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  1. Updated 2020 Election is Here

    Here is the updated 2020 Election: Please note the numerous endorsers. Who and what am I missing? United States - 2020-Apr14-2018.zip
  2. Updated 2020 Election is Here

  3. I'm going to end the old RP, since we can't seem to get it running, and I'll start a new one. This new RP is very different. One person is President, and that president will react to historic events/decisions. The other players can react to the events/decisions as they bide their time before they can run for election against the incumbent president. In short, RPers will continue, erase, or alter the legacy of the president in office, should they take over. Oh, one RPer will be a VP, in case something happens to the pres. Since the old RP had @WVProgressive and @Sami as Pres and VP, we can start with them, if they wish to maintain these positions. They would take office as the first president and VP of 1789. This RP will be a lot easier to maintain, since it will only really require the president as being regularly active.
  4. New Historical President RP

    OCC: I'll type of the results of your decision later. Most likely tomorrow.
  5. New Historical President RP

    OOC: It could be anything, such as forcing banks to lend money to businesses or people on government credit, or restricting speculation. Both of which would be unpopular during this time, whether it would help or not.
  6. Updated 2020 Election is Here

    Has anyone had a chance to look at my endorsers to see who I left out? Many states have more than just the Governor and Senators.
  7. New Historical President RP

    OCC: Yes, but the decision is with the president.
  8. New Historical President RP

    @WVProgressive see above
  9. New Historical President RP

    Chapter 2: The second term of Jefferson Bunt (F-VA) State of the Union heading into Bunt's 2nd Term National Strength: 3rd-tier country. The US now includes KY and VT. Military Strength: Weak, with no professional army and no navy. Our ally France is having internal problems. Britain is strengthened in Europe. Military engagements: Northwest Indian War continues into it's 8th year, but appears to be on the verge of winding down in victory. Economy: Weak, and in debt, but the economy is slowly growing. The outlook is hopeful, as revenue is slowly creeping in. Not much manufacturing and industrial production outside New England. Outlook for production growth is hopeful with the new bank and tariffs.. Very agrarian in the South, but profitable. Trade: Protective Tariff allows for industrial growth in New England as well as revenue. The South opposes this tariff as it somewhat restricts their profits. International trade is very restricted, as Britain and her allies will not trade with us. France is undergoing its own problems, stifling her trade. Budget: Small, and any revenue we gather is going to paying off the national debt. Social Harmony: Slight tension between Northern and Southern economies and world view. The South and West opposes the government's economic policies, but there is no threat of disunion at the moment. Some Northerners are upset about the Fugitive Slave Act as contradicts their Free State status. Immigration: Limited, but non-restrictive. Mostly Protestant Scots-Irish, Protestant French, and a few Protestant Germans arrive, but they do not yet pose a danger to our more English-descent Protestant Culture. Mood of the people: Positive and proud with mild grumblings in the South. and lands West of the Appalachians. Popularity of the Incumbent: High, with a 70% chance of reelection. Party Power: Federalists dominate the Senate and the Supreme Court. The US House and Governorships are now evenly split between Federalists and the new Republican Party, composed primarily of Anti-Federalists and mostly Southern, States Rights former Federalists. Events/Decisions for Bunt's Second Term: 1) Your cabinet, as well as Congress, and the country are split regarding the war between the British-led coalition and the French Revolutionists. Federalists are calling for us to ditch our allies in favor of our cousin-enemy, Great Britain. Republicans want us to hold firmly to our alliance, intervening for the French. There are enough in both parties cognizant of our weak military and navy to suggest that we find a way out of this contest. Should you proclaim neutrality or intervene? Should you risk Congress deciding, or will you make this a unilateral decision? 2) The Northwest Indian War (in future OH, IN, MI) has been raging for nearly a decade. We have spent 80% of our minuscule budget on Indian Wars, mostly this one. Our general reports that victory will occur before the end of your second term, despite his small force. Should we disengage, so that we can shift the budget elsewhere, or should we follow through and clear this space out for settlement and to ensure that the British or Spanish to make an invasive claim to this land? 3) Our government is badly in need of more revenue. The Congress allows us to apply a tax. A simple tax on Whiskey would definitely increase our budget. It is possible, however, that any first tax may create some level of social unrest, but we have to start sometime right? Should we slap a tax on Whiskey? Would support a bill taxing whiskey? 4) Currently our immigration laws are quite lenient. An immigrant needs only reside in our country for two years, with a one-year residency in a single state, then they become a citizen, so long as they are white and male. Also, they must have property to vote, just like any American citizen. While immigration is rather slow-going, some fear that our stabilizing country, and hopeful economy, and potential for industrialization, will lead to a massive influx of immigrant with their strange customs. Do you favor the current immigration laws, or would you favor a more restrictive clause pushed by Congress that asks for a longer residency? 5) Mr. President, the French have killed their King, and are tearing themselves apart with war and civil war. We now have the opportunity to back out of a useless alliance, especially since it might not exist anymore with the old government dead. As we know, trade and commerce have been stifled under a French alliance, since Britain controls the seas. We can form a treaty returning us to our once profitable trade with our English-speaking cousins. The British Commonwealth, including the West Indies, and Canada, will be open to use for trade. To gain some favor for this, we can request that the British leave the forts in the West, refrain from rousing Indians, and ask that the British government compensate some of our merchant fleets for occasional attacks. Naturally, the British are demanding, and more powerful. I think we can entice them by awarding them Most Favored Trading Partner, which will benefit us as well, since it will be profitable. Additionally, we can promise not to intervene in British maritime policy, including aiding the French. We should leave out accusing British of impressing our sailors, and demanding compensation for this, since they adamantly deny these very true allegations. It's a price we must pay. Should we propose such a Treaty? What are your thoughts? 6) Mr President, your advisers have conceived yet another way of making some money. If only we could access the Mississippi River, we would be able to set up a profitable future trade route. Currently, Kentucky would greatly benefit from it, as well as the likely future state of Tennessee. The Spanish control the great trade city of New Orleans, and we would now have two paths to it. In order to get the Spanish on board, we can give them a diplomatic "intention of friendship," which would improve relations. Additionally, we can resolve our lingering boarder dispute over our border with Spanish Florida. Their military is weak, since they're engaged in war in Europe, so we can push for further land (future Southern Mississippi and Alabama). This land is mostly uninhabited by Europeans, and they can't defend it anyway. They'll likely take the resolved border and the intention as a way to feel safe from any invasion by us. What do you say of such a Treaty? 7) The settlers of Tennessee have petitioned to become a state, likely a Slave State. The population is rather large of a territory, and they are rather insistent on statehood, so that they can join our Democratic process. Only some in New England oppose their entry. Do you support efforts for Tennessee's statehood? 8) Our merchants in the Atlantic and Mediterranean are rather routinely being attacked by the Barbary Pirates, some sailors being sold into slavery! We have no official navy, as even a single merchant fleet is larger than our navy. The Pirates have offered to refrain from attacking, so long as we provide tribute to the Barbary States. They promise to increase attacks if we do not pay. What do you say, Mr. President? Tribute? Cope with the attacks? War? 9) As with any new economy dealing with a world crisis, like the massive war in Europe and over speculation, our economy is in a panic. The outlook is that it will be sharp and brief. Republicans are blaming the economic system, calling for reverse of your first term economic policies. Federalists are suggesting that you wait it out. A minority in the Northern cities are calling for some sort of government involvement; although, such a move might anger those already hesitant on the encroaching power of our new federal government. Do you support the Federals or Republican Congress people at this time? Or will you use this opportunity to take a risk and expand governmental power?
  10. 1840 US Election update

    Update: Finished half of the endorsers Added Western Expansion as an issue
  11. 1840 US Election update

    I've decided to go on to 1840, rather than back to 1824 (I'll definitely do 1824 before I get to 1864). I'm on momentum for the Jacksonian Age. Update: Several candidates have been added as "what-if" candidates, including Fillmore and Pierce.
  12. New Historical President RP

    ( @Conservative Elector 2 Excellent. I hope you do this for us in future elections. Great map! I didn't realized it when rolling the dice, but we are already seeing a North-South divide! )
  13. RIP Barbara Bush

    I think she was the Bush best fit for office. Too bad our bias is towards male politicians, especially during the time of her youth.
  14. New Historical President RP

    1792 Election This election is under the old rules in which each elector gets two votes: one for president and one for VP Candidates: Incumbent President Jefferson Bunt (Fed) of VA ( @WVProgressive ) is highly popular, despite a slight increase in tension between North and South and North and West. Bunt has an 80% chance of carrying VA, and 70% chance of reelection elsewhere. Mr. Timothy Stockton (Rep) of PA ( @Rodja )can expect some votes in PA, but he hasn't national recognition. Additionally, his platform seems to be 50% Federalist and 50% Republican. It also appears to not satisfy any region of the state, even his home state. SC Justice Alexander William Blount (REP) of NC ( @Conservative Elector 2) carries some name recognition and prestige. He will likely gain one of the votes for NC, at least. His desire for a strong military contradicts most people of his party. Incumbent VP Samuel Lewis, Jr (Fed) of NY ( @Sami ) is once again running, presumably as the VP for Bunt's second term. He's likely to gain one vote from each of the Northern and Midatlantic states. In the VP vote, he has an 80% chance of winning in New England. 60% chance in the Mid-Atlantic. 50% chance in the Upper South and West. 40% Chance in the Deep South. Rep. Jacob William Henderson (Rep) of VA ( @Lyly ) could potentially get some votes in the South, but he may be canceled out by Blount. Henderson runs on a platform acceptable to most Republicans. Results: Dice are rolled to determine: Connecticut: Bunt 9; Lewis 9 Delaware: Bunt 3; Henderson 3 Georgia: Bunt 4; Blount 4 Kentucky: Bunt 4; Lewis 4 Maryland: Bunt 8; Lewis 8 Massachusetts: Bunt 18; Lewis 18 New Hampshire: Bunt 6; Lewis 6 New Jersey: Bunt 7; Lewis 7 New York: Bunt 12; Lewis 12 North Carolina: Bunt 12; Blount 12 Pennsylvania: Henderson 15; Stockton 15 Rhode Island: Bunt 4; Lewis 4 South Carolina: Blount 8; Henderson 8 Vermont: Bunt 3; Lewis 3 Virginia: Bunt 21; Henderson 21 Pres. Jefferson Bunt (F-VA), 112 EVs *Bunt is elected President of the United States* VP Samuel Lewis (F-NY), 71 EVs *Lewis is elected Vice President of the United States* Rep. Henderson (R-VA), 47 EVs Assoc. Justice Blount (R-NC), 24 EVs Mr. Stockton (R-PA), 15 EVs Up next: Events/Decisions for Bunt's 2nd Term.
  15. Won my cities Democrat Party council seat

    I'd like to see some sort of news article with you being named to this position. I'm a little surprised that you wouldn't have a challenger, considering they would be facing a teenager with no prior political office experience. I hope you can take some constructive criticism---while I'm glad to see that you're politically active, there are some things that I think you should work on, should you seek a higher office. All of this is based on what I've noticed in this forum. While your enthusiasm is great, you are sometimes more whimsical than committed to your enthusiasm. You like to begin or join things, but you rarely stay committed to these things. You also have, what I call, a hair-trigger impulse. For instance, you often comment on things without thinking them through. You also don't pay attention to your own writing errors, some of which are very basic errors that can be avoided through a simple proofread. These are all attributes that would make me hesitant to vote for anyone, whether I agree with their views or not. I'm hoping these areas are improved as you age.
  16. New Historical President RP

    [Ok, all the candidates in this upcoming elections have declared. I'll post a more official follow up when I have time--tomorrow, most likely]
  17. 2020 Playthrough

    I'm doing a playthrough as the Simulation Party, as I grade papers (hitting spacebar with no other intervention). As you may have read, I've deleted most of the events, including Mueller-probe related events for now. This means Trump should have an easier time than he would if he were undergoing impeachment, as in my older version. Republicans and Democrats are about even in the polls in October 2019. Tossup states include NV, CO, VA, PA, WI, MN, MI, NH. Donald Trump faces primary challenges from Kasich and Flake.
  18. Keys to the Presidency Poll

    That would mean that he's most likely going to lose, but if he wins, he will win only the EV or PV.
  19. Keys to the Presidency Poll

    I just read a book called Predicting the Next President by Allan Lichtman, who has what he thinks is basically a fool-proof method for predicting the president. The keys are in the poll.
  20. Won my cities Democrat Party council seat

    *city's How many people are on the council?
  21. New Historical President RP

    As this as a fast RP, the primaries/Convention will be done automatically. I create odds based off your platform in relation to the time, and then I roll dice. This is done both for the Conventions and the General Election. The first few elections don't even have conventions.
  22. Presidential Campaign Poll

    Earlier I made a poll based off of an Allan Lichtman book. Here is another one.
  23. 1840 US Election update

    Update: Added Smith and Garrison to the Liberty Party