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  1. As a frontrunner... Don't accept public funding and spend spend spend. A lot of the time I can run TONS of negative ads in the summer that ruin my opponent. If you win the primaries early, boost up your issue knowledge and debate prep to maximum. Usually the high profile you've given yourself from your ads will give you interview requests every day in the general. ACCEPT THEM. You will be covered in the papers for your great interview performance every day. Spin that news so it lasts in the paper. Keep adding foot soldiers with extra CPs. Let your VP do whatever work you need if you run out of EPs from your activities. With a strong candidate, it's easy to win every state. I never run as third party candidates, so I don't really have any advice.
  2. Would the NDP even run candidates in this election? They're pretty anti-senate, aren't they?
  3. It shows up, state-by-state, under the strategy tab. It's actually really useful. But I did really like the "upward arrow" momentum visual on each state in the 2008 game. I would love to see that return.
  4. I managed to win the Presidency once with Bachmann, but it was only after winning Iowa and getting the endorsements of the other conservatives left in the race. So it doesn't really count. On my own though, I managed to win quite a few primaries with Bachmann in a different game (only people like Johnson and Hunstman and Santorum had dropped out). I'm pretty pleased with myself. Perry kept getting momentum shifts. Meanwhile, I got virtually nothing off double wins in New Hampshire and Iowa (I guess because the results were so close). I mostly barnstormed on leadership, War on Terror, and Military Intervention (I think... I did this some time ago... I just remember I used the only "+1s" for Bachmann in Iowa and NH). I'd tried in other games to win Iowa and South Carolina, but I was finding that whatever little momentum I'd get in Iowa would be long gone by the time SC came around. My strategy for Iowa and New Hampshire basically relied on winning debates and getting last-minute endorsements.
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