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  1. That would be interesting... A global energy crisis would be neat. I think its somewhat far fetched to say we will have run out by 2017, but maybe it's going faster than we thought? I could also throw in some issues regarding religion, global warming, guns, burqas, etc.
  2. Scenario posted on 270soft scenarios page. Thanks again to everyone for their help and support in creating this scenario. Honorable mentions to Elliot, Patine, Tom Filurin, ProudBlueDogDem, Tayya, and James Knupp! Enjoy!
  3. Attributes noted, will incorporate several ideas into the game.
  4. Well, there was an old joke i remember my teabagger friends kept telling me... "Why does Obama hate Israel so much? Because he's an alumnus of the other team." Anyway, I think one emerging issue of the One World Government should be the problem of unified parties and conflicting opinions. That would be a major issue in any future hypothetical one world government. But I'm open to any suggestions, as long as we can keep the number of parties and candidates to a managable level. This is probably the biggest challenge I've taken on for a scenario thus far, mostly because a lot of it is hypothetical.
  5. British Conservatives are actually fairly similar to American Democrats.
  6. Will add suggested candidates. Please note that this scenario will take a lot of work just to set up... I think that's probably all the candidates I can plausibly include.
  7. I'm now creating two Islamic Parties... Added... Islamic Justice and Construction (Sunni) -Nouri Al-Maliki Islamic Liberation (Shia) -Ayatollah Khomenei -Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  8. Overall, its a much more polished, realistic, and believable game than the 08 Engine. A major improvement in an already excellent game.
  9. Angela Merkel will be removed from Global Progress. Mahmoud Abbas added to Global Progress.
  10. I think Elliot makes a great point that Shia and Sunni Muslims wouldn't be in the same party. I think I'll seperate them... How do these party names sound? Social Democrats - Francois Hollande (France) - Dilma Rousseff (Brazil) - Manmohad Singh (India) - Jacob Zuma (South Africa) - Jens Stoltenberg (Norway) - Ed Miliband (United Kingdom) Global Progress - Barack Obama (USA) - Angela Merkel (Germany) - David Cameron (UK) - Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (Liberia) United Conservatives - Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel) - William Hague (UK) - Stephen Harper (Canada) - Angela Merkel (Germany) We.R.Earth - Antanas Mockus (Colombia) - Renate K√ľnast (Germany) - Elizabeth May (Canada) Proletarian - Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) - Cristina Kirchner (Argentina) - Raul Castro (Cuba) - Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) - Alexis Tsipras (Greece)
  11. Hey there, This is a scenario that I've been pondering for a while and have finally decided to craft... It's a futuristic and hypothetical setting where the world unites under the banner of the United Nations to form a one world government. Here's the cool part... you get to submit your ideas for the name of the One World Government... AND its parties. So fire away your ideas for parties and such. I'll organize the candidates (prominent global leaders) into the parties that best match their views once your ideas have been submitted. Thanks again! POLLWONK
  12. Greetings, Here is my 1972 scenario in the works... Hubert Horatio Humphrey manages to win the close 1968 Election and defeat Nixon once and for all. However, doubts among hesitant Democrats regarding Vietnam materialize as the war drags on in 'Nam. Coming into 1972, the Republicans have a fit and ready line-up in George Romney, Ronald Reagan, Nelson Rockefeller, and many more. Will the re-energized GOP finally reclaim the White House? Or can Humphrey win a second term? Republicans Gov. George Romney Gov. Ronald Reagan Gov. Spiro Agnew Gov. Nelson Rockefeller Gov. James Rhodes Sen. Clifford Case Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge Democrats Pres. Hubert Humphrey Sen. Eugene McCarthy Sen. George Smathers Gov. Margaret Chase-Smith Please submit your ideas for candidate ratings etc. POLLWONK
  13. I will begin working on 1972 Hubert Humphrey and One World Government 2017... new threads to be posted in just a sec...
  14. It would include numerous important and prominent people from certain regions. For example, in Africa, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and Kofi Annan would all be candidates. In the Middle East, you'd have the Ayatollah, Mahmoud Abbas, and al-Maliki. Asia would sport Hu Jintao, Ban Ki-Moon, Julia Gillard. For Europe, you could throw in Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, etc. It would take leading officials from each corner of the globe and run them in an election. I might need ideas for parties though.
  15. Hey everyone, I wanted to know what scenarios you felt should be created. Please vote in the poll! POLLWONK
  16. This is a 2nd thread about the upcoming "U.S. Presidential Election 2020". This is the sequel to the "United States 2016, President Romney" scenario on the 270soft scenarios forum Here is the candidates attribute list. Feel free to comment and suggest ideas. DEMOCRATIC Governor Julian Castro (L-4... I-3...E-3...IF-4...C-5...S-3...D-3) Govenor Gavin Newsom (L-4... I-2... E-3... IF-3...C-4...S-4...D-3) Senator Kristen Gillibrand (L-3...I-4...E-3...IF-4...C-4...S-4...D-3) Governor Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (L-3... I-3...E-4...IF-4...C-3... S-4...D-4) Governor Corey Booker (L-5...I-3...E-2... IF-4...C-4...S-4...D-4) Mayor Rahm Emanuel (L-3...I-3...I-4...I-4...C-4...S-3...D-4) POSSIBLE CANDIDATES Amy Klobuchar Chelsea Clinton Kay Hagan Maria Cantwell VEEPS Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gov. Mark Warner Sen. Michael Bennett Gov. Brian Schweitzer Sen. Elizabeth Warren Gov. Bill Richardson Gov. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz Gov. Howard Dean Gov. Martin O'Malley May. Rahm Emanuel Gov. Deval Patrick Sec. Janet Napolitano Sen. Sherrod Brown Sen. Dick Durbin Sen. Kristen Gillibrand Gov. Julian Castro Gov. Corey Booker Sen. Amy Klobuchar REPUBLICAN Vice President Paul Ryan(L-4...I-3...E-4...IF-4...C-4...S-4...D-3) Senator Marco Rubio (L-4...I-3...E-3...IF-4...C-5...S-4...D-3) Senator Rand Paul (L-4...I-5...E-3...IF-4...C-4...S-4...D-3) Senator John Thune (L-3...I-4...E-4...IF-3...C-3...S-4...D-3) POSSIBLE CANDIDATES Jon Huntsman Jr. Chris Christie Jim DeMint Kelly Ayotte Ben Quayle Tim Pawlenty VEEPS Rep. Mia Love Sen. Ted Cruz Gov. John Kasich Gov. Chris Christie Sen. Marco Rubio Gov. Bob McDonnell Sen. Mike Lee Sen. Pat Toomey Gov. Sam Brownback Gov. Sean Parnell Sen. Jeff Flake Sen. Rob Portman Gov. Bobby Jindal Sen. John Thune INDEPENDENT Mayor Michael Bloomberg (L-4...I-3...E-3...IF-3...C-3...S-3...D-3) VEEP Gov. Angus King Please submit any suggestions or ideas you have. I need as much feedback as I can get.
  17. Tom, that is the thing about making hypothetical scenarios. A lot of presupositions go into making a futuristic election. I make a couple of assumptions in this game to make it more interesting and to bring about a realistic result. What wwas your point about Bachmann and Pawlenty?
  18. How on earth did I miss this? This looks so awesome!
  19. Tom, I hate to be blunt, but we're talking about ::taps the microphone:: the year 2020... NOT 2016. Joe Biden would be 76 years old in 2016... Hillary Clinton 73... Rudy Giuliani 80... Mike Huckabee would be 65 which isn't too old, but he's probably going to be long forgotten by 2020. I'll consider including him as a VP though. Rubio and Christie are off because MITT ROMNEY IS THE INCUMBENT AND PAUL RYAN IS RUNNING FOR THE PRESIDENCY IN 2020. It is highly doubtful that Rubio or Christie would challenge their own friend and colleague Ryan for the nomination. They're included in the game if the person wants to turn off Ryan (or have crazy fun and have them run against each other) Gary Johnson will also be off the radar by 2020, most probably.
  20. Bobby Jindal would be a possible candidate, though Giuliani would be faaaaar too old. I think he'd be like 80 years old... POLLWONK
  21. EVENTS TIMELINE: December 19, 2019: South Korean Civilian Ships are sunk by North Korean Naval Vessels. More than 400 die in the attacks. December 20, 2019: South Korean President Kim Kwan-Jin orders missile strikes against the North Korean Capital of Pyongyang. December 23, 2019: President Mitt Romney announces he will deploy an additional 20,000 troops to the Korean peninsula to prevent a North Korean invasion. December 26, 2019: North Korean Supreme Ruler Kim Jong-Eun authorizes missile strikes against the South Korean Captital of Seoul. December 28, 2019: The United Nations Security Council votes on Resolution 2467 "condemning North Korean Military Actions against South Korean Civilians". China and Russia veto the Resolution, causing much debate to arise over the UN's legitimacy. December 30, 2019: North Korean Troops open fire on South Korean Troops at the border, war seems unavoidable. January 4, 2020: Russian President Vladimir Putin survives an attempted assassination by a crazed democracy protestor. January 6, 2020: Protests arise in Red Square, demanding Putin step down and that the Russian Federation release the man suspected of attempting to kill Putin (Sergei Kabayvan). January 9, 2020: South Korean President Kim Kwan-Jin requests a two month ceasefire with North Korea. January 13, 2020: Kim Jung Un accepts a 1 month ceasefire with South Korea. January 26, 2020: Russian Troops fire on democracy protestors in Red Square, killing an estimated 4,560 people. January 31, 2020: Democracy protestors militarize and declare attempted assassin Sergei Kabayvan as their President in Opposition. More on the way!
  22. I like the ideas of Sandoval, Haslam, Walker, and Landriu, but the others will be WAAAAAAAAAY too old by 2020. I'll add the others to the game.
  23. Puerto Rico is an interesting idea and it is conceivable that it might become a state, but the real question is when... I find it really hard to think it will happen over the next ten years... more like a quarter century before it would be even possible. Yah, I can add Jesse Ventura as Reform and maybe throw in Michael Bloomberg as an Independent. Tim Kaine may be a bit old for a Presidential Candidate, but I'll add him.
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