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  1. daons

    Alberta - 2015

    I thought as the original scenario already has its own regions, I have decided for now to release a version using those. I might do another version using the 2019 regions if this version doesn't play well. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2019/10/26/alberta-2015-2/
  2. Hi All, Had anyone ever managed to persuade other parties or candidates to give you PIPs without having to promise the earth? I would imagine it shouldn't be so tricky to persuade parties with no seats that you are on decent relations with in post-election negotiations to give some PIPs as they don't need them. Thanks
  3. daons

    Alberta - 2015

    I'm planning on remaking the Alberta - 2015 scenario from the Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 engine in to the PMI engine but I can't quite decide whether to use the '2019 PMI scenario regions' or the regions used in the original scenario. I'm tempted to go with the 2019 regions to keep a connection to the official 2019 Alberta scenario but it may be that the regions created on the 2011 engine are more appropriate for the 2015 election as I have very limited knowledge on Canadian provincial politics. Any other improvements (issues, parties, candidates etc.) for the remake can be added to the new PMI version also. This is the scenario I'm referring to; http://campaigns.270soft.com/2015/08/04/alberta-2015/
  4. daons


    Hi @Ido how did you work out what percentages you gave to each party in the 'demographics', as some of these blocs have different seats favouring multiple parties. It looks to be an interesting work around and i'd like to know how you calculated them. Thanks
  5. daons

    UK 2019

    That does sound concise.
  6. daons

    UK 2019

    Maybe Antisemitism/Anti-Zionism and Israel/Palestine issues would cover more areas in the equation. It's certainly an interesting area for discussion.
  7. daons

    UK 2019

    The Brexit Party is a must I would say, even if they don't win seats, they would easily affect the outcome of many seats if they do run and not make any agreements with the Conservatives. Change UK would be useful, if not just to provide a spoiler effect in certain seats or advertising. Apart from Brexit, there are lots of issues which may play a part in any upcoming election (some linked with Brexit also). Antisemitism (Jeremy Corbyn and Labour) Islamophobia (Boris Johnson and the Burka row) Building regulations (the fire at Grenfell Tower in London) Knife Crime (London) HS2 Fracking Scottish Independence Austerity NHS Education Funding Immigration UK-USA Trade Deal/ Relationship with President Trump Relations with Russia (Salisbury)
  8. With the addition of the Preference vote for Australia, I've decided to update my 2013 scenario. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2018/08/25/2013-australia-house-of-representatives/
  9. With the addition of the Preference vote for Australia, I've decided to update my 2010 scenario. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2018/09/27/2010-australia-house-of-representatives/
  10. The only non-UCP candiate who kept their seat was Notley by 224 votes
  11. daons

    Alberta - 1935

    I found this website which I've found useful when working out candidate/party colours to set a uniform percentage increase/decrease in the desired shades. https://pinetools.com/lighten-color
  12. I had noticed the T:Engine error on a custom campaign also when a primary takes place. It resolved itself when deactivating 7day turns before the primaries This was on the latest sneak peak. Thanks
  13. That definitely makes sense, I agree that it's not the most accurate term. If it reduces unnecessary pressure on scenario makers, all the better :-)
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