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  1. Patine yes all government will be in. What I ment was I'm only changing the main government main candidates for example changing brown to milliband. I wont be going into to much detail with the lower bodies. Please be aware alls I am doing is updating what I no and changing all the regions popularity to give ukip a boost and a decrease in lib dem and slight decrease in tories and labour.
  2. Hi all for anyone who is interested I've started creating a 2015 scenario. It's taking some time but I'm over 50 percent complete. Can someone share a link to upload it please don't comment negatively on the scenario as my first real attempt. Background: So basically I'm using the 2010 data. I'm changing the main candidates to official runners tories, lib, labour, green, ukip. I've gone through all the regions and given ukip a massive boost. I aim is they are not winning the election but certainly stand a chance with good campaigning. I've also changed a few issues. To suit current affairs. My ultimate goal is to upload this for others and others to add where they feel necessary and re up load. As I know I will miss something out. As I say before please no negative messages. It's a work in progress. It's won't be perfect just am up to date version on party's and regions. I'll try and get it uploaded this week.
  3. Game Update Number 3 Hi Sanc i have used all your tips and adivce in my new game, i used attacking ads for my rivals and promoting my themes in ads. i only campaigned on integrity/experiance etc. and the following that you adviced me... I won the election with the party i have been wanting to play with (green party) i manage to win 3 out of 4 areas, and at one point was 1 percent having the whole map in the colour of green. thank you again for your pateince through out my comments and the help you have offered. i will be moving onto a general election...wish me luck ha. I just wish they have a 2015 scenario. i downloaded one but it only has four parties on and not very accurate....Sanc i noticed on the scenario side of the forum you created a vote on making a 2015 scenario, did you ever get round to making this? if so could i please have a copy of it if i leave my email address? Thank you howarthgaz@hotmail.co.uk
  4. update game two I manage to work out the issues for the regions they are all simialr but in most regions i am -1 in most issues for example educaiton is -1 centre left "increase public spending, more rights/money for teachers. i chamnged all my platforms till i was getting plus fot the themes using my previos example education i moved it to the right (two clicks) "giving more independence/power to school for higher standard". as i said i did this for all my pltforms till they where hitting plus in all regions. when i clikced the next day i got newspaper articles saying ......... FLip-flops on education issue etc then your plank position has caused a negative news story. i end up losing all momentum and lose -15 of my popularity, even in my region i have changed the platform to all plus areas. Do i need to give up on this game or am i using the platfrom incorrectly?
  5. Thank you SANC for All the advice I will try it again and play as a a bigger party and see how it goes. Although I did edit the data as the region I am playing are dominated by UKIP so I changed the percentage in each region to make sure ukip where controlling the regions I also gave green a little boost also(just behind conservatives for an average of 18 percent compared to labour's 20 and UKIP 22) I also edited my character and change money to 35k and established to the same level as labour 5. So I got more CP points. I'll update later this evening when I get chance to play it. Thank you again
  6. OK so I shouldn't travel from region to region campaigning on these issues? What should I be campaigning on then?
  7. Update to previous replys. Regarding previous comment where can I find the issue centres for my regions? I looked and could not find anything regarding this and also the local polity in question and the issues. And could you also explain the second part the starting percentages, decided, leaning, undecided and alienated voters? Where can I find them and what can I do to improve this area? Sorry as I say I am new to this game and new to politics. I am using this game and over reading material to teach myself about politics. Regarding new game. I started the game moved from region to region barnstorming. I again changed my themes to the higher profiles. I researched scandles on the oppositions weaknesses. I created speeches (which put me in the minus eventually). The first couple of weeks I was winning the pole my momentum was in some regions plus 6 and in overs plus 4. However I was still losing popularity. I went from 26 popularity (winning the poles) to losing 10 percent and losing all regions popularity. If I new the issues of regions maybe I could use that for adverts policy speeches etc? However at the moment all my efforts at losing me votes. Can anyone notice anything I am doing wrong? I hope you take time to reply once more.
  8. thank you both for the fast replys. This is so helpful and makes so much sense...
  9. Hi ive been playing this game (PRIME MINSITER FOR EVER - BRITISH 2010) for little over a week now. I have read as many guides as possible to play this game and still I am getting no where. I am playing as Green Party in a local election i have tweacked so that it is local to me, i have given Green Party a bit more momemtum for myself and usual start the game winning one of the areas. however i have done everthing from researching then creating adds, i targeted all seat and recrutied foot solliders (however i lost to much money doing this as i start with only 35k) i tried changing my themes so all are purpil (very high profile). i have been using the "barnsstorming" activity in all areas moving back and forward (once seats have been targeted). using scandle spins when possible, i have even won the debate. i got endorsed by the papers that apparently gives me 12 momentum (which is bull because i never see it ) and crating crusaders, sorry to go on i just want to make sure whoever is reading is aware i have pritty much tried everthing. the point to this is i end up always losing my starting area and always lose moemtum i start the game on 18 percent 2 percent behind Labour who always win the elections and i usuall end on 11 percent. in one area i have an average of 19 persent of four seats and end up with only 9 percent by the end of the game. Can someone please tell what i am doing wrong and if so can you please offer further tips and advise. im not saying i want to win the election but it would be nice to win some seats on election day? thank you
  10. thats a shame i would give it a go myself but i wouldnt no where to start. its a shame a newer version of the game hasnt been released regarding this election as i beleive it will be an interesting election next year... i have just been reading the "2015 UK General Election scenario thread" is that the scenario you was talking about? if not where could i find and download this?
  11. Has someone got a copy of this they can send to me please or point me in the right direction of where to find and download it, thank you howarthgaz@hotmail.co.uk
  12. has anyone started creating a new scenario for the UK elections 2015. or know of one that has been created? i am hoping to play the election with a bit more populatiry for UKIP to make it a bit more interesting as this seems to be the major factor for the up and coming elections. PLease will someon reply with any answers. Thank you
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