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  1. Red Ken wins

    I think to myself that results can turn out so wildly different to the actual results that it's best to put all non undecided voters as committed voters.
  2. Net Neutrality

    As some false flag attack; that they're doing such a bad job on purpose to make government look bad and anarchism appealing at least by contrast? That would be one of the more plausible or should I less implausible conspiracy theories (my personal favourite being one that said all the conspiracy theories people know about just exist to distract attention from the real conspiracy theory).

    It kinda looks like Jeb was holding the world's biggest sausague but it got photoshopped out; which would be understandable as one thing politicians don't do well is look good in photos of them with food.
  4. Old Funky Propaganda Music Video?

    December's a rough month for me too so I understand. I remember seeing said song on The Vault last decade. It's an OK song but I don't think it works propaganda wise although then again I'm already in the west so perhaps I would think that.
  5. Disgusting Manipulation

    The thread title sums up my thoughts about it.
  6. Roleplay Idea: Semi-Historical Moon Roleplay

    OOC: This sounds like Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri albeit nobody murdered the Captain.
  7. Al Franken Resigns

    Such is politics; right is what we do and wrong is what our enemies do. For a country that's mostly made up of de jure Christians there sure is a lot of moral relativism in American politics. I see no more reason to not be a moral absolutist than to not believe that the world really exists and it's not an illusion produced by mad scientists stimulating brains in a vat and worse yet to say that morality depends on the identity of the person/group rather than values like justice or whatever is egotistical. Though I guess one has to be egotistical to want to get elected.
  8. Trump jerusalem decision

    Well if one isn't even trying at something then of course one will suck at it. People will find any similarity between person x that they don't like and x group they don't like but although I'm no fan of Trump it's not he who's a neo nazi though the internet is crawling with supporters of his who are neo nazis. Odd for a bunch of people who hate autistics to hang around on the internet (as if we don't get a rough enough time offline) but then again nothing makes sense any more.
  9. Al Franken Resigns

    It's not a poem; it's from the Book of Ecclesiastes. Technology was a lot less advanced at the time and depending on where one draws the line between this or that it could be dead on or was only at the time. A senet board is a device for amusement and so too is a PS4 so it didn't make a new category that broad although as an individual thing it certainly was new.
  10. The collapse of the French Far-Right and the rise of the Far-Left

    It really is an arbitrary false dichotomy. When terms like liberal conservative and conservative liberal can exist and even be taken seriously you know there's problems.
  11. Trump jerusalem decision

    A small part of me thinks that it will never end and they might even end up shooting at each other from spaceships.
  12. Idea for Election Night simulation

    I'll take his word for it and not test his hypothesis.
  13. Net Neutrality

    I think he meant right as in you're allowed to do something and not as in morally right (which exists whether or not a body is there to promote it) although with today's Rousseau on acid mentality (that freedom is being aloud to do whatever you want) people often lump the two together.
  14. Congress Infinity

    Dead right. Although with how little goes on in my life I have plenty of time to make scenarios.
  15. Map creation guide (paint.net)

    This is handy. I didn't know until now how to get a new map onto the default background without copy and pasting (which can mess the map up a bit).