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  1. vcczar

    First Unofficial 270soft Chess Tournament

    @ThePotatoWalrus I'm backing out of the chess tournament, but I'll be glad to play anyone unofficially. I'm backing out because NYConservative is in the tournament. I've blocked him. I'll be glad to play anyone else online, however, or in a future tournament. In fact, since he's contaminating the forum with a consistent floods of posts, I'm going to drop out of the forum until he drastically decreases his output or is banned. I'll tag others so they know why I'm going to be absent @Conservative Elector 2 @jvikings1 @Patine @Reagan04 @CalebsParadox @Kingthero @WVProgressive @Sunnymentoaddict @NYrepublican @MBDemSoc @Caprice @TheMiddlePolitical @admin_270 . Send me an email if anything is urgent. I'll respond there. I think most of you have my email. Or should. Have fun everyone.
  2. vcczar

    Battleground States Discussion

    Yeah, they've been consistently Democrat when voting for president until 2016. Just because they voted Republican in 2016 doesn't make them more likely to vote Republican in Wisconsin than in Ohio. That's not a very sound argument, and it isn't even a historically sound argument. The argument would be stronger for supporting a Democrat in Wisconsin than a Republican. However, the spreadsheet shows CLEARLY that a Republican has a better shot in Ohio (and even Pennsylvania) than they do in Wisconsin. Anyway, I've had my say. If you can't stand corrected (I don't think anyone on here would support your opinion here based off your reasoning, regardless of ideology) then you're a waste of time. As I don't see any intrinsic value in you, I'm blocking you. Good day!
  3. vcczar

    Battleground States Discussion

    My critique of your reasoning is not bound by my political ideology. It is bound by your inability to communicate your own reasoning as to why Wisconsin is more Republican-friendly than Ohio. Nothing in my spreadsheet supports that. If you are seeing anything, it is probably some sort of hallucination. You can prove me wrong my clearly communicating exactly what you are seeing that I am not in the spreadsheet that I made. You will have to be detailed enough for people to gather what you are looking at since the spreadsheet does not seem to support what you are saying. Again, this isn't a ideological rebuttal to you, it is clearly a rebuttal that my spreadsheet does not support what you are saying in regards to history support Wisconsin over Ohio as the more Republican state. I don't think a single person on here would agree with you, except @ThePotatoWalrus, who has a similar lexicon as you do.
  4. vcczar

    Battleground States Discussion

    I'm not assuming anymore. You've pretty much proved it since you can't read and comprehend a spreadsheet.
  5. vcczar

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    Screw it. I'll be Kasich in either 2016 or 2020. My instructions are simple. Focus on campaign Ad power, fundraising, running negative ads on Trump. Outside of this work on issue knowledge and debate. If anything is left over, then improve my campaign organization and strategy. Focus on Iowa, New Hampshire. If Trump falls to 3rd place, then focus on the next primary state until Trump regains in Iowa or New Hampshire. Focus on the three largest delegate states heading into Super Tuesday for attack ads. After Super Tuesday, if Trump is still the frontrunner, then turn to researching scandals until I'm forced to drop out in the convention. Notify me if I ever become frontrunner (I don't expect to, but I hope to make someone else the frontrunner than Trump.)
  6. vcczar

    Battleground States Discussion

    I think you are misreading the list. Why don't you look at it, and get back to me.
  7. vcczar

    Battleground States Discussion

    Can you give me a source? Recent history has been on the side of Democrats for Wisconsin. Wisconsin went Democrat for 30 years until Trump won Wisconsin, possibly with Russian help.
  8. vcczar

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    I may actually join. I'll need to look over who I added to 2016. I won't have the time for a very detailed plan, but I'll have something.
  9. vcczar

    Battleground States Discussion

    How is Wisconsin more Republican than Ohio?
  10. vcczar

    Political Party Baseball League

    POLITICAL PARTY BASEBALL LEAGUE AWARD WINNERS World Series Champions: The Democrats Most Valuable Player: Woodrow Wilson (22 wins 5 losses 2.87 ERA) Cy Young Pitcher of the Year: Woodrow Wilson (22 wins 5 losses 2.87 ERA) Relief Pitcher of the Year: George Washington (13 wins 4 losses 30 saves 2.92 ERA) Gold Glove winners: P-Abraham Lincoln, C-John Adams, 1B-John P. Hale, 2B-John F. Kennedy, 3B-Harry S. Truman, SS-John C. Fremont, LF-George H. W. Bush, CF-Barack Obama, RF-Theodore Roosevelt. Platinum Stick Award: Same as above except, Grover Cleveland is the catcher and James Madison is the left fielder @ThePotatoWalrus and anyone else that had any passing interest in this league. If I can figure out how to reuse rosters I saved, I may do a new league that is online and multi-player.
  11. vcczar

    Battleground States Discussion

    The darker the colors, the more support for that party in that or those elections.
  12. vcczar

    Battleground States Discussion

    I thought we could discuss the statuses of the battleground states for the 2018 and 2020 elections. I've made this chart for the Midwest-ish Battleground states. Will the 2018 and 2020 elections be similar as the 2006 and 2008 elections were for Democrats in these states? Will the 2018 election be less of a wave or more of a wave for Democrats as the 2012 Red Wave was for Republicans? Based off this chart, what are your projections?
  13. Cool website: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/upshot/election-2016-voting-precinct-maps.html?smid=fb-share It's interesting seeing how my former neighborhoods voted. I was born and raised in Dallas. My old neighborhood, Highland Park, went 65% for Donald Trump. I went to undergrad and grad school in San Marcos, TX which went 65% for Hillary Clinton. I then moved to NYC, where all three of my neighborhoods were about 75-80% for Hillary Clinton. I then moved to Austin, TX, and my neighborhood was 80% Hillary Clinton. I then moved to Philadelphia, where I live now, and my neighborhood was 75% Hillary Clinton. I'm curious as to how your neighborhood(s) voted?
  14. vcczar

    Political Party Baseball League

    I'm just going to make them all like 18 or something, so they have long careers. I could then make their potential equal to how great they ended up becoming and their initial ratings based on how far along the road they were to the presidency in their early career.
  15. vcczar


    I was thinking that you might want to use the soon-to-be completed 1874 election as a template for your versions. I can help with candidate ratings, since you mentioned that you thought those were the most difficult to estimate.