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  1. The celebrity crusader sounds pretty awesome. for the Lib Dems maybe John Cleese. anyways could you send me a copy losparks@live.ca thanks
  2. Could i get em' all, please and thanks losparks@live.ca
  3. nvm i was thinking of someone else from the Social Credit/ Alliance then
  4. K couple problems with some of the Candidates. Randy Thorensteinson is dead....he killed himself also the Candidates for the Alberta party were Glenn Taylor, Tammy Maloney, Lee easton and Randy Royer as for Pannu for NDP, hes not running and hes far too old to run again so i'd say either Ray Martin, Brian Mason, Rachel Notley or David Eggan
  5. Played the 2001 scenario of Premier forever Alberta as the new democrats under Raj Pannu Results: Progressive Conservatives..... 39 seats 37% popular vote New Democratic Party ......... 39 seats 41% popular Vote Alberta Liberal Party......... 4 seats 16% popular vote Alberta First................. 1 seat 1% popular vote Just before election night i formed a coalition with the Liberals, they took me over the edge and we formed a MAJORITY government.
  6. I played premier forever (Alberta) and i played the 1986 scenario and i played as the surging ND's here are the very unfair results PC's won a razor thin majority with 43 seats and 38% of the pop. vote the ND's became official opposition with a huge caucus (for an opposition party in Alberta) I got 37 seats (mostly urban) and 43% of the popular vote the Liberal Party got a single seat and their leader was elected and they got 8% of the vote the representative party under ray speaker got 2 seats and 6% of the vote, electing walt buck and ray speaker. The reason i think the popular vote had such a large gap was because in most of the seats i'd won as the ndp (which where in edmonton) i got easily above 70% with the largest landslide seat being Ray Martins with 84% and the Liberals had taken traditional tory votes away in Edmonton and reduced the pc to under 10% in most parts of the city exept ofcourse the Premiers seat which he won by a small margin. and ruraly the PC's beat out my candidates with 50% to 55% in most cases.
  7. HAHAHAHA that would never ever happen in Alberta and the socreds 1 seat? interestig... where? and the pc just 15 seats under klein would have been an impossiblity unless the vote between the AA and the PC was evenly split everywhere and the liberals came up the middle.
  8. I played Canada - 2011 as The Bloc Québecois It started out with PM Harper in the Lead and projected to get a minority government (about 149 seats) The Liberals as Official opposition with about 66 seats and the bloc as third party with 46 seats (me) and the NDP at 32 I campaigned hard and media blitzed the province and fundraised like mad eventualy i was projected to be official opposition in a harper majority about 66 (for me) and a wafer thin majority of 157 for the conservatives so i took action (as the bloc throughout the campaign tried to convince canadians to return a minority) i used my saved up money and ran nation wide attacks on the Conservative party and their polling numbers eventually tanked below the NDP the liberals started to get close to the majority mark too so by the end of the campaign I attacked them nation wide as well. It was kinda funny to see them sink to the result of 34 seats (the number of seats they hold now now it was a NDP minority projection (with 109 seats) with a Bloc official opposition this time with all 75 Quebec seats because of my national campaigns of ABC and ABL the number of undecideds rose to being the highest with 31% At the end of the night the undecideds (well most of them) went to the NDP and they won a minority government RESULTS NDP: 139 (30%) Bloc: 75 (21%) Con:57 (22%) Lib:30 (17%) Grn:6 (10%) ind:1
  9. could you send it to me? losparks@live.ca
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