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  1. Windows says (PI.exe or whatever the file name is) has stopped working. Always after the first turn
  2. November 1 thats the only one I changed
  3. Patriots Quarterback and Coach. Both vocal Conservatives and big Trump supporters.
  4. Anyone else having problems with the 2020 Scenario. I changed some dates and added some money to some of the endorsers to give minor GOP candidates a prayer against Trump, but The game crashes at the end of the first turn. Well its not so much a crash as an error message about the game not working. Anyone else have this issue? Know how to resolve it? @admin_270
  5. I want to legalize Marijuana for recreational purposes. I do think we need a barrier at our southern boarder but that barrier should be up for discussion. My personal stance could be considered Far right.....but I am also willing to agree to any proposition that gives a barrier at the boarder and am willing to throw dems a bone on something else.
  6. Yes I believe taxation is left. On economics its hard to dispute that I am Far Right.
  7. What about language in the cobtext of our RPs? For example portraying a white supremacist character? That I know many have gotten away with. This rule seems to be a gray area on that.
  8. No I just want some serious questions because I dont think I am as conservative as a lot of people think I am.
  9. I agree Isidewith is marginal at best
  10. People say I am a conservative. I wanted to see just how Conservative I am. So ask some questions. My IsideWithResults are right wing libertarian. But lets find out. Interview me I will give you my stance and Trust @Patine and @Reagan04 to determine how left right wing or Centrist I am.
  11. Bush withdraws endorses Pataki Herman Cain withdraws endorses Orrin Hatch
  12. @Reagan04 Can we Incorperate some of my fictional Candidates Such as Tom Birdwell a Radical far righty from Idaho? or what about Timothey O' Brien Republican Prohibitionist from Maryland? Or Progressive Hugh Wright from Maine? or Dr. joseph Blaine, a retired Surgeon from California with a TV show called ASK JOE where people call in and ask medical Questions. He is your Moderate Romney kinda Republican, modeled after me personally and my actual beliefs
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