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  1. Mayor Carter end of year 2 report End of Year 2 report: -Government approval down 1.2% from last year- Now sitting at 62.9% -Poverty approval down 4.8%, now at 72.7%, which is bad news for Carter, as poverty as changed very little since his first day. -Department effectiveness down 8.4%, after some turnover, and Carter favoring younger, more fresh applicants, This of course came with these positions having some learning curves, which in turn could prove to make it less effective,and also because Carter focusing less on raising budgets for departments than he did last year. -Health Coverage is down 5.8% from last year, bringing worry to Carter and his admin. with Carter saying "Everyone knows I believe in healthcare for all, but we can only do so much as your city government, please look at the people you are electing to the presidency"- Health coverage went down 3% nationally this last year, but 4.3% in the state, which is a surprise as the governor is a progressive, and the Democrats have a big state congress majority. -Crime bounced up 6.2% from last year, after last years 6.5% drop -Homelessness increased by 73% this year, now having 105 homeless Carter addressed this saying "We will fix this with permanent housing programs again, But I can only do so much, I am trying, and working tirelessly, I am sorry I disappoint some, But I promise you I will keep fighting" Interview with Carter on goals for year 2 "I realize I haven't been able to do everything I wanted to, and couldn't be the superman for the city I have wanted to. We are one of the most Progressive cities in the U.S, and the most progressive in West Virginia, I am going to focus more on the budget this year, and putting that money in the right places, I of course replaced my financial adivisor, as things I was recommended to do simply did not work, and I felt this fully. I am going to change things up this year, to make sure we get our city out of this never ending poverty spin, We need to fix this city." After asking for a final opinion on challenging Dem, State Rep. Aiden Bradley Carter said "I have already said no,and it remains that, I am focusing on this city right now, and my next election will be for mayor again if all the things aren't fixed that need to be".
  2. OOC: That’s what I’m hoping-My approval was as low as 44% in my first term so it has already risen. Hopefully this didn’t effect my re-election chances, but I am hoping for the best.
  3. Mayor Carter year 2 term 1 ALL LAWS PASSED LAST YEAR WILL NOW COME INTO EFFECT THIS YEAR (it will always be like this) The Budget: -increase fire department budget to 4.5 mil up 700k from last year - increase Forensics from 176k to 207k -increase investigations budget from 1.6 mil to 2.5 mil -increase police dispatch from 818k to 965k -Drug Rehab programs for prisoners fully funded -VoTec training for inmates fully funded -Votec for Permanent housing residents fully funded -social service funding from 0$ to 250K -Sales tax from 1.3% to 2.1% All passed 6-0 All the rest stayed the same or minimal increase/decreases Laws passed -Reduced drug crimes from 1.25 years to 0.5 years (Passed 6-0) -Make city wide drug courts (passed 6-0) -Create ammo limits (passed 6-0) -Make gun licence required (passed 6-0) Interview with Mayor Carter In an interview with Mayor Carter he stated "I am so proud what we have done in my first two years of Mayor, the Revolution has happened, and we showed we are ready to fight bad ideas, and corruption" When asked about the disapproval of all of his tax increases Carter stated "We need people to pitch in to make this city better, if we aren't helping each other, the city will never grow", at the end of his second year Carters approval sits at 48% as mayor, which isn't great as his approval was as high as 60% while he was running for mayor. Carter says about this "I know tax increases are unpopular, I knew that when I brought them to the table, I know people aren't going to like them, but I want this city to thrive for the long term, not just short term tax cuts to benefit my own popularity, I am looking out not just for our citizens, but their kids,grandkids, and so on" Speculation about Carter running for State House has floated around as the upcoming year is the election year for State House. Carter says of this "I honestly do not believe in Mr.Aiden Bradley, He is Fiscally Conservative, though he is a Democrat, which I know doesn't work, we have seen this in our own city, we have seen this as a nation, It simply does not work. He came from money as we all know his family comes from being a Coal Mogul, and the Bradleys have always been a controversy. But I am focusing on helping my city, and in my first term, I will not be running for State Representative."
  4. Mayor Carter end of year 1 report End of Year 1 Report: -Government Approval rating for the city dropped 5% to 65%, many believe it's because of all the tax increases. -Approval of handling Poverty rose an impressive 7.4% to 77.5%, mainly because of the sharp drop in poverty effect -3.9% rise in infrastructure approval to 65.7% -an incredible 13.2% increase in Department Effectiveness approval to 87.8%, mainly because of all the corruption getting kicked out of city hall -Dropout rate dropped very slightly -Poverty slightly rose, but poverty effect plummeted -500 less crimes than 2016 a decrease by 6.5% -Road Quality Rose 8% -City is in a 6.3 million dollar deficit after having a balanced budget in 2015,2016 -Homeless decreased by 100%! (though there where few) -
  5. Mayor Carter's first Year Admin: Mayor Carters first action was completely changing the administration, not one stone was left unturned with replacements. The city laws taking effect the first day of his term from the previous council and school board was a min. wage increase of 7.25 to 8 dollars, and a raise on school property taxes from 1.49% to 1.57%. On Day one as promised Mayor Carter was ready for major changes, and was ready for all these to pass with a 6-0 City Council. Mayor Carters Year 1 budget -Raise Property tax 1.76-2.5% -Make a 3% Corporate Tax -Public Housing With 50% eligibility rate, and 75% Government Rent Payment -Make a fully funded permanent housing program -10 million in community planning and development grants -double road maintenance budget -48.5 Wheel tax rate -1.3% sales tax -1$ tobacco tax -$1.05 Alcohol tax -Raise police budget by 1 million all passed 6-0 The Term 1 Revolution bills (Mayor Carter): -Universal Background checks (Passed 6-0) -$15 an hour minimum wage (passed 6-0) -Assault Weapon ban (passed 6-0) -Legalize Marijuana possession (passed 6-0) -24.2% marijuana tax (passed 6-0) -High school training for homeless (passed 6-0) -High school training for unemployed (passed 6-0) -Energy assistance for low income (passed 6-0) 2016 presidental and elections "red wave" Presidential President-Elect Burnett is a 43 year old conservative OK Sen., and his VP-elect is Agatha Baxter a 44 year old Conservative Senator from Indiana. Senate:Republicans gain 12 seats, now having a 59-41 majority. House:Republicans gain 73 seats now having a 286-149 majority State elections State Senate:Democrats gain 6 seats now have a 23-11 majority State House:Democrats gain 12 seats now have a 69-31 majority (Carters friend Grace retired) Governor: Lucas Edwards is a Democrat Progressive former Congressman, who is a friend of Carter, and was one of the people who conviced Carter to take up politics, as he himself won WV as a Progressive in the 2015 Governor Race.
  6. Carter wins! "We fought, We won, now it's time to get to work" This was the headline of Carters victory speech, As he promised "Change that we need, and Change I will bring"- Carter stating that he was 'Ready to serve for the people" Stern commented that it was a fair, hard fight, even though he was disappointed by the outcome he wishes Carter the best. The Bigger story of the night was a 6-0 City council sweep, and a 6-0 School Board sweep both for Democrats, many believe this was due to low Republican turnout, and high turnout by University students. "The city of Morgantown sent shockwaves tonight, saying we are tired of the corruption, we are tired of the Poverty and Blight in our city, we want change"- This was said by a Local Business owner
  7. Primary Election Result Rodney did it. After a long fight for the Primary, with Meadows being able to put up a hard fight, with students from the University and backings from local education groups, Carter still did not back down. He won a close fight, by just about 100 votes. He thanked his supporters saying "This was the first fight, it's not over, Republican leadership has failed this city for far to long, it's time to win the war, and change this city for the better I am ready." Carter will face the 27 year old Young Republican head Josh Stern, who won a close battle himself. Stern saying "I will not let Socialism take over this town, I know our leadership before has failed us, but it's time for new ideas to fix our city" In the last poll before election night, Carter was ahead, within Margin of error 53.6%-46.4%. Carter ended up pouring 35k in his own funds in the election, however he out fundraised his opponent 3-1.
  8. It's 2016 and Rodney Carter, A 45 year old Lawyer who owns the Law Firm Carter and Associates in Morgantown, WV. Carter is a graduate of Morgantown Highschool, University, and Lawschool staying in Morgantown his whole life, helping his parents run Clucking Carters, a Diner founded in 1960 by his grandparents in Downtown Morgantown. Carter has been involved in politics his whole life, but always declined to run for things, even when offered. The highest election he ever won was Student Government president at WVU when he was 23, his Senior year. He has however been a campaign manager, in the 2012 and 2014 State House elections Helping his Friend who worked at his law-firm, Randy Grace. Even winning the previous election by just 13 votes. However Carter always knew his views would be a little extreme for WV, a Conservative state. Realizing the reasons his friend won, was only because he was economically Conservative-Libertarian type. WV current State house is Democrat led 57-43, With the State Senate being even at 17-17. Hope however rose for Carter last year, in the 2015 Governors race in which he helped Progressive Lucas Edwards win the Governorship by about 12,000 votes. This gave Carter light for his views, as he realized a Progressive could win in WV. He also realized this when president Tomas Patron won the state, a Progressive-Though he is unpopular, his term is up. West Virginia has 1 Republican and 1 Democrat Senator. and 2-1 Republicans majority with the Representatives. With Rep. Headley (A right-wing, unpopular 3 term Rep.) winning Carters district 51-49% in 2014. Carter is ready to run,with a 4-2 Dem maj. on the city council, and an incumbent Republican Mayor, who is viewed as Libertarian, Mayor Piper, Carter has pointed out countless times has he has "Gotten nothing done, our dropout rate is 16%, our poverty rate is a depressing 22.6%, our city is in trouble" Carter announced his candidacy in Jan of 2015 that he is running for mayor. "My 3 goals are getting our people out of poverty, improving the lives of resident money intake, and improving our roads". Carter does start off ahead, with being a successful Lawyer, and a popular one at that, he donated 10k of his personal funds to kick his campaign off. "I am not asking resident for money, our mayor has stripped them of money enough, I am not going to make it worse". However, After week 1 of the campaign, the incumbent mayor announced he would not be running, a shock to many, with low approval, many expected him to lose anyways. Carters primary opponent would be the Progressive Poli. Sci. professor at WVU Prof. Barney Meadows, and the Republicans running would be 27 year old Monongahela Young Republicans head Josh Stern, and local Gas Company Manager Rich Ewing.- Carter was ready for the fight.
  9. THANK YOU! for doing a play through of this, this is my favorite game on the market right now- And I enjoy how it can co-exist with PI (election sims) with this being a more career based sim. P.S I already have about 35 hours on this game
  10. I am undoubtedly sure he is Socially Liberal, Which more often than not out of the two major parties puts you as a Democrat.
  11. @vcczar Can speak for my growth, he knows how I use to be lol.
  12. As many people on this forum know I was a Trump supporter-Until I moved to University and got educated, and formed my own opinions on things. Since the beginning of 2018 I was full on Democrat (even though I've always held liberal views- I guess I was lying to myself supporting Trump). Now I am A Democratic Socialist, (Except on things like slave reparations-And not having the death penalty-In which I support the idea of allowing the victims family to survive), I have developed to be fully progressive on ideas like healthcare,abortion,education,immigration,guns,and so on.- I can even say at the beginning of 2019 I didn't support assault weapons ban-Which now I do. I also now fully support refugees immigrating to our country. This is when I came to the realization, and learned about the history of the U.S involvements in the middle east,Which I hold a staunch view on looking at it from middle easterners p.o.v's- We invaded there country for oil, And the amount of civilian casualties all of our presidents have caused in the Middle East in recent memory is disgusting.So in the past two and a half years i have definitely went from centrist to liberal to progressive to Democratic socialist. Notice I come from a small town in Southwest PA, and moved to an extremely diverse State College PA. Not only college but also having a long term girlfriend that is a P.O.C who I am with still, made me hate actually grow a hate for Trump even more, With the thought of thinking that Trumps America could cause more racism towards her, and our kids one day.
  13. I really think Bernie is going to win Iowa and New Hampshire-I am honestly up in arms after that though. No matter how big of a boost he gets.
  14. I read an article that basically threw gates into the mix of things, and just simply asked a question. I guess there has been alot of speculation of him running in the past, though, as I saw with his documentary on Netflix.
  15. What is your opinion? We already have Steyer and Bloomberg
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