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    Senate Elections 2020 Poll (February 2019)

    I know it is very very early, but I am just interested in what people think. I thought about having done such a poll and because I could not remember any I set it up myself
  2. Conservative Elector 2

    Senate Elections 2020 Poll (February 2019)

    Questions are above. I left three very safe Republicans out due to the limit of options. Mention them below if you really think they are going to lose. Oklahoma - Jim Inhofe South Dakota - Mike Rounds Wyoming - Mike Enzi
  3. Conservative Elector 2

    Senate Elections 2020 Poll (February 2019)

    I think Jones (definitely) and Gary Peters (probably) will lose their seats. Smith, Shaheen and Warner could be defeated as well. For the Republicans I see Cory Gardner (more likely than not) losing. McSally, Collins and Ernst could also face serious opposition I think.
  4. Conservative Elector 2

    2020 Election BG Playthrough 2!

    Amy Klobuchar and Tom Cotton
  5. Conservative Elector 2

    2020 Election BG Playthrough 2!

  6. Conservative Elector 2

    2020 Election BG Playthrough 2!

    My email at gmail is still the one I sent you a while ago. I have to check if I can still access the document
  7. Conservative Elector 2

    "Swing" States

  8. Conservative Elector 2

    RIP Lyndon LaRouche

    I always have been skeptical about his movement (from what I read it seemed similar to a sect) and never got deep enough into his beliefs to be able to judge this but may he rest in Peace.
  9. Conservative Elector 2

    Which Other Democrats Might Run in 2020?

    I think those could announce. Abrams will run for Georgia's senate seat. If the senate seat was not elected, she would give it a try as well I think.
  10. Conservative Elector 2

    A Principled Republican Congressman Passes Away

    I am sorry to hear that. May he rest in Peace.
  11. Conservative Elector 2

    A More Perfect Constitution

    Appoint all former Presidents and Vice Presidents to the new office of “National Senator.” I oppose this for the reason that I am only favoring expanding the senate, when new states are admitted to the union. Otherwise I would like to see the creation of an advisory constitutional council in which all former Presidents and Vice Presidents and former Supreme Court Justices shall be seated. So the current Constitutional Council would be made up by: Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Carter, Vice Presidents Biden, Cheney, Gore, Quayle, Mondale and former Supreme Court Justices Kennedy, Stevens, Souter and O'Connor. The individuals should be allowed to resign for personal reasons like seeking elective office again.
  12. Conservative Elector 2

    California and Wyoming Imbalance

    The first question is simple for me. I would never ever support changing the Senate's apportionment because I believe the current form is the fairest to all states. At the second question, I was struggling, but I decided to keep it as it is. I need to overthink this a lot I guess.
  13. Conservative Elector 2

    Klobuchar to announce her plans on Sunday, O'Rourke "by end of this Month"

    I think Klobuchar has no chance of winning the nomination, similarly to Gillibrand I do not see anything thrilling about her candidacy. However, a campaign of her could raise her name recognition which could help her getting the VP spot. O'Rourke is definitely a national shooting star. I am curious if he can surprise anyone like Obama did.
  14. Firstly I think the needed skills are higher than my own hahah and secondly I remain very busy until at least February 10th. So I have to disappoint you here. I am sorry
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    And I think I sent you my email address a while ago. For any urgent requests, you can use this at any time
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    I am sorry I just saw this. I can try to free up space and once again I would ask for more message space (for the most active members if possible). @admin_270
  17. Conservative Elector 2

    Ojeda Drops out

    Although I would have not voted him (as a Democrat I would wait on Biden, from the declared I would favor Delaney I guess) it's bad that he dropped out. I would have loved to see how much success he would have been able to get, respectively if he had managed to win in West Virginia.
  18. Conservative Elector 2

    2000 Election RP

    I am sorry, I have to write 3 thesis' of average length during the upcoming holidays. I could not be fully committed
  19. Conservative Elector 2

    Interesting 538.com personality quiz

    Openness to experience 58 out of 100 Agreeableness 58 out of 100 Conscientiousness 58 out of 100 Negative emotionality 33 out of 100 Extraversion 17 out of 100
  20. Conservative Elector 2

    Chess question

    Hopefully it is allowed to ask it here, but is someone of you on chess.com? If so, we could play there together.
  21. Conservative Elector 2

    Chess question

    https://www.chess.com/member/twice_fanboy I will look into lichess later
  22. Conservative Elector 2

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    There are three Presidents of the Nationalrat. The first is usually from the strongest party of the last election. The second President from the second most voted party and the third yeah you know already.... They are elected in three different elections from the whole council, usually from the coalition parties. Protest votes were common when the People's Party ousted Karlheinz Kopf the former 2nd President, who was interested in becoming the new 1st President during the last election. He received many votes subsequently (some said mostly from the Social Democrats in order to ignite quarrels within the People's Party). The President of the Bundesrat is just one person, who serves for six months and must always be from another of the 9 states. When all states had their own president, it begins again. The Landtag (state parliament) of the respective state votes on the president and it is usually someone from the strongest party in this state's own parliament. So the President is not necessarily from the same party as the ruling coalition.
  23. Conservative Elector 2

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

  24. Conservative Elector 2

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    Well, Pelosi is definitely not liked by Republicans and even most Democrats (at least my impression) are not happy about her. So I guess making a deal with Republicans would have been a good option for Democrats to not get Pelosi, but still elect a Democratic speaker. I also think it was a missed opportunity for Republicans to not present such an option. Additionally Stephanie Murphy or Jim Cooper or even Conor Lamb could have been better candidates. From a Democratic perspective Murphy or Lamb could have given them new energy as young leaders (from ethnic minority). Cooper could have helped to get some base in the south back again. Perhaps it would have been bad for Republicans, because Pelosi is an easier target so it is not the right thing to say I am biased on this here As a Democrat I would have easily presented that idea. As Republican I would have not necessarily voted for McCarthy if there had been a viable Democrat. Getting Pelosi out of the race would have been worse for Republicans in the next election perhaps but it would have been better for the country I think.
  25. Conservative Elector 2

    2020 Scenario Update (12/21)

    I support that request @admin_270 and I am wondering why this great idea was not already an idea from someone including myself... strangely I never considered this feature.