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  1. Sami

    Political compass results

    Still Social Liberal Democrat.
  2. I'm going to see it! Sincerely this was one of the worst Ontario elections ever. Doug is worse than his party...and he's now PM...
  3. I started the Ontarian mod there: And I saved the Liberal boat in 2 weeks :p.
  4. Sami

    Quebec 2012

    I reduced the CAQ to 6 millions and yet I am still able to lead them to majority in 2012
  5. Sami

    Quebec 2012

    I edit the goal of the CAQ for 2012 I tested myself, it's possible for the CAQ to reach 75 to 77 seats and 38% of the vote in the 2012 version.
  6. Sami

    Quebec 2012

    No worries ! For 2018 I will include the Conservative Party of Quebec.
  7. Sami

    1988- Playthrough- Democratic primaries

    Eh my friend I love your work! Continue !
  8. Sami

    Quebec 2012

    @Patine I edited for a more bilingual video but this is not the first time that federalists try to kill Premiers of the Parti Québécois In 1984 the caporal Denis Lortie who was keeping the bunker of the Premier of Canada Brian Mulroney successfully entered in the parliament of Quebec with massive guns He wanted to kill René Levesque, the man of the first referendum on independence and hopefully for all the MPs of the PQ as René Levesque himself, the caporal choosed a bad day by mixing the dates of the session of the parliament.
  9. Sami

    Quebec 2012

    Yes! I was watching Radio Canada during this tragic 4th September 2012 but I was in France and still a young boy of 14 years old, the day after the radio talked about it even in my home country She has got a lot of chance, because the security of the Metropolis wasn't good at all Tragically...a man of the staff payed his life by seeing what the man could be doing. he jumped on him and received the ball that Pauline could have received. And even, Pauline said a year after that she had firstly decided first to walk to the Metropolis and due to the time she finally choosed the car, so at two times of the night she could have received the bullet of the extremist. This extremist was a man with serious problems essentially in his mental, he has been judged the last year. His sentence was truly awfull for the anglophone community when he said "Les anglais sont arrivés" the English have come. Another man of the staff of Metropolis has been seriously wounded, he has sue the government of Quebec for receiving more pensions This video still shows the bodyguards of Pauline who lately reacted to the threat and brought her to security during some mins.
  10. Sami

    Quebec 2012

    It has been one of the hotest situation in the recent history of Quebec Books call it "Maple Spring" in comparision to the revolutions in arabic states https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Quebec_student_protests The consequences of this crisis have been really important, about 250 000 to 300 000 students gone in streets, for a province of 8 millions of inhabitants this has been a major strike period. The Coalition Avenir Quebec of Legault which was at 39% in Autumn 2011 lost credibility during this crisis and finished at 19/20% in summer 2012 ahead of the campain. In comparision it promoted the PQ from the 3rd to the 1st position in opinion polls in few months. The Parti Québécois and Pauline Marois who is known for her "political tactism" took one of the 3 students leaders in her ranks. Léo Bureau Blouin She put him in Laval des Rapides a Ministerial seat of the Liberal for winning it and it worked. He became one of the youngest MPs. She also took Martine Desjardins the second student ruler among her ranks in 2014 and put her in Groulx but she lost due to the shutdown of the PQ in opinion polls. Finally the biggest ruler of the students Gabriel Nadeau Dubois Is now the chief of Quebec Solidaire and replaced Françoise David in Mercier, he will try to run as PM this october. Finally this crisis ended by the victory of the Parti Québécois but the PLQ of Jean Charest kept many seats by convincing the over 65 years old that the strikes were dangerous and saying that "The Parti Québécois had only one agenda: The independence sooner or later, not the tuitons fees" It created some memorable images like the official opposition which weared the red square Finally, Pauline Marois won and she didn't end the tuitons fees like she promised, she just "reduced" it to 3% by year. So now the tuitons fees in Quebec are at 2100 dollars by year approximatively. But to give you some interesting infos @Patine, for a long time, from 1977 to 2015, the French who wanted to stude in Quebec had the same tuitons fees than the Quebecers (so if you was a student from Alberta or even New Brunswick, you basically payed more than a French from France for studying in Quebec). A deal signed by René Levesque PM of the PQ. That's why some French were with Quebecers during the strikes ^^ they were all linked by this raise. Problem, the french have exploded in Quebec, 12 000 french are studying actively in the province. And the Liberal Party of Quebec led by Philippe Couillard decided to change it (normal, the Libs are third in the Francophone vote). Since 2015, the French, for the bachelor, pay the same than Canadians out of Quebec but less than the Foreigners. (However, they stay at the Quebecer range for the Master and the Ph).
  11. Sami

    Quebec 2012

    I'm really satisfied with my final beta test: Yes I have been quick! The mod is now available on the campain page http://campaigns.270soft.com/2018/06/01/quebec-2012-provincial-election-for-infinity-version/ Quebec - 2012 2
  12. Sami

    Quebec 2012

    Synopsis: After 9 years of power the Liberal Party of Quebec faces one of the greatest political crisis Canada ever saw. The students of Quebec are fighting against the raise of tuitons fees of 1625$ to an unprecedent amount of 3946$ per year. The pro independence Parti Québécois which leads the Official Oppositon and which faced one of its most historic crush in opinion polls took the side of the students like Quebec Solidaire. The new Coalition Avenir Quebec -a nationalist party- which started high in polls and led by the former pequist minister François Legault is now third in opinion polls and the Liberal Party faces the lowest opinion polls never received due to the scandals of corruption and the student crisis. Can the PQ uses this crisis and at its benefit? Can the CAQ moves back first in opinion polls? Can the LPQ return the crisis at its benefit? Even more, the independentists of Quebec are now divided. The new Option Nationale -extremely independendist- and led by the former Pequist MP Jean Martin Aussant is winning supports among youngs, and Quebec Solidaire -also independentist- is increasing its supports. Despite the strategic vote, can they take votes to the Left, and essentially, the Parti Quebecois? Can the Parti Quebecois stops their expansion? The divided race is now open!
  13. Sami

    Quebec 2012

    Hello! I've decided to do another Quebecer scenario ahead of the next 2018 Quebec (I still miss polls and candidates for doing it, surely that we will wait august-september). If some would prefer that I do a Quebec 2008 or Quebec 2007 for President tell me :)! Quebec 2012 is a scenario where the 3 major parties were able to win a majority like in 2007 and potentially like 2018 could be.
  14. Sami

    French Revolutionary Scenarios

    Yes it's what I directly understood but we deeply miss online archives I seeked some links for you but for the moment I didn't get it
  15. Sami

    French Revolutionary Scenarios

    Even for me it's hard but here is the french wikipedia about the historical global results and some links of the elections under the revolution https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Élections_législatives_françaises_de_1791