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  1. 1988 Roleplay

    Al Gore announce first shadow cabinet positions: Today I want to announce some first names which are decided for the next Democratic cabinet if we win. Bill Clinton will be the shadow Secretary of Treasury @CalebsParadox Jesse Jackson will be the shadow Attorney. Bernie Sanders will be the Labor Secretary. Jerry Brown will be the Interior Secretary. All these 4 names will receive their appointment in a Democratic cabinet if the people give confidence to us! A big gift for the press...the rest will come slowly and slowly
  2. 1988 Roleplay

    Al Gore office: It's done... God, it looks like I took years since I jumped in the race. I did not expect to go untill there...well, the world looks at what happens in the party, I have to manage some little things. Al Gore short and public declaration: First of all I want to thank all the candidates who were running in the Democratic side, we all brought something that will have to be concluded in the Convention to come. Michael brought a new Childcare and Education Dream, he is an experienced Governor. Ted gave hopes to millions of workers in the Rust Bell as millions of homeless with his Healthcare and reform dedication. Rep Ferraro has campained with an incredible energy in this primary that I respect, she contributed to convince more women to join the Democratic party and I unilateraly endorse Geraldine Ferraro for the N.Y. race independently of any candidate in front of her, I will be willing to support her on the ground if needed but Rep Ferraro is not the kind of person who really needs any help. Smiles. Accordingly to the promises we made, the program will be voted, and we will attend to build our program for the National Race with every champions of our party! Let's pass to the next, build a manifesto for America, it begins now at Atlanta and I will only accept a nomination when we will have archieved and agreed on A STRONG PROGRAM FOR THE USA! I thank you!
  3. 1988 Roleplay

    (You can take it as 2 turns in less for my next turn, my first exam is tomorow) Al Gore South+National Ad (2 turns so): Satyrical It shows Ferraro in an office: Actor playing Ferraro: Let's say that I will bring clarity! Papers showing scandal with Gov Cuomo and doubts about his campain link with Gore defending her Actor playing Ferraro: Roh, let's say I will unite the Democratic Party A TV opens by himself showing Ferraro in a meeting: I WILL TELL TO EVERY AMERICAN THAT THE PLAN OF GORE IS BAD ON CRIME AND HE ACTS LIKE A DICTATOR! Actor playing ferraro: But I can be a true Conservative if I want, I am more a moderate as Gore is. The TV changes channel, showing still Ferraro: WE WILL BE IN THE SPIRIT OF MICHAEL DUKAKIS CAMPAIN. Actor playing Ferraro a bit upset, searchs something still: Yep, we have something against him Let's talk proudly about our Crime position! Nobody can still believe at my aim to unite the party after that I insulted Gore of dictator so let's do negative ads. The advisor is doubtfull and answers: Mam...crime raised in your county under you... Actor of Ferraro: Oh...let's say it's false like everything else. The camera looks at Gore now, talking to the Camera: America needs clarity, the Democrats need someone who is clear on issues. If you want it, vote for us on Super Tuesday. Payed by Al Gore for America Howell Heflin with Al Gore in Alabama: I support Al Gore because he's representing the Democratic South the best! Romano Mazzoli in kentucky with Al Gore: I support Al Gore because he's committing to create back jobs here in Kentucky! Alan Wheat in Missouri with Al Gore: I support Al Gore because he's committed to save farmers situation with his cotas plan.
  4. Jones won

    I think that if the GOP members had stopped to believe into the sucess of an anti-system candidate and had elected the other guy in the primary, currently the State would be still Republican. The Judge Moore in itself was too controversial.
  5. 1988 Roleplay

    (and as I've 4 turns I can do them now) Al Gore ad in Kentucky with Bill Clinton We will create 22 millions jobs by 1996 by investing in R and D, with the National Administration Reform and with news norms! We will also support the expansion of some of your great enterprises such as KFC (I keep to it) and make sure their norms of work are good for students. Al Gore ad in the South with Jerry Brown, a new immigration reform: In more of our law against harassment and the national childcare reform, we will accept and give a statute to the Cubans and latinos who come from Cuba as political refugees.will receive an easy procedure to become official refugees of the US. This will give them access to more coverages and security than currently. We will also improve colored people's rights with an Attorney General like Jesse Jackson. The South needs jobs, needs auto prosperity before any federal intervention. Al Gore in Illinois: Talks about fighting poverty with Anderson: We will fight poverty with the Healthcare plan inspired by Ted, we already banned pre-existing conditions in Arkansas and this will pass the whole 50 states if you make me your nominee! Al Gore in Virginia: Talks about his education program for the poorest schools of the Country We will take 200 billions in defence and put them in public subsides for the public school untill the Highschool.
  6. 1988 Roleplay

    Al Gore in South Carolina, a day to listen to the people injured in the hospitals and the rest, helping the workers: The people of South Carolina is great, respectfull and courageous... I will stay there the next 24h to help those who need it.
  7. Catalonia Independence Referendum

    (I take some mins of my day to inform there ) Puigdemont is continuing his rise, an incredible rise If the momentum continues he could pass from the 5th position to the 1st: Last polls: Independentists column 48-49% (majority predicted in 2 polls on 3) JunxtsPerCat (Puigdemont): 19-21,5% 30-32 seats ERC-Catsi (Oriol Junqueras VP of Puigdemont): 20-22% 30-32 seats. CUP (Hard Socialists and conf and supp of both): 7-9% 7-11 seats. Unionist column: 49-50% Ciudadanos (Center-Right most anti-Catalonia ind): 22-23% 27-30 seats. Socialists (Moderate unionists) 12-15%: around 17 to 21 seats. CatComu (Podemos, pro Referendum) 8% around 7 to 9 seats PP (Party of Rajoy) 5 to 7% (total flop) around 5 to 7 seats.
  8. UK RP Poll

    ... I have no excuse xD
  9. 1988 Roleplay

    (OOC: 2 things Somberg The funny part is I was sure you would answer xD The second part is, Al Gore has huge supports in the states he seeks, but Maine can have an influence on them, he's much more secure in Vermont cause of Bernie and Ted support than in Maine, that's why Al Gore spams Maine The national ad plays the rest But I was sure I was good for an OOC comment from you, always do it )
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    (I have still 223 pages to do today but LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (Hans Zimmer stays the best.) Endorsement column: Jim Sasser In Tennessee with Al Gore in tennessee Al Gore and his plan to modernize America inspires me! WE'RE THE TENNESSIAN THAT WILL TRANSFORM AMERICA! Jerry Studds with Al Gore in Massachussets Al has the support of Ted and Michael because he is committing to unite the party for November! Dennis Hertel with Al Gore in Michigan Al Gore will win and implement the Democratic Program for the blue collar workers! His economic plan is reaslist to secure and protect your right workers! Norman Dicks with Al Gore in Washington: Al Gore has a plan about Global Warming, I am confident about him and his international policy for America! CAMPAIN TURN: Al Gore Maine Turn I will pass through every branches of this state and every corner. Al Gore in Maine with Bill Clinton, Economic plan for Maine: Let's be realistic! Your state is a Republican Stronghold for many polling data, it's not by solding dream that we will win! It's by beating the Republicans in their best argument, economy, that the Democrats will be back! And my economic team is great! We've a clear plan on how to reduce expenses, how to create growth, reduce norms on small business, reduce administration codes and corruption, reduce military expenses. Invest in R and D. Reagan did that but without taking care of the poorest and he won, now and in the last weeks Ferraro acclamed these economic progress and let understood that we have now to invest in Social programs, she is true, but the majority won't agree, the Middle Class won't support us if we stop to boost them, and if the Republicans are the only one to play on that corner Dole Stassen or Robertson are already elected! We, the Democrats, are smart donkeys on economy, and we will proove it! That's why Bill is here, a champion of economy in his state. Al Gore in Maine with Michael Dukakis in Maine: In the continuation of my economic team I present another champion of the balanced budget and economic creation in my team, Michael Dukakis! He also will take care of the Education question for our party during the primary campain and he prooves that most of the greatest economic spirits of our party are in my team independently of the political side on economy! We will improve the Childcare reform! Al Gore in Maine, major announcement: BILL CLINTON WILL BE THE TREASURY SECRETARY OF THE UNITED STATES IF WE WIN! Al Gore in Maine: A day dedicated to the fishers: Today I am going to find some fishs with the fishers! We will try to see if I could be as good as them! Al Gore in Maine: A day dedicated to the cultivators, fiding fruits in the plantations: Today I am going to help the producors, a president has also to know to do a lot of jobs as he's or she's the journalists smile the servitor of the country Al Gore in Maine: A day dedicated to meet constituents in Augusta with Ted Kennedy: I want to pass this day to talk with the citizens of this great state of Maine. Al Gore in Maine with Ted Kennedy: A National Healthcare reform. We will do national Healthcare reform that will help you! This will include a public fund, let's endorse us! Al Gore in Maine, talks about Free-Trade with Canada 10% of this state are direct Acadians or Quebecer, why take out far from the country of our parents? We need a trade deal with Canada to reestablish links, Canada is not China, it's a rich country with which we will produce common wealth. Integrity after the image eco and health Al Gore and Jerry Brown in the countrysides of Maine: Talks about Integrity With us, no one will be able hide money for political campain, we will create a strong rule. Al Gore and Jerry Brown in the countrysides of Maine: Talks about Crime We will reduce Crime by increasing national cooperation, and allow news means to pursue criminals. Now the ads for the Super T... Al Gore rerun of a National Broadcast about Leadership for the Super T: Al Gore national ad: It shows Gore in a meeting, talking about history of the Democratic Party You know that the campain changed tone now. The Democratic Party is a great coalition which gathered a lot of great presidents who crossed the line of partisanship. The first one was Woodrow Wilson! He convinced our nation to go at war during one of the most crucial period of the history and saved millions of lifes! His dedication for foreign policies created the hope of an internation organization in which peoples could live peacefully, he invented the concept of self-determination. Then Roosevelt came He gave to our country a beautiful Social Security system and continued the work of Wilson to save democraties against the horrors of the totalitarism. He putted America BACK economically as politically in a time where the Republicans were saying we should stay at home. I would like to pay a particular tribute to the family of Ted Kennedy who is here tonight as I am talking about one of our heroes, President JFK! He told to the USSR that they could not threaten our homes by nuclear missiles, he told us we had to be strenght and he refused to give-up the fight to the Communists all around the World! How not to talk about a Sudist Democrat, President Lindon B Johnson! Despite the war in Vietnam, he maked a balanced budget, he passed the huge 1964 act and he launched a historic massive plan against poverty! Finally, there is one of them I have to quote tonight, he's among us, he's not yet in history books, but he's a dedicated social worker, PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER! What have in common these persons? They have all won equally, north and southern states! Why? Because they were talking to the people of the United States rather than just some sides of a party, what we're all doing in primary. But this time, we can no longer do that, we can no longer play the divisions, we can no longer expect that 8 years of GOP victories in the White House will give us automatically the presidency. We're at a period where the Democratic Party has lost some of its bases, that is the problem, and if we do not gather a great coalition, like I start to do since the beginning of this campain, the GOP will win back this House! Take a look at Stassen, he's planning to convince our electors, and keep the others with Thurmond! Take a look at Dole, he's doing a compehensive and moderate conservatism to keep their former coalition! What do we want? To hope that our bases will be enough? We can't do that, we can't do that because we can't risk another 4 years of economic strong liberalism that will let millions of people, MEMBERS of this party, from the Left, from the Right, apart. We can not, loose time, anymore. The people in the rally starts to raise enthusiasm so the voice of Gore raises in intensity WE CAN NOT LOOSE TIME ANYMORE, WE HAVE THE CONFIDENCE OF THE PEOPLE IN THE CAPITOL, LET'S WIN BACK THE CONFIDENCE OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE WHITE HOUSE! I ATTEND TO BE IN THE LINE OF THESE MEN, WHO WERE DEMOCRATS BUT WHO ALSO TALKED TO EVERY BRANCHES OF OUR NATION! I HEARD REP FERRARO TALKS IN AN AD ABOUT THE FACT THAT SHE WAS ONE OF THE FIRST WOMAN TO STAND FOR GENDER EQUALITY, THE FIRST ONE TO STAND FOR RAISING MINIMUM WAGE, I DO AGREE WITH HER STATEMENT AND I RECOGNIZE HER BELIEFS, BUT THE COUNTRY IS AT STAKE JUST BECAUSE OUR PARTY MATTERS, AND OUR PARTY HAS TO WIN! I AM NO LONGER A SIMPLE SENATOR FROM TENNESSEE, MY CAMPAIN, OUR CAMPAIN, HAS TO CROSS PARTY LINES, I AM NOT SCARED ABOUT TALKING TO PEOPLE, WHATEVER THEY BELIEVE, WHATEVER THEY THINK, IT IS WHAT I ALWAYS DONE SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THIS CAMPAIN! TAKE A LOOK AT MY TEAM, FROM SEN KENNEDY AND JERRY BROWN TO ANDERSON AND WARNER! FROM THE REAL WINGS OF TRUE AND NOBLE LIBERALISM TO THE SOFT CONSERVATISM! WE WILL DO A COMMON MANIFESTO FOR AMERICA, AND WE WILL CHANGE THE LIFE OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, WE HAVE TO SHOW THAT WE ARE SERIOUS, WE HAVE TO SHOW THAT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, THE PARTY OF WILSON, ROOSEVELT, KENNEDY, JOHNSON AND CARTER IS BACK! Huge ovation from the footsoliders I WILL GO TROUGH EVERY STATES, IN EVERY CITIES AND IN EVERY NEIGHBORHOODS AS IN EVERY COUNTRYSIDES, TO MEET PEOPLE, TO SHOW THEM WE ARE A FORCE, WE ARE A CHANCE, TO SAVE MILLIONS OF INDUSTRIAL WORKERS, POOR WORKERS, WOMEN, COLORED PEOPLE, LGBT, AND TO IMPROVE THEIR CONDITIONS OF LIFE, THEIR HOPE TO SOMETHING BETTER. BUT IT PASS BY MAKING HISTORY, IT WILL PASS BY THE CONVENTION THEN THROUGH THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, AND IT WILL TAKE A LARGE TICKET AS AN OPEN PROGRAM TO SHOW THAT WE'RE NOT LOOSERS, WE'RE THE PARTY OF FREEDOM, DIGNITY, HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE PARTY OF THE FUTURE! I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT I AM A DEMOCRAT, AND I ALWAYS WILL STAND FOR THIS PARTY, BECAUSE I STAND FOR THE SAME ISSUES THAN JERRY BROWN, THAN BILL CLINTON, THAN TED KENNEDY, THAN JIMMY CARTER, THAN MICHAEL DUKAKIS, THAN GERALDINE FERRARO AND WE WILL PUT AMERICA BACK! GIVE ME THE CHANCE TO PAVE THE WAY FOR AMERICA'S FUTURE, LONG LIVE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Al Gore ad for Maine: Trade deal with Canada The 10% of Acadians and Quebecers in Maine will play a lot... The music is reduced, Al Gore sits on a table: Canada is a great friend country, a lot of your parents even english-speaker can come from these lands, only a trade deal will improve relationships and create jobs from both sides of the border. You are closer of Canada than a lot of states in the United States, you will be the winner of such a change. The only goal to make it is to vote for us. Payed by Al Gore for America. Al Gore in Maine, talks about supporting the agricultors with financial support from the Federal government. Me and James will support the farmers by creating a national cotas. Al Gore in Maine, talks about supporting the industrial workers with Michael Dukakis. There will be a national system of fuding for those who want to change jobs, it will depend of their will. Al Gore in Maine, last 3 turns, necesity to be shared as cool so: Al Gore in Maine, plays a football party. Al Gore in Maine, plays a hockey party. Al Gore in Maine, plays a baseball party. For all three the same message: A national plan for the health of every young americans! That will fight poverty first, the place where the well nutrition is the most jeopardized by the Reagan years. ( @RP Overlord I never did 17 events you asked in less than a hour x) you're forgiven. I turn back to my 223 pages )
  11. 1988 Roleplay

    (Stassen is for the gay marriage in 1988 I do not know if it's true but if it's not it's great )
  12. 1988 Roleplay

    (I just saw the first line of the broadcast of your character, you kill me everytimes xD)
  13. 1988 Roleplay

    ( @RP Overlord you know my RL situation...can you forgive me for the last days I was forced to be absent? Little things have been added to my period of exam ^^ that make really hard my time but I promise to dedicate a small time as sonn as possible to do at least some sentences I am still there in PM to help you as CO GM for small messages too if needed)
  14. UK RP Poll

    Excuse me I did not find back either I play Salmond with you either the libdems either plaid Cymru
  15. UK RP Poll

    It seems the 2017 is winning I do not want to play Tim Farron :'( Roh I can play Sturgeon