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  1. A few ideas for the 2012 game, some big some small: - Putting states in your strategy should make it easier to gain traction there (Santorum in the midwest, Paul in caucus states). - "Add caucus states to strategy" "Add proportional states to strategy" and "Add winner take all" states to strategy buttons for convenience. - A fourth slot in theme, most candidates run on their experience, leadership, and integrity, but they also have a cause or issue. Conservatism, Liberty, Change, Patriotism, or even specific issues such as Outsourcing and Campaign Finance. - Make it so candidates who are
  2. Another addition needs to be momentum from second and third place in early states. I played Keyes in the '96 mod and got second place in Alaska 1 point behind Buchanan, but didn't nab any momentum off of barely losing.
  3. Some President Forever ideas: Some mechanic to make your supporters more dedicated. Getting supporters is one thing, keeping them is another. As we've seen with this election cycle people like Perry, Cain, and Gingrich can get supporters, but can't hold on to them. Romney and Paul on the other hand can keep their supporters, Paul more-so than Romney but some Romney supporters are fairly ardent. Straw polls, of course. State and county tea parties and interest groups for endorsers. Media relations. The ability to deal with the media, get it to pay attention to you, and to keep it from bein
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