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  1. 'Tis the Season :S

    Merry Christmas <3
  2. 2020: The Antithesis

    I hate when the game crashes and you didn't save it
  3. Well 4 years from now with Paul as a third party candidate, tea party a thing, and ernst being from iowa could all consolidate the gop vote bringing it down.
  4. KY results Dem: 45.2 Rep: 36.2 Lib: 7.2 Ame: 6.1 Tea: 4.4 Gre: 1.1
  5. Thanks for whoever followed
  6. Ernst wins her first states, Clinton reelection very likely!
  7. Clinton has taken a massive lead, but not close to 270!
  8. Currently Clinton is leading but the night is still young!
  9. I don't really keep up with the cardinals Too much on my hands
  10. I wish, but JP2 should be the last one to preserve the name even more in my opinion!
  11. Clinton wins first Debate Clinton wins Second Debate Clinton wins third Debate
  12. Pres. Clinton and VP Castro renominated!
  13. Sen. Joni Ernst is the Republican nominee and she chooses Condi Rice as her running mate!