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  1. jvikings1

    Rank the 2020 Candidates in primary strength

    Cruz: between 2nd and 3rd tier Rubio: 3rd tier Murkowski: 4th tier Romney: 3rd tier
  2. jvikings1

    2020: Trump vs. US Reps

    I think Ojeda would gain traction in his home state of West Virginia and probably other more rural Appalachia counties in other states (like eastern KY, eastern TN, western VA)
  3. jvikings1

    How'd your state races/local races go (If your involved)

    DuPont was too liberal on economic issues (wanted to repeal Right to Work, return to Prevailing Wage, increase spending) while not being liberal enough on certain social issues (hesitant on marijuana, casino gambling, sports gambling). Buford refuses to look at pension reform because he's fully with the teacher's unions and is generally more in favor of more government spending. Plus, he's not any better on those social issues either. Also, he's been in there for like forever and has some integrity questions.
  4. jvikings1

    How'd your state races/local races go (If your involved)

    KY-6 (I worked on Barr's campaign during the general election) Barr (Incumbent R): 51 McGrath (D): 47.78 KY-2 (My district) Brett Guthrie (Incumbent R): 66.71 Hank Linderman (D): 31.08 Thomas Loecken (I): 2.21 State Senate 22 (Didn't vote for either horrible candidate) Tom Bufford (Incumbent R): 66.01 Carolyn DuPont (D): 33.99 State House 55 Kim King (Incumbent R): 65.69 Cathy Carter (D): 35.31 The Republicans gained 1 state senate seat while losing a net a 1 in the house (despite talks of a teacher revolt bringing a D wave to the local races)
  5. jvikings1

    Your Senate 2018 predictions (Relates to CI :) )

    Some of the stuff about Sinema that has come out in the past week has severely damaged her campaign. I would be very surprised if she's able to recover from it (especially combined with the Kavanaugh stuff). However, in this day and age, I could be totally wrong in my prediction here. In MO, Hawley was running a terrible campaign and had pissed off a large number of Republicans during the primary. While those voters may not have broken for McKaskill, a good number probably would have stayed home or supported a 3rd party/independent candidate. However, the Kavanaugh hearing changed a lot of minds of those type of voters. Plus, Hawley's specialty is the judiciary, so the Kavanaugh stuff plays to his strengths.
  6. jvikings1

    Incivility in politics

    A big part of the problem is many people try and make the claim that those who disagree with them are un-American or don't love their country.
  7. jvikings1

    Your Senate 2018 predictions (Relates to CI :) )

    http://www.270towin.com/2018-senate-election/lEnGJa.png Here's my prediction
  8. jvikings1

    Your Senate 2018 predictions (Relates to CI :) )

    Pennsylvania isn't going to flip. Michigan, while getting closer, is probably not going to flip either. West Virginia is a bold prediction although not impossible. Arizona is not going to flip now. Sinema's campaign is in a tail spin. Also, I think McCaskill is screwed because of the Kavanaugh stuff. If that hadn't happened, I think she'd win. But, that changed the game. I'm less certain about Indiana, but I think it'll have a similar impact. Nevada will be close, but Rosen has run a terrible campaign, and pundicts are now saying it leans towards Republican.
  9. jvikings1

    1824 Election

    With Clay being speaker, it is set to reflect the power he would hold in that position. So, if Clay finishes in the top 3, then he'll usually win. But, if he's 4 (or lower if hypothetical candidates are on), then it'll be up to the system. However, I wish there was a way that the "corrupt bargain" could be replicated. @admin_270, is there anyway that in the case of candidates falling short of an electoral majority in the EC that a negotiation system could be added where candidates could use the states that align with them to influence the vote in the House?
  10. jvikings1

    2018 ALL Senate seats at once,strong Libertarian party

    Glenn Jacobs should be in Tennessee (where he's mayor of Knox County). Charlie Christ is definitely not a Libertarian (he's a Democrat in the US House). Maher is much too sympathetic to socialist ideas to be running as a Libertarian. Although, the Libertarian Party is jacked up right now, so some crazy things could happen.
  11. jvikings1

    1824 Election

    I'd be interested in that. However, I won't have very much time until at least Christmas break as I'm taking mostly more difficult classes this semester which have taken up more of my time than previous semesters.
  12. Considering space colonies are a part of the larger scenario, something dealing with space policy (or maybe a couple issues) would probably be necessary for applicable countries
  13. jvikings1

    Trying to Download Congress Infinity v. 2.8.4b

    It sends download links for all the games that you own under that email address
  14. jvikings1

    Who would Gary Johnson caucus with?

    I doubt Johnson would officially caucus with any party. On the budget, he'd join fiscal conservatives in the Republican Party. On social issues, he'd join the Democrats. I imagine he'd be similar to Rand Paul on a large number of issues.
  15. It would also be nice if Johnson's color was different than Bernie's and King's (preferably similar to the gold libertarian color)