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  1. 1988 Roleplay

    Will anyone mind if I release a national radio ad considering I was absent for a while because I was running for office. One that I can run in every state.... @RP Overlord Let me know. Gotta catch up....
  2. 1988 Roleplay

    (Fun Fact about me....Harold Stassen is a personal hero of mine and a hero to a lot of PA GOP folks....cause he represented what the GOP should be today, a moderate, wide open party welcome to everyone, gay, bi, trans, black, white, yellow, brown....)
  3. 1988 Roleplay

    Stassen runs ad in New Hampshire -kids are in school being taught math as Harold Stassen steps into view- "Today because of President Reagan more kids will go to school than ever before, the problem is, many of our schools are failing, and a lot of stay at home parents are looking for an alternative, I want you to pick that school, whether its a tuition voucher for a private school, homeschooling, or merely to help cover transportation costs for better schools, your kids should go to the best school, because investing in future generations is the most imprtant thing the government can do." "I am Harold Stassen, and you better believe that I approve this message"
  4. 1988 Roleplay

    Glen Stassen Campaigns for his dad in Kansas "And not only will you get farm subsidies, but we are going to protect the second amendment too, my dad will be the President of all of America, not just the few biggest states" Harold Stassen Campaigns in New Hampshire "In this country, President Reagan has showed us that leadership is still important, I have actual expirience leading, not only as a governor, but as a Sergeant in the US Military. I know what it takes to carry out a successful mission, elect me, and you elect someone who can lead on the world stage" Stassen Speaks in Hawaii "Aloha, Hawaii, we came here today because we want to talk to you about education, its important that your kids get sent to good schools, and who better to choose those schools besides the parents? My voucher program lets you pick which school your kid goes to..." Stassen campaigns in Iowa "Tax reform is essential, your taxes should be so simple that you can get them on a page or two so you dont have ro hire a professional to do your taxes, and for a lot of the farmers here, that make income from their crops, sweep the floors of a local school at night, and have dependents, those taxes get even more comllicated....I say No More, I will lead the tax reform movement." Stassen barnstorms in Iowa Stassen Barnstorms in New Hampshire
  5. West Wing Style RP

    What about @LegolasRedbard
  6. West Wing Style RP

    Speaker of the house?
  7. West Wing Style RP

    @Presidentinsertname will you be my cheif of staff @TheMiddlePolitical Can you be deputy chief of staff @jvikings1 will you be deputy comms director @Kingthero what about you?
  8. West Wing Style RP

    @Sami I want you to be white house consul with a different opinion then the rest of the west wing. @Patine do you want a part? @Somberg what about you? @vcczar well? All hands on deck here....
  9. 1988 Roleplay

    Uh Oh, Harry is back.... -Stassen speaks in Concord- "We have the finest schooling system in the world, but even the best can only get better, the sky is the limit, and you should be able to send your kids to whatever schools you want. So today I am ruling out a voucher program..." -Stassen campaigns in Iowa- "Ethanol is what keeps Iowa in business and ethanol subsidies are good for the economy because it is money we put into the system that gets put back in, it is money well spent" Stassen campaigns in Michigan "Slowly but surely all these automitive jobs are being lost, anyone that wants to send jobs overseas should be punished and we should make the proper regulatory adjustments to make it cheaper for Japan to produce their cars here...." -Run ad boosting stassen in Kansas on Farm Subsidies (for) -Run ad in Hawaii on strengthening tourism (Regulation)-
  10. West Wing Style RP

    @CalebsParadox will you be communications director?
  11. West Wing Style RP

    @TheLiberalKitten maybe Press Secaratary?
  12. West Wing Style RP

    @TheLiberalKitten Can you play a Republican or do you need to be a leftie?
  13. West Wing Style RP

    I will just appoint who i want and they can create charactors.....but yes @Reagan04 you can play a Paul Ryan that is more conservative
  14. West Wing Style RP

    Idiologically I am a Centrist, but I keep loyalty to a party for the sake of my political career and endeavors. My only real "Principles" are my view on economics, vets, same sex marriages, and Foreign policy. On economics I am staunchly GOP(with 1 or two minor compromises) i think vets should have anything and everything our country can give them because they served our country, i think homosexuals should be allowed to marry but pastors and bakeries should be free (as it is their right and economically nothing goes unpunished) to say, "I dont believe in that" and refuse to marry a couple or bake a cake. For the bakery there will likely be economic and civil repercussions so the Fed need not get involved, leave it to the local community, as for the pastor forcing him to marry someone is against his religious beliefs which violates the 1st Amendment anyone can become certified to perform marriages these days they will find someone else. I can side with either side on Foreign Policy and everything else....according to my latest isidewith.com test I am 64% Republican 62% constitution Party and 51% Libertarian.... And I identify as a "Right Wing Libertarian" on the idiological scale. There really is no home for me politically, may as well try to create the GOP in my image.... @Patine
  15. West Wing Style RP

    @Patine Considering Romney is going to govern as a moderate, I thought it was a good idea to include some Libertarians. Lots of folks say I am a libertarian....lol. I am too loyal to the GOP.