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  1. The voter IDs should be given by the federal government in this case.
  2. I think Huntsman is of an old philosophy in which you accept the calling of government when called, regardless of ideology or party of the president. I was glad when Huntsman was picked as Russian Ambassador, since if Trump's friendly relations with Putin are true, then Huntsman would be some safeguard. My guess is that quiet Trump critics n the government worked hard to get Huntsman that position.
  3. That's not easy to do. Biden has at least stated an opposition to defunding the police, opposition to looting, and opposition to tearing down statues that aren't of Confederates. Trump had to have his arm twisted after Charlottesville to saying anything in opposition to his white supremacist followers. Days later, he simply said, "I disavow" them without elaborating on the reasons why he disavows them, stated in a voice as if he gave a password and the door should now open for him. I think a lot of these little mistakes that Trump or keeps making are just sort of building up to hurt him in reelection. Overall, you are correct that a successful movement enforces the boundaries. I think Occupy Wall Street, for example, would have been more successful if it had any hint of organization. However, the movement was sort of designed to be so anti-establishment that any sort of leader, council, or hierarchy would have been ironic. Yet, the lack of it allowed the minority group of anarchist and anti-establishment for the sake of anti-establishment people to project a louder presence. The majority of Occupy Wall Street people appeared to be people still employed during the Great Recession (I went to a few of these events and to the HQ in downtown NYC) or at least dressed like they were still employed. However, while the grand majority, they were part-time protestors. The HQ was in a park fillled with tents. This was the vocal minority group---most who are professionally homeless (if that can be a term). Young, healthy, but relish in being homeless as some sort of protest. I remember two things really caught my eye about this group: 1) They almost all had boyfriend or girlfriend and a dog. 2) They dressed and behaved so similarly as to be the most comformistic non-conformists I'd ever seen. Anyway, this group dominated the park that was the HQ. The news vans surrounded the HQ. So the news focus was on these people. But the grand majority of OWS people were at work, had apartments, had families, and used their limited free time to go to the protests. Albeit, there was also a group that looked on protest as a fashionable fad or something---smiling and taking selfies, "Look, I'm like a French Revolutionary!" There was less anger than there was some sort of glee at pretending to be a revolutionary for some people. Then there were those genuinely frustrated with US governeance, income-gap inequality, etc. I was in that group. I found the whole disorganization of OWS almost eqaully frustrating. I could tell it wouldn't last or do much right away, but I kept going, hoping I was wrong. Certainly, it might have some influence on what is going on today, and hopefully people involved in OWS have used that experience to build a more effective protest machine that can bring change. US protests never look anything like the European protests. They even out-BLM'd us, if you see their videos.
  4. One guy on Twitter was saying how he supported Huntsman in 2012 and voted for him for governor twice, but that he couldn’t vote for him after he worked for Trump.
  5. This should be phrased with "I'm getting a little annoying with some of the BLM protesters in my city." The grand majority of them aren't advocating violence and destruction. The looters are mostly anarchists just taking advantage of the situation to smash things up. I've gone to a few of these BLM events and those that are crying for defunding the police, and tearing down Washington, Jefferson, and Columbus (i.e. non-Confederates) are like 10% of the BLM people. They're the protestors I don't like, because they diminish the credibility and moral authority of the whole movement, and it gives Fox News a segment of the protestors to focue on to make it appear as if all the protestors are that way. This was a tactic used on the Occupy Wall Street people too.
  6. I think voter IDs should be given out automatically. It could also be part of filing federal taxes. "Do you have a voter ID?" If no, the voter ID is mailed to them. Whatever the case, I think they should definitely be accessible for those deserving of a vote.
  7. JFK became more of a cult figure because he died. He was just charismatic, but he didn't have any sort of kool-aid-drinking like devotion that a Bernie Sanders, FDR, Reagan, Ron Paul, or Donald Trump has or had. I say this being a Bernie Sanders supporter, but I am comfortable disagreeing with him, admitting that he isn't right about some things, and I'm okay with other people's criticism of him. In regards to 33%, send your questions to Siena. Yeah, Trump has things he can do to dominish the chances that he loses, much of it is just acting more professional and empathetic. That alone would diffuse some of the excitement of kicking him out of office---which is, I admit, is an intoxicating, euphoristic incentive to go vote for Democrats and independent left-leaning people. It's probably somewhat akin to how some conservative felt about stopping Clinton in 2016. The difference in 2020, is Trump is president, and there's the extra anger that Trump won last time, especially considering he lost the PV. I've looked at the polls. Biden is beating Trump beyond the margin of error on average in OH, FL, PA, MI, WI. Currently, Biden is averaging +9.7 in MI, +7.5 in PA, +8.1 in WI, +6.3 in FL, +3.1 in AZ, +2.5 in OH, +3.2 in NC, +1.7 in GA. Meanwhile, Trump is leading in TX by only 1.2 I don't know how anyone can spin this into a Trump victory if the election were held today. I doubt there are enough undecided voters and enough time left to really turn this around for Trump. He's clearly the underdog. I'm not writing him off, but he'd have to be a lot better and in a way that appeals to independents and not his base. How is Trump down by 4 a tie? I don't think history is going to repeat itself like last time. Trump has achieved "credibility" by becoming president. I think there are far fewer silent Trump voters in 2020 than there were in 2016. By saying -4 for Trump is a win for Trump, you are betting 100% of the margin of error going in Trump's favor. Most margins of error are around there, give or take 0.5.
  8. Ha!!! That's the most gerrymandered map I've ever seen.
  9. @Patine Are you going to suggest any amendments?
  10. This is kind of shocking considering how well he did as governor in the past. However, my primary reason for this post is to state that Huntsman might be the GOP politician I respect the most. I thought he was clearly the most intelligent and sanest of the 2012 GOP candidates for president. He's arguably the closest to non-partisan party member, if that's even a thing that is possible. I'm kind of hoping Biden makes him Amb to China (he's fluent in Mandarin) or Amb to UN.
  11. I disagree with this because Trump is a special instance. We haven't had a cult figure as president since Reagan or FDR. The difference is that these presidents were popular. Trump is not. A recent Siena poll just came out: Trump's support among independents is 33%. His support among Democrats is 2% (all time low). His support among GOP is 90 or 91% (forget which). His support among whites and people with no college education and among seniors has dropped considerably. Trump is the cause of these low numbers. They don't exist because Biden is or is not the candidate. Biden's compelling because he's not Trump. In an era of the Trump cult, that will be enough. It's wining right now that's for sure. In a landslide!
  12. Proposals: All bills, laws, and amendments shall be written in plain, understandable language that can be understood by the common citizen. All bills shall include a summarizing blurb not to exceed half a page. In addition, such blurbs cannot be misleading regarding the context of the bill. The blurb for the bill must be approved by all members of the respective committee to ensure that the blurb is a quality summary. Both of these are aimed to cut down on the fact that many people in Congress occasionally fail to read a bill before voting on them. This also allows citizens to better understand them.
  13. Here's more proposals: Every law passed by the House is required to be voted on by the US Senate and vice-versa. Every law that that fulfills the requirement for a vote must be voted on within two weeks of passage in one of the houses of Congress, barring a sincere request for amendment. Streamline the process for vacancies in the US Senate and US House. The governor must fill a US Senate or US House vacancy with a replacement of the same party of the previous officer-holder. A special election must occur during the next state or federal election, whichever occurs next. Some yet to be defined amendment that bars people from holding offices if there is a reasonable concern of conflict of interests, generally in regards to the politician or immediate family owning stocks or a company while serving in a political role that could easily adjust the fortunes of the politician or family member holding those stocks or running that company. The VP will not have any role with the legislative branch, to keep the seperation of powers. In the event of a tie, the bill fails. Cabinet Departments will require an amendment for the creation of the Department with the duties specified therein. An amendment to establish a shadow cabinet, similar to that in the UK.
  14. Here are the top 5 presidents by Deportations per Year: [Note: Records only go back to B Harrison's time.] Obama - 383, 307 Trump - 275,725 GW Bush - 251,567 Eisenhower - 110,019 Clinton - 108,706 After this we see a huge drop off with GHW Bush in 6th place and with 70,000 fewer deportations a year. The era of deportation starts with Bill Clinton. It reached its peak with Obama. Eisenhower is a huge outlier. Prior to the 21st century, Eisenhower is deporting 5x the number of immigrants than other presidents are per year.
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