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  1. Something simple i would like to see added is being able to export the election results to a text file. So you can read the data a little easier. Like with the states final vote count, voter turn out, finances, etc
  2. I decided to take a run at the 2004 election with Howard Dean. In the primaries I took the early win in Iowa and almost won New Hampshire and ended up launching a massive advertising campaign to pick up alot of states it would have came down to the Convention but with Edwards withdrawal I was able to barely snag a win in June I ended up picking Kerry as my VP and starting to campaign heavily in the east after running out of funds in mid October I could only barnstorm and use my crusaders effectively in some of the close states, Florida, Illinois and the Carolinas It was just as close for the General Election as it was for the Primaries Final Results Dean 49.9% Bush 50.1% Key and close states New Mexico Dean-50.9% Bush-49.1% Illinois Bush-50.9% Dean-49.1% Florida Bush-50.8% Dean-49.2 North Carolina Dean-51% Bush-49% South Carolina Bush-50.4% Dean-49.6%
  3. I dont believe is he under that investigation anymore?
  4. Ive done that but the scenarios that arent even there are still showing up and i cant figure out why
  5. I want to completely remove all of the edited and added scenarios from my pc so i can reinstall president forever I have tried this by uninstalling it and it still does not work They reappear in the game listing with all data and fully functioning PLEASE HELP!!
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