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  1. Conservative Elector 2

    Chess question

    https://www.chess.com/member/twice_fanboy I will look into lichess later
  2. Conservative Elector 2

    Chess question

    Hopefully it is allowed to ask it here, but is someone of you on chess.com? If so, we could play there together.
  3. Conservative Elector 2

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    There are three Presidents of the Nationalrat. The first is usually from the strongest party of the last election. The second President from the second most voted party and the third yeah you know already.... They are elected in three different elections from the whole council, usually from the coalition parties. Protest votes were common when the People's Party ousted Karlheinz Kopf the former 2nd President, who was interested in becoming the new 1st President during the last election. He received many votes subsequently (some said mostly from the Social Democrats in order to ignite quarrels within the People's Party). The President of the Bundesrat is just one person, who serves for six months and must always be from another of the 9 states. When all states had their own president, it begins again. The Landtag (state parliament) of the respective state votes on the president and it is usually someone from the strongest party in this state's own parliament. So the President is not necessarily from the same party as the ruling coalition.
  4. Conservative Elector 2

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

  5. Conservative Elector 2

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    Well, Pelosi is definitely not liked by Republicans and even most Democrats (at least my impression) are not happy about her. So I guess making a deal with Republicans would have been a good option for Democrats to not get Pelosi, but still elect a Democratic speaker. I also think it was a missed opportunity for Republicans to not present such an option. Additionally Stephanie Murphy or Jim Cooper or even Conor Lamb could have been better candidates. From a Democratic perspective Murphy or Lamb could have given them new energy as young leaders (from ethnic minority). Cooper could have helped to get some base in the south back again. Perhaps it would have been bad for Republicans, because Pelosi is an easier target so it is not the right thing to say I am biased on this here As a Democrat I would have easily presented that idea. As Republican I would have not necessarily voted for McCarthy if there had been a viable Democrat. Getting Pelosi out of the race would have been worse for Republicans in the next election perhaps but it would have been better for the country I think.
  6. Conservative Elector 2

    2020 Scenario Update (12/21)

    I support that request @admin_270 and I am wondering why this great idea was not already an idea from someone including myself... strangely I never considered this feature.
  7. Conservative Elector 2

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    I would support Dan Lipi nski. Most Democrats and Republicans could easily agree on him as a compromise candidate. Trump is able to attack Pelosi as the typical insider, but it could make things a lot more interesting with another speaker.
  8. Conservative Elector 2

    2020 Scenario Update (12/21)

    I voted No, because we don't know what is going to happen. Personally I do not like predictive scenarios, it is okay for me when they are labelled as fictional, but otherwise I am not a fan of saying something is definitely going to happen. For example, although it seemed obvious that Newsom would get elected as new Governor of California I would have not called him necessarily Governor in a future scenario until he was really elected. That is my approach, I hope it helps you a bit sorting the things.
  9. Conservative Elector 2

    It’s Official

    Personally I do not think, that Warren is the right person to lead the Democrats into the next election. My impression is that she is not that charismatic and certainly not someone who can excite the crowds at election rallies. If Sanders runs as well, it would be a disaster for the left-wing of the Democrats because this would be the ultimate spoiler. I think Sanders would still be the better choice for left-wing Democrats, because he was able to create something like a movement. I doubt Warren could do the same, O'Rourke could do it perhaps for his wing, but Warren is not the top choice. Nevertheless I think Biden would be the best Democrat to win for them.
  10. Conservative Elector 2

    Pres. Beto O’Rourke Cabinet

    If I were a Democrat President I would reach out the hand for compromise and I believe Republicans are best recognized at defense issues. If Trump had picked Sen. Heitkamp as agricultural secretary it could have been a very good sign of bipartisanship I think. And she seems quite qualified as Senator of North Dakota.
  11. Conservative Elector 2

    2020 Primary Democratic Debates

    36 candidates wow, I mean I would love to see many different ideas and campaigns which is quite interesting in order to see their development but this really a huge number... not sure if the voters would really look deeper into everyone's approach.
  12. Conservative Elector 2

    Pres. Beto O’Rourke Cabinet

    Made a small brainstorming on this Pres: Beto O’Rourke VP: Tulsi Gabbard State: Chris Murphy Treasury: Lawrence Summers Defense: Wesley Clark Attorney Gen.: Chuck Schumer Interior: Kamala Harris Agriculture: Heidi Heitkamp Commerce: Gary Cohn Labor: Jamie Dimon Health & HS: Al Gore Housing & UD: Jack Reed Transportation: Harold Ford Jr. Energy: Steven Chu (again) Education: Michelle Rhee Veterans Affairs: William H. McRaven Homeland Security: Dan Coats (R) Chief of Staff: Jon Ossoff UN Ambassador: Michelle Obama
  13. Conservative Elector 2

    Democratic Primary Poll (December 2018)

    If I voted Democratic, I would choose Biden.
  14. Conservative Elector 2

    George H. W. Bush has died.

    Rest in Peace.
  15. Conservative Elector 2

    Interesting links for 2020

    Same for Iowa: https://iowastartingline.com/2020-watch/