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  1. The death of ukip.

    Once Brexit was accomplished, the only reason for UKIP to exist has left That's why in 2017 the Labour and the Tories came back to 40% like in the 60's (and also the autodestruction of the Libdems and the incoherence of the Greens helped a lot) But if someone is interested, the Brexit movement shutdown in France The National Front of Marine le Pen now endorses the Europe and the euro (what do you want, she wants to be the first female president of France) and now the Right "Les Republicains" is more right than the National Front xD (they elected a weird dangerous right wing populist named Laurent Wauquiez) But there are 2 little pro Frexit in France, the n°2 of the FN created his own party when Marine became pro UE named "Les Patriotes", they got 2% of the vote in last by elections and Nigel Farage made a speech in the intro for them These are the first 2 mins of the vid. If you are interested about, he tells how the independentist UE parties meet as struggles against the "financial elites":
  2. 1988 Roleplay

    I would love to see your character say it on his channel of the RP x)
  3. 1988 Roleplay

    Raise a huge smile in his office seeing the news: Aaaaah the minister is spicy! He fights very well against us, but he has his principles and he won't change these for winning, so the most convincing will win. This presidential election promises to be exceptionnal.
  4. 1988 Roleplay

    Al Gore office: Let me cook Libertarians supporters for the Democrats. Al Gore launchs New Democratic message across Georgia, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Florida he targets: There's a new generation of Democrats like Al Gore or Bill Clinton and they're different from the old party positions, a generation of democrats who support the right for the states to decide about the death penalty, to support the right for the states for gun control who support a modern globalized economy where Welfare is a second chance, not a way of life. Al Gore message: Well Libertarians, you saw the speech of Ron Paul, he tells the administration has to be reduced. It is a part of our program, the Federal Reform we promised will bring clarity at Washington D.C. from the old administration led by the Republicans. I also know that Libertarians support a progressive society, here is the sence of our pledges for Homosexuals, Women and Transexual people! Is Libertarianism linked with Church or faithfull positions like has been the campain of our opponent? We're doubtfull about it. But the door is still open for the libertarians who didn't see which party was the closest societally and economically of their positions, we will be even there to give a democratic card to the member of the Libertarian party staff who truly realize the mistake made, as the Libertarians are not only an economic movement but a societal project of life! For myself, I am a Democrat, but I pledge to reach everyone who defends liberty, and here is why the rulers of the Libertarans are disturbed to do not see an old "liberal" like they like to say about us! Soon another part of the program will be revealed: A call to Dukakis. Mike, it's your turn to do the speech we agreed. (OOC: Funny to see that "the old Democratic party" in the late 80's and 90's is now the NEW Democratic Party in 2018)
  5. Official Made in America website

    Is this woman a Republican?
  6. I told you that our characters are clones! More seriously, economically we're on the same stage in the political compass, it could explain the test if they gave too much importance to economy and counted your moderation on society like my hard libertarianism in the societal axis
  7. A funny little test I played: You are: 80% Democrat, 20% Republican You have a strong sense of social responsibility and believe that the government is there to help, protect, and provide for its citizens. But the republican in you still knows that there must be limits to government's overreaching arm and protections must be kept in place for the individual freedoms of each and every person. http://www.quizony.com/are-you-democratic-or-republican/index.html Edit: I have to move the topic to General
  8. Forum Political Compass

    After multi attempts I have to reconsider my lign I am a moderate Democrat on economy and libertarian on society. Basically, the kind of guy who is forced to sacrify something: -Democrat: Sacrifize economy for society. -Republican: Sacrifize society for economy. -Libertarian: Sacrifize economy for society.
  9. General Election only Results

    What about the 1929 crisis? Maybe that you explained how it did not happen in the story .
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    (OOC: @RP Overlord are the Highschool exams upcoming ?)
  11. 1988 Roleplay

    (as I use big events I will limit my turns) Al Gore and Bill Clinton in Arkansas (x2) talk about a fairer plan for farmers. Al Gore and Jesse Jackson in Florida (x2) talk about giving more rights to the colored people, targetting Miami and its suburbs Al Gore and Jerry Brown in California (x2) talk about a modernizing plan for the Sillicon Valley (which is recent at this period) Al Gore and Jimmy Carter in Georgia (x2) talk about a fairer plan for the farmer crisis. Al Gore in Wisconsin at a major rally, revealing two major points of the Democratic manifesto. You know, the Democratic party made major change by bringing me to the honor of serving our party. I'm only 40 years old, but as I promised to the Convention we have major plans for the country. Today we officialy reveal two points from our Democratic manifesto for America, here in Wisconsin: Homosexual and Transexual Rights: The Democratic Party is comitted to -Negotiate a federal ban on the last states' laws which condemn homosexuality as a deviance. -Open a national debate on more rights for Homosexuals, let to the state decision. -Officially accept that Transexual people who changed their gender genetically also have the opportunity to change their gender on the civil ID. And a path to seduce the Libertarians who gone to the Republicans and to keep my Left "fulani" wing. Agriculture: The Democratic Party is comitted to: -Create a national cotas on farm produces -Devellop a national budget to support farmers for 6 to 24 months in the duty to let them the choice between leaving the activity or invest in technologies -Devellop education reformations for the farmers who want to leave the profession -Support R and D in modernized Agriculture to reduce the costs of production. Mississipi valley I own you. A call to his VIP: Michael? Soon it will be your time to cross the North! Essentially the Rust bell. I manage the South ( @TheLiberalKitten)
  12. Which states have you visited?

    As a French i went to Vermont and Washington DC so the map would be useless. I also went to the HQ of the Dem Senator Lee (he let the doors open )
  13. House of Cards 2016 - V2.0

    I tried the mod He works but Dunbar should be close of Underwood technically I managed to win the primaries with Matthews Underwood and Durant I think I really love your mod, I also won the GOP pimary with Hatch but did not win the presidency unlike with the Dems.
  14. 1988 Roleplay

    Look at the Robertson speech on T.V. from his office: Well, Robertson gave me the final things to do in our program for the end of their convention. He's as good to make-up his religious strong beliefs to the moderate that I am to cover-up my left-wing. Al Gore reveals the Democratic cabinet up to the GOP Convention: MSNBC: Today Democratic nominee Al Gore revealed the Cabinet he has thought for America. Some names are still to be opened but it shows the will from the Democratic candidate to unite the country. Journalist: Did you passed a lot of time to think about this cabinet for the US? Al Gore: No, it has been decided after many consultations around me, and here is to what it looks like. President: Sen Albert Arnold Gore Jr Vice President: Frm Gov Michael Stanley Dukakis Secretary of State => I have to admit that in case of a Democratic victory, I would love to offer that position to Senator Bob Dole. Secretary of the Treasury => Bill Clinton ( @CalebsParadox) Secretary of Defense => Colin Powell Attorney General => Jesse Jackson Secretary of the Interior => Jerry Brown Secretary of Agriculture => Jimmy Carter Secretary of Commerce => Gary Hart Secretary of Labor => Bernie Sanders or next Governor Ferraro if our next Governor will call us to show her interest. Secretary of Health and Human Services => Ted Kennedy if he chooses it after the Senatorial election Secretary of Housing and Urban Development => Dick Gephard Secretary of Transportation => Bob Kerrey Secretary of Energy => Tom Harkin Secretary of Education => John Anderson Secretary of Veterans Affairs => John Kerry or John McCain would be up to such a position. Trade Representative => I let the case open to someone from the big industries that would be interested to show his will to serve our Country @RP Overlord Ambassador to the United Nations => Harrison Ford if he looses or Miss Fulani because we could find many diplomatic agreements
  15. 1988 Roleplay

    All right for me! @TheLiberalKitten are you up? I am! For Kingtherro and Reagan if think they're ok