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  1. Hypothetical forum cabinet

    President: I'd be nervous about it but would do it anyway since I think I have the brains, ambition and cool head for the job. Vice President: I'd do that. A VP doesn't seem to do much but more political experience would be good. Chief of Staff: Sounds boring so no. Sec of State: As a xenophile I would like this. I'm not great at foreign languages but I could learn if the job demanded it. Sec of Treasury: Economics interests me and is important so I would like that. Sec of Defense: Nowadays this would need someone who knows a lot about fighting terrorism whereas I study the big battle kind of stuff so no. Att Gen: Law doesn't interest me. Sec of Interior: Being a fan of nature and much preferring the countryside over urban areas I'd like this. Sec of Agriculture: I don't know much about farming but then again it's rural and important so maybe. Sec of Commerce: I find this interesting and have a good enough grasp of it (or so I think) so yes. Sec of Labor: I'm indifferent to unions so no. Sec of Health & HS: I don't know much about science so probably not. Sec of HUD: Not sure. On the one hand it would be great to improve conditions in cities but then again I fundamentally don't like cities. Sec of Transportation: I guess so. Sec of Energy: I don't know enough about science to do that. Sec of Education: I hate how the education system is run so no. Sec of VA: Yes. I'm not from a military family but it would be good to help people who have been through a lot. Sec of Homeland Sec: I'm too paranoid for that. Nat Sec Adviser: Same as the above UN Ambassador: Weak yes. Trade Rep: Yes (see commerce). Dir. of National Intel.: Too paranoid Office of Mgmt and Budget: Yes Dir. of CIA: Too paranoid Adm of EPA: I care a lot about the environment so yes. Adm of Small Business: I'm big on small business so yes.
  2. Youngest Forum Users

    I learned much more by myself on the internet than in school. The main thing I learned in school is how stupid people are and how nasty people are to those who are different. Secretary of the Interior would certainly be a position I'd like. I like the countryside and all that.
  3. Alabama Special Election.

    Then again Ireland has been hit with its heaviest winds in 50 years and 3 people even got killed as a result (funnily enough the same week that it's depressing meme week and the week that a certain something with a heavy wind related word in its title gets its 2nd episode) so this week I'm not surprised by much.
  4. Youngest Forum Users

    Given my present scenario work I'd say I should get to be the guy who draws up the boundaries haw haw.
  5. Youngest Forum Users

    As a 25 year old I feel odd being among the oldest anything although this being the internet I guess it's not as surprising. Watching the Irish election of 2002 on TV is what started my interest in politics.
  6. Watch NYC Mayoral Debate

    I mourn the loss of factions in the republicrat parties in general. If there were still any considerable number of conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans there wouldn't be so much partisanship.
  7. Watch NYC Mayoral Debate

    Is Dietl more or less crazy than Basil Marceaux?
  8. Feature You'd Most Like to See

    No; on the official 2017 map. This means the constituencies will be in this or that region based on today's boundaries for the sake of simplicity as I don't think I could adjust the map to make the counties as they were back then and in some cases a constituency would have been in 2 different ones of the current regions. That of course is an anachronism but would mean the map will do for scenarios that come after the 1974 boundary changes. The map of mine ain't pretty but I like the level of detail it adds.
  9. Feature You'd Most Like to See

  10. Feature You'd Most Like to See

    British general election of 1964. It's taken me over a month so far what with being sick and adding regions. Last month there was something going around in the first week and only a week after I kicked that another infection was going around and I got that then. I got better a few days ago.
  11. Feature You'd Most Like to See

    That's what I'm doing at the moment for my upcoming scenario.
  12. The 1892 Populist Party Platform Poll

    I meant it would be hard to imagine that someone would be against the entire platform like it says in the last option of 1.
  13. Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Y'know how on the map it'll show the region name? The words in the region name can only be side by side going from left to right but if in the scenario editor you could put the words in the region name one under the other as well it would help when adding new regions so the names of nearby regions don't run into each other.
  14. The 1892 Populist Party Platform Poll

    I find it hard to imagine anyone not supporting any part of the platform if they were in the situation described or even in general. I'd weep for the future as well but I think by now I'm at the acceptance stage.
  15. Catalonia Independence Referendum

    Well I guess supporting a referendum is a position of sorts even if not to any greater extent than in America leaving policy issue x or y up to the states.