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  1. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Fun Primary Game

    Trump: 1/2/3/1/5 Kasich: 3/4/1/2/1 Flake: 4/2/1/2/1 Sasse: 2/2/3/2/3 Hogan: 5/3/1/2/1 Romney: 4/5/1/2/1 Baker: 4/4/2/1/1 Pence: 1/2/5/2/3 Cruz: 1/2/4/2/5 Graham: 3/3/1/1/1 Rubio: 4/3/1/1/2 Collins: 4/5/2/1/1 Murkowski: 5/4/2/2/1 Paul: 2/3/2/5/1
  2. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Look at this insane result!

    I was Trump, started as Graham but had to switch to Trump in the end. This was the last turn before I started the election:
  3. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Unlikely Hypothetical 36-candidate Democratic Primary

    This is very specific. Are you from the future?
  4. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Elizabeth Warren launches exploratory committee

    The "end the duopoly" thing gets boring after the first few hundred posts.
  5. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Elizabeth Warren launches exploratory committee

    I feel she will be the Rand Paul of 2020 (not gaining above 5-6% in the polls) I do think her announcement will bring in a flurry of the other candidate announcements. I also heard that Sanders is apparently thinking of not running so maybe that will help her if he does decide not to go.
  6. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Unlikely Hypothetical 36-candidate Democratic Primary

    Here's mine. 3 is just my base support. Not that I hate all those candidates nor do I think they would do badly.
  7. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas
  8. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Late December Trump Poll

    It's funny because this week Trump has done the most things I've supported his entire Presidency so far; the stock bump ban, withdrawing from Syria (I opposed it from the beginning), hopefully withdrawing from Afghanistan, and the signing of the criminal justice reform bill. The week I've been most favourable of him is the one week that is seemingly his worst.
  9. Harris/Ernst 2020


    Question? Can Presidents make changes to tax law by executive order?
  10. Harris/Ernst 2020

    December Poll for 2020

    https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/elections/julian-castro-announces-he-s-exploring-presidential-bid-video-n947001 Seems we're all wrong. Reports says he'll announce Jan. 12th. Will this speed up the other announcements?
  11. Harris/Ernst 2020

    December Poll for 2020

    Given that Joe Biden said recently that he's the "most qualified" person to run for President and Michael Avenaatti declaring he won't run means we're entering the beginning stages of the primary process. The Iowa caucuses are less than 14 months away. What are your thoughts on the current state of politics?
  12. Harris/Ernst 2020

    New 2020 Dem Primary Poll (Harvard/Harris)

    From the looks of this poll it shows that the real race (at this moment) is between Sanders and Biden. I do believe that those numbers will change albeit small when candidates start announcing. It's still to early to really declare anyone the favourite though. I heavily believe that Hillary will not seek another run. I believe that most of that 13% will go to Biden though as Hillary and Biden are considered "establishment".
  13. Harris/Ernst 2020

    The EU breaking the internet

    Do y'all ever get tired of fighting?
  14. Harris/Ernst 2020

    2020 Scenario for download here

    I agree he is ahead in Ohio, but I wouldn't put him roughly 10 points ahead, maybe like 4-5, I also would make Texas a little bit stronger for the GOP.
  15. Harris/Ernst 2020

    2020 Scenario for download here

    This is where I would put the current strength of each state right at this moment.