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  1. Axis and Allies is one of my favorites
  2. 1. Sanders 2. Buttigieg 3. Biden 4. Warren 5. Klobuchar
  3. National politics and statewide politics are a whole lot different in KY. That's why we still haven't had a 2 term R governor. Mitch is not losing, especially with Trump at the top of the ticket.
  4. Don't look too much into the results. Republicans won all the other races (with only 1 other being close). Bevin was unpopular and faced a tough road. Also, Democrats winning at the state level is not unprecedented. We still have not had a 2 term R governor. McConnell is not in danger (especially if he faces McGrath).
  5. Preferred: IMMM In today's world: A (in order to work towards undoing a lot of government) M M M
  6. Nothing like supporting a candidate who wants to create a federal gun registration system, wants the government to run healthcare, wants to pass reparations, and has no regard for religious liberty.
  7. Well, the DNC is very political when it comes to choosing the polls they consider valid. Gabbard should have qualified for the last debate occurring to reliable pollsters' data. However, she wasn't because of the DNC's picking and choosing which polls they would accept. However, I agree that this is a desperation move. She's looking for headlines and will probably show up anyways.
  8. Kucinich is probably the best Democrat on the list. His domestic policy mostly sucks, but he is good on foreign policy and on his mistrust of the deep state
  9. I mean, he claims to be libertarian but loves Obama and FDR. So, who knows if he even knows where he stands.
  10. That was actually an idea debated during the constitutional convention. I find it intriguing as it would provide voices from different regions of the country (which the federalist system was designed to do in the first place). This would also make it more difficult for the executive to assume power over the other brances (especially Congress).
  11. Reinstitute the checks and balances laid out in the Constitution by reigning in the power of the executive and the courts
  12. N/A Don't know enough about the parties besides the Greens and Libertarians. The Greens suck on almost all of their policies, and the Libertarians are a dumpster fire with no real electoral prospects.
  13. You make an excellent point which exposes interventionist Republicans. If the US is going to "free" people around the world and take care of the world's citizens, then they have weak arguments against intervention on the Homefront.
  14. 😂 The best part is the one liner from Harris
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