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  1. TheMiddlePolitical

    Bernie Sanders 2020

    I donated my $27, signed up to volunteer. I'm ALL IN, Bernie 2020!
  2. TheMiddlePolitical

    Should Ilhan Omar have apologized?

    Absolutely she should have.
  3. TheMiddlePolitical

    Cory Booker is in

    I like Booker I would think about supporting him for sure,I watched his documentary on Netflix called "Street Fight" that definitely got me to like him ALOT more,so at this point dems I would support are:Sanders,Beto,and Booker.
  4. TheMiddlePolitical

    A Modern Era play-through 1976-Future

    1976 The Primaries preview Republicans: The Republicans have the incumbent president up for grabs,with President Gerald Ford seeking his re-election bid,after receiving the presidency after Nixons resignation (A not so glorious way to receive the presidency) Ford is now picking up the scraps of a disgruntled view towards the Republicans after the water gate scandal, With Ford being the Vice-President to the corrupt Nixon other candidates have decided to throw their hates into the ring. Fmr. CA Gov. Ronald Reagan, MD. Sen. and "Rockefeller" Republican Charles Mathias, and CIA Director and fmr. rep. George Bush. Democrats: With the Democrats having a wide open field,and an opportunity to capitalize on an abundance of Democrats throw their hat into the ring. GA. Gov. Jimmy Carter, AL. Gov. and white supremacist George Wallace, AZ. Rep. Mo Udall, WA. Sen. and Anti-Vietnam war advocate Scoop Jackson, Pro Life advocate Ellen McCormack, CA. Gov. Jerry Brown, The man who authored two amendments and IN. Sen. Birch Bayh, Environmental advocate and ID. Sen. Frank F. Church, LBJ Liberal and Fmr. OK Sen Fred Harris, JFK's Brother-in-law and "war on poverty" architect fmr. amb. Sargent Shriver, TX. Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, Sen. Maj. Whip and WV Sen. Robert Byrd, Fmr. nominee and MA Sen. George McGovern, fmr. nominee and VP MN Sen Hubert Humphrey.
  5. Now since the game is in great shape from Primaries-General election I can finally do my full play through. I have studied "the modern era" of politics the most,so that's what I will be doing. I will be playing as the Simulation party-which the votes will equal write in votes.
  6. TheMiddlePolitical

    2020 Scenario (Vcczar version) 25 Democrats test

    Candidates: Republicans: -Donald Trump -Larry Hogan Democrats: -Joe Biden -Beto O'Rourke -Bernie Sanders -Elizabeth Warren -Hillary Clinton -Kamala Harris -Pete Buttiegieg -Cory Booker -Kristen Gillibrand -Michael Bloomberg -Julian Castro -John Hickenlooper -Sherrod Brown -Eric Garcetti -Amy Klobuchar -Deval Patrick -Tulsi Gabbard -John Bel Edwards -Martin O'Malley -John Delaney -Eric Holder -Tim Ryan -Alan Grayson -Lincoln Chaffe -Jason Kander
  7. I used @vcczar 2020 scenario and chose 25 dem candidates (who all have a real chance of running) and wanted to see what I got.
  8. TheMiddlePolitical

    2020 Scenario Update (1/19/2019)

    Ojeda dropped out https://theintercept.com/2019/01/25/richard-ojeda-president-drops-out/ that didn't last long...lol
  9. TheMiddlePolitical

    Bernie is running.

    This is COMPLETELY factual. I couldn't agree more.
  10. TheMiddlePolitical

    Bernie is running.

    I will take Bernie over either of them anyday.
  11. TheMiddlePolitical

    Bernie is running.

    I read this in the artical,it was confirmed later.
  12. TheMiddlePolitical

    Bernie is running.

    https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/427071-sanders-to-announce-presidential-campaign-report Well,no need to go through the rest of the Dems. SANDERS 2020! @vcczar I was wondering will you support him again?
  13. TheMiddlePolitical

    Test of the new favorbility system (redo) 1876-onward

    1892 NO ONE recieves a majority of Electoral Votes,and with a Republican lead Congress. Pres Harrison is re-elected! Harrison/Reed wins! Harrison 2nd term Hayes Presidency Score: Economic-40/100 Domestic-52/100 Military-79/100 Government-52/100 Popularity 32/100 Harrison continued to slightly push forward on Civil Rights,however an slight economic crash do to mining investments from banks,led Harrison to bail out "The big banks" This diminished his popularity,and for the first time in 2 decades the U.S was not economically booming,Due to this Harrison announced that he would not seek re-election.
  14. TheMiddlePolitical

    Test of the new favorbility system (redo) 1876-onward

    1892 Primaries Republican:Pres Harrison wins! However,he is not as popular as he thought as Lodge receives 30% of the pop. vote. VP:Sec. Whitelaw Reed Democrats:Cleveland wins! VP:Rep. Adlai Stevenson
  15. TheMiddlePolitical

    Test of the new favorbility system (redo) 1876-onward

    1892 Election Republcians: -Pres. Benjamin Harrison -Rep. Henry Cabot Lodge Democrats: -Sen. Grover Cleveland -Gov. Horace Bois -Sen. David B. Hill -Sen. Arthur P. Gorman -Rep. Adlai Stevenson -Fmr. VP Richard Bland Populist: -Sen. James Weaver