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  1. Jones won

    I actually talked about presidential ambitions of Jones. Sorry if I did not made that clear enough.
  2. Jones won

    I understand your arguments very well. As potential good Republican challengers I see Jeff Sessions, Bob Riley, Martha Roby, Mo Brooks and for example other Congressmen from Alabama.
  3. Jones won

    Although I have very mixed feelings about that (since I did not like both candidates for obvious reasons - Luther Strange would have been pretty great, though), what do you think? Is Jones a viable contender for the Democrats in 2020? In German speaking media he is praised like a hero. If the situation in the US is similar, he could be a strong force in 2020.
  4. The Krampus

    That's awesome. I knew about the guy, but the others are new to me. Well, Austrians seem to be interested in giving some information about their country haha
  5. RIP John Anderson

    Rest in Peace.
  6. The Krampus

    Haha I am impressed that you know the tradition. To be honest it's not very common here in Vienna, so I am not that familiar with it. But to answer your question. I am a good and honest person there is no need for him to visit me.
  7. Weird and Wonderful What-Ifs

    Yeah I like him too!
  8. Weird and Wonderful What-Ifs

    John Boehner
  9. Big Day for Democrats

    I see your point, but if I were a Democrat I also wanted the establishment and the progressive wing to unite in order to win as many races as possible against the Republicans.
  10. Big Day for Democrats

    I know I am quite late for this, but I think Ed Gillespie's loss is a major setback for Republicans. Form my point of view he was great candidate and it would have been more than necessary to get him elected. A candidate of the kind we would need more of. Gillespie could have united the party, since he had endorsements from both Bush and Trump - and their respective adherents (as you all know party unity is very important to me). It could have been the start for a new era in Virginia. Sad, but we have to respect those decisions.
  11. Burnley Borough Council Election 2006

    You don't know Burnley??? I know the town because of this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burnley_F.C.
  12. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    At first considered the big names. If it seems realistically is up to you. Jimmy Carter 1984-1992, 2000-2004 Walter Mondale 1988-1992, 2000-2004 George HW Bush 1996-2000 Dan Quayle 1996-2000, 2008-2016 Al Gore 2004-2008, 2016 Gerald Ford 1996 (2000 is perhaps a bit too much)
  13. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    should we use this thread to make suggestions as well? @vcczar
  14. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    At first, I really like the option to have as many what if candidates as possible. Cheney could be a what if in 2012 as well. Perhaps with stamina lowered to 1. But at least in 2009 there were such rumors. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/11/27/new-group-tries-to-convince-cheney-to-run-in-2012/ http://www.newsweek.com/why-dick-cheney-should-run-2012-76705
  15. Reminder

    Thank you for this! I truly appreciate it to be seen as a competent partner in this forum. It is simply not my style to act in any provocative way. I have my political views, you all have yours and I respect all other opinions, especially if mine are respected (not necessarily agreed with) too.