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  1. New Historical President RP

    Vice Presidential response to diplomatical presidential decision: The President choosed the good choice for not dividing our country. Even more when Europeans are fighting each others... I also support all presidential decisions but I remain strongly on the idea that a huge budget has to be allowed for Research and Devellopment as well as Education in these domains. More industrialized we will be, more free we will become.
  2. New Historical President RP

    (As said the RP Master @vcczar great work @Conservative Elector 2 you will bring a lot of touch to this RP thanks to the electoral maps!) Vice Presidential office: Mister Vice President! The President did not answer yet! -Well... at least we will begin to show that I'm not just a corner at his side. Vice Pres in Senate: I want to congratulate both parties for what they've accomplished these past years in their constituencies and states. However let's be realist. -Money is time, and this country lacks both. In this year 1793 the Europe is entering through turbulent time. The French King is currently judged, the Europe is starting to make "coalitions". And our industry is too weak to talk as equal to these countries. That's why I pledge to allow a HUGE part of the next 4 years budget into industrial innovation and support. The steam machine has to be promoted and to be thought if we can not find and devellop news means of transport (the railroad will be launched in 1802 the idea starts in 1790 in steel mills) In addition to these researchs in transportation I pledge to economically support our local industries, to support the devellopment of news ways to work faster and hence to finance our researchs in these domains. The finality of the American revolution will only be done when America will have archieved its INDUSTRIAL revolution! A speech in Congress, to not let time plays against him.
  3. Indeed @wolves 1 year after the presidential election, Macron is up in polls The economy is growing, 2% of growth, the unemployment has passed under the 9% (8,9) at its lowest level since 2008 And Macron starts to play much more with populism These last times he told to the catholic church that "a church that hadn't political action would not deliver a complete message" This is a huge major on the Law of 1905 of separation between State and Religion But it works A poll reviewed this morning shows that the presidential election would currently be: Emmanuel Macron (LREM-Center Right from now) 36% +12 Marine le Pen (National Front which is leading right than ext right) 23% +1,5 Jean Luc Mélenchon (Far Left called Insoumis) 16,5% -3 Laurent Wauquiez (The French Right => François Fillon) 8% -12 Benoit Hamon (Socialist, French Left) 7% +1 Nicolas Dupont Aignant (Gaullist, conservative right) 6% +1,3 Poutou lasalle and Asselineau 1% Nathalie Arthaud (Marxist-Trotskist) 0,5%. Jacques Cheminade 0%. Interesting to see that the French Right collapses of 12% and Macron takes 12%.
  4. Won my cities Democrat Party council seat

    Let me tell you like that. When you're invested in a party and that you reach confidence, you grow up. I quickly evolved in a local association by beeing regularly invested (2h by week). From a simple member to a VP in the Administrative Council the following year elected by the members then to President pro tempore during the period of 6 months of absence from the President ^^. Same for parties, more you seem smart and in it, more it will come by itself.

    Jep Bush.
  6. Syria

    Of course sir! And it's common to my family, I will give you an example with the "independence war" in Algeria for which France has been called of "colonialist" by the young Dem Senator John F Kennedy in 1956 as the USSR. You know, my family is strangely shared, my mom is a french teacher and my father is the same but from Algeria and came in France to stude This kind of Northern African families who could go in France to stude and not to work were rares, hence the family of my father has a small history in Algeria, and all of that is due to my great uncle who has been Major in the French then Algerian army and who fought with the resistance First he joined the famous FLN (Front de Libération Nationale) which was just a military group which used terrorist technics (by killing the original MLN of Messali Hadj which was for the independence aswell but in an islamic way). Even if his collaboration was just to manage a network of spies. After the liberation, he became the first prefet of Constantine by the same way. And he believed to the fake argument of the FLN that the independence with the content of the army was freedom (for all civil groups unlike the MLN). He served well the President Ahmed Ben Bella, 1st president of the Algerian Républic Which has been highly received with all honors (Ben Bella) by the US President John F Kennedy who was happy of this independence Then, in 1965, the minister of defence, Boumedienne, made a military putsh and became the first president. At this moment, my great uncle said in his french "L'Algérie des généraux et des putschs c'est une Algérie perdue" "Algeria of generals and "coups" is a loosed Algeria" He renounced to all honors of the regime, and refused pensions and others honors. He also refused the french pension of former warrior. The future gave him right, in 1992 the FLN tried to liberalize the regime, 10 years of war followed it, and thousands of deads... Today this same army is still leading the country. And I am also sad to tell it but, maybe that, it's better for Algeria indeed. There is a civilisation problem according to me, between the Middle East, the Northern Africa and the Occidental culture, there is a clash. That's on your both questions, yes, for me our countries aren't doing great things too. Canada mistreated the autochtones during decades, France and UK killed as many as people than Hitler by their colonial Empire. The USA brought chaos in the Middle East, the current president is the first to have said it during the campain (even if he's continuing it). But if we have to recognize all of that, we have to comparate, to see where are the problems. I do not deny the problems of the Occidentals, I just see that the path for freedom is more open in our culture than in the Middle East or in Northern Africa, and I'm sad for those who have to suffer of it, just like those who suffer of the "majority tyranny" here in our modern liberal democraties.
  7. Syria

    I am shared From one point, Trump has the honesty Obama had not with his red line And from another, I tried to do something strange Put myself at the place of Dick Cheney Dick Cheney is not the worst ever man, I think he's passioned by principles and way too extremist for a former Vice President, but I see some reasons why he thought the war in Irak wasn't a bad thing I see a lot of "liberals" (we do not call them liberals in Europe but Left seeing extreme left, and liberal is a centrist term, I am a Social Liberal of Center Left for example), who, to come back on these "liberals" talk a lot about the war in Irak. They less talk about the atrocities of Sadam Hussein. I do not think the war in Irak was a good thing at all, because a sovereign state has been violated, but the Kurds have gained rights thanks to both wars, a poor people, which has been mistreated by the Irakian state which is only limited by the 2 american wars. Because currently, the Irakian government has not stopped its claims, just reduced it. That's why it's always important to cross the mainstream view and also to try to see what are the opposed points. In the Syrian case, all depends of if the current dictator used chimical weapons or not.
  8. New Historical President RP

    VP Sam Lewis letter to President Bunt @WVProgressive
  9. Forum Political Compass

    I become a Libertarian help xD
  10. New Historical President RP

    Always okay!
  11. US Presidential History RP

    The Vice President smiles to these news: So we can put high tariffs on Quebec too? There are a lot of "French subjects of his Majesty" over there. I oppose the solution, for a single reason, indeed the British have a stronger economy, and that's why tariffs with Great Britain are more interesting than France. What stays to the French? Some islands in the Caraiben sea. Great, we will take 3 penny on their ballots. The Spanish and the Great britain are the major traders with us, accept this is turning against us our historical ally which brought 35 000 regular troops of line while we only had 23 000 minutemen and 25 000 regular troops for nothing in return to our economy. Any news about the talks in Versailles?
  12. US Presidential History RP

    Vice Pres Samuel Lewis Jr In senate Congratulations Majority leader! @Kingthero The Senate has also the right to bring its own proposals of course...but our first administration had a lot of projects to submit to your attention and we know the list is still long. As a moderate federalist I won't make any interventions in your leadership and will only be there as the spokesperson of the Government I promised to be. Then...the report Mhmm... There are some problems indeed, but no sign of riot for me... The French monarchy has is there since a thousand of years... For the moment whe should not fear about a riot, this is a "parliamentary" clash between rich delegates of the people and Nobles or priest at Versailles... Maybe I am a bit too optimist, but their last general states in 1614 hasn't been bad. Their last problem during such a reunion was probably 300 years ago. (I take a lot of pleasure to do my positive guy x))
  13. US Presidential History RP

    (I consider as fake President of the Senate if the RP master to be part of the answer ) Vice Presidential answer: The 5th of May the General States of France will open under the convocation of the French King Louis the XVI. The issue is to payback their debt. The GDP of the French Kingdom is 6 billions of pounds. Their debt is of 4 billions including 1,3 due to the Independence war. Hence they've a 80% of debt...this is way serious (I laugh in 2018...) The French budget is something like 500 millions of incomes and 630 millions of expenses, hence the french royal deficit is of 130 millions.they've a public deficit of 2,1%, which is also serious regarding their national debt (times changes). It's to see what this Assembly will offer to the King to reevaluate the French economy, what our government should do? Almost 25% of their debt is made on our alliance.
  14. US Presidential History RP

    Not at all sadly because in law... Don't shocked but this is true If my memory is good, as a person has a right, juridically, in the beginning of the XIXth, the slave is not a person...juridically I mean.... For women they were second class citizens by the law, but they are included. For native Americans no ideas...foreigners nope but on the territory of the US yes. But you know it's not far better for me at this time, in that period I would have been forced to do like S J Tilden ^^.
  15. US Presidential History RP

    Vice Presidential speech on the Union in the Senate I recognize both leaderships of the Senate and I back the current composition: However looking at the majority leader @Kingthero Here are the current requests for our administration. In Economy The presidential administration requests from the Congress: -A bill on Tariffs (increase) -Some pro industrial laws -A bill on the introduction of a national bank with federal currency -National sales tax Demography -Grant a free lands regime to news immigrants to boost it. -Instant naturalization for all people on our soil. Security -Protecting laws at our borders regarding the potential indians' conflict. Human's Rights: -The common ediction of a bill of rights that will be jointed to the US Constitution -Freeze any news laws on slavery for the next 20 years. After having exposed the legislative requests from the federal government in its first mandate he added: I won't compromise your leadership, I am the arbitrary between both and the spokesperson of our government. But here is what we're asking to the Congress @vcczar @WVProgressive