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  1. I'm probably more similar to Elizabeth Warren than Sherrod Brown, but I think Brown is more likely to be helpful in increasing Democratic strength than Warren would be, as she's more divisive.
  2. Yeah, I don't think any of the 5 votes for Collins are by Republicans.
  3. I also think rather than have people say, "I am a Democrat" or "I am a Republican." I would have put, "I'm more likely to vote for a Democrat than a Republican" and vice versa, because most people don't identify with a party, this leads to Garret Walker and JNewt voting on the Republican section of your poll, when they should probably be forced to vote only in the Democrat column. I'd also add instructions to vote in only on one party, the one you most align with. I put that I'm a Democrat, but I don't really identify as one. I picked it because I know what you mean to say/do with that statement. Some like @Patine might not even vote on this poll, since he won't like the phrasing of the poll options.
  4. I like the poll, but the wording is so specific on the answers as to not really include an answer that is accurate to my response. 1. I do think NFL players should have the liberty to espouse their political views, and they should not be removed from having those views unless it impacts the team's ability to win. 2. I would probably watch NFL football regardless of the political implications. It's the only sport I keep up with. 3. The president not only shouldn't be involved in this, I think his language is not presidential at all. I support the players and NFL owners that condemn Trump's response.
  5. End of March 2020 Democrats are still looking at a landslide victory, but Republicans have somewhat narrowed the gap, as Trump seems unlikely to be renominated. The week is surprisingly drama free. John Kasich wins Arizona! Jon Huntsman wins Utah! Kamala Harris wins Alaska! Martin Heinrich wins Arizona! Mark Zuckerberg wins Washington! Wins Hawaii! Andrew Cuomo wins Idaho! Al Franken wins Utah! Republican Frontrunner: Kasich 13%, followed by Huntsman 11%, Martinez 10%. Cotton barely leads Kasich in delegates. Democratic Frontrunner: Harris 6%, followed by Cuomo, Biden, and Brown, all with 6%. Biden leads in delegates.
  6. I got a feeling that either he or Huntsman will get the Republican nomination in this playthrough. The Democratic nomination is a complete tossup.
  7. Another Week in March 2020 Despite March passing into the second half, not a single candidate for president has decided to drop out. Trump gets some good news as a tentative trade deal is reached with China; however, it is mostly the work of Jon Huntsman, a primary opponent of Trump's. Trump draws fire after taking all the credit for the China deal, without referencing Huntsman's work. Jon Huntsman wins Missouri! Wins American Samoa! Marco Rubio wins Florida! John Kasich wins Illinois! Wins North Carolina! Wins Northern Mariana Islands! Wins Ohio! Gavin Newsom wins Florida! Joe Biden wins Illinois! Wins North Carolina! Tom Steyer wins Missouri! Sherrod Brown wins Ohio! After these primaries, Ben Sasse drops out of the race, being the first to leave the race. Republican Frontrunner: John Kasich 13%, followed by Huntsman with 11%. Kasich leads in delegates. Democratic Frontrunner: Harris 6%, followed by Cuomo, Biden, and Brown, all with 6%. Biden leads in delegates. Does anyone read my playthroughs?
  8. This is a good poll @Conservative Elector 2. I picked SPD; although, ideally someone more left would have a shot at gaining a majority. I have to say that I have great confidence and respect for Merkel, even though I vote against her in this poll.
  9. The next week of March 2020 Ted Cruz wins Michigan! John Kasich wins Hawaii! Rand Paul wins Guam! Tom Cotton wins Idaho! Susan Collins wins Mississippi! Wins Washington DC! Donald Trump wins US Virgin Islands Seth Moulton wins Michigan! Elizabeth Warren wins American Samoa! Martin Heinrich wins Mississippi! Joe Biden wins Northern Mariana Islands! Days after Donald Trump threatens to work with Democrats if GOP "continue to betray," Russian hackers release information that Trump told China to withhold information about their foreign trip until after Super Tuesday, so that Trump would get a poll boost from an apparent diplomatic success. Trump, meanwhile, sends John Kasich and Jon Huntsman to China. Lindsey Graham wins the Republican debate. Sherrod Brown wins the Democratic debate Republican Frontrunner: John Kasich surpasses Susana Martinez as frontrunner. Democratic Frontrunner: Andrew Cuomo barely holds his lead over Kamala Harris
  10. Super Tuesday March 2020 The big winners are Tom Cotton, Susan Collins and Mike Pence for the Republicans, while Democrats are so split as to not have a clear Super Tuesday winner. Republican Results Tom Cotton wins Texas, upsetting Ted Cruz! Wins Alabama! Wins Colorado! Susan Collins wins Alaska, upsetting Murkowski! Wins Maine! Wins Vermont! Wins Virginia! Mike Pence wins Arkansas, upsetting Cotton! Wins Georgia! Wins Kansas! Wins Oklahoma! Susana Martinez wins Kentucky, upsetting Rand Paul! Wins Minnesota! Wins Puerto RIco! Donald Trump wins Louisiana! Jon Huntsman wins Massachusetts! Jeff Flake wins Tennessee! Marco Rubio wins Wyoming! Democrat Results Kamala Harris wins Alabama! Wins Vermont, upsetting Bernie Sanders! Martin O'Malley wins Arkansas! John Hickenlooper wins Colorado! Sherrod Brown wins Kansas! Wins Tennessee! Wins Democrats Abroad! Joe Biden wins Georgia! Wins Texas! John Bel Edwards wins Louisiana! Wins Oklahoma! Mark Zuckerberg wins Maine! Elizabeth Warren wins Massachusetts! Amy Klobuchar wins Minnesota! Al Franken wins Nebraska! Terry McAuliffe wins Virginia! After Super Tuesday Following Super Tuesday, Trump announces he will tax the rich as a remedy for the economic downturn. Ted Cruz in response now considered Trump to have abandoned the GOP. Republican Frontrunner: Martinez 12%, followed by Trump 9% and Kasich 8%. Cotton leads in delegates, followed by Pence. Democratic Frontrunner: Cuomo 7%, followed by Harris with 6%. Biden leads in delegates, followed by Brown.
  11. I'm curious as to how people would vote if Susana Martinez and Andrew Cuomo were the two nominees for president.
  12. Late Primaries February 2020 As late February arrives, Democrats are looking at their greatest landslide victory since LBJ. Although, pundits believe Republicans can balance the election out if they select an anti-Trump Republican who has been consistently a voice against his administration. Meanwhile, Trump flies to Beijing to end the Trade War with China, but makes an immediate gaffe when he declares that his Great Wall--his border wall--will be bigger than their Great Wall. Ben Sasse wins South Carolina! Graham was narrowly defeated in the primary, which is a crushing blow for his campaign. Lincoln Chafee wins Nevada! Gillibrand is upset in her third straight narrow primary defeat. Pres. Trump threatens Saudi Arabia will visiting China, causing the more radical Christian supporters of Trump to call for a bombing of Saudi Arabia. Trump neither supports or condemns their behavior. Susan Collins wins Nevada! Rubio comes in at a close second. Meanwhile, Trump leaves China amid mystery. While Trump claims victory and that he has ended the Trade War, China is completely silent on the matter. However, polls show that many voters believe that Trump probably worked a deal to end the Trade War. John Bel Edwards wins South Carolina! Buttigieg and Clinton are at a close second. Republican Frontrunner: Martinez 12%, followed by Kasich and Trump, both at 8%. Trump is seeing a bounce with his announcement of the end of the Trade War Democratic Frontrunner: Cuomo 7%, with Harris at 6%
  13. I'm not sure yet. I'm sort of playing through it to find bugs. There are also some events I have to move around. I might also add a few more candidates. In addition to updating this, I'm updating my historical scenarios and teaching at a University. So it might be a few weeks.
  14. Early Primaries February 2020 Despite Trump's historical low approval rating, it is only now that Democrats appear to be set for a landslide victory. The month starts with a report stating that the Trade War with China has left us with a Great Recession level economy. Trump then announces that he will visit China to "End the Trade War." Also, Congress approves of Giuliani as the new Attorney General. IOWA PRIMARY!!!! Sherrod Brown wins Iowa! Brown narrowly defeats Gillibrand. Harris, who had been projected to win falls to 7th place. Lindsey Graham wins Iowa! Graham gets 23%, defeating Sasse who had been projected to win. Trump is last in Iowa. Trump is unfazed by the primary results, defiant that he will win a second term. Following the primaries, news is released that Russia has invaded Ukraine. Graham and the warhawks in Congress press Trump for immediate intervention, but Trump mostly ignores them. New Hampshire Primary!!!! Susan Collins wins NH! Martinez and Murkowski come in 2nd and 3rd. Martin O'Malley wins NH! O'Malley narrowly defeats Gillibrand. Following the primaries, news is received that Saudi Arabia has signed a trade deal with China. Cruz wins the Republican debate. Biden wins the Democratic debate. Republican Frontrunner: Martinez 15%, followed by Collins, Graham, and Pence, all with 6%. Martinez would likely win the nomination if the Convention were held today. Democratic Frontrunner: Cuomo 6%, followed by Harris with 6% and many tied with 5%