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  1. @Patine with Campbell my results are more like that
  2. Or this to happen in 2008 About the result, when you play Campbell there are big malus, but Charest hasn't these 😛
  3. While these days there are high expectations that Jean Charest might come back as big head of the PCC canadian leadership race, I decided to play Jean Charest in the 1993 Canadian election of @TheLiberalKitten, here is the result 😛 Slight better than 2 MPs.
  4. Managed to do slight better than the excellent RL performance of Blanchet
  5. Thanks ! This time we can't see I haven't unseated Trudeau 😛
  6. Just a bit I rerun last day and managed to make Duceppe the official opposition 😛
  7. Canada 2015 : - Bloc Québécois (Trudeau and Mulcair are crushed)
  8. Gentlemen. @darkmoon72 @TheLiberalKitten I truly wanted to have a second chance to beat the record with the mod, so I did. New record 😛
  9. Klobuchar would be an interesting VP if Biden wins. Trump can take Minnesota from Democrats in 2020 (while losing Michigan and possibly Wisconsin), there is a trend.
  10. Chafee will be Green candidate in 2024
  11. 2008 starts like that And I got this How I did this? I tried to understand how people like @guythatsacentrist did to get a landslide with Duceppe in Canada 2015 and I got it. NEWSPAPER AD IS THE WAY
  12. I was supper motivated to make this scenario ! With 2018 Quebec 1976 is the kind of an unique election in a generation which clearly modify the electoral balance (USA 2000 and USA 2016 are examples). 1976 is a mythic election in Quebec, it is the one who put the table for every scenarios I drafted untill 2018 and it is the end of a HUGE era for a great party which was the National Union (right-wing societal and fiscal conservative catholic party which dominated Quebec's politics since the 30's). It is a very "shared election" in which everything can happen, historically it is the first time where the Parti Québécois formed the government with a clear majority of 71 MPs. But it is an election where the dying National Union could still try to win. I give a big THANKS to @Patine who saved old scenarios from a decade on his mails. It's a scenario where you can win an old catholic blue conservative and nationalist majority with the UN or a sovereignist with the PQ, or try to save the liberals. There is also STILL the famous and old creditist party The two creditists parties are band of former Liberals MPs or even ministers who divided themselves on the national question. It is the final election of a rising new generation of people born in the 50's who massively vote for a change. Thus it is a really open election which many alternative outcomes. Here is the synopsis Quebec 1976 : PQ rise to power, Liberal crush, UN last attempt to conquer power After the Libéral landslide of 1973, the Péquistes are now seriously challenging for power. It is a time of nationalist sentiment, where the survival of Québec's culture and the National Question are in every mind. On the political right, the parties are even more divided; The Ralliement créditiste have split with a new group, the Parti national populaire forming as a result. However, the Union Nationale are united and hoping for a revival of their fortunes. Starring : Parti Libéral du Québec Premier of Quebec : Robert Bourassa Parti Québécois : René Levesque : Founder of the Parti Québécois, former Liberal Minister Pierre Bourgeault : Left independentist Union Nationale : Rodrigue Biron Creditists : Camille Samson : National popular party (division from the creditists) Fabien Roy
  13. Yes I finished second in popular vote and in a lot of constituencies if I had been harsher on the PQ I would probably be the official opposition
  14. Anthony Burgoyne of 270soft is trying to get a comittee to join the Democratic race
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