s
  8. 1988 Roleplay

    Pretty much
  9. 1988 Roleplay

    -Harry Campaigns for Pat in PA- 'Robertson will keep your joba here, Al Gore is an environmentalist, he likes trees and will pick a forest over a factory' Harry campaigns for Pat in St Paul 'Minnesotans, are the best kinds of folks, they are of great mixed culter and mixed history, and Al Gore is wrong to represent us, he doesnt represent the family values that Minnesotans hold dear'
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    -Stassen slams Gore on Coal in Montgomery County, PA- -Stassen slams Gore on natural gas in Adams County, TX-
  11. 1988 Roleplay

    -Stassen talks steel jobs in Pittsburgh, PA- -Stassen slams gore on Energy Independence in West Virginia-
  12. 1988 Roleplay

    -stassen knocks Doors for Robertson in Minnesota with grass rootd team- -Stassen hits doors in Centre County, PA, for Robertson-
  13. 1988 Roleplay

    -Stassen campaigns for Robertson in Minnesota- "We need people that care about exploiting natural resources here in Minnesota, not people like Al Gore that will kill our jobs" -Stassen campaigns in Pittsburgh, PA- "This city used to lead the world in steel production, now its almost dead last and left wing environmental regulations have all but killed our steel industry. Al Gore is a continuation of that horrible policy."
  14. 1988 Roleplay

    Lets skip to '92
  15. 1988 Roleplay

    Declared it dead....