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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm in the right spot, but I'm getting this Access Violation message each time I play the game. It happens at 11PM on election night. The game stops counting votes and just shuts down. As you can imagine, it's a little frustrating. Anyone got insight as to what's wrong? I have attached a screenshot.
  2. Seems to me the Issues badly need updating. Trump really shows how outdated the game is when you read the descriptions each position. Free trade, military intervention....just a few of the many issues where the descriptors just don't fit with the current reality at all. For example, the far-right has returned to American First-ism. The game would have you believe these were just neo-cons. Even if you leave Trump out - you'd still have things like Iran and Same Sex Marriage, which seem more fit for 2004 or 2008 - as opposed to 2016. The Iran issue descriptions reflect pre-deal conditions from the late Bush-era. You also have 50 state gay marriage, which really blows up that whole box entirely. I changed the Id on 'Iran' to 'Iran Deal' and just had the FL-FR spectrum reflect approval or disapproval and a little blurb why.
  3. Thanks! I appreciate the response!
  4. Does anyone have a link to a President Infinity/President Forever game manual? I've played the game for awhile, but I need to see some kind of refresher. A few examples: 1. Does it matter when I target a state? 2. Does the timing of endorsements matter? 3. Am I better off building up organizational strength before creating footsoliders and polling? 4. Is your polling less accurate if you haven't targeted a state or don't have any organization there? I appreciate any help on the subject. Thanks.
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