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  1. Based off the election so far, do you think the election looks promising for Trudeau? I'm not sure how the provinces generally vote.
  2. Ok, I have all the retirements and autodraft picks written out, so it won't take me long to put them in. However, I'll be going to bed soon and then I teach in the morning, so it seems the earliest I'll get those on the spreadsheet will be sometime midday tomorrow. You have the judicial phase too and people can fill their election tabs in the meantime.
  3. I'm surprised that US major networks give no attention to Canadian elections.
  4. When will the results be in?
  5. I'd probably vote that party if Canada had a 2 round system for voting. Seems like the PM is still too powerful in Canada to risk it going to the Conservative Party; therefore, you kind of have to vote the same way you do in America, acting as if there are only two parties.
  6. Oh okay. I'd vote Trudeau then just to help stop a Conservative takeover.
  7. I'm going to prep the autodraft and retirements for when you all need them.
  8. All the best to Canada! @admin_270 and @Patine (and whomever else I'm missing). I supposed I'd reluctantly vote Trudeau if I were allowed to vote in the election, if there was a threat of Scheer winning. If not, I might vote for a preferred minor party in round 1, if there are multiple rounds of voting in Canadian politics. I admit I'm gravely ignorant of your country's electoral system.
  9. Oh yeah, I've seen that meme. Funny how that lines up that way. However, Pelosi looks fairly calm and controlled, outside of limply pointing a finger. The cat face more accurately reflects Trump's face, in my opinion.
  10. I would definitely agree with you if Pelosi were Chuck Schumer in this photo. The power in the image comes from her being basically the only woman in the room and appearing to be commanding the room. Try to take in the image without the context, as if you are looking at it in a museum and you know nothing of US politics.
  11. I can make a small defense for Clinton here. I think some would admire Clinton--or Pelosi--for their success in a male-dominated field (US National politics). That being said, they were helped by family and spouses already in politics. There's a recent photo of Pelosi, and you can't help but admire her in the photo. She's basically the only woman in the photo. There's no fear. She's putting a side of the table in their place. You don't even have to know who she is, but you see courage in the photo. Someone suggested it was sort of like a Norman Rockwell image or something--iconic--and it is. I'll attach it below. But one can say that they admire something about someone while thinking that, on the whole, they are generally lacking. For instance, Napoleon was both awful and magnificent, a barbarian but sometimes ahead of his time.
  12. That’s a good question. I think if they are educated at all about Warren, either by watching the debates or watching the news, they’ll see a difference. These independents are populists. Warren, like them and like Trump, is a populist, although more subtly so than Sanders. Clinton is the antithesis to populism. Warren is sort of a compromise between Sanders/Trump and Clinton/Romney. She’s never tagged as an establishment figure but often thrown in with Populists, even though arch-populists may have some disagreements with her. Sanders clearly sees her as an ally and that’s good for her. As for a Clinton endorsement, she’ll accept it but probably won’t promote it. Clinton will have her speech at the convention and then will probably be told not to campaign outside of NY and DC.
  13. vcczar

    Harold Bloom

    This is what Bloom would call a “recipe for psychic violence.” That is, the attempt to mentally construe the God of the OT and the Jesus (or Jesuses as he’d say) into somehow being the same mind/God/entity.
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