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  1. bdog


    iam Serdog on the new board
  2. bdog


    here a place to go http://politalk80.proboards50.com/index.cgi try to be member number 2
  3. bdog

    Prime Minister Stronach

    Mike would have a hart attack
  4. bdog

    Canada 1997

    I think there would have been Asked to by the GG to help have a longer Parlment
  5. bdog

    Primary Battles

    primary looks cool
  6. if CA how about Blovaist (Far left socalist Cuba/veistwhala)
  7. bdog

    Same-sex Marriage

    and in comman law presdent is everything 200 year of legal Trantion is almost at the level of consitutional law indeed that is the big thing with comman law compared to the Civil code/roman law is that by and large it is NOT written down
  8. bdog

    Same-sex Marriage

    of couse there is the issure of what if baning SSM is in a corded with the consitution (Wich unless it is change over rules the will of the people)this is some thing that Judge deturmen if fact it a big part of there job otherwise we not say that anything that suport by 50%+1 can become law (said interment of all Repulicans) with not protection of the minority
  9. one reason I heared was that Ford never became presdent, After Agio left Nixson also left before Ford became VP therefore teh Speaker of House became Predent not feeling he had the moral athoiny to rule(being a Dem) he calls for and is granted a specail Presdental Eleaction and that presdent severce for 4year before the next one comes in (Note: the Speaker of the House in Real Life talk and a Specail eleation if he had become presdent)
  10. bdog

    New Poltical Test

    you guy are all some boring
  11. bdog

    New Poltical Test

    http://www.politopia.com/quiz_index.php3 Me NW-You would feel most at home in the Northwest region. You advocate a large degree of economic and personal freedom. Your neighbors include folks like Ayn Rand, Jesse Ventura, Milton Friedman, and Drew Carey, and may refer to themselves as "classical liberals," "libertarians," "market liberals," "old whigs," "objectivists," "propertarians," "agorists," or "anarcho-capitalist." man I am a long way from the mainstreem
  12. bdog

    The Political Compass

    Economic Left/Right: 7.63 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.21 wich makes me to the left of to Tony Social and to the right of Mantis socaily and yes I am that big of Libertarin in real life
  13. bdog

    A white Canada

    Odd how Oxymoron only ever made the one post it would be like if some oen started posting love poem about stronich we won wonder if it was Michel
  14. bdog

    Red Moon, Blue Dawn

    may week dems and threat to Civil Libertains could give them a shot in the mid west and Vermount
  15. bdog

    Red Moon, Blue Dawn

    hey Johnny how about green day(Dem win a Majortiy in Congress Srew it up Bush Screw every thing and the some big Envirmental thing lead the a big move it the polls the greeb lead the polls ) and the forth of Novmber (there another terroist attack and the nation is in defail on it debit , after the Dem win a majority in 2006, and a panic goverment places the nation under marshal law for a short time a 1,000s or interned because of this the 2008 eletion become a major civil Liberty race with the Libertarin party rise to Prodneces) Alaska other then Oil and guns is fairly Liberal every Eleation abotu 45% of the Vote vote for the Legization of pot for excalem and it drug law are lax compared to other parts of the states