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  1. Official Made in America website

    The idea is not bad.
  2. Caucus Game announcement

    I am looking forward to this.
  3. 2020 Election playthrough

    Haha you're welcome! For the initial posting: some people in Austria also call President Van der Bellen a fascist dictator. Although I would never ever vote for him, I think such labeling is just ridiculous.
  4. 2020 Election playthrough

    Oh I went deeper into this, I guess you meant Grégoire Kayibanda?!
  5. 2020 Election playthrough

    Who is Gregoire Karabanda? I tried to look him up, because I did not know the name, but I did not find anything helpful
  6. Political Party Card Game

    I would love this. However, I doubt to be able to help you with creating the cards.
  7. Which states have you visited?

    @Patine @Reagan04 @jvikings1 @Conservative Elector 2 @Kingthero @Lyly @thr33 @Wiw @WVProgressive @TheLiberalKitten @Sunnymentoaddict @SeanFKennedy @Presidentinsertname @CalebsParadox @Sandy @lok1999 @LokiLoki22 @SirLagsalott @NYrepublican @ThePotatoWalrus @pilight @jnewt @LegolasRedbard @avatarmushi @victorraiders @Bruce Fischer @vcczar @michaelsdiamonds @European Qoheleth (SANC) @MysteryKnight @TheMiddlePolitical @quakercane
  8. Which states have you visited?

    Perhaps someone is interested in this. With this tool you can create a US States map which shows the states you have already visited and you are able to share it with us. https://www.amcharts.com/visited_states/# I would be interested in your experiences. Sadly, I never visited the US yet but I hope to see all states at some time.
  9. Nikki Haley affair allegations

    I agree. Here in Austria for example it's a cliché in films for greedy company bosses who are about to fire 1.000 people in order to "save" the company, *coughing* making more profit.
  10. Nikki Haley affair allegations

    There is a popular saying in German which translates to "the end justifies the means". They needed someone who is willing to pass their social conservative agenda. Trump is that man, so they ended up voting for him. Same old story.
  11. Events Poll for my 2020 Scenario

    Q2: you could release a version with all the events and a ''censored'' version for those who prefer such a version.
  12. My announcement for running formy counties commissioner seat

    Good luck!
  13. 2020 Democratic and Republican Primary (Jan 2018 edition)

    If I voted in the Democratic primary, I would support Biden.
  14. United States 2016 Advance...Additional Info

    He is running for Attorney General of Illinois right now ^^
  15. Jones won

    I actually talked about presidential ambitions of Jones. Sorry if I did not made that clear enough.