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  1. Youngest Forum Users

    @Patine He said something about being an "extreme moderate," and that anyone to the left or right of him should be castrated, or something to that effect.
  2. Youngest Forum Users

    I would have to let events dictate that. I'd be happy if I were successful in either case.
  3. Youngest Forum Users

    I don't emulate, and I wouldn't ever want to build a cult-following, since that is unlikely to produce disciples that can live up to the expectations of the people, who expect the next leader to be identical or grander than the original cult-leader.
  4. Youngest Forum Users

    Theodore Roosevelt was the first modern-day campaign president that won with campaigning. Douglas actually did more campaigning after he lost, to help keep the Union together. Weaver (Populist) might be the first true campaign candidate. WJ Bryan was the first of the major party--far outdoing Douglas. Roosevelt and Wilson made it normal.
  5. Youngest Forum Users

    Well, if my forum cabinet is any idea of how I would appoint a cabinet, I have three Republicans in the cabinet. This is three times more than is generally done. I'd certainly have advisers specifically to play devil's advocate and present alternative views. I wouldn't want to enact a policy of my ideological viewpoint unless it was virtually impenetrable, which means I'd have to probably listen to the other side as much, or more, than people that agree with me. I'd want to render criticism of my policies to impotent and feckless talking points.
  6. Youngest Forum Users

    Haha. That's not a bad ambition to have. @NYrepublican There is something lacking in me that makes me not run. It might be a lack of ambition. It might be a lack of desire for power. It might be that I don't see campaigning as something I'd like to do. It might also be that I have a very difficult time pretending to be all things to all people to get votes. I have few ties to popular culture--I don't like country music or rap music. I don't watch the newest movies. I make as much money as the common man, but I'm not terribly in touch with the common man, since my interests are mostly academic, outside of NFL Football. I think I could be a mediocre to great politician (I have now of knowing), but I don't think I'd easily get elected, even if I had the funding. I'd have to win with sincerity, honesty, and ideas on campaign, and by sincerity, honesty, and performance in reelection. My last name is hard to pronounce too, so that won't help either. However, until I gained 15 lbs recently, I was the same height (6'4") and weight (180 lbs) as Abraham Lincoln. So I have that going for me. I have a good speaking voice. However, I don't really show much expression when I speak, which can make me seem perpetually unimpressed, even if I think something is funny or worthy of anger. I don't really laugh. I don't really yell. I think Americans prefer overt emotion in their politicians and, sadly, non-thinking.
  7. Youngest Forum Users

    That takes a lot of self-knowledge to know that you wouldn't trust yourself with such power. While we are similar, I think I could trust myself with that power. While I have Left to Far-left views, I'm not dogmatic in action. Like Obama, I'd probably disappoint some of my supporters by willingly compromising, since I don't believe in winner-takes-all systems. @Reagan04 @jvikings1 @Conservative Elector 2 will get some things they want, and I may even offer it before they ask. I just think its the right thing to do. Obviously, it won't be anything that I think puts the people or planet at risk, and it's not going to be anything that screws the poor, elderly, disabled (included wounded vets). I would agree that I'd be equally impatient (at least on key policies), but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'd fill my offices with people that work fast and efficiently for this reason.
  8. Youngest Forum Users

    Then I'd give you labor.
  9. Recent Presidential Approval Poll

    I think that's actually well-known, especially since JFK was killed before his term was up. LBJ would probably be a top 5 president if not for Vietnam. Even with that, he's generally placed around #12.
  10. 2020 Candidate abilities poll

    Thanks for the feedback
  11. Youngest Forum Users

    I'm not sure. Maybe Labor, Interior or Education, something like that. If you have any sort of experience or ambition for finance, then Commerce.
  12. Youngest Forum Users

    I think Secular Law already adopts laws that may have had an original socio-religious basis. In that way, you could argue God is part of secular government, and in that way it cannot be separated. Secular law is basically laws, divinely inspired or not, that are universal. The separation of church and state seeks to prevent religious-inspired laws that are artificially injected (not natural or universal), and to prevent any sort of theocratic monopolies, so as to protect "freedom of religion" and the prevention of establishing an official religion. I think in many ways it is somewhat sacrilegious to place God in some elements of government, such as "In God We Trust" on Money, which would probably be offensive to Jesus. I also never understood swearing an oath on the Bible. Theodore Roosevelt (the first time), Franklin Pierce, and JQ Adams swore their oath on books of laws. I would swear it on the Constitution, which seems most proper.
  13. Youngest Forum Users

    Honestly, Patine might be the only person I'd interview, when you consider none of use are probably well-qualified. He's articulate, intelligent, would take the job serious, and has values, integrity, and a sane mind. However, I think he'd even admit that I probably shouldn't take him, since others would be more capable, because of experience, etc. If I were forced to pick only forum members. I'd pick @Patine @jvikings1 @Conservative Elector 2 @jnewt @Sunnymentoaddict @SeanFKennedy @SiorafasNaCillini @admin_270 @michaelsdiamonds @Falcon @President Garrett Walker @CalebsParadox @sanser (not sure why her name isn't coming up). Perhaps someday, @Reagan04 and @NYrepublican. Reagan has a hard time separate church from state, and you are a little too impulsive right now. Both of you have the intelligence to be in the forum cabinet, however. As you can see, I include some conservatives to represent those that didn't vote for me, but whom I hope to also do some things for. Patine would be VP. Anthony at State. JViking at Defense. Conservative at Treasury (because, as a conservative, he'd be inclined to find the most cost-effective ways for my progressive program), and the rest would get various cabinet positions. Caleb would probably get Attorney General. Sanser at Health (I think a woman should lead the health department since women have so many unique health issues that get ignored by male health secretaries). I'd probably make you and Reagan deputies to one of the above or have other important positions until you both showed that I was wrong in undervaluing you. I'd certainly give you the chance. . I wouldn't want potatowalrus, servo, presidentinsertname, koneke or johnnyk anywhere near the White House.
  14. Youngest Forum Users

    Potentially election reform amendments, presidential power amendments, presidential removal amendments, proposed by various Congresspersons. Who knows if any have a shot at going to a vote or not.