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  1. Well, I tried all three. Number 1 worked when I tried to create and save a new scenario. However, I can't figure out how (if) I can save the old scenario I was working on, and it is still acting weirdly in this regard. When I run Campaigns Forever as an administrator, the old scenarios do not appear. When I run it as a non-administrator, however, they do (still get the errors I mentioned earlier). I tried 2 & 3, but the files did not appear. They only appear when I'm working on a new scenario as a non-administrator and I click on, say, change issue icon. They do appear in the window that pops up if I navigate back to the scenarios folder. The computer doesn't seem to think they exist, as I cannot copy them elsewhere, nor can I copy individual folders within them elsewhere. If it matters, there is a little lock on top of the folder icon only on these scenarios. Thanks for helping
  2. There should be the option of buying internet ads.
  3. So, I've been trying to make some scenarios with C4E (I just bought it a few days ago), and for some reason, when I save a scenario, no folder appears in the program files P4E scenario folder. After lots of work on two scenarios this happened. The weird thing was that when I was loading graphics into the game, the folder appeared in the pop up window, but when I went back to the program files manually, there was no folder. After a while, it would still load in C4E, but I would get an error message about not finding an image and to check if the scenario exists. Then I would get the error message: Access violation at address 0040251B in module 'ScenarioConstructor.exe'. Read of address 00000030, whenever I click on one of the steps. Help, I've spent so much time on these scenarios!
  4. That answers the first part, but not the second.
  5. Of all the great things about the game, I had two issues with P4E08 that I hope are addressed in this sequel; I hope they haven't been brought up already (if they have, I would appreciate it if somebody could provide a link or quote to it ) Firstly, one of the few annoying things about P4E08 (mostly a great game) was that underdog candidates would start off with such a huge disadvantage in the general election. For instance, I know Ron Paul would not be as strong against Barack Obama as John McCain, but last time I played as him, Obama won +70% of the vote. Sure, I don't expect Paul to make California a swing state, but I think it is unrealistic for him to start behind Obama in Utah by double digits. After all, there is a significant portion of the population that will vote for a candidate simply because of their party. Certainly Utah shouldn't be 100% guaranteed for the Republican, but it would take a lot more than the nomination of an underdog to make it competitive. Secondly, I was annoyed that the general election map was always be somewhat similar no matter who the nominee was. For example, Mike Huckabee seems to be just as likely to win New Hampshire as Mitt Romney in the game. We know that would not be the case in reality. Similarly, Huckabee should do much better in North Carolina than Romney. This issue is even more obvious on the Democratic side. Obama should not be competitive in West Virginia short of either a double digit lead nationally or excessive campaigning and ads there. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton or John Edwards would make it a swing state from day 1 (maybe even have a slight edge). I would also like to bring up the seeming lack of a home state/region advantage of the Presidential candidate (this directly ties in with what I said above). While it's clear you do have a home state advantage with VP picks, the Presidential candidate doesn't seem to (correct me if I'm wrong), even though they would probably benefit the ticket in their home state/region more than a VP candidate. This would vary from candidate to candidate of course. Some would boost the ticket more in a state that isn't their "home" state. Mitt Romney (in 2012) would get a boost of, at most, a few percentage points in Massachusetts, but he would get a much larger boost in New Hampshire (where he currently lives) and Michigan (where he has strong ties to due to his father). On the other hand, some would boost the ticket in more than one state. John Edwards would probably boost the ticket in most of the south, particularly the poorer southern states (Kentucky, West Virginia, Louisiana). Some candidates would have both things apply to them. Hillary Clinton would probably give the ticket a larger boost in Arkansas and other "border south" states than in New York. Simply put, a Presidential candidate may benefit a ticket more in a state other than their home state, and they may benefit a ticket in more than one state, perhaps a whole region (which doesn't necessarily have to be their home region). Yet this effect doesn't seem to be in P4E08. I hope it is in this sequel. Sorry for the long post (particularly if this has been brought up before).
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