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  1. Conservative Elector 2

    Your Senate 2018 predictions (Relates to CI :) )

  2. Conservative Elector 2

    Your Senate 2018 predictions (Relates to CI :) )

  3. Conservative Elector 2

    Taylor Swift 2020?

    Interesting thing. Where did you find the map? Did they rank other people as well?
  4. Conservative Elector 2

    Game idea

    @vcczar I am not sure perhaps it is correct, but both special interest cards are addressing liberal politicians.
  5. Conservative Elector 2

    Trump's Leadership, Charisma, Integrity

    A 5 is not close to what I expect from a politician. Even though he is a Republican, I gave a realistic assumption and have to say that Trump should have way more integrity for this office. Giving a 10 would have been an insanely biased, and even as a republican leaning person I would love to see a president with more integrity. Seriously the President's alleged affair with a porn star is on the news for months, while major issues could be addressed? I had given Obama probably an 8. So it is not that I give Trump a 10 and Obama a 0. Everything below 5 would need a dramatic event in his presidency I believe and I cannot think of any major flaws. Ok Watergate perhaps... At least I have to thank you that you understood what I prefer I advocate party unity for Democrats as well. I always said Sanders voter who refused to vote for Clinton are responsible when Trump is elected. I cannot understand why someone who voted for Sanders in the primaries, would consider Trump the lesser evil compared to Clinton. And Nader voters probably cost Al Gore his victory. Same story. And no I do not support every GOP candidate. In Illinois's 3rd district I fully endorse Democrat Dan Lipinski and would be proud to vote for him in order to defend dignity, since Arthur Jones is nothing but a Nazi, who is not representing Republican values. He would damage the party and he is just running under its banner, because without the GOP no one would vote for him. Same goes for David Duke... I would not endorse him either.
  6. Conservative Elector 2

    New Historical President RP

    I fully endorse President Cruz.
  7. Conservative Elector 2

    Preferred 2020 Democratic Candidate

    Trump Biden Booker H. Clinton Sanders Gillibrand K. Harris J. Castro Warren Avenatti
  8. Conservative Elector 2

    Game idea

    @Reagan04 @vcczar I totally missed out that we started already, I am very sorry. For not doing any wrong, which template do we use now? Perhaps Reagan can pass one of his cards via Email to me, so I can see what the progress has been by now.
  9. Conservative Elector 2

    Game idea

    @vcczar I think I could help a bit as well when I have a free hour. I would do Republicans as well and I am most interested into states like Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee but also the mid-west like Nebraska, the Dakotas and so on. I do not have special developing skills but if you give me a template to just fill in, I could help a bit.
  10. Conservative Elector 2

    New Historical President RP

    Due to the new semester starting I will not be ale to contribute as much as I want .
  11. Conservative Elector 2

    New Historical President RP

    Senator Leroy D. Upton of North Carolina endorses Former Vice President Trebuano for the presidency. We need a true fighter in the oval office again and I believe Carly is this fighter. I trust her and I urge all people who are conservative-minded and down-to-earth to vote for her. This country needs true leadership again and Carly will provide it no matter what problems might be ahead of us. In order to give us a working majority I also urge all the people who care about small government to vote for the Conservative Party in all races. Thank you and God bless you.
  12. Conservative Elector 2

    New Historical President RP

    Oh wow thanks. I was too busy during the last days
  13. Conservative Elector 2

    New Historical President RP

    OOC: Time doe not allow me to run, but I endorse all Conservative candidates, down ballot.
  14. Conservative Elector 2

    Brazilian right wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro stabbed during rally

    Oh ok, thank you for clearing up my misunderstanding.
  15. Conservative Elector 2

    Who would Gary Johnson caucus with?

    I would vote for Johnson over Heinrich in a heartbeat.