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  1. Yes-But we work directly with the council,Which I was told is the only difference.
  2. I am running for my cities controller (Unopposed) After within the last year starting my home counties young democrats,and becoming a Democrat committeman, I am running for my city's controller
  3. Another simple one, basically to get back into things
  4. https://discord.gg/c2zYFj We have tons of members, and just had a presidential election with 40 votes,elections happen every month,everyone automatically is a senator,cabinet positions are voted on and have rolls,presidents and speakers are elected. Writing laws is very in depth, join in (I am currently foreign affairs secretary)
  5. I'm saying the base polling number,Booker has 1 so hes below, but since Yang and Gillibrand are tied on the base number, Yang should be ahead since he has the higher second vote total
  6. Sir,you missed rank yang behind Gillibrand,just like CNN! lol just joshing, but yeah Yang ahead of Gillibrand,lol.
  7. McGrath has had a terrible last week.
  8. Obama gains momentum. It has been 4 weeks since our first article on the young State Senator running for president,someone who promises hope,change,and energy to our country. It is 2 weeks from the Iowa primary, and Obama has garnered a vast amount of momentum in the state,after making rounds of policy speeches and promises, and focusing a heavier amount of ground support in the state. He is currently tied for third place at 6.3% in the state (tieing with Gephardt and Kerry while being behind Clark and Lieberman) this is definitely promising for the Obama campaign, but if Obama does not win Iowa, I think he is going to drop out, which seems a bit pessimistic, but I think it's realistic. Nationally Obama is 8th with 1.4% in our latest poll, only ahead of Rep. Kucinich (who has been a fringe candidate the whole election) Super Tuesday is looking deadly for the Obama campaign, unless the garner momentum with wins in both Iowa, and New Hampshire, the campaign seems to be in trouble. The thing is, there is an upcoming Illinois Senate Race this year, and the primary is in May. So the question remains,Should Obama,even with the smallest chance of winning the election,drop out of the race to run for Senate? In the Democratic primary Obama leads in the first primary poll 56%-30%-10%-4% Against Comptroller Daniel Hynes,Businessman Blair Hull,and county clerk Maria Pappas. Obama also is the only Democratic in the race "guaranteed" a win in the senate race, garnering 6 more points against a generic Republican than anyone else (65%-40%) so the question is,what will Obama do? The biggest thing Obama has going for him right now,even with his measily national lead, is him being first plays in polls for South Carolina,and New Hampshire, and is a close second to the all important Iowa. If Obama pulls off both Iowa and New Hampshire wins, it could be a bright road ahead. In an effort to pad his political influence,Obama has introduced a medical marijuana bill to the Illinois State Senate "To help the people who are at their worst,with the pain and agony,have a natural effective way to help that hurt" He also stated how European countries are starting to already push the effort,and how effective it is. Obama arguing his case for medical marijuana.
  9. 2004 Presidential Election 41 year State Senator, for President? Barrack Obama, a 41 year old, African American, Illinois State Senator, has announced his candidacy for President. People are calling his position as a State Senator "One of the most obscure positions to run from, he doesn't have a chance, He is probably just doing this for recognition to be honest". This is a position many critics of Obama have taken, the "Just for recognition" argument. But even with him polling under 1% in our latest poll, the first poll including him in it, he still is saying he is going "all in". Even though it may seem crazy, Obama does have a path to nomination, With Carol Mosley Braun, and Al Sharpton deciding not to run, backing Obama. These however aren't the most polarizing names to endorse Obama, not even close. On December 1st, Former President Bill Clinton announced his endorsement of the State Senator. Saying "He is a message of future generations, of Hope, of Energy, of Youth". This endorsement however does make sense, in 1992 Clinton was viewed as the same young,charismatic, energetic politician as Obama is today. Now there is no question, he is a long shot, a very-very-long shot (if that wording makes sense), He isn't close to polling anywhere near victory, he definitely may benefit of a small field of 8 other candidates though (Dean,Clark,Gephardt,Lieberman,Edwards,Graham,Kucinich,Kerry). This if anything, is majorly beneficial to the young Obama. We are releasing our newest batch of polls January 1st, soon before the Iowa primary, we will just see how engaging Obama can be by then. Obama in his campaign office. "Hope"
  10. 1948 Presidential Election Republicans: -Gov. Thomas Dewey -Sen. Robert Taft -Fmr. Gov. Harold Stassen -Sen. Arthur Vandenberg -Gov. Earl Warren -Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower Democrats: -Pres. Harry S. Truman -Sen. Richard Russel -Sen. Harry A. Wallace
  11. Just another one of my simple electoral history's.
  12. My opinion has greatly evolved over the course of the last while. I would now support any Democrat except Biden,in which i still wouldn’t vote for Trump. College does evolve your opinion greatly.
  13. My list at the moment in order: 1.Elizabeth Warren 2.Pete Buttiegieg 3.Cory Booker 4.Bernie Sanders 5.Andrew Yang
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