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  1. Libertarians memed it perfectly > Saying 3 candidates for a national debate is too difficult for voters > Having 15 democratic candidates on stage.
  2. 270 diet, campain and loose them all (the weight)
  3. She is going to win the primary And Donald Trump to win 360 great electors in 2020. Only huge Trump's scandal can make her win.
  4. Great Game ! And thank you for telling me this 😛 I worked hard on everything to create the map and primaries, it barely took me 40h, when we will have a second round technology I will conclude the mod with a second turn I worked hard to create the french presidential issues and our specifities like a Center-Left to left le Pen on Economy and Far Right on Order and Society. Or Macron's specifities on economy and society where he's center-right for the first and center-left for the second. And @Patine don't cry 😛 I swear I will try to find a way to add them without chaging the map Because changing the map would barely take 9h straight to put back every numbers with no pause
  5. Do you know Frederic Bastiat 😛 ? MP of the Second French Republic, one of the fathers of libertarianism. Nobody remembers him in France but not in UK and US He wrote an essay of 40 pages about the Law and what it created. http://bastiat.org/en/the_law.html
  6. Indeed European Liberalism means third way Clintonism in USA terms. It's THAT kind of liberalism, the liberalism from the center to the center right nowadays, those who advocate both to pulls out state and economy out of individual's affairs. But between us, a lot of tories and social conservatives have stolen that word as today left democrat bernies for the democrats. Liberalism is what Montesquieu and Lockes said, economic right and societal left in our "current positions". Many libertarians told me the conservative right on society is fake right, as they're socialists in the mean they want to put their beliefs in the state's laws, but this is another topic 😛
  7. Yep but if you looked at the polls Great Britain is quite in unstability so it could work. Personnaly I'm the kind of people who would vote Libdem. But I disagree with what they say about bypassing a second referendum.
  8. I ended Benahim reign with a Liberal + Left-Center-Right Laic bloc Labor is deputy Prime Minister and has the confidence from the above parties.
  9. Big switch for the upcoming election Let's see if their clear choice works to pick-up labour and remain tories https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-49706643
  10. @Patine there is a moment where independentists are at the top and it's a moment where a winning referendum becomes likeable For Quebec it was 1992 Catalunya 2014-2017 Scotland is now :
  11. EU situation with UK was different than Anglo Canada with Quebec in 80's 😕 As French i'm not fond-off European union but at least they did not made any fake promises for winning the referendum, that's why they lost but still UK wants to be in the European custom's union or free-trade zone without being in the single market. It only applies to overseas territories who are not parts of single market countries in Europe. To reply European Union is dead if Hard Brexiteers get what they want. That's why even Cameron didn't get it to win his referendum in 2016.
  12. In any ways the Labour hadn't enough seats to form a government and the next Conservative budget in march 2020 won't pass neither Brexit as Conservatives lost 22 MPS in 2 days. So an election is coming by short in any ways in a matter of weeks from now.
  13. Yep they replied weirdly something like "we want to make sure others stuffs like postponing Brexit and make SURE it's the 15th of October"
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