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  1. The problem with the FN is that they have turned away from a more Eurosceptic stance because of 1 election loss (which was expected). I wouldn't be surprised if there is a split that results and Debout la France picks up some of the more Eurosceptic population.
  2. I guess I'll take Jim Webb
  3. I'd love to play
  4. https://kychamberbottomline.com/2017/09/14/gov-matt-bevin-lays-out-details-of-tax-reform-vision-in-remarks-to-ky-chamber-tax-summit/ Gov. Bevin outlines plans for tax reform
  5. Shoot... both Rand and Ted are taken. I'll look at my schedule to see if there is time. I have 2 tests tomorrow. I have 2 papers due in 2 weeks as well as day-to-day homework (mostly reading). And, on top of that, I have Ohio State and Vikings football to watch on Saturdays and Sundays respectively.
  6. Some of my thoughts as well
  7. Please... NO
  8. A couple of days ago, he liked one of my tweets
  9. These are the ones that I am most interested in
  10. I know he was a bug marijuana advocate. His run in 2011, where he got 9%, his campaign was pretty much focused on the issue. But, I'm not sure about his 1999 run.
  11. I just misunderstood what you meant. I thought you were referring to the most Electoral Votes.
  12. That also contradicts his statement just prior saying Hillary would have won
  13. @Reagan04 @Conservative Elector 2 Nice choice on Kentucky governor
  14. I hope you find something because I'm definitely interested in playing a Louisville scenario
  15. Just mentioning another, Kentucky 1999 saw the Reform candidate (yes, Ross Perot's party) get over 15% of the vote and wasn't far from beating the Republican into 2nd.