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  1. jaminup93

    All-Star Presidential Race

    I received it, thanks!
  2. jaminup93

    All-Star Presidential Race

    Can I get this resent to me? I lost my copy. Jamesjknupp@aol.com
  3. Title: Governor Name: Wesley LaFave Age:44 Party: Independent (Republican off by-default) Political Influence Points:15 State: Wisconsin County: Racine Starting Funds: $3,,500,000 Description: A former 3 term Congressman from the Wisconsin 1st, and current two-term governor of Wisconsin Wesley LaFave is a Republican turned Independent. A fiscal and social moderate, he has managed to bring Democrats and Republicans to the table, cutting state expenses and raising state revenues. His crowning social achievement was getting the state to repeal its gay-marriage banning constitutional amendment. Now running for President, can he use his across the aisle credentials to woo the country? Avatar: Stephen Culp (http://www.realsea.net/photo/Steven-Culp77550.jpg) How Well Known: 3 Established: 2 Leadership: 4 Integrity: 3 Experience: 4 Issues: 3 Charisma: 4 Stamina: 3 Debating: 3 Basic Political Views: Fiscal center right (except taxes, center left), Social center left, Foreign Policy center Crusaders: Nadia LaFave ( 0 pips, 1 power) John Volkov (2 pips, 3 power)
  4. jaminup93

    Question about Campeigns Forever

    No, there isn't a version for 2016 yet.
  5. jaminup93

    game record

    Played 1848 as Van Buren, the Free Soiler again. This produced an interesting result where Cass came in third in the popular vote by a significant margin, but second in the EC by a significant margin too. Also, winning Delaware by a single vote. Holy crap.
  6. jaminup93

    SEQUEL: Romney Term Limited

    I'd suggest Lisa Madigan of Illinois as a Dem. She'll most likely be the next governor.
  7. jaminup93

    game record

    Here's my first play through on the new engine. I played as Huntsman, focusing on New Hampshire early on. My goal was to keep quietly in third in the polls, but garner delegates while Romney and Gingrich fought each other. I manged to pick up several large states and turned the race into a three way split. By the end of the primaries, I was behind Gingrich by 2% in the polls, but ahead by 15 delegates, while Romney was only behind me by 0.5%, and almost 60 delegates behind.The convention allowed me to pick up the win (I believe through a glitch). I picked Christie as my running mate. I spent every cent I had on ads and created a comfortable lead over Obama/Clinton.
  8. jaminup93

    Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.4

    At the convention, it was a three way split between Huntsman, Gingrich, and Romney. When the candidates dropped out, neither Gingrich or Huntsman would gain any delegates at all. So over 700 delegates just disappeared.
  9. jaminup93

    Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.4

    Also, the Huntsman PAC doesn't do anything outside of Alabama ever.
  10. jaminup93

    Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.4

    I've been having an issue where as Huntsman, I'll have a 95 ranking with endorsers for the whole primary, not one of them will endorse me, and giving them PC does nothing. I'll be the number one ranked for endorsement, then suddenly it'll go to Romney.
  11. jaminup93

    Walker Recall

    Feingold won't run in the recall since Walker's approval ratings have mellowed out recently. He'll run in 2014 though against Walker when he;s more vulnerable again.
  12. jamesjknupp@aol.com please.
  13. jaminup93

    Senate 2006

  14. jaminup93

    United States 2012 - UK Style

    Actually, download 7Zip. No scam surveys, viruses, anything. Just a free program.