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  1. 1988 Roleplay

    (OOC: Not to give a bonus to my character but there is also the other bill introduced by Gore about putting high criminal sanctions against harassment that bring illegal every acts of hate which would be successful against the minorities (including religious communities) under the excuse of protecting the liberty of life :p. The goal is obviously to bypass the non-punishment of agressions against the LGBT community in the whole country as the party asked but there are a lot of sugars to appeal to the conservatives like the extension for religion. The bill also give strenght to the states which introduced laws against racism of all kinds that includes religious matters. So 2 Dem bills are currently in the Senate for an upcoming vote!)
  2. 1988 Roleplay

    Final preparation for bill in the Dem HQ: So, let's take back the points we agreed: Senator Kennedy, are you ready for the healthcare bill? @SeanFKennedy 1st: In terms of health care, more funding for AIDS research. And more coverage for our veterans. You Gov Dukakis can maybe try to convince your colleagues, even the Republicans to follow the example! About my bill...I've something to balance. To make it pass I have to get the South with me, but I do have something for it. I know the feet on which I will dance. Sen. Gore introduces legislation protecting every communities (Blacks, Religious communities and LGBTQ) citizens from hate crimes. The project has for name: SECURE THE FIRST OF THE LIBERTIES: FREEDOM OF LIVE Even the most Conservatives would applause me with such a name. The Blacks are essential in the Dem Caucus of Tennessee and I can not make pass the bill in the South if I do not put protection of religious believers. Today I present to the Senate something that I estimate as the most crucial right of America, liberty of life. This crucial Liberty imposes that no-one be charged by societal pression that could create any suicide as long as he or her respects the public order. That is why my bill for the Senate includes the following clausis: -Punish hardly (raise penal sanctions) for the crimes of voluntary harassment that would push someone to suicide for his/her religious beliefs, his or her skin or his or her sexual orientation AS LONG AS this religion,culture or sexuality wathever it is, is not punished by the public order of the State or the Federal government. In addition, that clausis will add that every people who push someone to suicide or into deep depression that causes suicides or ruins lives by hard harassment, will be punished by the same potential charges independently of the above mentions. Every human stays equal in freedom, even more about life, and freedom can't be partially deturned. Maybe it's quite hypocrit as homosexuality is no longer a crime for a major part of the states but no one could tell me that I am no longer the defendor of the liberty of states like others essential liberties we defend, it's really less personnal than our first project but it includes the goal we search and essentially it can pass the house, let's just add some make-up. The second clausis finish the Job, the people who push homosexuals or others minorities to suicide will be sentenced for pushing someone to death, independently of the sexuality in the state that considers homosexuality as a sin, and as defendor of life those who want to prevent abortions can't criticize me or they can't be against the concept of abortion as they're for limitating partially the liberty of life. In the States where discrimination against the LGBT community is a crime, my law will give strenght to them, in others, where this community is still sanctionned, my project punish every hard harassments even in the States where LGBT are penally sanctionned because there is always the fear that the harassment works too much and Kant would love the penal sanctions I would asK The Liberty of Life is precious to me, this law will have for only goal to rise penal sanctions against those who try to push someone who is born to suicide and who succeed. I have no compassion for the assassins called like it in the Law. The law protects abortion, so it is not concerned but I do not have to be precise if some evanlegicals would follow me in the trick. (I = thinking B=Speak normal line = action @RP Overlord could tell me if it pass the house and the senate and the result in the Primary! @SeanFKennedy should introduce his bill for heathcare or discut with my character to get his total support before the debate, if we do not have the time I will adapt Gore to the situation)
  3. Catalonia Independence Referendum

    Spain will suspend autonomy of Catalonia Saturday. Puigdemont answered wisely, he told that if Spain was not accepting the dialog, they would declare independence, he did not declare as Rajoy wished. So both pulled good cards, but it seems Puigdemont slightly won by being the more moderate of two, unlike Junqueras for the Independentist side or Riverra for the Spanish, both deputy of the leader.
  4. Catalonia Independence Referendum

    I totally agree. And tomorow the last episode is coming! Spain offers to Puigdemont a regional election in Catalonia, while him contacted his party which told that he has to proclaim independence, the same for their allied ERC. It is understandable, if they renounce now to the independence they will loose the regional election because the independentists will be angry, if they do not, they will be accused to not represent a clear majority. Quite a difficult situation for Puigdemont.
  5. 1988 Roleplay

    Expecting his allied answers: Let me use this loveable Associated Press for a good time with us. Gore reacts to AP article: Newspaper can sometimes be right, there it is. Bush and I are not really far away, I am inclined toward progressism issues but I am not as progressist as my colleagues, Bush is inclined toward Conservatism issues but he's not as Conservative as his President. Maybe it's time for the GOP to recognize that, and contrary to us in the current private meeting that we're holding to prepare the next bills for Congress, the TWO WINGS OF THE GOP CAN'T live together. And if these last 7 years the Conservative side of the GOP was at power, the moderate Tory/Liberal side of the Party could suceed soon. At the opposite, Democrats can always get agreements even despite our oppositions, take a look at the speech of my friend Dukakis, he's defintively told he would support any Dem nominee, even himself if he wins of course. Take a look at me, I am ready to take a Left Dem as my VP. Maybe it's time for some Conservatives to back our party if Bush wins, or some moderate Conservatives to back us if the Conservative side wins the nomination, President Reagan, if you look unconfortable within your own party, be aware that the dialog is the first value of the Democratic Party! Let's hope both sides will fight together now, and that Reagan doesn't laugh nervously to the provocation. Return to the cabinet table where medias are expecting their exchanges, not crazy the Senator: I agree with Gov Dukakis. I attend all answers before to state publicly with Sen Kennedy our bills of course. As I told I would like to ensure a private-public choose for every state concerning healthcare issues, to push a test everywhere we could have a governor.

    (OOC: Pelosi would support Romney I love the speaker you play @Reagan04 It's like playing Dark Vador xD)
  7. 1988 Roleplay

    (OOC: Yep! But there he is in internal discussion ^^ In fact of Healthcare you already had his position, he's on the Romney solution of 2012 but he could not say NO to Kennedy and Dukakis so he's aadaptating the situation, but he gently said he prefered to let the States implement a public system with the private to try just because he has been blocked by his opponents. If you also check my all others messages he always defend to reduce law protections and balance the budget or invest in R and D or even clean the Administration. He's in a pure Bill Clinton vision. There in the current private rally with our 4 characters, my last post, he is not supporting any civil unions or any gay marriage, he's making the serious defender of civil rights but let the party endorses it without that his name will be forcely pushed on the front page, his public interventions are always quite centrist on economic and policy issues. You can also see it in his remark which critics that he calls extreme feminism. But I promise I will satisfy you on this and give more clearly in the Center :)).
  8. 1988 Roleplay

    Democratic rally for the Civil Right proposal and movement, the blue charge has started: So! Dear Sen Kennedy do you've some ideas about the question that bring us together in the short term we do have: "How fight against discriminations and integrate minorities within the US" this include many questions "sexism, racism, homophobia"... We have to gather a clear majority behind us and feel on the pain these communities are suffering, but we also do have to show convincing. Some "extremists" among the Feminist movement could give to the Conservatives an-all credibility, we're in country where church can keep control on local communities, even sometimes in blue counties. I tried to think the most wisely to reach what we all said about the issue, and here is my part: FIRST: An internal motion of the party => That the DNC unilateraly decides to promote more and more women to politic, based on their quality. SECOND: About the law with my friend, I do believe we need: 1) A permanent parliamentary inquiry about all cases of racism, homophobia and sexism in the US that will give a continual opinion and produce studes that will be transformed into resumates. We could even try to search some L.A. filmaker to produce a film about the results of the commission, the common people is more listening to a film than a paper stude. 2) Rise public support for LGBT and Women associations. 3) Give credit to social workers who are preventing the LGBT from suicide and open more centers for keeping them out of the street. 4) Use the commission of the 1st point to maintain every year a part of our session to discuss about the advances. Others ideas? THIRD: I also would talk about the Healthcare reform you asked! Are we ready to pull your bill commonly to the first one we're discussing to the Senate? In any ways if senators are creating problems, let's organize a big protest party in front of the capitol, Washington D.C. is the city of the liberty for many black people who leaved the Southern States before Luther King. (OOC : RPOverlord could tell what are the RP consequences of the bills and the result of the votes in both chamber about the current 2 projects => Healthcare and Civil Rights ^^).
  9. 1988 Roleplay

    Gore shows his enthusiams and launchs a small sentance to his Sen colleague I do agree with you, the debate is still in some days and we can introduce the bill to the Senate before, if they block it we could start a competition of who will be the best fillibuster of the GOP ranks! I think we could take 16-20 hours together untill that they concede, also in the oval office. About the remark on Mrs Ferraro this is absolutely revealing why we do need to present a large and global civil reform before the primary results, to show that, within the Democratic Party, everyone of us is ready to be better than anyone in the other side.
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    (I correct sorry ^^).
  11. 1988 Roleplay

    Gore Responds to Kennedy's invitation I will come but I have an ask to my 3 colleagues. Could we wrote together a large civil reform for protecting them, not only in Healthcare but also in all aspects of life? A big global strategy for figting discriminations of all kinds with American minorities. Me and Sen Kennedy could also ask an parliamentary inquiry commission in the senate about civil rights in the army including potential discriminations on LGBT soldiers, on the other side Rep Ferraro could bring her participation, Michael as governor can bring his suggestions. This time he's really thinking to an all participation, he quite likes the idea to drive back the party to power, and the party is yet in opposition. I will invite my private sector friends, but I would also be glad to participate to a protest party if this would be possible, if American soldiers died outside our borders, some had ladies, others had love they could not assume...and some died without having accepted themself, in Korea, in Vietnam... @SeanFKennedy@Somberg@TheLiberalKitten
  12. 1988 Roleplay

    (I will let both Sean and The Liberal answer before my next answer) It's time to use two of the three first states in my favor: Al Gore new promise in New Hampshie: A general plan of trade for biotechnology and Research and Devellopment. I want to invest 150 billions in Research and Devellopment as in Biotechnology for the next years. This will create a lot of jobs in the western, estearn and northern coasts of the US. America needs jobs, we loosed the White House because we were not able to give jobs to the American People but the American people does not only want that the federal government gives them their job, they want to be independent of any form of tutoring and us, Democrats have to help them to become independent on financial matters thanks to a substantial but crucial help to the modernization of our country toward the 21st century! News and good jobs for the American People worths it than save old and bad jobs. If your first condition of life is good then the others cases such as Education and Care will be improved. We have to settle the main problem first, the economic dependence. That is why, by my fiscal and law measures I attend to create at least 22 MILLIONS of Jobs in two terms! Reagan created in 7 years something like 14 millions, we will beat the Republicans on economic issues and I invite all homeless to take a card in the Democratic party and to vote for me in the votes to come, if they do believe they can get a new job, I am not jocking with the American people. To reach it here is that we nned: -Reduce the deficit with plans like my administration plan -Improve economic growth with investment in R and D. -Reorganize law to adapt it to the small business which need facilities. -Convince foreign and national investors to support our project. -Support School programs in tuitions fees for students in technologic and research class. I invite all major economic figures of the Democratic National Committee to join my ambitious plan, cause America needs ambition to end with this Republican era built on the lie that we're bad in economy
  13. 1988 Roleplay

    Gore reacts to polls in Iowa and makes a huge rally in the State to take avantage of the moment, the best polls he has since the beginning of the race: Gore announces his intention for Vice Presidency if he wins the nomination: I truly thank the people from Iowa! Our party is needing to gain back Republicans States, for that we need a moderate Democratic President with a progressive Vice Presidency, here is my proposal to the DNC committees! If you elect me, I will join a progressist on the presidential ticket, to gather a large coalition that, We, Democrats, often got when we were at power! A good appeal to the Left of the party, if you want to win the Presidential race, and keep a balanced agenda, you have me
  14. Catalonia Independence Referendum

    Libertarians lawyers told once: "When Montesquieu then the founding fathers told the powers should be separated, their theory could only work if powers are not allied between them" Strangely, in America the "coalition of powers" is less terrible than in European states.