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  1. http://imgur.com/1hLmufA - Santorum winning http://imgur.com/AqckExZ - Finished results
  2. 5 Points for Every State, 2.5 Points for every Percentage Point you win. (The Score System is still being worked out, suggestions would be very helpful, I am adding the Scoreboard at the top) 20 for 4 States, 60 for 24%. 80/750. A VT going Red? Wow, strange election, and good job for getting 1/4 of the Popular Vote good luck here and hope to see more of your campaigns!
  3. Green Party Attempt #1 http://imgur.com/CFkxzOI Score: 1/50 States - 8/100 Votes - 0/20 Strategy - Score: +5 for State, +40 for 8% of Vote - 45/750
  4. I usually go for the swing states, so if I win, I make the establishment parties cry a little bit inside.
  5. Third Party Expansions - New Party Options for 2016 Scenario Campaign Editor additions for the parties Third Party Kingmaking (If A 3rd Party wins a state/s and no one has a majority, that Third Partier would go to Congress and make negotiations. Long time a head but it's a suggestion) Good luck in all the work you guys are doing!
  6. But, if Rubio runs then that could be Florida would be up a toss up for the Senate. So far IL, WI, PA, are the current toss ups/Lean D states. Could the Dems take make it harder or easier on the new Pres.
  7. Third Party Challenge! Intro - During my Playthroughs as a third party, I have always stumbled over 2 Problems 1 - Money, and 2 - No Fair Starts. I have attempted to do third parties because Democrat or Republican, both parties are not very fun (for me) if you play without a hard primary. So if I am playing in 2016 and want a hard game I go with Libertarian, Green, or Bloomberg. (My Best Results respectively) Anyways after destroying elections for Republicans and Democrats alike, I decided that we need a switch-up in the Presidency. We need a Ross Perot, a Gary Johnson, a John Anderson in The White House. So now this challenge is for those who love the game as much as me and want to see this happen in real life also (or not). So the rules of this challenge and how it works. How it Works - The basic goal of this challenge is to win with the 10 top most populous states (CA 55, TX 38, FL 29, NY 29, PA 20, IL 20, OH 18, GA 16, MI 16, NC 15, and NJ 14) If you can get more, go right ahead. The goal of this challenge is to get as close (or get) these 10 states to win exactly 270 Electoral Votes. Please remember to keep track of the states you carry, you amount of votes, and who you were running as. (Pictures encouraged) I will attempt to do a score keeping tally, just to see who can get closest to that 10 state perfect 270 number. Remember this is not a competition, so please do not get upset if you score lower than another competitor. I hope to see many people try this, and here are some guidelines to help you win fairly . Rules/Guidelines - No Campaign Editing - I want to run this challenge as a fair and balanced game, to not only help improve skill, but to help the developers with third parties in the future. No Save Gaming - What this is, is when you autosave your game, then if you have a bad debate or just want your research to deploy you start over that turn to refurbish the next one. Now I am completely fine with this if you want to do it when playing the game for high scores or just for fun. But this is a special challenge so I'd like it to be auto refurbish free. Choose Candidates that would be well suited aganist each other in real life (General Only) - By this I mean don't have a really strong Republican vs. A really weak D. (or vice versa) Play For fun and don't get discouraged - Even if you don't win any states or even 1%, Just remember that those people that voted for you just made a Republican or Democrat cry a little bit inside. ​Scoring System - The Scoring System is still being worked out, but here is it currently. 5 Points for every state (Out of 50), 2.5 for every popular vote percent (Out of 100) a max of 750. Good Luck to all, and happy campaigning! -Bubbles
  8. I really stole from the Democrats in that election... I hope that in the upcoming updates third parties can play themselves as kingmakers, or the ability to see which party won the house. Libertarian House votes Johnson all the way. I was unhappy with the turnout in PA, FL, and TX. 26, 23, 19, respectively. I'd like to ask anyone who is willing, to attempt to do a challenge that I will do also. I'm opening a new post on this so I don't spam jvikings.
  9. My Platform 1) Liberally Independent 2) (Greenland) But I like California, so California. 3) Elizabeth Warren (D Mass.) Joaquin Castro (D. Texas) Tom Davis (R. Virginia) Tim Kaine (D. Virginia) 4) Stats: Leadership - 4 Integrity - 4 Experience - 2 Issue Familiarity - 3 Charisma - 3 Stamina - 2 Debate - 4 5) Platform: Immigration: Center Tax Rates: Center-left Health Care: Center Government Spending: Center Military Intervention: Center-left Role of Government: Center-left Corruption: Center Defense Spending: Center-right Social Security: Center Unions: Center Free Trade: Center-right Iran: Left Education: Left War on Terror: Center Abortion: Center-right Same-Sex Marriage: Right Gun Control: Right Energy: Left Environment: Center-left
  10. I'd like to set this up for PI2016, and also the 2012 campaign. I can attempt to make the map for it, using counties to make up Kentucky. It has 120, so candidates need to get at least a bicycle.
  11. Communism in America? McCarthy Rolled Over in his coffin when he heard you type this post. In all seriousness, good luck with this.
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