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  1. Kucinich Factor?

    I saw also saddened. There were rumors that Republicans were trying to get Jim Tressel to run who would have probably had a decent shot at winning. But, I'm also not sure what will happen.
  2. Final Update: US 1824

    I'll definitely use them. I haven't got a chance to thank you yet, so now is the best time. I appreciate the suggestions that you provide to continue to improve my scenario. I'll get these added as I have time. I'm taking 18 credit hours this semester, so there will be times which I have very little time to focus on other things.
  3. New York City Council

    But, power is more of a monopoly in NYC. That's why assume that'd enter into a coalition with Republicans and other right leaning parties with the goal of weakening Democratic power in the city beyond just that election.
  4. New York City Council

    I'd think the Republican (21 and biggest party), Reform (2), Independence (1), Libertarian (1), Conservative (1) for a 26 seat majority. I'm no expert in New York City politics, but I would just think that parties like Reform would seek to break the Democrat's stranglehold on city politics.
  5. Ya, I just found that out yesterday. He's just needing a job I assume. If elected, he'd probably just be another one of Michael Madigan's goons.
  6. Final Update: US 1812

    Alright, I appreciate the help.
  7. Austria 2008

    How'd you form a coalition with the Greens when it was far short of 50%+1 seats because of the Eurosceptic vote on the right?
  8. I doubt it. And, if he would have tried, he would have been hammered. As a Democrat in Illinois, he was one of the most unpopular (and most unpopular at times) governors in the country.
  9. Hehe... Pat Quinn, what a disaster
  10. Lunar Assembly 2045

    I'd be interested in something like this
  11. 1988 Roleplay

    Ron Paul Press Conference- Major Announcement "I have decided to call this press conference because I have an important announcement to make. When I started this campaign, I was seeking to take on the establishment which I saw as corrupt. Washington needed change. But, the Republicans took an unprecedented step of nominating an outsider, someone outside of the establishment. Someone who wishes to take on the corruption and reduce the size of government. Then, the Republican candidate for US Senate in the great state of Texas withdrew from the race leaving a void. So, I am withdrawing from the race for President and endorsing Pat Robertson. I hope Libertarians will join me in supporting the candidate for small government. We don't; agree on everything, but that rarely ever happens. He is by far the best candidate in the race and would be much better for the country than Al Gore. I was offered the Republican spot on the ballot in Texas, and I have accepted. I represented the great people of the 22nd Congressional district of Texas for 4 terms, and I hope to represent the great people of Texas in the US Senate for at least the next six years. There, I can fit for liberty, small government, and the Constitution. Thank you for all those who supported me during this time and please help me out in my newest pursuit. God bless the USA!"
  12. Is there an adult in the room?

    I've always been in favor of letting the states decide on this issue. But, at the same time, this is the federal law. I am in favor of changing the law through proper means, but I m in favor of enforcing laws currently on the books.
  13. 1 seat majority

  14. Alabama Senate Special Election 2017

    I was also going to suggest this even though he has no interest in politics. I think he is more to the Conservative side of politics. For other what-ifs, I would look at the Wikipedia page which lists those that were speculated about running but didn't.
  15. 1988 Roleplay

    -Ron Paul Campaigns in Fairbanks, Alaska on energy- "We must deregulate the energy sector and stop the government from picking winners and losers. America has a great energy future ahead of us, and I believe that Alaska is one of the keys to that future. I will fight to make it easier to use American sources of energy which will decrease out reliance on foreign countries. We have seen the impacts that reliance on foreign energy such as the drastic inflation in energy prices under Nixon and Carter." -Paul Talks Foreign Policy in Bowling Green, Ohio- "The US has meddled in countries that it shouldn't be meddling in. We have armed rebels in various countries in Central and South America as well as the Middle East. While it might give a short term advantage over the Soviet Union, it has disaster written all over it. We are fostering an environment of instability which could threaten the future security of our great country. Instead of spending tons of money overseas and in the useless UN, we should be focusing on fixing the problems within our country." -Paul Campaigns on Immigration in Houston, Texas- "I agree with President Reagan on lots of issues but this is not one. He made a mistake granting amnesty status to illegal aliens. Granted, it might be impractical to deport all illegal aliens in the country, but they shouldn't be rewarded with automatic citizenship. Instead, we should work to enforce immigration law, and let states join in, and eliminate wasteful government programs which only subsidize illegal immigration. The ones already here should be offered a deal in which they are allowed to stay but are prohibited from becoming full citizens."