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  1. jvikings1

    Trying to Download Congress Infinity v. 2.8.4b

    It sends download links for all the games that you own under that email address
  2. jvikings1

    Who would Gary Johnson caucus with?

    I doubt Johnson would officially caucus with any party. On the budget, he'd join fiscal conservatives in the Republican Party. On social issues, he'd join the Democrats. I imagine he'd be similar to Rand Paul on a large number of issues.
  3. It would also be nice if Johnson's color was different than Bernie's and King's (preferably similar to the gold libertarian color)
  4. jvikings1

    First Unofficial 270soft Chess Tournament

    I would enter, but I'm not sure about schedule flexibility (I've been pretty stacked ever since school started back up). Plus, I tend to play slower, so I'd probably have trouble with the time restrictions.
  5. jvikings1

    Top Three

    1. Montana Senate (Rosendale is one of the best Republican nominees this cycle and might be able provide a sneaky victory for the Republicans) 2. Wisconsin Governor (Scott Walker has done a great job keep dealing with the issues in Wisconsin, but this will be a test of his political machine) 3. KY-06 (My district; Pits an accomplished incumbent against a first time liberal candidate) Honorable Mention: FL Gov (DeSantis would be a great governor) GA Gov (The Republican nominee's awesome commercial) MS Sen Special Election (A true conservative candidate trying to knock off the establishment's appointed woman) ME Sen (Eric Brakey might be the best Republican nominee in the US although it is a longshot bid)
  6. jvikings1

    2020 Scenario Governors

  7. jvikings1

    2020 Scenario Senators

  8. jvikings1

    One Nation; Fairly Drawn

    I'm curious to the partisan makeup of each district. This actually might be close to the next map if the GOP retains the power to redistrict in the elections before the censes. The green, yellow, and red districts should be the most competitive.
  9. jvikings1

    One Nation; Fairly Drawn

    One of the big criticisms of the current map is the split counties. For example, Jessamine was split to put the more conservative Wilmore in the heavily Republican 2nd (and away from the potential swing district of the 6th). I'd like to see if someone can do one without splitting counties.
  10. jvikings1

    Primaries. Which side is fairer?

    I wish parties had private closed primaries. This way the parties themselves would pay for the selection process of their candidates (and chose which style to use).
  11. jvikings1

    RIP John McCain

    I don't like inputting politics into a post like this, but this also occurred with my family. We lost a significant chuck of coverage while still paying more. Essentially, our costs went up while our quality went down.