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  1. Tennesse Senate 2018

    Thanks for the feedback. It has been awhile since I have changed the coordinates/ added new coordinates. therefore it may take awhile. However, I do plan to make this happen!
  2. Tennesse Senate 2018

    With Incumbent Senator Bob Corker retiring and the political landscapes favoring the anti-establishment candidates, many political strategists are seeing this race as very competitive. Marsha Blackburn, well-known conservative activist and representative of Tennessee's 6th Congressional District, has declared her candidacy. In her announcement, she cited her frustration with how many Senate Republicans act like Democrats, and the intention to make the Republican majority act as one. Andy Ogles, former Director of the Tennessee chapter of Americans for Prosperity, has also declared his candidacy citing his background of being a committed Conservative Christian. In these uncertain times and given the turmoil within the Republican Party, this race is very much a wild card. Who will come out on top and become the next Senator from Tennessee? Who would be interested in a Tennessee Senate 2018 scenario?
  3. Tennesse Senate 2018

    It would most certainly take a little while to make. Given all of the counties, population votes, and other things I need to and want to add. But I can do it if everyone would be interested in trying it.
  4. Alabama Senate 2017

    Former Governor Robert Bentley's appointment of Luther Strange, the Alabama Attorney General over impeachment hearings that were ultimately delayed, is being questioned. Many citizens across the aisle believes this appointment was a result of Strange's role in the impeachment hearings. While the intent of this election was to occur during the year of 2018, the dynamics have since changed, to "adhere to state law". Acting Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has ordered moving the special election to 2017, in which the successor will serve until 2021. Who is going to succeed former Senator Jeff Sessions?
  5. Alabama Senate 2017

    Popular vote is currently being used in the general election. I will retain that option for the next official release, and update the option for the primaries, once it is added to the game.
  6. Alabama Senate 2017

    That is amazing! He is definitely highly respected in Alabama.
  7. How should US elections be determined

    I say keep the current systems are they are. Meaning the Electoral System remains. The last thing we need, in my opinion, is mod rule determining any President. Our nation was built upon the idea that EVERYONE is represented at some level, with the biggest cities not having too much power, and the small cities having just enough to make a difference. Popular vote becoming the primary method of electing the President would be by far, one of the biggest mistakes the American people could make. Let's say if my candidate did not win enough of the EC: I would still be in support of it, because the EC is the only way to retain fair elections, and that is the foundation this country was created upon. I am 100% against abolishing the EC.
  8. Alabama Senate 2017

    Here is a visual showing the state of the primaries, just a few weeks into the game:
  9. Alabama Senate 2017

    UPDATE: Due to a released poll by potential candidate Mo Brooks, the scenario will be somewhat easier to produce. According to the poll released, Roy Moore place at the top with a very commanding lead, at 30%. Luther Strange placed in 2nd with 20%, and Mo Brooks place in 3rd with low double digits. I plan on adding Mo Brooks to the game, then add these figures for the primaries. All candidates from the Alabama Gubernatorial 2018 scenario, will be included as "What-If" candidates. I am looking at adding more Democrats, though the field will not be as full compared to the Republican field. I hope to have this scenario out once I complete the actions above, or at the longest, soon after the official release of the popular vote feature.
  10. Alabama Senate 2017

    I understand where you are coming from, given Democratic primaries in Alabama are not as engaging compared to the Republican primaries. I will try to add "what-if" Democratic candidates, 5 at least (the goal anyway).
  11. Alabama Senate 2017

    Thank you for those photos! I am beginning work on this, with several differences compared to the Alabama Governor 2018 scenario.
  12. Now released! http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/09/26/alabama-gubernatorial-2018/ A poll released by a media outlet here in Alabama included several potential Republican candidates (close to 10), and it shows a somewhat close race. Of course it is hypotheticals, but nonetheless, between being from the state and number of candidates based on the poll, I would like to make a realistic 2018 Alabama Governship race and update it as the election gets closer. Given I can find the map to do this, I would add all ththe candidates. Just to name a few: Roy Moore Martha Roby Luther Strange Map credit goes to: @daons
  13. Alabama Gubernatorial 2018

    Hello everyone. A lot has happened in Alabama, during my very long break. We saw the appointment of Luther Strange to fill the vacant seat left by Jeff Sessions. We saw tensions heat up against Gov. Robert Bentley, who later resigned as a result of those tensions. We also gained a new governor, Kay Ivey, former Lt. Gov of Alabama. And just recently, the special election to fill Jeff Sessions seat has been moved up. On top of those exciting events, I am in the process of including Gov. Kay Ivey in the scenario, and making changes to ensure the scenario is ready for the popular vote update. I also hope to work on other projects, one that I will annouce very soon. Next update for this scenario will release on, or around the official update for the popular vote.
  14. 2020 Election (v. 4.0) now up

    Big issues, unless it is intentional: Only 3 candidates on the Democrat side are on the ballots in the states. While Trump is the only candidate on the ballots. Also, not all candidates are appearing in the debates. I turned on Huntsman, and only he and Trump were in the debate: despite Cruz, Kasich and Paul polling higher and included. UPDATE: I now see the candidates in question are "undecided". Sorry about this!
  15. 2020 Election (v. 1.0) is now up!

    Here is how the general election is going: Republicans: Cruz/Corker Democrats: Harris/Booker
  16. 2020 Election (v. 1.0) is now up!

    Here is how my playthrough is going. Amassed a huge war chest (I rarely have this much on hand, during the primaries anyway). Need to snag more delegates!
  17. More 2020 Candidates for my 2020 Scenario

    I do. Palin has never ruled out a run for the president. Ernst is a rising, conservative star in the Republican Party and young. Haley would run given she was critical of Trump in the past. Ayotte will probably run as well, given she lost her Senate seat- with the exception if she decides to run for the other seat. And Bachmann ruled out 2016- however, compared to some of the other women that have run (mainly Hillary), she is younger. As for the Democrats, I've heard Duckworth could consider a run, and given her win for the Senate seat, that would strengthen her even more so. Gov. Edwards won in a traditionally Republican Louisiana, though probably in due part to the allegations that were being used against his opponent. As for Tester, he would be a establishment favorite (for the Democrats anyway). Now that I think about it, Ayyotte may not run- she lost her seat, and most will probably forget about her, unless she was chosen for a spot in the Trump administration. I am just going by speculation and also, the factors and base each of these potential candidates represent.
  18. More 2020 Candidates for my 2020 Scenario

    Republicans: Fmr Gov. Sarah Palin AK Fmr Rep. Michelle Bachmann MN UN Amb Nikki Haley SC Fmr Sen. Kelly Ayotte NH Sen. Joni Ernst IA Democrats: Sen. Tammy Duckworth IL Sen. John Bel Edwards LA Sen. Jon Tester MT
  19. 2020 Election (v. 1.0) is now up!

    I am currently playing as Harris in the Democrat Party, The only thing as of right now, in terms of candidates, would be the addition of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann for the Republicans. If I remember correctly, you mentioned using a poll at some point, to determine who will be added next. If that is the case, I could simply wait for that chance. Or, if it would help, I could add them myself and/or provide the information and pictures. Either way, it would be less work. Great scenario! Also, the addition of Joni Ernst for the Republicans, would also make sense.
  20. Who would you like to see run in 2020?

    If Trump were somehow "removed", in this scenario, I would hope to see Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann run. Both of these women are diligent, principled, and have what it takes to lead the country. On the plus side, I see one of these 2 (or another woman with similar conservative beliefs) as the first female president.
  21. Would you consider possibly adding Sarah Palin and/or Michele Bachmann for the Republicans? Both sought to run for the 2016 election, and ultimately decided against it. Though, I highly doubt either one would run against Donald Trump, given their compassionate support for his candidacy. Just a thought.
  22. Electoral College Poll

    On Question 3, I meant to select "no", and NOT "yes".
  23. President Trump

    I would like to have a political climate, one that is based on arguments and making the case for said candidate. And not a climate that is full of violence and name calling. Sadly, the latter is the way the world is going.
  24. President Trump

    I was told a recent CNN report provided that information. Unless, someone is trying to get our hopes up.