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  1. keiooz

    Egypt Presidential 2011

    Can you share this to me? keiooz@yahoo.com
  2. keiooz

    UN Secretary General - 2006

    I've been thinking where to start between Peacekeeping and War on Terror... Any suggestions?
  3. keiooz

    Rhode Island 2010

    I agree though there are some trick that needs to be done depending on the scenario..
  4. keiooz

    New Scenario

    I am interested on what will it come up. I could help as well.
  5. keiooz

    Historical Scenarios yet to have been created

    US Presidential Election 1876...
  6. keiooz

    GOP Progressive's New Scenarios

    Right. I will definitely anticipate for this one..
  7. keiooz

    Rabbit Hash Mayoral - 2008

    I just learned about this Goofy scenario a week ago. Will you still pursue this one? It would be great once you get it started.
  8. keiooz

    Ugandan Presidential Elections 2011

    I've been a taker once for this scenario. How is it these days?
  9. keiooz

    France's 2012 Presidential Election

    Any good update on this so far since couple of months have passed..
  10. keiooz

    Prime Minister-Forever British creation

    I guess noone does it yet.. Were you able to create yours?
  11. keiooz

    advice on map creation?

    It seems like fun. I will check this one out and do it later on. Thanks for sharing.
  12. keiooz

    Sweden 2010 and other stuff

    I also need it. Thanks for sharing the map.
  13. In North Carolina, this law has just been banned by voters.
  14. keiooz

    Lyndon High School

    Me too... keiooz@yahoo.com
  15. keiooz


    Same here. I am definitely glad to help.. keiooz@yahoo.com