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  1. And that's how Sanders will get more votes.
  2. As someone who studies Korean studies I would like to see an elaboration on this as well.
  3. And that's the niche I hope to be able to fill out here in Austria.
  4. Bill Clinton - unlikeable Al Gore - uncharismatic George W Bush - likeable Dick Cheney - uncharismatic John Kerry - uncharismatic John McCain - charismatic Mitt Romney - uncharismatic Sarah Palin - charismatic Barack Obama - charismatic Joe Biden - likeable Donald Trump - unlikeable Mike Pence - uncharismatic John Kasich - uncharismatic Ted Cruz - charismatic Marco Rubio - charismatic Jeb Bush - uncharismatic, likeable Bernie Sanders - uncharismatic, likeable Hillary Clinton - unlikeable, uncharismatic Tim Kaine - uncharismatic Pete Buttigieg - charismatic, unlikeable Elizabeth Warren - charismatic Andrew Yang - charismatic, likeable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - unlikeable, charismatic
  5. In this post I did not even intend to do that.... Even if I referred constantly to myself a Green Party member or whatever it would have made sense to state that Booker would have been among my top choices if I were a Democrat. Since I can't be a Democrat/Republican or whatever party member outside of the country I live in, it makes sense to me to say which Democrats I would support at least a bit, if I happened to be actually a Democrat. Avoiding to sound repetitive I refrain from saying every time "If I were a US citizen, I voted for the Republicans." I guess everyone in this forum knows actually I am not a US citizen and I happen to believe they also know what I mean by saying just "I am a Republican/I support them etc". I appreciate you reading my posts, but don't think too much about them. You can trust me I know very well I can't vote for any party in another country.
  6. Booker seemed likeable in the debates. If I were a Democrat, he had been probably among my top choices.
  7. Same with Castro. If I am running that long, I waited at least until Iowa.
  8. Clearly a bid for being part of the ticket as VP.
  9. Yeah I know, but I didn't remember it in the second I wrote the above post
  10. Oh wait, he does not campaign there. Brainfreeze....
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