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  1. mithcd

    Australia 2004

    Photos for me are actually helpful. Some people just want to look at a photo and not having to read the name. I mean, the game experience gets better.
  2. mithcd

    Game Crashes after Election Night

    This could possibly be a local issue to the PC. How many times did this crashed for you?
  3. mithcd

    Kickstarter President Forever 2016 campaign launched!

    I like that so far. +1
  4. mithcd

    2015 UK General Election scenario thread

    Send one this way please. mithcd12@gmail.com
  5. mithcd

    Scotland UK

    Is there a new/updated link for this yet?
  6. mithcd

    FPTP for early elections

    Quick question please. Is there any reason why we would set this to no?
  7. mithcd

    Lahbas's Opinions/Suggestions Thread

    One of my colleague was already able to create new candidates. I guess that takes care of the first issue.
  8. mithcd

    Editing Electoral Divisions

    Thanks for confirming this. Next month is actually earlier than I anticipated. +1
  9. Can someone please be kind enough to post the download link?
  10. mithcd

    Proportional Representation

    Thanks. Count me in on the PR to the general election.
  11. mithcd

    Weimar Republic 1933 - Download here

    Theoryspark? Can you post the URL please?
  12. mithcd

    Cyberia Forever

    Thanks for putting this up. Has anyone tried this scenario already?
  13. mithcd

    Weiner For President

    I would like to have this too. I would like to try out Weiner and see how it works out.
  14. mithcd

    Compliments and Questions

    Maybe it's still cached. Theoretically, it should go away after a reboot though.
  15. Thanks for the confirmation. I would like to have this too. +1 on this.