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  1. celavey


    I would say that this is a nice post about Crusaders. Haven't read anything like this yet. Thanks.
  2. celavey

    Discussion: French Presidential Election 2012

    Have anyone been starting with this scenario yet?
  3. celavey

    Looking for Maps

    It seems like nothing ever made one yet.
  4. celavey

    Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.1.2

    Thanks for sharing.
  5. celavey

    PMFE Scenario Creation Guide

    I agree to that. A very informative step by step guide. Just got an idea for future scenarios.
  6. This tip seems to work. I guess it is better to be aware, though I'm still not sure that you do mean that it gets corrupted in some way.
  7. celavey

    Polish scenario ?

    If this is the case, I would be glad to help.
  8. celavey

    Scenario Creation Wish List

    Agreed. You can't simply rely on one thing to another if you are getting a hard choice on some point.
  9. celavey

    P4E8 1960 scenario

    I will definitely like to try this scenario..
  10. What software you used to create this map?
  11. celavey

    How do you make a map?

    You can use any other software if you want to work on maps easily, but MS Paint will do.
  12. celavey

    Different Games?

    The only options are these 2 scenarios? What about these days?
  13. celavey

    Help need with map

    It seems like this doesn't work. Should it be on MS Paint?
  14. celavey

    Quebec scenarios

    I am also looking for such scenario. Is anyone can provide, I would like to get a hand of it.
  15. celavey

    Caribbean Republic - 2010

    Not bad on your first try. Keep it up and you should catch up with everyone.