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  1. bump, i would like this secanario, nomerduck@gmail.com i simply must have any secnario where israel is included, there is a big lack of them.
  2. nomerduck@gmail.com , please.
  3. Repubican

    All-Star Presidential Race

    can you send it to nomerduck@gmail.com ?
  4. Repubican

    All-Star Presidential Race

    what's the difference between the new and old version?
  5. Repubican

    All-Star Presidential Race

    i'll be happy to get it. nomerduck@gmail.com
  6. Repubican

    NYC 2013

    actualy, it is get. but i just noticed it. lol.
  7. Repubican

    One World Government 2017

    are you still working on it?
  8. Repubican

    NYC 2013

    i'll be happy to get it when it done for nomerduck@gmail.com
  9. Repubican

    One World Government 2017

    your'e right, he is able to hide his bad job very well. i think he should be Leadership 3, integrity 4, issue familitary 3 (remember this is the world, and obama isn't so good about Foreign relations), charistma 5, stamina 4, debating 3.
  10. is there any israel elections secnario for p4e 2008? if there's no such a secnario, can anyone think about making one? i can help with everything about the partys and candidates.
  11. Repubican

    Need Scenarios

    i'd like both secnarion, too. nomerduck@gmail.com
  12. I will like a copy too. nomerduck@gmail.com
  13. Repubican

    One World Government 2017

    i don't think burqas is a world wide issue, but the others are great idea. the israeli-arabian conflict should probably fit in only one issue, and system of goverment can be interesting too. somethink like far left will be communism, far right anarchia or dictaturism, and the other will be capitalism and socialysm in few levels.
  14. Repubican

    SEQUEL: Romney Term Limited

    thanks, i'll try it! and just interesting, how did you know about julian castro? i mean, he must be unknown politician now.