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  1. vcczar

    Rank the 2020 Candidates in primary strength

    Biden is routinely leading the polls. 26% in the last poll. Sanders at 19%. O'Rourke came in 3rd with 8%. There are a few 5% (Warren and Booker) and the rest are 2% and 1%. Then there are the 0%. I'd call Biden and Sanders top tier in this poll. O'Rourke, Warren, Booker as 2nd tier. The 1-2% as 3rd tier and the 0% people as 4th tier.
  2. vcczar

    2020 Election Scenario

    As I’m saying, I don’t think they care about their reputation in regards to political power or support. I think they care about their principal, believing that their reputation will be lifted in the eyes of Republicans of the future. I doubt either one seeks higher office other than token primary challenges to Trump. If you listen to their rhetoric, this becomes clear.
  3. vcczar

    2020 Election Scenario

    Yeah but we are talking about Republicans that have no qualms attacking Trump, even after he’s become president and tamed Graham and Cruz. Kasich, Flake, etc. more courageous than worried about their reputations.
  4. vcczar

    2020 Election Scenario

    This isn't likely to happen, but it could in President Infinity. What if all the undecided/not running people on my list ran. The idea would be to collectively gather enough delegates to stop Trump or pressure him to move away from policies that are anti-thetical to traditional 21st century Republicans, such as protectionism or opening relations with traditional enemies. Although, I doubt Trump caves to anyone, since he operates as a party of self rather than a party of a variety of Republicans.
  5. vcczar

    2020 Election Scenario

    I agree with the economy as being a factor. However, I think Kasich and Flake aren't really interested in winning. I think it's more out of principal. I think both of them think that if no one runs against Trump then it will look terrible historically for the Republican Party. I think they view Trump as poorly as most Democrats, if not more. In many ways, it is comparable to Sanders's 2016 campaign. He initially ran without considering victory. He just wanted to get his message out there. Sanders wasn't supposed to get much more than a percentage or two. I think Kasich, Flake, or both will run, even if the economy is still good. The primary season is long enough that the economy could change at any moment. Many economists are predicting a drop in the economy at some level or another. I deleted all my events from my scenario, so I don't have the economy as a factor one way or the other.
  6. vcczar

    2020 Election Scenario

    @admin_270 and others. I am currently updating the 2020 scenario. Just to make the game more interesting, I’ve set several Republican Trump critics to ON as either undecided or not running. Thus, Trump may run unopposed or he could face challenges from one or more of the following: Kasich, Flake, Sasse, Romney, Corker, Collins, Murkowski, Hogan, Kristol. Since Trump is in perpetual campaign mode, I’ve increased his campaign ratings.
  7. vcczar

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    I've started to update the 2020 scenario. It might be a week until it comes out, however.
  8. vcczar

    2020: Trump vs. US Reps

    I don't think Ojeda will get 1% of the vote, but maybe I'll be wrong. Once he gets 1% I'll add him into my scenario. I doubt Clinton actually runs. I hope Sherrod Brown runs.
  9. vcczar

    2020: Trump vs. US Reps

    No. He's second or third tier until he gets more name recognition. His proved he can fundraise at a top tier level though. I'd place Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Booker as ahead of him. I'd say he's 6th to 8th if a poll was conducted today.
  10. vcczar

    2020: Trump vs. US Reps

    I meant "nearly"
  11. I seriously doubt such a ticket would be winning for Democrats, but Delaney/Becerra defeated Trump/Pence in President Infinity today. I played as "watcher" to see how well Beto O'Rourke would do (he dropped out after Super Tuesday). The Democratic Convention was deadlocked with Biden, Delaney, Sanders, Booker as the frontrunners. After several ballots, it came down to Delaney vs. Sanders, with Biden making the final decisions. Delaney got Biden's endorsement. The selection of Becerra was surprising, since I thought he would have picked someone closer to Sanders. I expected Trump to bounce back in the polls after the Democrats fielded a weak ticket, but he seems to take a break during the General Election. Delaney won with about the same score that Trump won with in 2016, but Delaney won the popular vote. For whatever reason, the computer seems to be more active in the primaries than the general election.
  12. vcczar

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    It's going to be Pelosi. I'd prefer someone like Tim Ryan. I think Pelosi should step down in a year if it appears her role as Speaker is a source of energy for the GOP. Someone like Tim Ryan would be harder to get riled up against by the GOP, since he's their demographic.
  13. vcczar

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    That's funny.