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  1. I'd love to see the platforms talk to each other to allow for full-party play. For instance -- Let's say I'm playing Barack Obama in President Forever 2012. I win by a huge margin -- 55 percent of the popular, over 400 electoral votes -- winning swing states like FL and NC by healthy margins and even turning red states like AZ, GA, and IN blue. That sort of top-of-the-ticket landslide should create a Congress 2012 alternate scenario -- giving Dems boosts in House and Senate races where Obama character dominated or built a major footsoldier infrastructure to win. I'd also like to see continu
  2. Yes, this. Also, allow Congress Forever to play as a one-year campaign instead of a two-month campaign. Allow the party committees to get involved in primary races, if they see fit, and special election races. One of the major downsides to Congress Forever is the unrealistic competitiveness of some exceptionally weak candidates, especially in the Senate scenario. Connecticut and Delaware should NOT be anywhere close to competitive with McMahon and O'Donnell as the nominees. But allow for players to play the 2012 election starting one year from Election Day and suddenly the whole game is way
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