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  1. Great stuff! I have a question. I just looked at my team and discovered I only have 3 retiring statesman in 1800. Do I need to release anyone to the free agent pool before the draft (I don't know who/how many statesmen I'll get) or can I decide to release some after draft has been taking place? (the second option would be preferred of course)
  2. Williston is from MA, but we need actually a NH senator.
  3. History tab has been updated. Please take a look, if anything seems wrong.
  4. Despite losing the senate seat, Varnum remains JR Party Leader or not?
  5. Gilman serves together with Livermore. You may be able switch their class, but we need another senator for Gilman's seat. By the way why do you appoint a JR to a Fed seat?
  6. John Adams needs to resign his ambassadorship. Sec. Marshall would nominate Robert Morris instead.
  7. The often repeated and always difficult question for me I'll try in a minute. Otherwise we could talk via Email of course
  8. Well @Actinguy I am sorry @SilentLiberty it's just funny right now.
  9. Ok, I will. I am just not sure, which statement I should choose as the majority opinion. Still the first after the vote?
  10. I just realized both decided cases (Chisholm, Hylton) have not been added to the Judicial tab. I believe both had a 6-0 ruling.
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