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  1. Edouard

    Special things about USA colors

    Well as you know I'm even in relationship of 4 years with a Quebecois I do not find Quebecers homophobic, in 2005 when André Boisclair became leader of the Parti Québécois he was polled at 50% of the vote while Jean Charest nearly downed to a mere 27% With that score PQ was about to win more than 80 seats with an assumed homosexuel leader He has been elected leader of the Parti Québécois with more than 50 000 votes against Pauline Marois and Boisclair was so strong in the militants' vote that François Legault did not dare to run against him. He won in a first turn within the Parti Québécois with more than 50% of the vote against Pauline Marois who was running for the second time and VIP of the PQ since 2001. They took the opportunity at this time to ask Quebecers if a gay leader would matter in their vote and in 2007, 93% of Quebecers said no (in 2007) Then in 2007 André Boisclair finished 3rd with 28% of the vote and 38 seats but people rather believe that PQ lost because of the refusal from Boisclair to be an integrist on values than for having a gay leader (the Parti Québécois pushed the Charta of values against religious emblems after this defeat for this reason, Charta which still will be implemented by Legault in 2019/2020 by using the "nonobstent clausis" of the charta of canadian values and liberties). To be honest...Quebecers have laicized their society in 1960 with Jean Lesage as premier and the Liberal party, it continued under René Levesque So Church is considered like a hard and bad time In opinion polls about gay marriage Quebec arrives at 78% of approval rate which is same than Ontario and the Atlantic, Quebec even arrives first when is asked "Did you already have homosexual relationship" I think it was 14% for Quebec while rest of Canada was kinda like 7% average with a 11% for the Atlantic and 9% for Ontario. That maybe can be more important is the laicity concern of Quebec. A lot of Quebecers have the same behaviour than French on religious emblems and want to swept off them, this is almost strange to see that Quebecers are really same than French on this issue while they are two distinct society they share the same consideration about laicity. But apart this...I really never saw that Quebec was more homophobic, numbers even show the opposite. However some rural parts of Quebec can be more conservative, in a matter of vote it doesn't seem that it's rejected. The Parti Québécois even more been really gay friendly, under Pauline Marois in 2012 a lot of principal ministers of Quebec were gay -Agnés Maltais : Ruler of the parliament government and lesbian -Bertrand St Arnaud : Attorney General and gay -Sylvain Gaudreault : Transportation Minister and gay -Réjean Hébert : Minister of Health and gay Also the current leader of Quebec Solidaire who made big gains in 2018 election is Manon Massé and she is lesbian. One of the most influent radio-speaker in one of the most conservative and fiscal right part of Quebec, Eric Duhaime is also gay. To show how conservative is his speech he widely oppose Legault on oil and supports Alberta. Lastly in the CAQ one of their big economic spokesperson is also gay it's the MP of Saint Jérôme. However homophoby can still exist anywhere, for example if you ask me, my mother is a strong socialist on economy but a tory which never accepted that she won't become grandmother, thus I still wait that she evolves and untill then I do not feel the necessity to talk with her.
  2. Edouard

    Special things about USA colors

    When we talk about flag let's talk about Canadian's flags! @Patine Quebec has been for a long time a pro Church society Catholic Church (Society Saint Jean Baptiste) influenced a lot Duplessis' government which took back a direct military flag from the "bannière of Saint Michel" They added the 4 lys which meaned the King of France as a renewal of New France and it gave current Quebec's flag.
  3. Edouard

    Special things about USA colors

    About our national flag... It comes from the colors of Paris +the white means the King, the French flag has been this during centuries True story : In 1873 at the beginning of our Third Republic, monarchist won the election, they wanted to put Henry the V as King of France but he refused to maintain the French flag used under Louis Philippe which accepted the current national flag So Basically, France is a republic due to a flag crisis.
  4. Edouard

    New Historical President RP

    (I will try to be back) John Turner IV (yep I love continuality 😛) officially candidates to the Libertarian Party and as Governor for NH before the Presidential election. Principals axis : -Priorize state's autonomy on finance crime and education -Minimize any major national taxs -Defend the abolition of any crime's regulations regarding Women and minorities.
  5. Edouard

    2020 Election BG Playthrough 2!

    It's not like playing the real game? It's more RP?
  6. Edouard

    Don't fall for Tulsi Gabbard

    Why Tulsi switched between 2011 and 2012 from a veteran old tory to a strong powerfull progressist? I don't get it.. Even Clinton switched slowly and slowly from presidential election to presidential election Some Democrats like Ted Kennedy or Al Gore always secretely been in faavour of gay marriage and waited but there, she completely opposed it
  7. Edouard

    Special things about USA colors

    I recently checked the Democratic Republican party emblem This maked me smile Here is the French republican cocarde France and the USA have the same concarde unlike the British who use this During the "yellow vest" strikes, some groupes of women used the british cocarde as marianne and maked historical mistakes They wered the British cocarde, not the French one. But I ask myself how the US could make a difference with the french Concarde, I believe they used a different type for their air force symbol.
  8. Edouard

    What is your political affiliation?

    Democrats and Republican are still quite big to keep 80% of the electorate I would personnaly be a New Hampshire Democrat, progressist on society but moderate on economy. In the opposite I would confront a West Virginia Democrat like Joe Manchin who is left on economy for the mines and right on society due to church's influence on West Virginia.
  9. For some issues and the first is the former "Obamacare" Obamacare been really popular among popular class but last years before the 2016 presidential election it increased insurance costs for an important part of the middle class This kind of things pushed people to vote for Trump
  10. And according to me this is weird O Rourke tries something interesting, if I was an american I would totally vote for him Being progressist on society but also kinda realist on economy. America seems today to agree with some societal issues Same Sex Marriage for example, about 74% of Americans now agree with it, and between 40 and 50% among the Republican party! While some issues stay really hot like abortion which is less supported NOW than in 1996 while Same Sex marriage was at 27%. I believe that Democrats can be progressists on society, but I am afraid about the risk of being too left on economy. If Florida went to Trump it's also because the middle class favourized Donald Trump. The Democrats have to take back the middle class, and if the Democratic Party becomes too "progressist" on economy there is a risk to stay away of the independent vote.
  11. Technically even if Biden is the rightest candidate for this current primary he's not so moderate if we compare his platform and the democratic challengers of the 90's Just a video I found funny, 1992, look at what is the OLD dem party
  12. My baaadd I wanted to write Sanders xD (I already included Biden first as the rightest Dem)
  13. I consider them for their platform 😛 If I would have to classify every "MAJOR" Dem candidates from the Right to the left I would say... Rightest to the most Lest Moderate side : Biden (moderate on society and economy) Klobuchar (between moderate and progressist on society and quite moderate for economy) O Rourke (progressist on society but moderate on economy) "Between both" Kamala Harris (Not enough moderate and quite progressist) Booker (same) Gilibrand (same Progressist side on economy AND society : Warren Sanders
  14. I am almost certain that Sanders won't win because too much left Dems are declared (Kamala, Warren, Gillibrand, Booker) while Klobuchar is the only moderate yet However I ask myself if Biden will go and if Biden would win, in 2016 he's been reluctent for a while then renounced.
  15. Edouard

    Don't fall for Tulsi Gabbard

    I would "forgive" instead of apology but yes it's the point. And indeed, that strange to me as I am a strong strong "societal left" guy while I'm moderate on economy but I do not understand some news clubs which can be almost dictatorial or biased in their socio cultural views in the name of progressism