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  1. jdm06ltd

    An idea

    That's exactly what I was thinking in a contested convention if a player controlled character isnt seeking or still undecided they can enter the race before the convention to try to get drafted on the floor. Like in 2016 if the convention is brokered and the Donald is in the lead....and Romney is not seeking he can enter the race after the last primary and try to be drafted on the floor
  2. jdm06ltd

    An idea

    Is there a way to add in the ability to 'draft' a candidate at the convention? @admin_270
  3. jdm06ltd

    2008 Scenario (Continues from 2008)

    We go to CNN Wolf Blitzer appears "Here is the Democratic primary Update, and your Republican primary update" "We go to Sandra Davis at the ground in main for the Democratic primary, Senator Obama just won the primary there, today Obama had victories in every state and was able to pull ahead of Hillary Clinton, with how close these primaries were we are wondering though, if Obama hit his ceiling, big second place finishes for the Wesley Clark Campaign, and the John Kerry campaign, Senator Kerry did get endorsed by Dodd when he suspended as well as by Mark Warner. Obama does have yet to recieve a major endorsment from any opponent that actually won a primary." "Thank you Sandra, we go to Tom White on the ground in Virginia tonight with the John McCain campaign, and Tom what are your predictioms going forward?" "Thank you wolf, the predictions going forward are that the race now being between Romney and McCain will get tight, at the filing a week ago the Mccain campaign had only 18 million, and who knows how much these primaries cost, the Romney campaign has 51 million, so Romney has a financial advantage for sure, and those 2 big endorsements Romney got from Cheney, and Tancredo will help to stop some of the bleeding when it comes to momentum, but 'the big mo' seems to be with the Mccain camp thus far. Ohio, Vermont, Texas and Rhode Island are up next, besides Wisconsin next Tuesday, if Romney pretty much take 3 out of 4 in about 2 weeks.....I think his race is over." "Thank you Tom there, you have it everyone I am Wolf Blitzer Signing off"
  4. jdm06ltd

    2008 Scenario (Continues from 2008)

    McCain wins Louisiana and Washington! Mccain Takes Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC. Romney wins Kansas Ron Paul Withdraws. Dick Cheny endorses Romney withdraws from race! In exchange for the VP slot an unable to raise money, Tancredo withdraws, Endorses Romney!
  5. jdm06ltd

    2008 Scenario (Continues from 2008)

    Democrats tomorrow. Here is a transcript from CNN Talking about the Republican Primary "Wolf what we saw happening tomight was simply Mitt Romney underestimating the Viability of Tom Tancredo, and Dick Cheney as well as underestimating the amount of money and the stamina that Senator McCain had. McCain won largely on advertising, and his ability to do '7 states, in 7 days' which was his super Tuesday Tagline." "Thank you Carl, now we go to Greta Van Susteran. Greta" "Good evening Wolf. I tend to agree with Carl but I don't think McCain is the real story I think Tom Tancredo is, he had a huge upset in California beating out Romney there, he has spent the last 2 weeks campaigning aggressively in central California. Upsetting Mccain in Missouri has to be due to his ability to turn out voters with his grassroots base. Reports are telling us that Rep. Tancredo's campaign is out of money, so we will have to see what kind of momentum he will pick up after winning the jewel of the Pacific." "Right you are Greta. Tancredo definitely is the real story. But I will say here, that what happens on thursday and next tuesday will be important for Romney and Mccain, its safe to say Tancredo and Cheney both did well enough to continue on in the race. I'm wolf Blitzer, and this is your Super Tuesday election coverage"
  6. jdm06ltd

    2008 Scenario (Continues from 2008)

    SUPER TUESDAY WINS! JOHN MCCAIN Arizona! Tennessee! Alaska! New York! Illinois! Delaware! Oklahoma! Alabama! Hawaii! McCain wins super Tuesday pulls ahead of Romney!
  7. jdm06ltd

    2008 Scenario (Continues from 2008)

    SUPER TUESDAY WINS! MITT ROMNEY Romney wins Utah! Romney wins Massachusetts! Romney wins North Dakota! Romney wins New Jersey!
  8. jdm06ltd

    2008 Scenario (Continues from 2008)

    SUPER TUESDAY WINS DICK CHENEY Minnesota! Connecticut! Arkansas! Georgia!
  9. jdm06ltd

    2008 Scenario (Continues from 2008)

    Me too but nit enough to run anywhere but maybe Rhode Island or Vermont
  10. jdm06ltd

    2008 Scenario (Continues from 2008)

    @Patine (his campaign is broke after Super Tuesday he has $89,000)
  11. jdm06ltd

    2008 Scenario (Continues from 2008)

    SUPER TUESDAY WINS! TOM TANCREDO California! Colorado! (Homestate) Missouri Will winning the prize of the pacific give him any fundraising power? @Patine