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  1. In preparation for a possible addition of the Preference vote for Australia, I’ve decided to port over some of the old Australia scenario’s from the earlier PMI, PM4E versions. I start with the 2013 – Australia House of Representatives. Major differences from the original scenario; Official polling data/turnout/electorates from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) Addition of the AEC as an observer party Extra endorsers Populations set as the same as the eligible voters (couldn’t find data for the individual divisions.) This will be updated should the preferences system be finalized to take into account the new feature. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2018/08/25/2013-australia-house-of-representatives/
  2. daons

    Polling for historical elections

    To save on duplicate work or a nice base for a Senate election, I have already done a 1994 House campaign 1994 - House of Representatives :)
  3. daons

    1874 UK Map needed

    Maybe the surrogates could be their current diocese or parish. The Ecclesiastical province's could be endorsers also if not electoral units.
  4. daons

    South Korea

    Nice, Thanks for taking this one on 🙂
  5. daons

    South Korea map

    That user may have been me, I had started on 2017 Korean Presidential election scenario but never got around to finishing it. I can send to you if you are interested? Thanks
  6. daons

    AI changes (and it being a little too good)

    Thanks for looking into this.
  7. daons

    AI changes (and it being a little too good)

    @admin_270 I've attached a screenshot from the Massachusetts 1994 scenario from about 2 weeks in from the September start date where I've hit -9 momentum. This may well just be my bad strategy but maybe not. Thanks
  8. daons

    AI changes (and it being a little too good)

    I've also noticed the AI looks a bit overpowered in the latest version (normal mode) The AI does seem to create masses of ads and I'm wondering whether financial restraints/CPs are being ignored and therefore the large number of ads are just causing huge surges in momentum. I've seen at least two campaigns where i've suddenly gone in to -9 momentum and greater, soon leading to campaign collapse despite not having scandals/negative news stories etc. I'm normally good at avoiding that and countering negative momentum before it hits disaster levels although I limit my ad work to basic momentum gathering/swing states until I fundraise enough to not go bankrupt and am close to the election.
  9. daons

    PR Seat App

    Not sure on the ownership of the app or anything as I only recently found it
  10. daons

    PR Seat App

    Found this neat little app for calculating D'Hont, Saint-Lague and Hare-Nimeyer elections. This allows for multiple thresholds in the same election for different groupings (party vs coalition) https://sourceforge.net/projects/seatscalculator/ Now if we could get something like this built in to PMI, CI or even just an app embedded so we can make the calculations ourselves could be a good way to get PR rolling. Thanks
  11. daons

    Updated Patine Planned CI Scenarios

    @NYrepublicanI'm happy to share workload on maps if needed.
  12. daons

    Updated Patine Planned CI Scenarios

    Sure, no problem.
  13. daons

    Updated Patine Planned CI Scenarios

    I've had a go at those maps Soviet region maps.zip
  14. daons

    Updated Patine Planned CI Scenarios

    I'll have a crack at those maps
  15. daons

    Updated Patine Planned CI Scenarios

    For your 1990 Supreme Soviet elections, I have quite an interest in the Baltics (especially Lithuania) and would be happy to help, I could even work on a basic scenario. What data do you have/need as its not the easiest to come by (especially party affiliations for candidates). Thanks