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  1. peleus

    Will seat-level issue_centers work in PM4E?

    Just a quick one, has anyone found a work around on this yet?
  2. peleus

    Problems with new scenario PM4E 2011

    Any luck with this yet? At first glance, I think you're running this under a limited user profile. Try using it as admin.
  3. peleus


    Any news about the candidates images not being displayed?
  4. peleus

    A Question

    Hi, is this the fix?
  5. peleus

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Joe Biden added in 2016 please.
  6. It's quite a pretty old one already but is there a URL download link available by any chance please?
  7. peleus

    campagin/candidate editor

    I don't think there's on out there yet but would be nice if someone can show us one.
  8. peleus

    Region Limit in Chancellor Forever 2009

    Hi. Can anyone share their thoughts on this please?
  9. peleus

    Russia 2012

    Any news on Russia 2012 scenario yet? If it's already out?
  10. peleus

    How to create a new scenario?

    Hi Chris, got any luck on this one yet?
  11. peleus

    Alternate history - UK

    This one is too tough to create since it has a lot of condition. It's just for me though but have you found any way for this?
  12. peleus

    Fresh Install Files

    Just a quick question, can this single file be downloaded anywhere on this site?