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  1. Didnt even know he was running.
  2. I think it's hilarious that whenever a candidate entertains a third party run it seems to be one side that freaks out atleast this election cycle. It tells me their candidate is absolutely garbage.
  3. You're right but as you know all it takes is for a small % to make a movement look bad. I was part of the Tea Party movement. Most of those people are good people who had enough then you had the few show up with racist signs directed at Obama. Guess how it was portrayed?
  4. If he and the Republican Congress were smart they would try rolling out some sort of real criminal justice reform. I'm getting a litted annoyed with the BLM protests in my city. This weekend they blocked a bar district and destroyed some windows to a historic bar and demand it be torn down because supposedly 200 years ago the building participated in slave trade. The bar owners are very active in the community and I very much doubt are racist. If Biden continues his basement campaign and some of these protests keep damaging stuff I think people are going to become annoyed with it. What I guess I'm trying to say is it's the perfect opportunity for Trump to take the lead on.
  5. Man you nailed it and I was kinda hinting at that with my last post. Also I'll say I just watched Trumps Mt. Rushmore speech. Look I dont like the guy and wont vote for him but I think tonight might have been one of his best speeches. I havent looked at the polls of the whole statue thing or renaming the Washington Redskins. I will say the American left had a good damn point on things like criminal justice reform and police reform but they stepped on their dicks with the "defund police" thing. Now theres a small group that is going after Mt. Rushmore? They have taken something (George Floyd) and turned into something that is nothing about that. What I saw tonight was Trump finding his voice and doing what he does best fighting. That paired with the econurarging economic numbers might not be enough to get him re elected but say hes able to continue those two things stated above and covid settles down a bit we are in for a much closer race than what some are forecasting in this thread.
  6. No and I dont think he will lose by 10%. I also dont show polls that show Biden competitive or ahead in places like MO, TX, etc. You can argue Trump has taken his hardest punches (covid and protests) and hasnt yet thrown any punches at Biden. Part of the reason Biden is ahead so much is because hes pretty much remained in his basement while Trump has gotten infront of the mic and made an ass out of himself. At some point Biden will address the public and I have no doubt he'll make gaffes like he always does. I still think Biden wins but it's going to be around 4%.
  7. New polls show him losing outside of the margain on error in swing states and Biden trending at or above 50%. That is not good for Trump. I dont think Clinton was ever at that point.
  8. Omorosa sp? Claimed to have some stuff of him using slurs on tape. Say a tape comes out with him using the N word gets released. Youd have to think that would have some damaging effects.
  9. Those stories will heavily dominate October IMO and could sway things. I am surprised Trump is not completely out of it at this point which tells me its going to get very ugly.
  10. Oh come on! These arent ordinary times and we have 2 gaffe machine candidates. What are people holding onto? My guess? My sexual assault allegations vs Biden and we will have tape of Trump either using racial slurs or implying some sort of racial insult.
  11. Well despite the worst 2 weeks for any presidential candidate he appears to he near the margain of error in swing states. So theres that.
  12. I think the Democratic primaries showed how disliked Hillary really was. She really had trouble putting Sanders away in a 1 vs 1 race while Biden had no issues. We tend to forget how close last election was and it seemed like Hillary didnt exactly get the minority vote out while let's be honest Biden crushed the field with blacks and will win over Latinos rather easily. Even if Trump recovers I think Biden has a built in fire wall. Also the Biden gaffes were mentioned and that's legit especially if you look at his last interview with Charlamange. His handlers have done a good job at keep him in hiding. I think the COVID stuff does him a favor he doesnt have to go out on the trail and tell people he disagrees with to vote for someone else like he did during the primaries. Only way I think Trump wins is if the economy recovers and COVID becomes an after thought with some Biden debate meltdowns that end up suppressing the voter turnout.
  13. Losing in all the swing states albeit within the margain of error in alot of polls. He has the lowest favorability since Carter at this time. It seems as though the only good news is the economy is coming back yet he keeps tweeting about nonsense. He barely won last time and I would say that's because of the emails and the FBI made a statement about it just a few weeks before the election. The Hunter Biden stuff seemed somewhat effective several months ago but now it may not matter if Republicans try and make that a scandal again. So how does Trump win?
  14. Not really news I dont think any Republican outpolls Obama. The good news for Trump is Obama isnt on the ticket and the guy hes going against is a gaffe machine.
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