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  1. Falcon

    1988 Election

    Looks great!
  2. Falcon

    Residence Poll

    Well I'am from Sweden so I rather prefer to stay here. I mean we have a record level surplus and low debt.
  3. Falcon

    Forum presidents

    Sure looks like it
  4. Falcon

    Forum presidents

    Vcczar for president, it would be a landslide.
  5. Falcon

    Projects you're working on

    Canada 1993, 98% done.
  6. Falcon

    Democratic Leader

    Tim Ryan would be great, the sooner the Democrats pick him the better.
  7. Falcon

    Prime Minister Infinity Help

    It can be done, I've got atleast 320 seats as Labour several times with no cheats.
  8. Falcon

    UK PMI Scenarios

    Very well done; will you do 92 also?
  9. Falcon

    United Kingdom - 2005 (Infinity version)

    This is great, the more scenarios for PMI the better.
  10. Falcon

    UK PMI Scenarios

    Great scenario! Love all the diffrent candidates. Can't wait for 87.
  11. Falcon

    1988 election

    Looks great
  12. Falcon

    Favorite Historical Massachusetts Politicians

    Not in the Democratic wave of 2006.
  13. Haha atleast Leahy survived.
  14. Falcon

    1976 Election

    Love all of your work vczzar! Can't wait to see how you will do with this scenario.
  15. Falcon

    1964 Election Released!

    Will you add Wallace as an alternate third party?