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  1. Just to say, if the electoral college exists, it is for one main thing now. If a proportionnal system appears, this will be the death of the two party system.
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    King Legault can do nothing wrong
  3. And for others questions : Question #2: Would a US Parliament looking like this be better for the World? Not forcelly, the majority system is productive to pass reforms quicker but it is less democratic (Germany has a center-right CDU thanks to coalition systems). Question #3: Would a US Parliament looking like this be better for the US? Probably because the 2 party system is a speciality in the US. Question #4: Would a US Parliament looking like this be better for you? It could be but it would be a very left parliament, it does not look like an actual IRL parliament would be that left, the right would be stronger (even if I would not vote for a right-wing party I have to admit it).
  4. The most logic coalition I see : Progressive coalition (53%) The Democratic Party (Center-Left) - 10% Social Democratic Party (Left) -- 12% Democratic Socialist Party (Left to Far-Left) -- 12% Green Democratic Party (Left) - 10% Market Socialist Party (Left) - 9% + Representative Democracy Party (centrist) -- 15% of parliament potential partner of coalition (if Dem Socialist Party refuses)
  5. The only way Trump could possibly win would be that Biden be awfull during the campaign. Biden has only to be medium to win the presidency. We do not talk about it a lot because the Trump surprise of 2016 hides it, but the polling average of Trump is WORSE than the polling average of John McCain back in 2008. Clinton-Trump polls were favorable for the Democrats but never at this point, back in 2016 we talked about an average of 2/3 points lead, not 10.
  6. I personnaly agree with our current Liberal democracy made of the principles of both Montesquieu and John Locke. I fear the risks of direct democracy because there are liberties which are constitutionnal and which can not depend of a majority's will. That's why I do not have a lot of issues with the representative system, but I stand for maintaining a strong Court system. This said, I think we should do more to bring more democracy to our current system. Politically I tend to believe that the best political evolution is a compromise. If the state has to exist in order to ensure a stability, then the state has to defend social liberties and find a good compromise about taxations. The goal of the state should be to help everyone to get emancipated from their background, that includes for me a free initial education, but not forcely every others universal services. These services have to depend of a large consensus among taxpayers. But for civil liberties there is no discussion, they belong to the individuals and their private life, so the state has no right to put an eye on these. And about a kind of regime, just to say, it does not change a lot of things. For those who did not know here is the storyline of the french revolution and after, the country tried *a LOT* of regimes in a really short period of time : -Absolute monarchy untill June-august 1789 -Constitutionnal monarchy untill September 1792 -Progressive and quite liberal Republic untill June 1793 -Socialist dictatorship close to modern totalitarianism untill august 1794 -Free market liberal but corrupt Republic untill december 1799 -Autoritarian Empire (not absolute) untill 1814 (I spare you the consulate of 1799-1804) -Constitutionnal monarchy untill march 1815 -Constitutionnal Empire untill July 1815 (hello the 100 days and Waterloo) -Constitutionnal monarchy untill 1848 but more liberal when Louis Philippe takes power after a revolution in 1830 -A 2nd Republic untill 1952 -A second Empire 1st authoritarian untill 1867 then liberal Empire. -A 3rd pro liberty Republic untill 1940 -A 4th socialist and very democratic republic untill 1958 -A 5th quite pro executive and interventionnist Republic as of today. The political system while passing from a regime to another during all these periods, has constantly evolved toward a bicameral parliamentarian system.
  7. Thank you ! I really love to have some feedbacks ) Episode 4 : Welcome to Congress mister Underwood 20th of January 2017 Chief Justice Roberts : Repeat after me : "I, Harold Dodson do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" Harold Dodson : "I, Harold Dodson do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" Chief justice Roberts : Congratulations mister president ! MSNBC Rachel Maddow's show Rachel Maddow : Things are not going great for the democrats in this new year. President Dodson, a "pure produce of countrysides and conservative america" has taken office. Did he plan anything for climate change? No Does he want to fight against unequalities in our country? Barely not. "What we got is just a new "heartland conservative" with pretended moderate politicies from the Bush years" said the independent senator Bernie Sanders. Big cuts in social programs are soon expected, and the current house has let an unprepared opposition to fight this new Republican majority, determined to abolish Graysoncare. First, let's talk about the re-elected speaker of the House, Elena Garcia, a moderate congresswoman from Florida, the "new GOP" Mitch Connel wondered to build after mister Romney's defeat of 2012. While the Republicans have decided to support a new moderate face to appeal latinos, the Democrats are going to re-elect as minority leader another Garcia, not as latino as the first, not as moderate as the first, but still a "democrat". Mark Garcia, congressman since 2007 in the US House, elected when Nancy Pelosi became speaker and who succeded to Ms Pelosi when she retired in 2014. A white old man from California-18, who may be progressive on society but remains strongly Conservative on fiscal policies. And who is the perfect whip according to go with Mr Garcia? Another senior of the blue caucus, another member of the moderate coalition such as the minority leader. Mr Wendy Adeleke as minority Whip is the perfect copy of the minority leader, same ideology, same caucus, same coalition. A poll conducted by CNBC showed that 64% of the voters didn't entrust such a leadership to move the democrats to the midterms. The future will tell if Dodson will enjoy total control over Congress for 4 whole years. While this time in Congress : Clerk of the House : I am sorry mister Underwood, but you can not take any important committee, they are reserved for the hierarchy of your party..and allow me to say that the hierarchy of your party, considering the remaining number of constituencies you have, does not enjoy a very large set of choices. Frank Underwood : I fully understand that you are doing your job. Give me the Judiciary and Oversight reform committees then. In a slow murmurs the clerk can not hear : Every stronghold has a weak point, these comittees will look like innocent, then I can seek for my real open door. Clerk of the House : Then you have to choose a sub-committee Frank Underwood : I would like to bring my help for Healthcare Education and Social programs for work including Social Security. I don't mind to do nothing more than to advise my superiors. Clerk of the House : I have to ask your leaders if they do accept that you join these sub committees, may allow me to contact them. Frank Underwood : Please do. While the clerk has gone to find them, Frank picks up his phone and sends a text message : And then the reply Few mins later, the clerk returns Clerk of the House : It's registered, you are now part of these committees. Clerk of the House : Which group of the democrats will you stand with? Frank Underwood : I am inspired by the charism and the pragmatism of Minority leader Garcia and our Whip Mr Adeleke, thus I will be joining the moderates. Clerk of the House : Registered. Fews weeks pass Then begins the day in the house, the vote on raising the minimum wage debate. The Min Whip and Minority leader of the Democrats try to be the most consensual since the beginning of the year, fearing that if they put the GOP in fire on questions such as the minimum wage by trying to push for raising it, the Republicans will then get triggered and will reply by implementing cuts on social programs. The goal of the democratic leadership is then to try to deal with the republicans as long as they are the minority in Congress. But some progressives are willing to raise the minimum wage, that's why this morning Minority Whip Adeleke has to take the floor and speak about the party position on minimum wage. But, aweakened by the time, and convinced by Frank loyalty, he decided to give him a favor. The house is under some electricity, Min Whip Adeleke is in the house before the arrival of the others and advises Frank about what to do. Min Whip Adeleke has gave his time for giving the democratic position on minimum wage to the new Rep of SC-6 Frank Underwood as a reward for his loyalty. Min Whip Wen : Well Frank, it is time for you to prepare your speech, I want you to be consensual and to try to convince the progressives to stay in line with the leadership position - No need to raise the minimum wage under the Dodson presidency, that will enrage the republicans and make things worse. I risk my reputation, because traditionnaly it is to me to talk about the party line, leader Mark Garcia will be watching you, as he will be judging my choice. Frank Underwood : No need to stress, I don't think that we have to raise minimum wage. It is a great honor to open the floor for the party on the minimum wage, I will not disappoint you. The reps take their seats while Frank joins the podium of the House of Representatives. Speaker Elena Garcia nods to Frank while Minority Whip Adeleke looks at him from the behind : Speaker Elena Garcia (GOP FL-25) : The chair recognizes Mr Underwood. Frank Underwood : Thank you madam Speaker. Over the past fews weeks, some people may have been exhausted by the current political climate. Some of us may ask, why are we just doing what President Dodson urges us to do. Republicans, Democrats, many of us come from counties where we experienced with our own eyes, what poverty is. For sure, we are not poor, but many of our constituents are. President Dodson is NOT, poor. And he's never been. A US Senator from Utah sees more cactus than poors. The audience begins to get out the silence, some are clapping, some are containing their frustration in the tea party's ranks. Frank Underwood : It is time to raise the minimum wage. The first shouts come from some GOP members at the extreme while the moderates and newly elected Republicans remain silent, thinking about what Underwood said. Frank Underwood : It is an unconveniant truth to say that We, Congressmen and Congresswomen, are elected to serve the people of America, NOT the President ! The founding fathers told us to respect the separation of powers, A MAJORITY of Americans are pushing for a higher federal minimum wage, that's why I will be pushing every month to increase the minimum wage constantly, untill then WE, the House, decides what amount is enough, and what amount is not. I urge Republicans colleagues, you are INDEPENDENT of your president wishes, but you are responsible before your constituents. In the name of the young divorced mother who has to struggle at work to pay the early cares and education of her child. In the name of the white man who works under the sun every year in Texas in build construction sites to pay for the food of his sisters and brothers. In the name of the students, of every races and genders, who won't have our US federal pay to payback the huge debt they earned in order to receive a fundamental human right : Education. Let us vote for raising the minimum wage, and let us IMPROVE THINGS NOW ! The ranks of the progressives erupts in joy, the face of the democratic leaders in the house is confused. Minority Whip Wandeleke is furious, while minority leader Mark Garcia is trying to get if what happened was real. Speaker Elena Garcia tries to understand what happens while dozens of Reps get out of their seat in a standing ovation. Frank closes his plan : I SUBMIT A BILL TO THE HOUSE, LET US RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE. Elena Garcia : The representative of South Carolina is asked to join back his seat. Frank Underwood : I demand a vote, right now madam speaker, the legislation will be submited for a draft later. CBS news from Washington DC presented by Norah O(Donnell Norah O'Donnell : The Congress has been swapped away as this morning, the newly elected congressman Frank Underwood from South Carolina 6 has broke up with his party line on Minimum wage, doing a passionate speech about "respecting the founding father" spirit on how Congress should work. Many congressmen and congresswomen on both sides have then agreed to what has been called by former Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell an "act of rebellion" against party loyalty line. The house has indeed approved the bill of Frank Underwood to raise the minimum wage by 309 votes in favor, including 175 democrats and 134 republicans. The 2 oppose in the democratic side were the Minority leader Mark Garcia and the Minority Whip mister Adeleke. In the afternoon, Republicans leaders have tried to take back control of the situation. Republican Representative Spencer Hampton from Alabama has tried to put an amendment in order to limit this political gain from Mr Underwood, but the Democrats at a huge majority with the backing of the moderate republicans, have been able to reject the amendment of the republican congressman. It's a complete defeat for president Dodson, who may have passed the budget he wished for earlier this year, but who may starts a civil war inside his party if he vetoes the bill of Frank Underwood. Mett the Press MSNBC : Rachel Maddow : This may be a raising star of the Democratic Party. Frank Underwood, the representative of South Carolina 6 who has set the house on fire. Last night senate has confirmed the bill of Mr Underwood with a 51-49 vote, that means that 7 republicans have switched party allegiance on the bill. Chris Hayes : That also means a thing we already knew, Harold Dodson is not ensured to win his midterms. The Democrats were seeking to find a roaring start? This Southern democrat has maybe showed them the way. Rachel Maddow : President Dodson has made a short tweet, calling the move of Frank Underwood "brutal" but has denied that he would use his veto to oppose Underwood's bill. In his office, Frank receives diverses text messages : Doug enters the office. Doug : Many progressive MPs are wishing to meet you directly sir, do I have to tell them to go back? Frank Underwood : No, tell them to wait fews minutes, such a victory has to be enjoyed. My influence has just started to grow inside the party. As a sidenote he adds : A scandal can be a very good way to be known, it put your name on everyone's mind, as long as you control the outcome of the story you created.
  8. The political system has evolved Freedom on society may differs from Freedom on economy now. That's why some far left and libertarians agree on society. Aswell as Joe Manchin and Mitt Romney on society. (while they differ on economy)
  9. @Patine hahahahhaha @Reagan04 Sadly because the game coders use demographics as basics for electoral calculs (counties, state, constituencies and presidential election) by taking the registered dems reps and independent thus Gaffney is competitive but South Carolina 5 is lean Rep. It takes in the game to take a huge portion of republican voters while not displeasing democrats to win and when the opponent traditionnaly has a decent republican platform it's very difficult to switch a lot of Reps. It also works the other way, the constituency my Frank took is so Dem that he has a stronghold as long as he wins the democratic primary in S-C 6 which is more difficult . Episode 3 : Welcome to the 2016 elections Tucker Carlson : This is not a good year for the democrats, especially for the president Grayson Saluja Meghan Kelly : Indeed, Graysoncare created a massive increase of social security payroll taxs on the middle class, the industry has not really recovered from the great recession and even his vice president Juan José Acosta declined to run. Tucker Carlson : The GOP seems ready to go back to power. Meghan : A poll shows that a majority of Americans want change this election year. Tucker : The dreams of 2008 seem to have be replaced by reality. Underwood closes the TV. Frank : Well, we have something better to do is not it? Doug enters the office : I searched for the things you asked Frank : Show me. Doug : Here is the whole report, she is still a conservative, both fiscal and social, and she is against government aid. She also opposes gun control. Frank : She is done. Find a case of death by gun in the recent constituency's stories, i will do the rest. And then, call rev Oliver, tell him that I want to speak to the next office. Some days after right before the religious office : Doug : She is named Emmily, 17 years old, shotted by her boyfriend while coming back from highschool. Frank : That's all i needed. Frank Underwood speech : We all mourn for Emmily today. Because we are believers, because we are constituents, because what happened to her was unforgivable, but also because we are victims of Washington failure to adress our problems. And one of these problems, is gun violence. There is way too much gun violence in our country, particulary in towns such as Columbia. We can not accept a Washington statut-quo. But, the whole career of Ms Mathis is based on ignoring gun violence, she does not want to ban assault weapons, she does not want to increasing gun control, she even does not want a background check. So why should WE want a congresswoman who does not want to adress OUR issues? And when I think about Emmily, I think about an angel who deserved a time to stude, grow up and be successfull in her life. That's why, in her honor, I stand to do everything in order to put stricter gun regulations if I become your nominee and then your Congressman. In the name of Emmily, and in order to give a meaning to what I said, I announce you that a bill will be put in the townhall council, in order to pay for homeless, so that they can also join Highschool. We will put an universal background check once and for all, support highschools and abolish the criminal statuquo of congresswoman Lara Mathis. He murmurs on a slight tone : That's the difference between me and her for them now. The final days before the primary happens, and Underwood invests 100 000 dollars in negative ads against the Conservative stances of congresswoman Mathis. The result is devastating, also among the African american community of Columbia. A night of april 2016, the primary for South Carolina 6 ends : Chair of the constituency for the Democrats : FRANK UNDERWOOD IS OUR NOMINEE ! The footsoliders applaud him while he reach the podium for a short thankfull speech. Thank you all ! But let's get back on the campaign trail, the road is still long ! Later in the office : Frank : We are in Congress, SC6 is gerrymandered as f. Doug : The opinion polls are not looking good for the party... Frank : This is precisely the reason why I will be helping some colleagues, because I already won. Take a look at the bigger picture Doug, long term reward. The presidential democratic primary is made of intense division, the Delaware senator Bridget Baker wins the primary by very few delegates against a colleague from her own state, the Senator Spencer Hardy. Then comes the election night on CNN : Tom Wolf : The election night has started. A lot of excitements are on the way tonight, the democratic Senator Bridget Baker from Delaware is the Democratic nominee. She has a very high approval ratings but she has 8 years on the back. Against her the Republican senator Harold Dodson from Utah is also very popular, but unlike her he inspires change for a majority of americans. Could this election lead to the first woman president of the US? And what about Congress? John King : It will be the question voters will reply tonight ! The house of Congress is already Republican at 227 Reps against 208 democrats, however with 8 years of presidency, the dems are not going to win any seat. For the senate,currently it's 50-50 so if nothing changes, the next Vice President will control the senate, however we expect that both houses are likely to fall in the GOP's hands, even if the presidential democratic nominee would win. Tom Wolf : So let's get started. First call of the night, the state of Georgia goes to mister Dodson. Time passes. Tom Wolf : Harold Dodson wins North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana and Maine ! Bridget Baker wins Illinois, Viginia, Massachussets, Connecticut, and Vermont. What a dead blow to the Democrat hopes. John King : It's not finished yet, but it does not sounds good. We have a call in South Carolina 6 : Frank Underwood, yougest congressman candidate is elected in the House of Representatives. John King : A special story, a former lawyer who started his political career a year ago, winning a difficult primary in Columbia townhall council and then running against an incumbent congresswoman of his own party. Tom Wolf : His party as a whole is not looking good tonight. 10 PM Tom Wolf : Harold Dodson has won Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mississipi. Bridget Baker wins Massachussets, Rhode Island and New Jersey. John King : The pathway for 270 seems more and more unlikely for Bridget Baker. 11 PM Tom Wolf : Harold Dodson has won Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Louisiana and Arizona. Bridget Baker wins Minnessota, New York and New Mexico. That means that Harold Dodson has crossed the 270 great electors in order to win. CNN projects that Harold Dosdson will be the 45th president of the United States of America. The Republicans are back to the white house after 8 years in opposition and a two term Grayson presidency. John King : The defeat seems crual for the democrats. 11:30 PM Tom Wolf : CNN projects that the Republicans will retain control of the House of Representatives. They won an overall net gain of 31 seats, increasing the number of Republicans in the House to 258 representatives. The democrats are reduced to 177. John King : The senate promises to be as brutal as the house. 1 AM : Tom Wolf : CNN projects that the Republicans will take control of the US Senate The GOP has won 6 seats from 2010, Wiscosin, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado and North Carolina. John King : A pretty big majority will support president-elect Dodson. The day after, the final presidential map is finalized : Columbia 6 AM, political office of Frank Underwood Underwood is still sleeping at his office, Doug enters the room and wakes him up. Doug : I brought you coffee sir, you have to meet Ms Mathis as you are now the congressman elect. This election night has been an end for our party era... Frank Underwood : To the contrary..it is just the beginning.
  10. Underwood episode 2 : Rise in South Carolina Frank Underwood enters in the primary race for the city Council, FU : Time to be known with a pretty popular dem promise, raising the minimum wage. According to the policies, my opponent is controversial on income inequality for a democrat, good thing for us. Frank Underwood speeches in Columbia district : My opponent thinks that some jobs are important and some are not, well, let me be clear. If my opponent seriously believes this, then his job may has become useless, at least in his eyes. We, the moderates, will teach this democrat the right way of what a job is. Chief of Staff Doug Stemper : What do we do now? FU : Nothing, we have won, this city council is safe, let's save money for next time. Underwood saves money, while Columbia promises to be as safe as Underwood believed. Mayor of Columbia : Congratulations on your incredible win Frank ! Frank Underwood : Thank you. Mayor of Columbia : You made hard promises to the voters... Frank Underwood : Like raising the minimum wage? I attend to continue to do so. Mayor of Columbia : But aren't you a moderate? Frank Underwood : I am a pragmatic. Later in the city Council : Frank Underwood : i present you my plan to raise the minimum wage and help the people of this city get our of poverty ! The popularity of Frank emerges from 60 to 64%. Later in the city office, still in 2015. Doug Stamper : What are we going to do? Frank is looking at the map : Look at here Doug. The senate is still in our hands, but only thanks to our Vice President. The house is controled by the Republicans since the 2014 midterms, however our congressionnal constituency, South Carolina 6 is the safest of South Carolina for our party. Conservative Democrat Lara Mathis is the incumbent. Frank : I want to take her seat. Doug Stamper : But for this you have to convince a good part of the Black community Frank ! She is a FEDERAL congresswoman ! Don't you think about running as a State Rep or State Senator first? You would have higher chances. Your victory in the city council is already an accomplishment, the federal house... Frank Underwood : Did I mention you about her fiscal conservative positions? The Democratic party is in power since 8 years, the next house will be terrible if the Republican nominee is moderate, we might be completely destroyed in both chambers. What I attend to do is to confront Ms Mathis with her fiscal opposition to government aid, and we will run ads about it, the primary will be hard, but I have to make my way to the federal house if i want to learn and evolves within the hierarchy of the Democratic party, it could take years, so it has to begin now, in a year where things are going to be pretty bad for the party. Doug : Something can be done... Frank Underwood : And something will be. But from now, i have to enter in the primary field. Frank Underwood officializes his entrance in the primary for South Carolina 6. Local media to Lara Mathis : Are you afraid? Lara Mathis : I am not ! This ambitious boy from rural South Carolina has maybe got the chance to enter in the Columbia city council, but this will stop here, our district is the strongest opposition voice in the state to the Republicans, and I have the confidence of the president. Frank Underwood listens with a calm smile to the speech : If I take her down in the primary, I win. Doug, buy an opinion poll, I want to know where are her worst stances among our common base. (OOC : A big shout out to Ayanna Pressley from Mass who plays my Laura )
  11. Hello ! I am using and making some advertising for a little game which is just excellent (because you can play in EVERY US election from schoolboard council or townhall council to mayor or state senator/state Rep / Governor / US REP / US Senator and then become Chair of the Moderates/Progresives/conservatives dems / Moderates, Conservatives, Libertarians for Reps in both houses (state or federal), or Nominee and Pres of the US). You can also become chair of your party at state or federal level for senate or house election and help your party win. The game presented let's start with Frank Underwood : Francis Underwood, (18 years old) new democratic member, the year is 2015 and the goal is to enter in the field of politic. From Columbia South Carolina, time to choose a chief of staff. Frank Underwood : The next year, Republicains threaten to kick our ass. I am from South Carolina, that means a Republican state. My goal is to convince the people of my county of Columbia in order to enter in the next town council...then we will see what happens. My goal is clear, I want to enter in the US house, but for this, I need to enter in the townhall council before... Frank Underwood : Columbia is part of the blue counties, I need to convince a strong portion of the african americans if I want to enter in the city council of Columbia..
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    Correct me if I am wrong dear Patine But the coronavirus effect on oil prices risks to be a serious problem for the popularity of Jason Kenney (like it previously was for the NDP in power)
  13. Tough choice Bunker Hill in 1775 worth the prize ! the early american revolution is interested to follow Paris in 1789 is quite impressive indeed As French the historical event which arrived to Paris (and piss me the most) is the disappearance of the Tuileries in 1871 during the French Commune) Here is an authentical photo of the 19th century This magnificent castle is where Louis XVI and his family lived their final hours, where Napoléon ruled Europe, where last Kings and Emperor of France lived. This castle has been assaulted by the revolutionnaries in 1792, when the monarchy has been suspended then abolished. This castle was the place where the french monarchs ruled untill 1870, it was the second Castle of Versailles. And a magnificent franco-italian castle bought by Marie de Médicis in 1570. Destroyed by the French Commune in 1871... Today the Louvre is open to the gardens, the disappearence of the castle directly gives on the garden. (You can see the wings on the photo and in the recent) It's just like if Notre Dame had collapsed, a huge testimony of history lost forever. For example, this portrait was made in the Tuileries : Early photos of the 1860's during the Second French Empire shows what was the luxuous palace Here are photos after the 1871 fire (started by revolutionnaries, and which almost took the Louvre too) The last photo, the ruines of the Grand Escalier shows how magnificent this testimony of history was. When i came to he Louvre last summer I was thinking about what if the Tuileries would still be there. Actually even De Gaulle when he became president in 1958 was hesitating about re-building the Palace, but then accepted the Elysée.
  14. Hoover had a kind of office in the federal administration but not within the cabinet
  15. I will work on it my dear Patine ! You will have your orverseas territories
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