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  1. Rz9392

    Have You Read My E-Mail?

    theoryspark is spelled wrong in your e-mail
  2. Rz9392

    Release: President Forever 2012 Alpha v. 1.0.7

    I think Electability should be added as an issue, alongside Leadership, Integrity, etc. Also, you mentioned a while back that the bug that existed in P4E2008 (going from primaries to general election and dropping 30 points) won't occur. My question is, how much do ads and everything during the primaries effect the general election numbers and if Obama runs an ad against say Romney in the primaries will that only effect the primaries or will it also influence the general election?
  3. Rz9392

    Release: President Forever 2012 Alpha v. 1.0.7

    Is it being released this weekend or on Monday?
  4. Rz9392

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Wouldn't that be in itself, a voting pattern? Urban and surburban areas (which are more liberal) usually are the first to report and the rural areas (more conservative) are usually the last to report. So if a code could be met to do that, it wouldn't have to be so complicated as to involve county stats.
  5. Rz9392

    Release: President Forever 2012 Alpha v. 1.0.3

    Can you add the button back where you can run ads in all the states at once, alongside the option where you can run ads individually? It's kind of tedious to click each state for each ad, every time. Also, I really like that you can see how many people attended the rally; great addition.
  6. Rz9392

    Release: President Forever 2012 Alpha v. 1.0.3

    Question, does it require a spy to see how much your opponent is fundraising or has spent? Because I played as Romney and right before election day I looked at Obama's stats and it said he only raised $600,000 and only spent 35 out of the 80 million he started with. Doesn't that seem odd?
  7. Rz9392

    President Forever 2008 Alpha v. 1.0.1

    It only works with the second version.
  8. I created a scenario for 2008, with version Alpha v. 1.0.1. Note: It will not work with v. 1.0, if you haven't already updated, please do before installing. Leave your email, and i'll send it to you right away!
  9. Rz9392

    Release: President Forever 2012 Alpha v. 1.0.1

    It worked good for me, though I only played through once. Here are some minor problems I noticed. On election night, when you double click a state, it doesn't show the candidate names just their party. Also, for most of my states, they only reported 80%, though it looked like all the results were in.
  10. Rz9392

    Senate 2012 Scenario

    I remember there was a problem with this scenario. On election night I think the time was unusually fast, couldn't find the reason why. I'll update the candidates and send it out sometime soon.
  11. Rz9392

    President Forever 2012 Alpha Released

    I think having the ability to negotiate with your opponent over both taking public financing, as the opening for the general election, would be a good idea.