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  1. The LSAT is fun. A Co worker at an old job used to give me his LSAT questions for me to figure out.
  2. Sorry for your loss and the present state of things.
  3. I don't think the US can subpoena people from other governments.
  4. @jvikings1 @Actinguy @TheMiddlePolitical @Rodja @Patine
  5. Okay, I'm going to post some of the Greatest Speeches from time to time. I won't select any videos that extend beyond 20 minutes. Please give us your thoughts on the speech, the rhetorical strategies, the arguments, etc. What makes it effective or not?
  6. vcczar

    Greatest Speeches

    Great speech. Sounds so unlike Nixon. I wonder if it is the same speechwriter that Reagan had.
  7. vcczar

    Greatest Speeches

    Would anyone be interested in me posting great political speeches from US History? Basically, I'd post one video per post not to exceed 20 minutes. We could then talk about what we liked or didn't like, or otherwise though about, regarding the speech. I'll do it only if I can get a few people promising to interact on these posts.
  8. I'm about equally excited by Sanders and Warren---Sanders is ideal, but I think Warren will have a better shot at getting things through Congress, while Sanders might be practically impotent as a president, as I don't expect him to get much Congressional support, and I don't see him making concession, etc. I think I can get excited about Buttigieg if he evolves in some areas, mostly regarding justice. I'm also okay with Biden but more as a means to redeem Obama's legacy than for Biden as candidate. If I had to rank my excitement from a 0-10 it would be: Sanders in 2016 - 9 Kucinich in 2008 - 9 Sanders - 8.5 (age knocks him down 0.5 for me) Warren - 8 Obama in 2008 - 8 Obama in 2012 - 7.5 Kucinich in 2004 - 7.5 Buttigieg - 6 Biden in 2008 - 6 Biden - 5 H. Clinton in 2008 - 5 H. Clinton in 2016 - 4 Kerry in 2004 - 4 Gore in 2000 - 3.5 Weld in 2016 and 2020 - 3.5 Huntsman in 2012 - 3.5 Kasich in 2016 - 3.0 Most Republican candidates - 0.0 Trump - minus 5.0 Cruz - minus 9.0 Bachmann - minus 10.0 Carson - minus 10.0
  9. How do Mike Lee and Rand Paul deviate?
  10. Among Republicans there is Weld and Walsh---they get between 1 and 5% of the vote, depending on the polls. I think if Haley, Cruz, Romney, Cotton, or any other high profile GOPer ran against Trump (or had done so earlier, rather), there might be a real battle--at least akin to the 1980 Carter vs Kennedy primary or Ford vs. Reagan 1976 primary.
  11. I agree. I think it would be more likely to happen if we has a Parliamentary system. I'd also like to see a Federal Council akin to the one in Switzerland but adapted. Every year there's an election for one of, say, 7 seats. In that same election ballot, one of the incumbent 6 council people is voted president for a year. The next year votes in a new council person to replace the out-going one and either elections a new council "president" or reelect the one that served the last year. No one can be on the council more than 7 years. A popular president could theoretically serve for 6 years (no first-year council person can be president since that's the year they're elected to the council). This way, a council in 2020 could theoretically be something like, Bernie Sanders (1st year council member), Hillary Clinton (2nd), Donald Trump (3rd), Joe Biden(4th), Ted Cruz (5th), Barack Obama (6th, who has won reelection enough to have been "president" for 5 years), Ron Paul (7th, who will be outgoing in the next election).
  12. You arguably used to be, but I'm glad you've evolved from that. I've evolved on issues regarding trade, guns, and federal power (the opt-out clause I mentioned in that post to you, is about as close to libertarian or states rights as a liberal--and some conservatives--will get, as it allows regulated loopholes for legal nullification). In regards to guns, I think it is impossible to ban most of them without an amendment. As an amendment won't pass, it's a waste of time to argue for bans. It's better to come up with ways to make them safer than they currently are and safer in house holds that have children. I'd even work with the NRA on that unless they're complete obstructionist. In regards to trade, I've never been pro-tariff, but I have been critical of some trade deals. However, having researched historic trade deals (including those that have been shut down), it seems they are better for US citizens than not in most cases. Even the TPP is preferable to not having one at all. While tariffs might help one industry, they actually hurt more industries. Trump just fixates on things like steel, but ignores the rest of the chain of supply that goes into creating one item. Even most foreign cars are made predominately of US auto parts. A tariff on foreign cars would hurt American workers and raise the price of such vehicles, although, it would help workers making American cars with only American parts. Almost every tariff has led to some level of a trade war, even when tariffs were useful during the pre-income tax days. So I got an odd mix of socialist and capitalist. As I've stated before, I think they're mutually beneficial philosophies meant to blend together and shouldn't be seen as Manichean forces opposed to one another. That's just Cold War propaganda.
  13. Clearly, not all Democrats or Republicans are a like. If you were to break each political party into different groups (say, "Progressive Democrats," "Identity Democrats," "Liberal Democrats," "Moderate Democrats," "Rural Democrats," etc), how would you break them up? How many distinct and noticeable groups of Democratic voters are there? How many distinct and noticeable groups of Republican voters are there? How many distinct and noticeable groups of Libertarian voters are there? How many distinct and noticeable groups of Green voters are there? How many distinct and noticeable groups of Independent voters are there? How many distinct and noticeable groups of Other voters are there? How many distinct and noticeable groups of eligible voter-nonvoters are there?
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