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  1. daons

    AI changes (and it being a little too good)

    @admin_270 I've attached a screenshot from the Massachusetts 1994 scenario from about 2 weeks in from the September start date where I've hit -9 momentum. This may well just be my bad strategy but maybe not. Thanks
  2. daons

    AI changes (and it being a little too good)

    I've also noticed the AI looks a bit overpowered in the latest version (normal mode) The AI does seem to create masses of ads and I'm wondering whether financial restraints/CPs are being ignored and therefore the large number of ads are just causing huge surges in momentum. I've seen at least two campaigns where i've suddenly gone in to -9 momentum and greater, soon leading to campaign collapse despite not having scandals/negative news stories etc. I'm normally good at avoiding that and countering negative momentum before it hits disaster levels although I limit my ad work to basic momentum gathering/swing states until I fundraise enough to not go bankrupt and am close to the election.
  3. daons

    PR Seat App

    Not sure on the ownership of the app or anything as I only recently found it
  4. daons

    PR Seat App

    Found this neat little app for calculating D'Hont, Saint-Lague and Hare-Nimeyer elections. This allows for multiple thresholds in the same election for different groupings (party vs coalition) https://sourceforge.net/projects/seatscalculator/ Now if we could get something like this built in to PMI, CI or even just an app embedded so we can make the calculations ourselves could be a good way to get PR rolling. Thanks
  5. daons

    Updated Patine Planned CI Scenarios

    @NYrepublicanI'm happy to share workload on maps if needed.
  6. daons

    Updated Patine Planned CI Scenarios

    Sure, no problem.
  7. daons

    Updated Patine Planned CI Scenarios

    I've had a go at those maps Soviet region maps.zip
  8. daons

    Updated Patine Planned CI Scenarios

    I'll have a crack at those maps
  9. daons

    Updated Patine Planned CI Scenarios

    For your 1990 Supreme Soviet elections, I have quite an interest in the Baltics (especially Lithuania) and would be happy to help, I could even work on a basic scenario. What data do you have/need as its not the easiest to come by (especially party affiliations for candidates). Thanks
  10. daons

    1994 - House of Representatives

    Version 1 has been posted to the campaigns website; http://campaigns.270soft.com/2018/01/05/1994-house-of-representatives-v-1/
  11. daons

    Alabama Senate Special Election 2017

    Would definitely be interested in this one.
  12. daons

    1994 - House of Representatives

    Wont be going super low but will include the Libertarians/independents as a first release and might go more minor in another version (most likely any party that got over 50k votes nationwide) otherwise you would be looking at groups with less that 0.1%. Not even sure the engine can handle lower percents?
  13. Currently working on a 1994 House of Representatives scenario using the 1996 PI scenario by vcczar as a base for issues. What's done? States, Districts, Electorate estimates. Percentage data for 46 states (GOP, DEM plus Bernie Sanders and second placed independents) To do Candidate strengths in each district 4 = Majority/minority leaders 3 = Other Incumbents 2 = Challengers Polling for NY, CA, PA, TX, Turnout Money/fundraising coefficients Surrogates Advice is appreciated for any issue changes/additions/suggestions Thanks
  14. daons

    Future of PMI poll

    PMI Commonwealth could have a nice ring to it with Australian, Canadian and UK scenarios together etc.
  15. I thought I would share a quick guide to map making for the 270soft games using paint.net 1. Create a new file in Paint.net with the canvass size set to 501 x 381. Find the image you are going to base the map on and paste on to the blank canvass resizing to fit the image on your canvass. Now you need create a new layer Now you have the new layer you need to select the pencil tool and trace the borders, preferably using black but you can use any colour and repaint later. I have used red for this example. Now you can delete the background layer Your map should now look like this; Now you can start to fill in the map and repaint the outlines but when you do this, make sure the anti-aliasing is set to disabled, this will ensure any colour you fill in will not blur. I often fill the background with a different colour to see if the map is clean of other unwanted colours and then use the magic wand feature to select the background and delete it again. Your map should be like this, I use grey for the fill colour as it allows the text to be visible when placing co-ordinates and abbreviations in the PI, PMI editors. I now paste the default background (main-map-background.bmp) as a new layer and set it to a lower priority to the map If all is successful your map will look like this. You will need to merge the two layers and then save as a bitmap image (24 bit) I would also recommend getting used to the various features/functions of paint.net as this will make it easier and quicker to create and edit maps. (and of course practice) https://forums.getpaint.net/forum/18-tutorials-publishing-only/ If anyone has other tips/questions I can amend the tutorial. Thanks