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  1. Australia 2004

    Photos for me are actually helpful. Some people just want to look at a photo and not having to read the name. I mean, the game experience gets better.
  2. Game Crashes after Election Night

    This could possibly be a local issue to the PC. How many times did this crashed for you?
  3. Kickstarter President Forever 2016 campaign launched!

    I like that so far. +1
  4. 2015 UK General Election scenario thread

    Send one this way please. mithcd12@gmail.com
  5. Scotland UK

    Is there a new/updated link for this yet?
  6. FPTP for early elections

    Quick question please. Is there any reason why we would set this to no?
  7. Lahbas's Opinions/Suggestions Thread

    One of my colleague was already able to create new candidates. I guess that takes care of the first issue.
  8. Editing Electoral Divisions

    Thanks for confirming this. Next month is actually earlier than I anticipated. +1
  9. Can someone please be kind enough to post the download link?
  10. Proportional Representation

    Thanks. Count me in on the PR to the general election.
  11. Weimar Republic 1933 - Download here

    Theoryspark? Can you post the URL please?
  12. Cyberia Forever

    Thanks for putting this up. Has anyone tried this scenario already?
  13. Weiner For President

    I would like to have this too. I would like to try out Weiner and see how it works out.
  14. Compliments and Questions

    Maybe it's still cached. Theoretically, it should go away after a reboot though.
  15. Thanks for the confirmation. I would like to have this too. +1 on this.