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  1. I can try to search more seats but here is the first
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    My upcoming debate

    I've a massive argument against guns rather than for ^^ But if you want to answer to that In US there are dubble homicides and murders in average per inhabitant than in Western countries But they will always tell you "If you want a safety, buy a gun" Everybody isn't a master of it, it creates some Counter Strike society at the end with a 1 life in the counter 😛 And so, the liberty of wearing gun if not controled, can touch the liberty of life of many citizens I do not think they will oppose these arguments to you, but these are probably among the most effective to oppose to Republicans.
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    French Revolutionary Scenarios

    (Correction for one of the last lines, it's of course Hitler not Napoléon ^^ Napoléon was kinda the mixt of a modern Chavez cuppled with Vladimir Poutine, but the Civil Code he created is still the code we use in law even if we adapted it since a big part still comes from The law of contracts hasn't changed between 1804 and 2016).
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    French Revolutionary Scenarios

    Great work! If I can bring some precisions => Lucien Bonaparte won't be Senator before the last parliament under the Convention where he sat to help his brother NapolĂ©on and his coup Let's cut political times of the revolutions too: 1789-1792: Moderate time Essentially betwenn 1789 and 1791, all MPs are in favor of a moderate monarchy, only one is for a Republic, Marat 1791 (June => Varennes scandal) 1792: Returnment Two essential things have returned the public opinion: 1: The King and his family tried to leave France for Luxemburg where supporters were gathered However it failes some miles before at Varennes and he returned to Paris, MPs tried to say he has been kidnapped but at this moment, people was shocled and he was done 2: The dubble game of the King who declared war to Prussia but used his veto against every law of the assembly to help Prussia to win the war and walk on Paris Hence in August, the monarchy falled down Second period: 1792-1794: The Socialist excess Such excess that for many historians the USSR found its inspiration not only in Marx and the French Commune but also the French Constitution of 1793 at this period the Left takes power with only Republicans due to the system of vote, the assembly surrenders in the same time than the King and dissolves the parliament From 1792 to mid 1793: The Soft Republicans try to keep the situation calm These soft Republicans called "Girondins" want to save the head of the King even if the King has to renounce to the crown They finish backstabbed by the "new Left", the Montagnards who can by this sacrifice move the Republic Left. At this same period almost half of Europe is in war so the Republican dictatorship is instored by Robespierre and Saint Just to protect the country. One of the first totalitarian regimes Sooner than later this moment Danton who has followed Robespierre on the necessity of the Dictatorship of War disagrees to maintain it after 1794 and in the same time the "Hebertists" who are the former form of modern communism are raising in violent minority groups in Paris. Robespierre kills these Hebertists with the support of Danton then in the end of march 1794 condemns Danton to death because he disagrees with the terror regime. (The assembly was almost reduced to Social Totalitarians (Robespierre) in the center vs Hard Socialists (Danton) in the right of the parliament and hard Communists in the Left (Hebert) The terrible law of the 22nd Prerial is voted: => From now and between June and the 22nd July thousands of peoples are executed without any reason. Then the 9 Thermidor 1794 (mid of the year) Robespierre falls in an epic returnment He calls traitors in the assembly and everybody among the MPs who are fearing for themselves prefer to kill him. That's why he's arrested, but the Parisians make him free, he takes refugee in the Townhall of Paris: The townhall of Paris is assaulted by the general BARRAS The day after the Robespierrists fall all. Last period: 1794-1799: The Directory attempt Chocked by the previous period and considering that all big revolutionnaries (Marat, Danton, Robespierre, Camille Desmoulins, Saint Just) are dead, those who stay create a liberal regime inspired on the American revolution 2 assemblies, a Senate formed by older citizens and a chamber of 500 MPs made by younger It's from this period that we kept the bicameral system, inspired by the shock of having an assembly totalitarian regime in 1793 and 1794 The question of having a president is questionned But they fear that a Bourbon be elected President ahead to become King, so they form 5 directors who are head of the government and appoint ministers Finally they give 1/3 assemblies election change per year And the defeats come to this regime 1795 and 1796 Gracchus Baboeuf and the Jacobins (partisans of the idea of the Left constitution of 1793) try to take back the power in Paris but the regime survives 1797 Monarchists win, a coup is instaured by the regime itself to void their electoral victory and deport them. 1798 the Jacobins win thanks to the help of the Monarchists and the regime void the election and says that the next year will elect a 2/3 chamber majority 1799 the Jacobins win the majority of both houses and prepare a change of regime SieyĂ©s who was ambassador in Prussia is back, he prepares the change of regime because the French Constitution of 1794 is too difficult to be easily changed. He will play with the Jacobins and prepare the famous 18 brumaire coup of NapolĂ©on to become Consul of the Republic with himself (SieyĂ©s) in second Consult and Rogers Ducos in 3rd SieyĂ©s thought that NapolĂ©on would be easy to control, he said himself: "I need a sword", well, he underestimated NapolĂ©on This has been a famous and strong period where ideas have been quickly revolutionned For example: France is the first country in the world to have decriminalized homosexuality (1791, under the Constitutionnal Monarchy!) the laws to limit it only came under the Vichy period and Petain. Same for social rights, the project of 1793 was to create a constitutionnal right to Social rights from the State, to Social Welfare and that 150 years before the Social Security. There were high projects of direct democracy which have been lost such as local assemblies from the people in the same Constitution of 1793 which could hloc every law from the parliament if there were 50%+1 of opposition in a certain number of people's district The Constitution of 1793 has been the first to be adopted by popular referendum in the history The Constitution of 1793 instaured the "Soil rights" which means that if you born on the territory you can become citizen and if you live for 1 year in the country you can become citizen And surely...the Robespierrist regime inspired Staline or Hitler in some ways as Mussolini because this period was well a period where the State was strong and enroled people to "learn" what the good revolution is. This has been 10 years where almost everybody could change the history of this major country, and that's why it has gave a major influence in the continental europe and almost led to the formation of Italy and Germany and the revolutions of 1848 because this revolution reinvented the idea of what a nation is contrary to the American revolution which (and I totally support it for my own) built its success on the common reject of the Great Britain and not a special idea of common nation. For those who want a quicker rĂ©sumĂ© 😛:
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    Quebec 2018

    laicization sorry! I'm too accustomed to have same words in both languages (the worst for us is that develop is developpe and language is langage, often I can do mistakes in french due to it ^^) Secularization if you prefer
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    Quebec 2018

    Hi! 2 big elections are coming in Canada this year First, Ontario in June, the Liberals who are in government are risking to finish 3rd. Second, Quebec the 1st October Problem Which is known with a lot of Canadians @Patine won't disagree I think, is that the Canadians QUICKLY change their votes during election campain Canada 2015...Quebec 2014...Alberta 1935...Quebec 2007...even Ontario 2014...Alberta 2014... And currently the race is still hot in Quebec, with 3 major parties The CAQ which had 15% 2 years ago is now at 35% and would form the next government if I take the last polls. The PLQ is at 30% (the current government) And the PQ has lost 10% in 8-10 months and is at 20%. Soooo, regarding that the Quebecers can quickly cange their mind, I am asking myself when could I start the mod
  7. Sami

    Quebec 2018

    In 2014 they did but I cheat You know there was the famous Charta controversy and the PQ is really laic while the LPQ is quite "close of communities" and so against too much laicity. And 1 of the Liberals MPs, Fatima Houda Peppin of La PiniÚre challenged Couillard because she supported the project of huge laicisation of the Parti Québécois. This project was quite popular and the PQ launched the election on this topic but changed when Pierre Karl Peladeau came, and it created the historic defeat. So Couillard fired Fatima and the PQ withdrew their candidate to support her as independent. Finally the Liberal candidate won, Gaëtan Barette! But sometimes it happens that parties don't challenge leaders in by-election In 1996 the Liberals did not put someone against Lucien Bouchard when he replaced Jacques Parizeau as Premier of Quebec Same for Pauline Marois when she returned in her constituency of Charlevoix-Cote de Beaupré in 2007 ahead of the next general election (once she became Leader of the Parti Québécois). And for Philippe Couillard it's the same, when he returned to become chief of the Liberal Party of Quebec the Parti Québécois did not present any candidate in a by election in 2013 in Outremont.
  8. Sami

    Quebec 2018

    I do as soon as all candidates are in ballot and that we know when Couillard goes in election The Quebecers can quickly change their mind untill now, even more about the CAQ
  9. Sami

    Quebec 2018

    Mhmmm the race could be interesting The PQ takes back points, 22% The LPQ is falling at 26%, people hate the Premier Phillipe Couillard The CAQ is still leading at 35% QS 10%. For those who know the Canadian policy The Parti Québécois has presented a candidate in Maskinongé: Muguette Paillé!
  10. Sami

    French Revolutionary Scenarios

    I am your man! If I can bring some historical help for events in example I will! To bring it: 1791: Monarchist victory (264 seats on 750) but independent have 350 and Left 122 (Jacobins). 1792: Jacobin Landslide with 20% of the assembly for the Right "Bourgeoisie" with moderates who want to save the King and 35% to the "Montagnards" who are extremists (Danton Robespierre) the rest 45% is center. 1794: Fall of Robespierre and institution of a 1/3 of assembly and the new senate change per year 1796: Attempted coup against the State by one of the first Communists ever: Gracchus Baboeuf 1797: First election if I am right under the Convention, 1/3 of assembly and Senate decided, monarchists win (they suspend them behind) 1798: Jacobin victory for the 2nd tierce of both assemblies, election suspended and the next will decide 2/3 of both chambers 1799: Jacobin landslide which takes power in parliament and suspend directors (executive rulers), Sieyés calls Bonaparte to make them fall and start a new regime. Décember 1799: Coup d'état of Napoléon and creation of the Consulat.
  11. Big up to @Kingthero for the 1988 RP 😛
  12. Sami

    Political Would you rather?

    It's easy I'm not American but let me give you my opinion The Democratic Party changes according to decades If you look at the 1990's broadcast for Bill Clinton you've "Eh, Bill Clinton and Al Gore are news Democrats, in the center unlike the old Democratic Party which is Liberal" (now the new) The famous period of the Liberal Left (Blair,Shroeder,Clinton, Zapatero Jospin) And when you look at the match Bill Clinton had in the South, it shows the political differences between the States I could not live in N.Y. for example, they're too much economically left for me, but I would be pleased in New Hampshire or Colorado even Florida. It's the concept of having such a huge country like yours, even if the people is the same, the states are often like real states with particularities (more California and Texas than the others but the South has its common codes).
  13. Sami

    Forum Political Compass

    It depends! In fact it can shows the number of differences Example, someone could have the same numbers me, and being societally moderate as economically For myself, if you ask me what is my opinion about Societal Rights I agree with almost all "fully and personnaly wished" liberties, that includes procreation, abortion, same sex marriage, drugs, also hard but to be controled. I'm really for almost all liberties at the exception of one, guns, I prefer limitations on this issue as it's prooved that it increases the number of deads compared to countries without guns. On the economical side, there I become really moderate I'm between Al Gore and Bill Clinton in 1992, a serious Right Wing "democrat" on economy, I agree with the Liberal rethoric of jobs creations and I'm for less taxs but I do not forget that the society can fall in dangerous divisions if we create too much divisions that's why I'm much more for reducing "common taxs" rather than reducing taxs on the top first. I'm also for quite a liberal market but with some limitations to protect fundamental rights. Hence if you put me in a topic, I could look like a LEFT bernie Sanders wing if you ask me what is my opinion on society and rights and a moderate Democrate almost a reformist if you ask me on economy Because of this strong division (much more Rep on Economy and much more Left Dem on society) I am successfull to put Donald Trump first because Dems are too left on economy right now while I'm completely west to all Republicans on society and my ideas could create some heartbreaks in their Convention .
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    Forum Political Compass

    You're number 374 now.
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    Forum Political Compass

    It's funny for hardcore progressist and economically moderate like me to play this test. because Trump arrives first at 45-47% then Clinton at 45% Because economically I'm not enough democrat, and societally I'm too much for being
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    2018 Ontario Red Wave

    Sincerely, I think that the Ontarians will quickly realize why Rob Ford wasn't a good choice But the other is Socialist so it's not easy for the center About Quebec they made same with the Liberal party of Quebec and now 65% of quebecers want to reject it in October.
  17. I could recognize that I abused
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    Quebec 2018

    Quebec 2014:
  19. Sami

    Quebec 2018

    Your second point is correct! They vote against But the problem is that they can flop really late:
  20. Sami

    1988 Roleplay

    (Well me and @Reagan04 are finishing the presidential debate, buuuuuuuuut the RP master got some problems And seriously! Our debate has a good good quality I do not know if @RP Overlord will make it shorter or not to end quickly the campain We're at a fabulous question on unions where Gore is handicaped by his moderates views and it's even worse for the GOP regarding their positions xD)
  21. Sami

    Quebec 2018

    Yes I was so shocked after the 2014 Quebec election that after it I was sure that Mulcair would completely crush at a moment of the Canadian campain And between September 2015 and the 19th October he loosed almost 15 to 17% nationally. And for Quebec the PQ has already been at 19% in October 2011 and 32% in July-August 2012...at the same period that the CAQ was at 39% then 27%! Even if in Quebec and Ontario people seem willing another government right now. Sooo....I will maybe wait August 2018 ^^
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    New Historical President RP

    Indeed the first use was in 1798 in the 5th edition of the vocabulary of the French academy to design a global politic of terror against opponents from the State => State of Terror At that period, France copies the US with the Directory, just after the terror and right before Napoleon It will take tha assassinations of the Tsar and Carnot in 1883/1884 then the bombing on Chaillot palace in the same time for changing the definition of terrorism to "movements turned against the state" and not from the state
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    Trump Forum Approval Poll (May 2018)

    I truly believe, that CHINAAAAAA *sorry to troll Trump* made 80% of the North Korean flip flop than Trump. Or, Kim Jong just threaten Trump to better return the table behind with his own party. But seriously, if Kim flopped in january, long after the whole escalation, I do not think that Trump has something to do with. Or, Iran would go same.
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    Trump Forum Approval Poll (April 2018)

    You know, I have the equivalent of the Highschool degree in economy, it's not that much but with that you have the economic basis That makes me surprised is that almost NOBODY is currently talking in TV channels about the deficit that America is going to receive if the federal government maintains its current spendings or does not raises taxs. Some reports show that the Trump era could bring more debts to the federal treasury than Obama during the crisis.
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    Presidential Growth Campaign

    OOC: To be fair I'm really interested by your concept But I never played fictionnal political RP (they were all quite historic) As soon as I ended the rush of my exams I keep you informed!