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  1. You could just have a timer, and as time passes, votes come in and the totals change, perhaps where you start with a random amount in one player's direction, and then it gets closer and closer to the final result.

    Wouldn't that be in itself, a voting pattern? Urban and surburban areas (which are more liberal) usually are the first to report and the rural areas (more conservative) are usually the last to report. So if a code could be met to do that, it wouldn't have to be so complicated as to involve county stats.

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  2. Just finished a 2012 Florida Senate Election- In which Bill Nelson (D) is running for re-election. Here are the details:


    -Bill Nelson (Unchallenged)


    -Outgoing Senator George LeMieux (appointed by Charlie Crist, succeeded by Rubio)

    -Congressman Vern Buchanan

    -State House Majority Leader Adam Hanser

    -State Senate President Mike Haridopolos

    -Former Governor Jeb Bush (off)



    Comment with your email & I will send it. Thanks!

  3. I've been thinking about this, and how it would work.

    Firstly, I think a player should be able to 'save' their final election result, as some kind of file. This way, the more dedicated players can share their saved election files to brag about how awesome they did in much more detail than having just a screenshot.

    From this, we can then generate more detail about election victories, such as the number of seats changing parties, the overall swing towards/against the incumbent party (of course, data about the previous election will have to be entered into a scenario), and even swings in individual seats/states.

    The next big thing we can do with saved election victory files, is re-elections. After the election is over, a few random events generate, changing polls in various seats/states slightly. I figure scenarios should have a list of maybe 40 issues and state positions on all of them, and then each election year chooses some of those issues. So, when you come to re-election, some of the issues of the previous election are gone and replaced with randomly selected issues from the extended list. For PM4E scenarios, the party leaders can change to another from the lists (except for your party of course). For PM4E, you could also choose the date of the next election (calling an early election, double-dissolution, etc.). You could even choose between elections to have a double-dissolution, which itself would become an issue.

    Something like this would greately expand the games potential, as well as expand competativeness within the community. Two players could take the same scenario, and see how many re-elections they could go for before they eventually lose.

    Tie all this in with the suggestions I made about dealing with a hung parliament post-election in one of the PM4E Aus 2010 threads, and the game could really be taken to a whole new level without losing its core gameplay - being an election simulator.

    I was also thinking (after winning an election) picking what policies you want to concentrate on during the term. And then that will calculate a new scenario for the next term (approval rating, economy, etc.

  4. also it would be cool if we could pick where we get our polls. For example, Rasmussen- lean republican, PPP-lean democrat, etc. It would change the game dynamics because depending on who you rely on for polling, most of you decisions will be made on those numbers (right or wrong).

  5. I would like to see the general election be more realistic. I feel 70% of the game is the primaries, and then by the time the GE comes around; it's not as exciting. There's not a lot of wiggle room to change the number's in the GE. Usually, whoever the front runner is as soon as day2day starts; that's the winner. Just a suggestion on more emphasis after the primaries.

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