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  1. What if Poll for historical scenarios

    I put other for number 3 because the main reason I would want these what-ifs added are for alternate history play throughs, so I wouldn't want any attribute drop.
  2. UK PMI Scenarios

    Sweet. I'll definitely download that. Now, we are only 1 away from a complete chain (which would allow me to continue my Eurosceptic series).
  3. 1992 RP Poll

    US 1992, 2012 UK 1997 on (as well as Brexit, but that might be a little more complicated) France 2012, 2017 Germany 2017
  4. They have seen some flare-ups such as UKIP in 2015, the SNP in 2015, as well as the Lib Dems on a few occasions
  5. Kentucky Political Events

    It is still mostly a mystery. Some say it was over a dispute over compost. I still find it hard to believe that politics wasn't a factor.
  6. Biden nearly got a place on the ticket.

    Except many are smart enough to see that being anti-illegal isn't being hostile to them. Cruz won 40% of the Hispanic vote during his first Senate campaign.
  7. Kentucky Political Events

    http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/07/mcconnell-rand-paul-to-return-to-hill-next-week-on-mend-after-attack.html Sen. Rand Paul was attacked by his neighbor over the weekend and might miss some time. Thankfully, it doesn't look too serious, so he might be able to return next week.
  8. Biden nearly got a place on the ticket.

    Hispanics in Texas are a lot more Conservative than ones in other parts of the country, so it will take more than just 2020 for Texas to potentially become competitive.
  9. Corybn minority government

    I guess the SNP is getting a second referendum then
  10. UK RP Poll

    I'd love to play as UKIP (which would be from 1997 on), but if it was one of the 2 most recent, I'd prefer 2015 because of Nigel being the leader as well as UKIP being more relevant.
  11. Forum Political Compass

    I'm not a fan of the compass quiz used for that map. My favorite to use is isidewith since it asks specific questions.
  12. Catalonia Independence Referendum

    I have a feeling that this will not go over well in other autonomous regions such as Basque
  13. Jeff Flake announced he is not seeking a second term in the Senate.

    Good. No matter what he says, the reason he dropped out is because he knew he was going to lose.
  14. Which K4E Scenario Would You Like To See

    Nationalism might warrant its own issue considering the recent and drastic rise in nationalism throughout Europe in the last decade. The refugee situation could probably also have its own issue considering that it was a big point. Also, as @Sami pointed out, Germany's parliament just recently voted to legalize gay marriage, so that would be relevant.
  15. Czech and japanese elections today!!!

    It is interesting. This is probably a result of voter frustration. I'm hoping that ODS and/or SPD can enter a coalition, but it appears that that won't happen.