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  1. psublue

    2015 UK General Election scenario thread

    Can I have a copy? seanmurphy1808@gmail.com
  2. psublue


  3. psublue


    can i get a copy of this scenario? seanmurphy1808@gmail.com
  4. Can I get this? seanmurphy1808@gmail.com
  5. Can I get this scenario? seanmurphy1808@gmail.com
  6. psublue

    President Dukakis - 1992

    Can I get the link to this scenario? seanmurphy1808@gmail.com
  7. psublue

    RobertFK's Scenario

    Can I get these scenarios? seanmurphy1808@gmail.com
  8. Can I get this scenario? seanmurphy1808@gmail.com
  9. psublue

    UK Parliament 1983-1987

    Are you including Denis Healey and Tony Benn as possible alternative Labour Leaders?
  10. psublue

    Labour leadership, by New Keynesian

    I'll take it! Who are the candidates? seanmurphy1808@gmail.com
  11. How do you create scenarios on the British version?
  12. psublue

    1992-1997 election scenario

    I did but when I click can editor then it just tells me to check it out under programs. Then when I click it there it only shows the 2005 scenario, none of the others.
  13. psublue

    1992-1997 election scenario

    I just tried to do that and when I went to save the notes adding a new candidate it said access denied?
  14. I would love to learn how to create new scenarios.
  15. psublue

    1992-1997 election scenario

    I don't know who posted the new scenario from 1992-1997 but it was a great idea and a great scenario. A couple things though, it starts off with Tony Blair as the only option for Labour leader. I tried adding John Smith and/or Gordon Brown as an alternative option but only Michael Foot is an available alternative. When you go to candidate editor, the only scenario you are able to edit is the 2005 election. Does anybody know how else to add a new candidate? Or could someone show me how to create a new scenario to start it over?