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  1. 2020 Election Events

    New poll for my next update.
  2. Final Update: US 1832

    Update: Added/updated descriptions for all candidates. Added images for candidates that didn't have one.
  3. US Presidential History RP

    The wealthy, but imbecilic, Dudley Winthrop walks into the elector polling location 20 minutes late, having entered several wrong building while traveling along State Street, Boston. The usher greets Winthrop Usher Trowbridge Dana: "Ah, Mr. Winthrop. We've been waiting for you." Mr. Dudley Winthrop: "How's that?" Dana: "Why, the presidential election, sir. You are an elector." Winthrop: "A what?" Dana: "An elector. You will help choose the president." Winthrop: "I am the president." Dana: "Of your company, yes. But this is for our country." Winthrop: "Have we not the governor?" [At this point, Massachusetts Governor Lowell Cabot Lowell, seeing Winthrop struggle so embarrassingly, interceded] Lowell: "(to Dana) Mr. Dana, I am sure you have other electors to attend to. (to Winthrop) Mr. Winthrop." Winthrop: "Mr. Governor. I am to elect you." Lowell: "No. no. You are to elect the President of the United....nevermind. (Shows Dudley the ballot) You are to select two of these names." Winthrop: "Why! This fellow has stolen my name!" Lowell: "No, sir. That is your name. You are on the ballot." Winthrop: "I must certainly vote for myself!" That said, Winthrop takes the ballot, but forgetting to vote for himself, he announces his support for "John Lewis of New York" and "Theodore Pennsylvania [sic]". The registrar, Mr. Wigglesworth Frothingham, records Samuel Lewis @Sami and Theodore Penn @Kingthero as the choices for the honorable Dudley Winthrop, a young scion of the Boston Brahmins.
  4. US Presidential History RP

    I don't know how I skipped you then. @Sami @CalebsParadox @Conservative Elector 2 @TheMiddlePolitical @Reagan04 @vcczar @WVProgressive @Rodja @Sunnymentoaddict Amb. John Lewis, Jr of NY is also a presidential candidate. The only drawback to him is that he's a moderate on the Constitution, and that he's only 37. He has diplomatic experience. Feel free to change your vote, but continue to quote the original post, which I will now update.
  5. US Presidential History RP

    @everyone. Your vote does not count if you do not use the names of the characters we created, and if you do not quote the post about voting. This is so people can see that post and what you are responding to.
  6. US Presidential History RP

    [If you are voting, then please use the names of the characters, and not our names. This is a roleplay. ]
  7. US Presidential History RP

    [I'll continue my part of the RP once everyone votes]
  8. US Presidential History RP

    Yes, you and the other ineligibles are electors.
  9. US Presidential History RP

    Did you make a character? If so, can you create it in the format that I use on page 1 of this thread?
  10. US Presidential History RP

    You can if you wish.
  11. US Presidential History RP

    Chapter 1 - December 15, 1788: The Presidential Election Finally, the Constitution has secured the ratification necessary to embark on a new federal government for the United States. For the most part, national leaders endorse the constitution; although, some are hesitant to throw in full support without a bill of rights. For the new government to function, a new chief of executive must be elected by the presidential electors chosen by the state legislatures, and in rare cases, the propertied and free people of the more democratic states. However, who will lead in an America without a clear figure to rally behind (No Washington, no Franklin, no Adams, no Jefferson in this near-mirror universe)? For one, it seems necessary to hold the union together with a balanced ticket--a northerner and southerner--as president and vice president. Only a few names have been proposed for the presidency, all with some level of drawback: Mr. Dudley Winthrop of Massachusetts, who is arguably the wealthiest man in New England, but also its stupidest and most insecure. Additionally, he is only 35 years old, the youngest possible age for the presidency. @vcczar Judge Jefferson Bunt of Virginia, an experienced state judge who has long desired power. However, some believe he is more suited for the Supreme Court. @WVProgressive Rev. Richard Taylor of Virginia, a Southern Baptist preacher with no real apparent political experience. Some fear he may have a difficult time with the separation of Church and State. Additionally, he is only 38 years old. @Reagan04 Mr. Timothy Stockton of New Jersey, a lawyer that helped finance the Revolution. He is only 39 and those that know him say that he is more interested in an advisory capacity, than in holding political office at this time. @Rodja Mr. Theodore Penn of Pennsylvania, a successful surveyor, who has been vocal about politics, but who has not himself held political office. He is also only 37 years old. Gov. James Dayton of New Jersey, the incumbent governor of New Jersey. While very experienced, he does not support the Constitution; therefore, he doesn't even believe in the office for which he has been proposed. Lastly, he is 64 years old, which some consider as potentially too old for the job. @CalebsParadox Gen. John Jacob Rutledge of South Carolina, a Revolutionary War hero, who is currently retired from the military. While popular for his military service, Rutledge opposes the Constitution; therefore, he also opposes the new office of the presidency. Additionally, his strong pro-slavery views might make him more of a regional figure, than a national one. Amb. Samuel Lewis of New York, a skilled diplomat, but some fear he is too moderate on the Constitution, and too young at 37. The following figures are too young to be considered for the presidency: Alexander William Blount ( @Conservative Elector 2 ), William Isaiah Thackery ( @Sunnymentoaddict ), Dakota MikVinksy ( @TheMiddlePolitical ) Therefore, one of these seven men will become president, and one of these seven men will become vice president. Under the current rules of the Constitution. Each elector is given two votes, one for the president and one for the vice president. Every player is one of the electors for their respective states. Who among these flawed men will be thrust into greatness? [To vote: quote this entire comment, and vote for two of the seven eligible candidates]
  12. US Presidential History RP

    Ok, I'm about to go off to teach some classes. I'll probably have the first post of the RP up tonight or tomorrow.
  13. Final Update: US 1832

    Updated: adjusted the colors of the candidates, updated and added portraits for the candidates, adjusted some of their traits, and added surrogates.
  14. US Presidential History RP

    @Joshen I'll probably start the RP once you create your new guy. @everyone else As I am busy for two weeks, the RP will move slowly for two weeks, but I'd like to get it started.