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  1. General Election only Results

    I am definetly not going to pay as much attention to a election play by play answer type up i do before work ,as to something i do irl..lol
  2. General Election only Results

    1976 Reagan/Ford (rep) vs Bayh/Carter (dem) vs McCarthy/Nader (ind) --A hard fought election
  3. General Election only Results

    No because of how the timeline has aligned events,and with Romney being mormon, Rockefeller really drove that ticket (probably why he lost aganist Sanford) and his religion ended up not being an issue
  4. General Election only Results

    Sanford first term -Announces right away this will be his only term -Raises Large company tax,champions for small buisness -Creates a trade league with Germany,France,UK,and Canada -First president to majorly comment on abortion says it is "A sin to the law and humanity" -Says Homosexual marriage should "never be legalized" after a CA state rep brought it to the states floor -Quiet presidency otherwise,not very liked and was much,much less progressive then he campaigned on -Continued to keep trying to kill racism (this was the major part of his progressiveness) -Starts the war on poverty (though it is not nearly as bad as IRL) try to completely rid of all poverty -Average approval 37%
  5. General Election only Results

    I'll actually go back to previous elections and check to,its the first election i noticed because when i first simmed he only won the west coast, It may be affecting other election also
  6. General Election only Results

    1972 Rockefeller/Bush (rep) vs Sanfrod/Shrider-- @vcczar Rockefellers bonuses are i think glitched he has -50 to -90 in almost every state---A massive upset
  7. General Election only Results

    Romney first term -Lowered taxes on wealthy to 20% (was 32) Imposed "trickle down economics" -Lowered Middle and Low tax brackets to 18% -Ended subsidizing of free public college,also made a restriction were this could not be change for atleast 20 years. -Drew back environmental restrictions on industry -Made a stock market exchange tax -Started mission to put a man on mars. -Many minor scandals involving bushiness expenditures -Average approval 41% -Romney,facing many threats of business lawsuits,and says he has been threatened and fears his life (perhaps because of the stock market) vows to not run for a second term,props Rockefeller as the nominee
  8. General Election only Results

    1968 Romney/Rockefeller (rep) vs McGovern/Sanford (dem)---McGovern unexpectedly,puts up a hard fight---In a simulated election with Humphrey running for re-election he wins against the same ticket with 55% of the pv and 399 EV
  9. General Election only Results

    Humphreys third term -Attempted to abolish the electoral college,making pop vote the option,that failed -Puppeted Democratic Vietnam,making them an american colony -Made laws to prevent discrimination against race and religion -Imposed the first major environmental regulations -Announced he will not seek a fourth term -Average approval 42%
  10. General Election only Results

    1964 Lodge Jr/Rockefeller (rep) vs Humphrey/Brown (I)(dem) ---Lodge Jr fails again,with another EV landslide
  11. General Election only Results

    Humphrey second term -Democratic Vietnam demands an independence referendum,with the US and Allies support it succeeds, there is now a North and South Vietnam -Cracked down on major corporations evading taxes -Decreased military spending -Re subsidized free public college (a never ending cycle) -Raised all tax brackets by 4% (This would start the attempt to get out of debt,which wasn't very much) -Scandal were Humphrey was accused of cheating on his wife,and lieing under oath,beginning the impeachment process,at the end he avoids it,tanked approval -Average approval 40%
  12. General Election only Results

    1960 Dewey/Stassen (rep) vs Humphrey/Kennedy (dem)---Major scandals ruin Dewey's chances
  13. General Election only Results

    Taft second term -Continued investing into infrastructure -Made becoming a U.S citizen much easier (He called it "open border unity act",though it acted the same way as our system today) -The Cold War ends after negotiations (remember nuclear weapons were destroyed, so there was no arms race,letting it end much faster) -USA Ranks #1 for health insurance in the world -Increases military spending -Unsubsidized the Free Public College Act (this would be to increase military spending,and lower taxes) -Lowered all tax brackets by 2% -Announced he would not run for re-election -Average approval 55%
  14. General Election only Results

    1956 Taft/Nixon (rep) vs Humphrey/Kennedy (I)(dem) ---A huge upset,Humphrey was expected to win up to a week before the election (Taft didn't die as he did irl)
  15. General Election only Results

    Humphreys first term -Signed and put into effect the NHS -Made public university free for all -Reincorporated tax brackets (20%,23%,30%)---Big hit to approval -Decreased military spending,Major spending into infrastructure -Begins negotiations with the USSR to already end the cold war,he received backlash for this -Average approval 46%