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  1. jvikings1

    Don't fall for Tulsi Gabbard

    Labor unions have gone from supporting the interests of workers to becoming a super pac for the Democratic Party. They are destroying their purpose themselves. In Indiana, union membership increased after right to work was passed because it forces the union to actually live up to its purpose. If its just going to be a super pac, then they will lose members. However, if it actually represents the members well, then people will join.
  2. jvikings1

    A Question About PI Incumbency

    Since Monroe won every state in the previous election, I set him as the incumbent. But, if you play as the ones who actually ran, there is no incumbent party.
  3. jvikings1

    2020 Scenario Update (12/21)

    This isn't entirely true. The Tea Party was really started against big government Republicans (like how Bush governed). The left wing groups (such as the Occupy Movement) garnered most of the attention, but Conservative groups spoke against the bailouts as well. It just hit full strength during Obama, and they switched their focus due to the fact that there was new leadership.
  4. jvikings1

    2020 Scenario Update (12/21)

    It depends on your objective. Are you trying to make the most realistic scenario possible? If so, then smaller events that could happen (so no major impeachment events or anything like that or major economic downturn at this time) could be added to make the gameplay more interesting (with edits as events do/don't happen). If you are trying to make a hypothetical scenario based upon certain events happening, then it allows for a lot more leeway in creating events.
  5. jvikings1

    Who SHOULD run for Senate in 2020?

    She's stuck in an ethics investigation and is also not very liked across the state. Although, she is term limited, so it wouldn't surprise me if she ran for either governor this coming year or US Senate in 2020. If Andy Beshear wasn't running for governor, I'd say he would probably be the best option, but there is no way he runs (b/c of either him starting a new position of having just lost a statewide race).
  6. jvikings1

    Taylor Swift 2020?

    If you put Kentucky in the South, it wouldn't either.
  7. jvikings1

    Who SHOULD run for Senate in 2020?

    Matt Jones would be a stronger challenger than McGrath (who couldn't even win the only somewhat swing district in KY in a very favorable environment for Dems with a huge money advantage.)
  8. jvikings1


    That's where you are incorrect. I completely agree that big business is in bed with government (which is how we get so much corporate welfare, regulations that are very harmful to small business, etc.). It's up to the people to defend their rights and freedoms and all too often, many are not willing to do so. However, there are still those who will fight against those forces which are hostile to liberty.
  9. jvikings1


  10. jvikings1


    Except, the federalist Papers back up the intentions of the Second Amendment. Also, a militia is made up of able bodied citizens rather than a military force. The American political system, while having moved in the negative direction in many ways, is why the US is so free compared to other countries (such as European countries which can imprison people for holding views that the government thinks is extreme). If Congress gives the flexibility to the executive branch (which they do all too often these days) to be able to make certain changes as seen as fit, then the answer is yes under the current system. Whether Congress can give away powers or not is another question (regarding constitutionality) that is glossed over.
  11. jvikings1

    game record

    I don't remember where I read this, but I'm pretty such the devastating defeat put a large toll on Greeley which contributed to his eventual death shortly after.
  12. jvikings1

    Is political compass Left Biased?

    Johnson really wasn't that libertarian (which lead to many libertarians to not support his candidacy). But, you have a point about Hillary. I'd also think Le Pen should be more towards the left (socialist) side of the spectrum as well.
  13. jvikings1

    Democratic Primary Poll (November 2018)

    Correct. In KY, you have to be registered with a party to vote in a party's primary. However, the state still pays for the electoral costs. It's my opinion that the state should get out of the primary system and allow the parties to hold their primary elections as they see fit without the state subsidizing them.
  14. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/netanyahu’s-coalition-in-israel-survives-for-now/ar-BBPStLM?ocid=spartanntp The government will be around for at least a couple more months
  15. Actually he is polling right at the last election's results (but twice the margin due to more fractured support elsewhere). Jewish home is expected to pick up some seats, so they might have more bargaining power in negotiations after an election. Yisrael Beiteinu is also expected to gain which would probably help them as well. Plus opinion polls for preferred PM are kassively in favor of Netanyahu.