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  1. I think if somehow Larry Hogan could emerge being the opposite of Trump within the Republican party, would be the best case scenario.
  2. I think something more true to its term would be "MAGA, because we failed the first time around"
  3. I would be intrigued to see what would happen if say a Romney/Haley ticket replace Trump/Pence, Democrats may lose at that point.
  4. My gaming desktop is windows thankfully, my work and school laptop though is a macbook
  5. same thing basic 2004 setup @admin_270
  6. Awesome I'll check it out now
  7. I think it would be admirable, he would be making himself a "bridge" rather than knowing he will be too old in his second term anyways. Also I never thought about Trump overturning term limits until now, that is a really realistic thing he would bring up at the convention.
  8. Which president is the best president of your lifetime? Why? Barrack Obama, Character, Personality, Leadership Which president is the worst president of your lifetime? Why? Donald Trump, To many ways to write in a sentence. Who do you think is the best president before you were born? Why? JFK-He is one of the most inspirational political figures to me. Who do you think is the worst president before you were born? Why? I think James Buchanan, however also Andrew Jackson- for the fact he committed genocide with the Indian removal act. Who is the most overrated president? Why? Abraham Lincoln, he gets way to much credit, and is one of the main figures of the "white savior complex", he wasn't an abolitionist, Also Ronald Reagan, for obvious reasons (Though I think Lincoln is more universally overrated, because Reagan isn't liked at all in Democratic circles, compared to maybe Lincoln) Also for Lincoln, he is overrated in the fact that people think he championed to end slavery, and was a savior and abolitionist himself. Who is the most underrated president? Why? Ulysses S. Grant, Though he had a corrupt admin., he was an amazing historical figure, an actual abolitionist, fought for reconstruction, etc. Also LBJ, even though his failure in the Vietnam war. Who is your favorite nominee that has ever lost a race for president? Why? Henry Clay, the man, the myth, the legend. Who is your favorite candidate that has ever lose a race to be party nominee? Why? Bernie Sanders, of course. What current politician do you hope runs in 2024 or 2028? Why? Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, Just everything from Bernie, and more. Who is your favorite international politician of your lifetime? Why? Jacinda Ardern- I seriously think if she was our president, it would be an absolute perfect combination, and she is somebody we need right now. @vcczar
  9. WAS. Lol,completely was, until 2017 basically (So around right after he won). I was definitely a misguided 16/young 17 year old, from a small rural town. Until I got into politics myself, and not just going along with the status quo of my area, and doing my own research and such, However I was still a Bernie supporter in 2016, I was more so an underdog supporter is why I even near supported Trump. My policy however has always been left, though I continually move further to the left the more I have my own independent thought. I don't despise anybody more than I do Trump now. It was a time of growth for me. Going to college, and living on my own and developing my own thought is why I ever came close to that. @Actinguy
  10. I feel like @admin_270 use to police the forum majorly for things being off topic other than the game even 2-3 years ago, I am glad he let up
  11. I feel like we are a tight nit forum, almost as if everyone knows everyone, I do wonder who use to be the @Patine, or the @vcczar. (Since you two are probably the most well-known I'd say). in the early-late 2000's, and since our forums ideology certain leans left now, I do wonder if it was always like that.
  12. That 2 years of being semi absent really hurt me
  13. There was no option to select none for the Right ideas, that's why I chose both rural and urban
  14. No, I know it still exists in United States 1984 user scenario made by liberal kitten I believe @admin_270
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