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  1. Harris/Ernst 2020

    2016 Joe Biden Playthrough

    Quickest playthrough I've seen!
  2. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Beto O'Rourke

    Now @NYConservative and @NYrepublican both have two profile pics that are of two senators that look similar so tbh can y'all not keep confusing me please.
  3. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Top Three

    In my opinion both parties nominated their best chances. Referring to Arizona.
  4. Harris/Ernst 2020


    Idk how but it stopped so maybe it was a couple time thing. If you want I can still send it but 🤷‍♀️
  5. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Top Three

    Why in your opinion is Sinema a terrible candidate?
  6. Harris/Ernst 2020


    Any idea what this error means?
  7. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Battleground States Discussion

    No just both your names start with 'NY' and I assumed you had changed your name and pic, but once he started cussing out someone I had thought theres no way this is you because I don't think I've really seen you cuss, but then I assumed you just went crazy.
  8. Harris/Ernst 2020


    It seems it isn't counting some of the parties as real, so the primaries are totally bugged. No polling, no debates, maybe that's why I keep getting errors.
  9. Harris/Ernst 2020


    Also just found out that the polling numbers I put in (not actual polls, just the raw numbers) it resets once I move to a different candidate. Anyone know a fix?
  10. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Battleground States Discussion

    Also want to say that I thought NYConservative was @NYrepublican and for that I am sorry!
  11. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Battleground States Discussion

    A sad day for the forums 😕
  12. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Top Three

    @NYConservativecurious are you interested in it because it's your state, or because you believe that it is competitive?
  13. Harris/Ernst 2020


    Yeah been some wonky errors recently.
  14. Harris/Ernst 2020


    This pops up after every play-though of my scenario. And in the same scenario it won't let me add debates to some of the parties while allowing me to add to others. @admin_270
  15. Harris/Ernst 2020

    Share your Senate prediction map!

    This is my current prediction, though I fully expect it to change.