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  1. Apologies if this has been covered already, i had quick scan through the forums, but couldn't see anything. i was wondering if there was any plans to expand the recently released Florida Senatorial campaign to involve a primary campaign? i have always wanted more state based races (and official ones as i find a number of the user based ones don't worry terribly well), but always enjoy planning the long game through the primaries, developing my candidate to a place i am happy with and coming into the election read y to go, rather than trying to catch up during the short campaign. obviously some smart arse might just tell me to do it myself if i want it, but i freely admit i dont have the skills or the time. I just hope the fantastic developers of this game might be able to tell me they are going to continue to develop this scenario.
  2. is there a possibility of creating user defined lists, particularly for use with ad running? the reason i find quite a lot of my time in the game is taken up starting ads (for example, i constantly run at least one add all the time in every state with 6 or less electoral votes, and the equivalent in the primaries). this amounts to almost half the states however, and the constant clicking gets a bit repetitive. There already is the option to run in targeted states, however i use targeting for big, important states, not small cheap ones. One user defined list (as a minimum, more would be great), would allow me to set this up first turn and click the button every time i wanted to run a new add in those states, ad hey presto i would imagine i could save at least 50% of time in a campaign, allowing me to play and complete more games :-)
  3. that is great to know and i will eagerly await developments
  4. i know it was not everyone's cup of tea, but i absolutely loved the weekly turns during the primaries in the 08 version. i felt it became far easier and quicker to find out of an insurgent campaign was going to come off (quick endorsers, momentum and first primaries) and therefore allowed me to bail if things did not go well. now, i have to invest a long amount of game time till 4 or so primaries are gone and especially during the primaries, i am just repeating the same set of actions over and over again (targeting, endorsers, debate, knowledge and building campaign). i was wondering if there is any chance that this option could be revived, but to have it as an option alongside day by day (as i know some people like that option). could a player select at the start of the primaries whether to play either way, or even switch between the two during the campaign, as it becomes necessary to make decisions on a day by day basis. to be honest, i have found myself not playing pe16 because of the time commitment and feel weekly turns allow a slightly different game to take place
  5. Tayya thanks for getting back to me and i look forward to the next version, there is certainly a solid scenario here on the targeting, polling etc, i understand how difficult this can be to get right, especially when no one has created a scenario like this. one idea i had for scaling the costs would be to have the same (or similar where there is a reason) ratio as in the main game. for example, in the main game, both parties start with funds somewhere in the region of $80 million targeting is $1k per region per turn, so roughly 0.001% of your total starting money. You start with $100k in this scenario, so the same ratio would be $10. Now this might be too small, but maybe $100 would not be. applying the same logic, foot soldiers could be $10 / $50 per turn and polling could maybe be $500 or so. these numbers don't seem like much, but when added together they do add up quickly and would make the user think about what they wanted to focus on. on the adds, i like how you have tried to set the costs to represent how important adds are in a contest like this, my feeling would be though to make the creation quite cheap (creating adds is not that expensive a business), but maybe the running could be a little more expensive (maybe say roughly 15k per turn for all regions, rather than 11k). This would stop the user from simply flooding the airwaves with all the adds they have created, but give them to chance to focus on the right add (from a campaign point of view, the campaign manager needs to make a decision based on the correct add, creating is an easy business)
  6. Have now played though for the first time and enjoyed the scenario. A couple of points to think about: 1. it would be helpful to look at money in the scenario and (if possible) re-jig the costs of some of the actions. For context, i used my veep to fund raise almost every turn, as well as ECBs two main surrogates for each of their 25 turns (x 3 i think). I also did some fundraising with my candidate at times. I received the backing of most of the endorsers (maybe $250k total?). I raised a total of just over $4 million in the primaries and general and spent it all. I think the ad running cost is good for the amount of money in the game, i had to be quite restrained during the game and could not just run unlimited adds (maybe i ran 1 add 50% of the time and at the end of the gereral ramped it up to 2, then 4 in the last week. However (and i wonder if this is a general game setting, or something that can be changed?) the cost for some of the political activities in the areas can get quite prohibitive. For example, 10k for 5 turns per region to run polling is completely impossible and i had to completely ignore this the cost of targeting and organisation in a region is also a lot and i think most of my money went into these activities and i had to stop increasing organisation (this looks like the same amounts as the main us pres 2016 scenario, is this something that can't be changed?) I also mentioned above, but i think the add creation cost is too much. It is impossible to try and wait for very successful adds (and have found this can make difference in very tight races) and backfired adds can really hurt the campaign (missing a turn of adds i feel is bad enough, never mind the cost). If possible i would suggest you look at decreasing the cost as 10k, 20k and 50k are too expensive given the money available in the game. 2. there is something wrong with the redistribution of delegates in the GOP nomination. they went in deadlocked, remaining candidates eliminated, but no delegates awarded to top 2. this the winner was just the one with more delegates going in. 3. having no cut off for delegate numbers in the gop primaries has very weird effects. candidates getting <1% were picking up quite a few delegates and no one got close to the winning post. Could a 5% or 10% cut off, eliminate the complete no-hopers? 4. think this one is maybe more a pe12/16 problem, but i have found that defeated candidates in the rival party do not get removed and i wonder whether this is not having an effect on momentum during the game. For example, in my game grooms won the nomination, but sarnford remains in the momentum lists and it is his momentum that appears on the first screen, rather than Grooms's. Thus, it seemed to me nothing much happened in the general even though i had groomes at -ve momentum throughout. Sarnfords momentum was not overly negative and the polls remained very steady (i had constantly +ve momentum, over 5 for the majority of the game, if not more). As it was i went into the election with 49.5% and groomes 47%. The momentum difference then played out on election night as i won by 10 points. It does feel though that my campaign warranted the polls changing more. Why i think it may be a programming / game problem is that I also had a similar issue when playing latest release of 2016 scenario. Christie won the GOP nom, but Rubio stayed in the game and his momentum was the one shown. the polls stayed very steady throughout (again despite me having v positive momentum with clinton and christie having very -ve. i did not campaign against rubio (why would i) and his momentum was near 0) but i destroyed christie on election night, winning 65% of the vote. My main worry with this is that i could run the best campaign and nothing much happens, and the have a disaster in the last week (scandals / backfired adds etc) / run out of money early, have poor momentum on election night and lose the election despite the previous 8 weeks. I also feel the primaries are too dependent on late momentum (especially when there is a large % undecided) and feel that something should be put in place to gradually decrease the undecided in the last month or so before the primary (i imagine this is what should happen/ but often i have seen 30% undecided on primary election day). anyway hope some of this helps and keep up the good work as this was a very enjoyable scenario to play and looking forward to more
  7. thanks for the clarification i think this would be very helpful for ongoing play-ability of the game as many of the user created scenarios from 2008 would have benefited from this
  8. Just downloaded and will be interested to see how it plays. initial first impressions (very quick): 1. could the electoral votes in the general election not be done by PR rather than winner takes all. Something that has always irked me about these types of scenarios (governors, senate, house etc) is that the general election is in no way representative of the actual election. PR in the general would mean that people would have to campaign everywhere (not just in large voting parts parts) and i feel you could make it far more realistic (is there a limit on overal EV's, or could the EVs match the number of voters in the area?). If you can't use PR for the general, is this something that the developers could make possible in future releases? 2. i believe South Carolina's 1st district is very conservative? The only real reason it was competitive was because of sarnford. Should the issue center for the general not be more to the right (i understand this might make a dem win very hard, however i don't think the majority of rep candidates were to the right of the electorate. Maybe you have a good reason for this and if so, fair enough. 3. are the ads not too expensive based on starting funds? starting with 100,000k and having to spend 10k on the basic tv ad seems excessive. I believe that adds cost 10k in the US pres 16 version, should this not be scaled down a bit? anyway these are first thoughts and will post more as i play
  9. Was wondering if anyone had played through the 1912 scenario? i have played it and found it to have one MAJOR problem at least. The Adverts you can run are both far too cheap, $311 or so dollars for the entire!!!!! counrty per turn, and far too powerful. Considering that it is easy to fundraise into the millions, i could easily run almost unlimited adverts if i wanted (the only constraint being actually making them) and anyone who has played the game will see the issue of lots of cheap, powerful adverts. Using 3 adverts every turn for me, I had almost constant positive momentum of over 15 a turn. I had Debs (the socialist candidate) ahead in the polls (he starts at 0, or as near to as makes no difference) with 41% of the vote, dominating the electoral college (its a 3 way fight). Within about a month and a half running 3 adverts against the republican candidate, he was reduced to 19%, after starting at 45% or so and well in the lead (there are 25% undecided at the start). The above makes the scenario far too easy and realistically unplayable. Has anyone else noticed this? (i cant even modify the numbers as the files are locked)
  10. as far as i know, you will have to pay for the new game. this is not an update, but a new game. I have bought it, so glad i did after a few early teething problems. cant wait for extra scenarios as well
  11. Hi everyone i was just wondering if anyone is planning on creating extra scenarios for p4e12. i loved playing the user created ones in 08 and thought it was a great bonus for the game that people do this. I have not seen any chat about this yet, so was wondering if anyone was planning any? Also, does anyone know if the p4e08 scenarios can be easily changed to work on 12, or are there amjor changes beyond the interface? thanks Alex
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