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  1. How come whenever I chnage the name of a party in this scenario the poll rating in the game for that party show 0%, even though in individual seats the poll ray=ting is the same as it would usual be, on no other scenario has this happened, does anyone know how to fix it?
  2. Skippy

    Scotland UK

    Looks pretty good EDIT: Is there any way you could do the same for Northern Ireland and/or Wales?
  3. Can anyone here give me any help on how to make scenario. Like is there anything like there was for President Forever 2008? (Campaign Forever) EDIT: When a Hung Parliament happens, what can you do to make a coaliton, or before election day when the polls show a hung parliament?
  4. EDIT: Nevermind i already have a scenairo similair to this.
  5. Hvae you made this scenario? I take it you haven't.
  6. Skippy

    Great Britain 1910

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