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  1. Edouard

    New Historical President RP

    Samuel Turner III Senator of New Hampshire which is elected as Liberal/lean Independant joins the Libertarian party
  2. Edouard

    New Historical President RP

    Do you want that my character jump in to help you in ticket ? I hadn't have the time to do again platforms but I can help libertarians with RP!
  3. That surprise me is the difference between the polite congratulations of Macron and the message of his party on Facebook Here is what his party says : "Brazil has now a proudly homophobic, climatosceptic, sexist and racist president". This electoral TRAGEDY forces us. We do not have the choice, we can't loose. Otherwise we see what awaits us. Progressists of every countries, let's unite us!"
  4. Special thing about France La Republique en Marche LREM the party of Emmanuel Macron made a clear statement against Bolsonaro. But Emmanuel Macron still congratulated him. They finish with "progressists of every country, let's unite us"!
  5. Emmanuel Macron isn't as left as foreigners think He perfectly understood what are the roots of the far-right to power Essentially security, defense and immigration That's why he's specially tough on these matters, with that he keeps a part of the right's voters who do not care about societal rights so that he can be left on these issues.
  6. I think I am happy to be with a Canadian, it takes some place to live peacefully if my own country (France) finish to go to far Right ^^. In France Emmanuel Macron cutted the far right by being tough on immigration and security in exchange of a liberal society...it worked at least to stop them
  7. Well a former captain of the Brazilian army is now president and chief of the armies We will soon see if he moderates himself because parliament is against his party or if he opposes it. In France we've got a president in 1870 to 1877 it was the Marshal Mac Mahon but he was a royalist, not a far right politician. The economy sucked in Brazil, they elected him because of this (he had some big liberal economic plans after 14 years of socialism) Let's just hope the former captain respects the Constitution.. Power of Brazilian president: appoint and dismiss the ministers of state; exercise, with the assistance of the ministers of state, the higher management of the federal administration start the legislative procedure, in the manner and in the cases set forth in the constitution; sanction, promulgate and order the publication of laws, and issue decrees and regulations for the true enforcement thereof; veto bills, wholly or in part; provide, by means of decree, on organization and structure of federal administration if there is neither increase of expenses nor creation or extinction of public agencies; and extinction of offices or positions, when vacant; maintain relations with foreign States and to accredit their diplomatic representatives; conclude international treaties, conventions and acts, subject to the ratification of the National Congress of Brazil; decree the state of defense and the state of siege, in accordance with the constitutional procedures that precede and authorize those emergency decrees; decree and enforce federal intervention, in accordance with the constitutional procedures that precede and authorize such exceptional action; upon the opening of the legislative session, send a government message and plan to the National Congress, describing the state of the nation and requesting the actions he deems necessary; grant pardons and reduce sentences, after hearing the entities instituted by law, if necessary; exercise the supreme command of the armed forces, appoint the commanders of navy, army and air force, promote general officers and to appoint them to the offices held exclusively by them; appoint, after approval by the Federal Senate, the Justices of the Supreme Federal Court and those of the superior courts, the Governors of the territories, the Prosecutor General of the Republic, the president and the directors of the Central Bank and other civil servants, when established by law; appoint, with due regard for the provisions of Article 73, the Justices of the Court of Accounts of the Union; appoint judges in the events established by this constitution and the Attorney General of the Union; appoint members of the Council of the Republic, in accordance with article 89, VII; summon and preside over the Council of the Republic and the National Defense Council; declare war, in the event of foreign aggression, authorized by the National Congress or confirmed by it, whenever it occurs between legislative sessions and, under the same conditions, to decree full or partial national mobilization; make peace, authorized or confirmed by the National Congress; award decorations and honorary distinctions; permit, in the cases set forth by supplementary law, foreign forces to pass through the national territory, or to remain temporarily therein; submit to the National Congress the pluriannual plan, the bill of budgetary directives and the budget proposals set forth in this constitution; render, each year, accounts to the National Congress concerning the previous fiscal year, within sixty days of the opening of the legislative session; fill and abolish federal government positions, as set forth by law; issue provisional measures, with force of law, according to Article 62; perform other duties set forth in the constitution.
  8. Bolsonaro is elected President of Brazil he secured 55% of the vote after 90% counting.
  9. Edouard

    1988 Roleplay

    We will see if he comes back, if he does not we will see if a final master of the game can be appointed (but I hope he will be back, I seeked his e mail adress)
  10. Edouard

    1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlord @Reagan04 @TheLiberalKitten I am still up for ending the RP is our Overlord is back! Thank you to Somberg!
  11. Edouard

    Quebec 2018

    There also was Abitibi Est where Elizabeth Larouche (PQ) is a descent from native people However only Ungava is a majoritary first nation's constituency Strange thing is that for a long time Ungava voted Parti Québécois and NO in both referendums on sovereignty
  12. Edouard

    Quebec 2018

  13. Edouard

    Quebec 2018

    Recount in îles de la Madeleine PQ keeps the seat. Recount in Gaspé THE LIBERALS LOSE THE SEAT TO THE PARTI QUÉBÉCOIS DUE TO A RECOUNT. Next recount Thursday in Ungava the CAQ is holding the seat to the pq. This event shows that the liberals are down to 29 with the resignation of Couillard and an exclusion of a mp.
  14. Look at articles about him.
  15. Well to simplify my speech I voted Emmanuel Macron in the second turn of the presidential election while as student I can testify that the program of Marine le Pen was much more interesting for me regarding the exchanges programs she was thinking to offer (closer links with Francophone America in exchange's program) as well as to dubble the meritocratic scholarship for best students (that I already receive as student since 2 years).