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  1. This is my view as well. Though, I don;t think local history can be completely ignored even if the majority might be against something. Where I live, we have a confederate statue in front of the courthouse, but the vast majority is against moving it. So, I wouldn't support an attempt to move it. Granted, I didn't even know it was a confederate statue until one of my college courses brought it up because the statue was first a union soldier. But it didn't get sold, so a confederate sons group purchased it, modified it, and sort of turned it into a confederate statue.
  2. 1. I'm not even referring to a mask mandate. I am referring to the effective use of a mask. If all these people cannot wear masks, the effectiveness of wearing a mask significantly decreases. Therefore, it makes less sense to wear a mask around even if you can because of all the people that cannot do to a condition. 2. Lol, no they don't. It's funny to see you try and speak to problems that members of my family deal with personally when you have no idea what they deal with. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about in this specific case. Additionally, if there were a mask that did work (and didn't impede breathing too much) but cost a significant amount of money, it wouldn't be worth the cost to use one because of the low risk the virus poses. And no, no one in my family is at heightened risk from the virus. So, we're not gonna live in fear of something that has a low likelihood of actually doing significant damage. 3. Yes, it has been proven that wearing masks for extended periods of time can cause harm due to carbon dioxide intake. Just because you don;t notice harm or it hasn't cause harm in your case doesn't mean it doesn't happen. No, going to the grocery store most likely wouldn't cause that. But, if someone has to work for an extended period of time with one, that isn't the same situation. 4. If people don't know how to use them and therefore masks are not very effective, then it doesn't make much sense for me to go out of my way to wear one considering the low danger of the virus and the lack of effectiveness of mask wearing. This absolutely has to be taken into account if you are going to try and shame people into wearing them. 5. If you need food, someone can bring you it instead of you going out to the grocery store. If you are scared of the virus, then don't go into work and find an opportunity that allows you to stay home. If you need to go to the doctor, go to one that follows caution that allows you to stay in your car before going in and then go straight home. And flying to travel somewhere is very much in the luxury category. If you are willing to fly for travel, you are voluntarily assuming the risks involved with that. There are plenty of ways to get around going out in public if someone is afraid of catching covid. I'm not working from home. In fact, I am out campaigning for candidates that I believe in. Why do I do this despite the virus? Because I accept the risks of my job and am willing to do it regardless. There's a good chance I could catch the thing because of my line of work, but that doesn't stop me from doing it. Nice try assuming that I'm just tucked away in my house though! Also, the virus is already a minimal risk for most people. A mask might reduce spreading somewhat, but it's nowhere near a perfect method. The virus will still spread regardless of mask usage. 6. There are a number of forms of Pneumonia that are contagious. If you actually have all kinds of medical knowledge from working in a hospital as you say, you should know this. Maybe you are actually not the expert you claim to be on this virus (or other medical issues wither). As for a flu, it still is highly contagious despite the vaccine. Flu vaccinations are nowhere near perfect because of the various strands. Again, you should know this. But, it's funny how you say that it isn't a big deal to most people that catch it because that's the same with covid. Most people, especially people my age, won't deal with serious side effects. If that is your argument, then I agree, we shouldn't be overreacting to such a low harm rate. 7. Glad you agree after denying this point in your first attempt at rebuttal. I guess we are getting somewhere. Sure maybe a mask does some to reduce the risk of spread. But, there's still a risk that I could catch it regardless of my mask usage. So since a mask isn't going to stop the virus, wearing a mask is not comfortable, and the risk that the virus poses is very low, I'll take my chances without a mask (just like with other things that I could catch while out in public any other time) while taking more practical steps to avoid it as much as possible. Again, you dodge the point I make while bringing up something that has nothing to do with mask mandates. I specifically referred to mandates that overstep the authority of those who institute them (whether it's a governor, a local health official, or a potential order from the President). But, we also have the civil liberties argument that can also be brought into the equation.
  3. If he were to actually get some ballot access (including write-ins), I'd be interested to see how he does in the black community. His platform would align with a lot of their values and key issues
  4. For sure. It would just be interesting to see a trend over time.
  5. 1. Fine if you want to exclude them; however, that is a large chunk of the population which makes mask wearing a lot less effective. 2. Some people don't have diagnostic medical conditions but do have trouble breathing (because of sinus issues for instance) at times. A different type of mask isn't going to change that. My family happens to fall in that category, so I would know. 3. Doesn't mean it'll cause death (kinda like getting the virus); however, it can have negative side effects due to inhalation of carbon dioxide. In this case, self harm could be done despite the low risk the virus poses. 4. I believe in personal freedom. If someone doesn't know how to wear a mask properly, maybe they shouldn't be wearing one. I don't wear one because I don't feel the need to. But, this response also dodges the point that a large chunk of people don't know how to properly wear one. This makes wearing masks significantly less effective. 5. Ah, the old pants trick. It's a nice deflection but doesn't address the argument. If someone doesn't want to catch the virus, then they can find alternative ways to do stuff that doesn't involve them risking the virus. By going out, they accept personal responsibility for their actions (potentially getting the virus). It is not my job to pander to people's fears when I am out. Just like normal, I will respect people's space, but I'm not going to go out of my way to give them a false sense of security. That is not being selfish. That is living life. In fact, it is pretty selfish to try and force me to live a certain way in order to accommodate someone's false sense of security. As for getting the virus, I don't fear it. I wouldn't be doing election work if that were the case. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if I had gotten back in February before everyone started freaking out about it. Though if I didn't get it then, I fully accept the risk of contracting the virus when I go about my daily business. 6. Pneumonia kills large numbers of people every year, but we don't hear about it's impact. The flu has a much lower death rate, but it is highly contagious (which is why we have flu seasons). Yet people don't freak out about the flu going around. And with information coming out that covid deaths have been inflated, its death rate is lower than reported. And with covid anti-body testing coming out, it will likely show a large chunk of people that have been exposed to it without dying (further lowering the death rate). 7. Yes they can. One can wash their hands which kills germs (hopefully they have been doing this all along). They can keep hand sanitizer with them in case hand washing isn't available (again this is a good idea regardless of the situation). They can give people personal space which reduces contact (it would be wise to do this regardless of the situation). If you are sick/not feeling well, you should stay home (hopefully you've been doing this already). All of these reduce the chance of spreading germs. If you go outside, you accept some risk of contracting the virus. There is a political side of things as well. Many mask mandates are not constitutional and are blatant examples of those in charge overstepping their bounds. In these cases, not wearing a mask is civil disobedience and an act of protect against such actions.
  6. Ya, I figured something like that would be difficult. Foreign policy agreements/actions would probably be a good one though.
  7. State of international/trade relations, superpower status?, status in major international events, how other countries view the US Things along those lines
  8. 1. Some people have medical problems that are greatly exacerbated by something covering their nose. They literally put themselves at risk by doing so (and much greater than the threat of the virus). 2. Even with those without medical conditions, it makes it more difficult to breathe which has a negative impact on physical health (fatigue, headaches, light-headedness, etc.). 3. Prolonged wearing of a mask can lead to excessive inhalation of carbon dioxide which has negative effects on health. 4. People who can't/don't wear them properly can actually increase the spread of covid. Most people I have interacted with could fall into this category. 5. For those who are at low risk from the virus, the risks from the virus are not enough to justify the discomfort of wearing a mask all the time. 6. We don't freak out about other illnesses that have similar death rates to covid, so wearing a mask at low risk doesn't seem necessary. 7. One can practice good hygiene to protect themselves and others without resorting to wearing a mask around. And these don't even bring up the validity of mask mandates.
  9. It's smart of her to try and keep the race local. If she does, her chances of re-election are a lot better than it the race is federalized. Her appeal as an independent voice for Maine has gotten her this far in her political career, so there's no reason to abandon that. The Trump card does make keeping it within those bounds very difficult though.
  10. Romney and Murkowski are no surprise. Romney has been known for being anti-Trump and Murkowski is a full on RINO who likely despises Trump. Collins apparently never goes to the convention when she's up for election, and she probably wants to keep her election local. Grassley is old, so he is probably choosing to not attend for health reasons. Lamar Alexander is 80, so health could very well be a factor for him as well. Plus he's retiring, so he can afford to just coast from here on out.
  11. Ah yes, the old you are an idiot if you refuse to wear a mask. Let's just throw insults around without considering any rational arguments for not doing so.
  12. Again, international cooperation can be done without some bureaucratic political organization acting as a middle man. Interesting that you mention covid considering WHO has proved to be totally useless in responding to the outbreak (and likely has grown close to Chinese leadership). I am fully willing to facilitate research between countries that are seeking to actually better the world with the research.
  13. I don't know if you could do it/have the time to do it, but Presidents by International Prestige would be an interesting list.
  14. Well, considering most international organizations are pretty much useless and don't do a whole lot (and when they do it is usually contrary to American interests), yes I am against my hard-earned tax dollars being sent to them. There are plenty or private organizations that do humanitarian work which are far more effective than international government organizations. And diplomacy can be done individually or in groups without some garbage organization (the UN) being the source of talks. So, I contest the notion that dropping membership (or we can even limit it to funding for) international organizations would put millions of Americans at risk. That's a pretty outlandish claim to make.
  15. Good! The World Heath Organization is nothing more than a waste of money. I wish Trump would go further and start cutting off US subsidies to other international organizations as well. That money would be better in American hands rather than globalist scum.
  16. It's surprising to see Lincoln in the list of Presidents with 0 unique economic crises during his time in office. You'd think the Civil War would've caused something (granted war does motivate the economy), especially considering the fact that it was all located in the US.
  17. Well, you are correct (though it also spreads into intelligence agencies and Obama as well). Though the sham FISA courts have (unfortunately) been upheld to this point.
  18. On the face of things, I would agree with you. He has played more of the political game; however, he has stayed consistent on the key issues despite his play (that's what separates him from Cruz). Ron would certainly not defend Trump as much as Rand; though, Rand has more potential to do more within the system because of his game.
  19. Agreed. This is what sunk Republicans in 2012. They (as in Romney) tried to run against Obama rather than on why they were the better option. It's also why so many Republicans who have tried to copy Trump have done so poorly. You can't make yourself out to be something you are not.
  20. While a voter id might not do a whole lot to prevent fraud (especially with mail-in balloting being expanded), it does add to the legitimacy of the electoral process. As for a poll tax, if a voter id is given to every person who doesn't have a qualifying id with no charge, then that point is moot. It also makes your 2nd and 3rd points moot as well. Though it is worth noting how many things already require an id (which many people are already participating in), so most will already have a valid form of identification.
  21. Well, I am in favor of greater restrictions on voting for everyone (not just 18-20 year olds). The ignorant voter is a threat to liberty and a pawn of those in power. Much like the Founders, I do not trust unchecked democracy. Correct. In fact I only recently turned 21.
  22. Having a committee of legal experts chose judges seems good on the surface, but they would almost certainly fall into the same partisan differences that already plague the current process.
  23. The narrative that the EC was largely a product of the slave system is not an accurate one. While it could have played a role in it being instituted, there were large matters that had more influence over the matter.
  24. If California wants to go, I'd gladly let them. In that case, I'd expect some business to shift out of California and into other places in the US (lessening the blow that would occur).
  25. It seems like former politicians who have tried to make a comeback (even in positions they previously filled) haven't been doing very well recently. I wonder if the change mentality hurts them even more than incumbents.
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