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  1. Final Update: US 1796

    Update: I've added @Lyly's map, and I've also played a few months as John Jay. The game seems to be functioning well for John Jay on Easy.
  2. I think any service should provide the service to everyone equally. As there should be no discrimination in the workplace, there should be no discrimination among consumers. Service can be denied for reasons of hygiene, behavioral (such as verbal or physical abuse or violence by a consumer), and other obvious reasons. As much as I hate White Supremacists, I think they should be served, so long as they're decent within the establishment (not threatening people or purposely provoking argument). Likewise, if a same-sex couple went into a business of someone critical of their lifestyle, they shouldn't shove it in their face by making out in front of the cash register, or something. On the whole: No discrimination at the workplace, and no discrimination to consumer, unless there are universal reasons for denying that service or that employment---such as violence, theft, sexual harassment, harassing customers, etc.
  3. Final Update: US 1796

    Ok, got it! It looks perfect! Thanks!
  4. Paul Ryan likely to retire after 2018

    Yeah, Paul Ryan is significantly to the Right, further than Rubio, who is basically my line of conservative tolerance.
  5. Paul Ryan likely to retire after 2018

    They think McCarthy or Scalise would replace him. They don't seem that much different.
  6. Jones won

    I just think Alabama puts a lot of trust in attorneys.
  7. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/12/14/paul-ryan-retire-speaker-ready-leave-washington-216103
  8. Jones won

    His background points more towards being named an Attorney General or Federal Judge. It's better to have ambassadors that are both multilingual and are schooled in diplomacy, foreign affairs, and have some background in commerce and military affairs. Scott Brown had served on relevant committees and was a colonel in the military.
  9. Final Update: US 1796

    If @Lyly gets the map attached before Saturday, and if I can get someone to test the level (at least a couple of months into it), then I'll have this one uploaded by Saturday, and then move on to 1800.
  10. Historic Scenarios Map Thread

    I like those that show the territories as well.
  11. Final Update: US 1796

    @Patine @Reagan04 @jvikings1 @Conservative Elector 2 @Kingthero @Lyly @thr33 @Wiw @WVProgressive @TheLiberalKitten @Sunnymentoaddict @SeanFKennedy @Presidentinsertname @CalebsParadox @Sandy @lok1999 @LokiLoki22 @SirLagsalott @NYrepublican @ThePotatoWalrus @pilight @jnewt @LegolasRedbard @avatarmushi @victorraiders @Bruce Fischer @vcczar @michaelsdiamonds @European Qoheleth (SANC) @MysteryKnight @TheMiddlePolitical @quakercane Here's the mostly updated file, if anyone want to test it for balance. Also, if @Lyly has a map for this election, then he could attach it and send it back to me. I hope someone can test it. United States - 1796 Test.zip
  12. Final Update: US 1796

    Update: Made the "VP's" into backers, since this election didn't have Pres-VP tickets, but elected both of these offices instead.
  13. Final Update: US 1796

    @Patine You seem to know this well. What are some 19th century methods of advertising I could use in elections from 1800-1896? For these first three elections, I'm only going to use broadsides.
  14. Jones won

    He isn't going to betray his voter. Alabama Democrats are more conservative than average Democrats. He will be liberal on Civil Rights (women, minorities, and the poor), but he will be moderate-to-conservative elsewhere, as he must be. I just don't want my more puritan-minded progressive to end up condemning him for being more like Manchin and less like Warren. I think if he plays the seat like Manchin, as I expect him to, then he has a shot at holding the seat. This is especially the case if the GOP fields another ingrate like Roy Moore who hasn't the character or mental capacity to hold a national office.