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  1. vcczar

    2020 Scenario for download here

    I realize I forgot that West Virginia guy. I’ll add him when I get some feedback on the update. @TheMiddlePolitical
  2. vcczar

    2020 Scenario for download here

    Here is the 2020 Scenario. I've updated the candidates, the polls, the endorsers, and candidate ratings. I have not changed the issues, candidate colors, and some other things. I could use some feedback on the issues. I don't really want to mess with candidate colors until we have a better idea of who is running. I am not uploading this to the campaign download page, so it can only be downloaded here. I will move it up to the campaign download page after I get some constructive feedback. Here is the 2020 scenario. Constructive feedback is requested: United States - 2020 (Nov2018-Update).zip
  3. vcczar

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    Iowa Democrats have invited O'Rourke to Iowa, presumably because there is interest in him there. He also scored 8%---3rd place---in the latest poll. This is below Biden and Sanders and above Booker, Harris and everyone else.
  4. vcczar

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    Castro is meeting with presidential donors already. He's sending a stronger signal for a run than McAuliffe, Bloomberg, or O'Rourke.
  5. vcczar

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    He got 0% in a Democratic primary poll that included him.
  6. vcczar

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    Yeah, I didn't think Trump would win a primary until January 2016. The establishment field was so huge that it spread the out the anti-Trump vote. I'm glad Trump won rather than Cruz, as much as I dislike Trump.
  7. vcczar

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    I might add him just for you. He won’t be a very strong candidate outside of WV.
  8. vcczar

    2020 Election Scenario

    I agree. I think he does it without any political benefit for him. I think history will reward him, however. I could see Kasich becoming an Independent and running to drain Trump votes too in the general.
  9. vcczar

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    I don’t even think he’ll be invited to the debates. I’ll add him one he polls 1% in a poll
  10. vcczar

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    He’s in my scenario. I just forgot to mention him in the OFF area. He’s an etc. I have like 20 more people for both parties.
  11. vcczar

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    I'm updating my 2020 Scenario. I have the following candidates ON and OFF. Let me know if you disagree. Republicans: Trump, Kasich, and Flake are ON. All other Republicans, including Collins, Murkowski, Sasse, Hogan, Kristol and other anti-Trump Republicans are OFF. [I had toyed with having them all on as "undecided" but they never seem to jump in and it only slows the game down. So I decided to go back to having only Kasich and Flake as ON and actively running.] Democrats: Biden, Sanders, Warren, Booker, Harris, Brown, O'Rourke, Castro, Swalwell, Delaney are ON. Other names floated around are off, including Clinton, Hickenlooper, Bloomberg, Klobuchar, Holder, Avenatti, Steyer, Bullock, Merkley, Inslee, O'Malley, Moulton, Gabbard, etc. [I keep flipping people off an on. It's hard to tell which reports to take seriously. At this point, I think Booker, Harris, and Delaney are the most certain ON candidates.]
  12. Yeah, I hope @admin_270 solves these issues.
  13. vcczar

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    Me too. Although, I think his personality (outside his ideology) attracts Republicans more than Democrats. Democrats tend to favor finesse politicians more often than not.
  14. vcczar

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    That probably means he won't run. Good. I'll turn him off.
  15. vcczar

    My 2020 Scenario

    I have Kasich and Flake as most likely to run in my 2020 scenario, since they have said they are considering running. They've also been more nationally vocal against Trump than Hogan. Interesting about Dawson as a candidate. I doubt she'll run. Seems like Stein has sort of taken over the party as a Jill Stein Party rather than a party that is allowed to have other candidates for president.