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  1. TheMiddlePolitical

    Preferred 2020 Democratic Candidate

    I'm voting Casey for Senate,lol
  2. TheMiddlePolitical

    Preferred 2020 Democratic Candidate

    1.Trump,He is going to win re-election despite his unpopularity,he may not be likable,he has been a pretty damn good president in my opinion. (even though for this election for example I'm voting Governor>Democrats , Senate> Democrat, State Sen> Democrat, State Rep>Republican 2. Bernie Sanders 3.Joe Biden I literally don't like any of the other Democrats on that list.
  3. TheMiddlePolitical

    Please add election being affected by previous election feature

    Literally the modifiers are how successful the president was,on different subjects,giving him an overall popularity
  4. TheMiddlePolitical

    Please add election being affected by previous election feature

    The modifiers,lol,That's the point of them
  5. TheMiddlePolitical

    Please add election being affected by previous election feature

    It would basically just save the previous elections results,then u just add the modifiers.
  6. You could almost just add a mode called "timeline" and we could save these timelines so each election is effected by the last ones results,and we can just place modifiers for how the president performed and that would effect it to. This would be amazing for us who do play by plays and love playing consecutive elections in a row-please! @admin_270
  7. TheMiddlePolitical

    Suggestion add views to canidate info screen

    When you are selecting who to add for your game,when you click there info,just a simple suggestion
  8. TheMiddlePolitical

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    2016:Rand Paul 2020:Bernie Sanders
  9. TheMiddlePolitical

    Share your Senate prediction map!

    Here's mine! 55-45 Republicans
  10. TheMiddlePolitical

    General Election only Results

    Trumps third term and 2016 coming today/tomorrow. 2016 (expressed interst in running) Republicans: -KY Gov Rand Paul -WI Sen Paul Ryan -FL Sen Allen West -MA Sen Mitt Romney Democrats: -NY Sen Andrew Cuomo -IA Gov Tom Vilsack -VT Gov Bernie Sanders -PA Gov Bob Casey -OH Sen Sherrod Brown Trump will run for re-election
  11. TheMiddlePolitical

    Trump and Obama by the Numbers

    On the issue of abortion,I am pro choice only because of it's a safe way to do things. My grandmother was part of the "Women of Jane",and it was a victory for her and every women when Roe v Wade was put into affect. Safe is better than risky.
  12. TheMiddlePolitical

    Become President Game

    I wish @admin_270 would of took up an idea like this (actually this exact idea) as really he is the only bearer of political simulation at the moment (the only respectable one)
  13. TheMiddlePolitical

    Zimbabwe Presidential election 2018

    I don't understand why people in such impoverished countries support the same parities over and over again,other then election meandering and corruption.
  14. TheMiddlePolitical

    Alternate US Presidential Elections 1788 - 2016 V2

    Don't take offense to this but I feel as if this is just to similar to OTL,with the presidents,and elections,and so on. Especially with other Candidates winning and you putting "Same as so and so as they agreed on most issues" No presidents term will be the exact same as another persons,just saying,I don't understand the point of putting effort into events that happen outside of the presidency,instead of putting work into the presidents term themselves.