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  1. I would like suggestions for images for each of the issues, and also an exemplification of each, from the far-left to the far-right. Also, I wonder if it would be relevant if you put the primary of the LR and the PS. And if I should put the party Europe Ecologie - Les Verts; Who held primaries, but withdrew the candidacy of Yannick Jadot to support Benoît Hamon. I want to know if it would be legal to use the map with the new reformulation of the French regions.
  2. So, can I count on the collaboration of you, Patine, and JDrakeify, to make this scenario together?
  3. Hello, Patine. It's possible to talk to you about the scenario when I wish to made "France - 2017"? I await your reply. Att, Lucas.
  4. I, with the help of you reading this post, want to make the scenarios of the French Presidential Elections of 2017. Some questions: 1: Issues. Which ones to use? 2: Map. Which one to use? Should I include the overseas departments? 3: Candidates. Which are? 4: Scenario Interface. What I would love to hear from you. I await your reply. Att, Lucas.
  5. A great setting to play. There are 6 important candidates: -> Marcelo Crivella, candidate of the center-right; -> Marcelo Freixo, candidate of the the left; -> Pedro Paulo, candidate of the center, and also the candidate of the mayor at that time; -> Flavio Bolsonaro, candidate of the far-right; -> Indio da Costa, candidate of the center; -> Carlos Osorio, candidate of the center-right. In the scenario, there are 9 candidates to the mayor, but the main ones are above. When you play and have the results, start them here. You can download the scenario here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bn8ey7brbuvqie8/Rio+de+Janeiro+Mayoral+-+2016.rar Below are links to the official results. Comment about the official results too! -> 1st round: placar.eleicoes.uol.com.br/2016/1turno/rj/rio-de-janeiro/ -> 2nd round: placar.eleicoes.uol.com.br/2016/2turno/rj/rio-de-janeiro/ In this link, you also find the results by electoral zone (similar to the boroughs of the United States): -> 1st round: http://especiais.g1.globo.com/rio-de-janeiro/eleicoes/2016/apuracao-zona-eleitoral-prefeito/rio-de-janeiro/1-turno/ -> 2nd round: http://especiais.g1.globo.com/rio-de-janeiro/eleicoes/2016/apuracao-zona-eleitoral-prefeito/rio-de-janeiro/2-turno/ Good game!!!
  6. Hello, CalebsParadox. I did not quite understand. Can you explain to me in detail what to do in Campaigns Forever, so that such a mistake does not persist? If you prefer, explain step-by-step what I should do. My email is: landradetoledo@ gmail.com I await an answer. Att, Lucas.
  7. Hello guys! I would like to share with you, to see if you can help me, a recurring problem I have, while doing my scenarios. In doing so, I do all the steps, and when I test them, they work perfectly. However, the percentage of candidates fluctuates little, increase 1%, decrease 1%, and the number of undecided people does not decrease. I wonder where I'm wrong, and I'd also like to know, what should I do to fix this error. I look forward to your response and cooperation. Att, Lucas.
  8. The current mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, can not be a candidate again, because he was reelected in 2012. However, it throws the candidate Pedro Paulo, congressman, accused of assault against his wife. In opposition, we have Senator Marcelo Crivella, the most voted state deputy of Brazil in 2014, Marcelo Freixo, and also state representative Flavio Bolsonaro. Other candidates who will get significant votes, Congressman Indio da Costa and Secretary of Government, Carlos Osorio. Anyone who wants to such a scenario, let email below. NOTE: This election is still ongoing. The 1st round was held on 10.2.2016, since the 2nd turn up to perform on 10.30.2016. The official results of the 1st round are below. To comment on posts as well, such results !! http://g1.globo.com/rj/rio-de-janeiro/eleicoes/2016/apuracao/rio-de-janeiro.html
  9. eae tudo bem??

    1. Lucas_Toledo__
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      sou br do forum e gostaria de falar com voce sobre o jogo tmb talvez marca pra jogar online

  10. I need that map background. I lost my copy. Thanks.
  11. I need the background image of the scenarios maps, that of the blue squared.
  12. http://www.270soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=12427 Go there and see the sets made by me to P4E8!
  13. I do not know if it's knowledge of you, but I made a bunch of scenarios. This list includes scenarios of all South American countries, some scenarios of municipal and general elections Brazil, some countries in Central America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Below is the list of scenarios made by me: [south America] Argentina - 2007 Argentina - 2015 Bolivia - 2014 Brazil - 2014 Chile - 2013 Colombia - 2014 Ecuador - 2013 Quito - 2014 (Municipal Election) Uruguay - 2013 Venezuela - 2014 [Central America] Mexico - 2015 Panama - 2014 [Europe] Finland - 2012 France - 1995 France - 2002 France - 2007 Regional French 2015 (the largest municipalities only) Germany - 2013 Hungary - 2014 Italy - 2013 Portugal - 2016 Portugal - 2015 (Parliamentary Elections) [Africa] Kenya - 2013 [Asia] Japan - 2015 South Korea - 2012 Taiwan - 2016 [Municipal Elections and General Brazilian] Belo Horizonte - 2012 Rio de Janeiro - 2012 Rio de Janeiro - 2014 (Governor) So I did all of these scenarios, but most of them have no issues. If are interested in downloading them, leave the e-mail you down, so I have a .zip file with all these scenarios included.
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