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  1. US Presidential History RP

    Ok, I'm about to go off to teach some classes. I'll probably have the first post of the RP up tonight or tomorrow.
  2. Final Update: US 1832

    Updated: adjusted the colors of the candidates, updated and added portraits for the candidates, adjusted some of their traits, and added surrogates.
  3. Mueller Support Poll

    new poll
  4. US Presidential History RP

    @Joshen I'll probably start the RP once you create your new guy. @everyone else As I am busy for two weeks, the RP will move slowly for two weeks, but I'd like to get it started.
  5. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    I'm not arguing his competency or intentions as a governor. Policy-wise I do not support Scott in the least. My statement was restricted to his physical and mental ability of being a chief of staff, ideology not considered.
  6. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    Rick Scott would be the right type of personality and physique for this position. Although, generally the Chief of Staff isn't someone that has already held a real executive position. Yet, it might be the right kind of move, since an executive should know what an executive needs, so long as the executive types (Pres & Ch of Staff) are similar.
  7. US Presidential History RP

    That's fine.
  8. Final Update: US 1832

    He was, like Pearson and White on this list, originally a supporter of Jackson. It wasn't until Jackson increased the power of the executive that they changed. Tyler made the switch in 1834, two years into Jackson's 2nd term.
  9. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    If that occurred with the US, I would hope that the fallout of such a peaceful process would prove peaceful. I think flat out dismantling it might indirectly cause close to as much harm as having it, at least globally. It would have to be a gradual reduction, I think.
  10. Final Update: US 1832

    I'm now moving on to the 1832 election. New candidates added: Whigs: Gen. Winfield Scott, Sen. John M. Clayton, Fmr Rep. Davy Crockett, Fmr Mayor Harrison Gray Otis (really, one of the last Federalists) Democrats: Fmr Sec. William H. Crawford, Fmr Amb. John Randolph, Sen. Thomas Hart Benton, Fmr Rep. James Buchanan, Sen. Lewis Cass, Sen. William Rufus King, Sen. Hugh Lawson White, Sen. John Tyler, Rep. Richard Mentor Johnson, Sen. Willie P. Mangum, Rep. James K. Polk, Sen. Levi Woodbury, Sen. William L. Marcy, Fmr Gov. Sam Houston Anti-Mason: Mr. Thaddeus Stevens, Assoc. Justice John McLean
  11. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    This might be the scariest cabinet I've ever seen cobbled together. On a functional note, I'm wonder if Greg Abbott could be Chief of Staff. That job requires a lot of running around, maneuvering around people, etc. It's probably the most physically exertive position on this list.
  12. Presidential Ranker Excel

    I'm curious if any of the people that thought they'd use the ranker have used it, and I hope they can share their rankings.
  13. Alberta - 1935

    I've heard to comparison of Alberta to Texas as well. I'm interested in how you compare the other provinces when you can do so.
  14. Alberta - 1935

    @Patine I am so ignorant of the provinces of Canada. If you had to pair each province with a US state that it is somewhat akin to, what state would you pair with the each Canadian province, and why?