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  1. Sounds really interesting! Can't wait to see!
  2. Can't wait for a 1976 scenario!
  3. What kind of help could you use on the 1988 campaign?
  4. Suggestions for new issues: Farms/Farm Subsidies (but only as a small issue) Arms Race/Nuclear Weapons/The Missile Gap China/Quemoy & Matsu Cuba Vietnam (but only as a small issue) Issues To Remove: Law and Order (this issue is a holdover from the 1968 campaign when it was a major issue to address after the Long Hot Summer.) The Courts (There wasn't much controversy yet, as the "major" decisions of the Warren Court don't start until after the election. Plus it mentions the "Kennedy-Johnson years" in one of the blurbs) Civil Liberties (I don't feel like this was a big deal in 1960 since the stories of what the government was doing against the anti-war movement and civil rights movement and what rights the accused have aren't out yet) Issues to Update the Positions: The Space Race - Should not mention President Kennedy's challenge to walk on the moon Health Care - should not mention Medicaid, since that wasn't created until 1965 really hope that helps. Let me know what more I can do to assist.
  5. I think there is still a fair amount that can/should be done: Update issues to better reflect the landscape in 1960. Some are still more accurate for 1968 than 1960. Candidate positions are off in some instances. For example, in 1960, LBJ is not seen as being very pro-Civil Rights Percentages, especially for the Democrats, feel off. For example, Humphrey should have no support in the "border states". His support was almost completely in the Rust Belt. Expand the VP choices for both parties. Let me know how I can help.
  6. First off - booth088: I really appreciate all the work you did on making this scenario! I've made a copy of the scenario for my open purposes (so that I can update the issues, etc), and I can't go in to add VP's. I've tried both from the Campaign Editor (where I get a "List index out of bounds (0) error) and by actually editing the .xml file (though I admit I'm not much of an expert at editing the original files). Any clue how to fix this problem? Thanks so much!
  7. Can I just say that I absolutely love the idea of having voting blocks be modeled in a much better way. That was one of the things that has always frustrated me. I've been on the fence about getting PF12 but if it contained a more true to life way of sorting the different factions that would probably push me over.
  8. Look African Americans are never going to vote for the GOP. But she's more than JUST an African American. She's incredibly knowledgeable in foreign affairs and can handle herself in a debate. (It would be great to see her take on Biden). But look, if Romney picks someone without an foreign policy experience, the Obama campaign can rip into them as being unprepared to take command of our armed forces. This could really be an issue if the threat of war with Iran gets bigger. The Bush fatigue probably wouldn't be as big of an issue since she was unrelated to any economic decisions.
  9. Am I the only person pining for Condoleezza Rice for VP?
  10. MrPrez9051

    GOP VP

    It's important to keep in mind though about Rubio that just because he might increase the Cuban-American vote in Florida does not mean he would automatically increase the Hispanic vote in states such as New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. On election day, there really are two Hispanic communities. See here for further information: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1211/70364.html
  11. Can we be assured that this bug will not be present in P4E 2012? After all it's a bit frustrating to take the time to play out the primaries and then have some candidate just *magically* become the nominee.
  12. I was playing as Huntsman and got all the way down to the last two primaries to decide who would be the nominee (Huntsman or Romney). Romney ended up taking the last two and winning enough delegates to be the nominee. However when the convention came, I ended up getting the nomination something like 360 to 320. Any idea why that happened?
  13. I was wondering what the thoughts were with regards to the GOP's vice presidential candidates. Personally I felt that some listed were highly unlikely to even be on the short listed, regardless of who the nominee is. For instance, can anyone really imagine Jim DeMint ever accepting the running mate position? Would anyone really pick Allen West? Felt I'd throw out these names for potential additions: Condoleezza Rice Tim Pawlenty John Thune Mitch Daniels Jon Kyl (He's thoroughly hinted that he would accept if offered) Lindsey Graham Thoughts?
  14. On further reflection, you might want to add REPUBLICANS Tim Pawlenty Mike Huckabee Bobby Jindal DEMOCRATS Joe Manchin Joe Biden (He seems to think he has a shot at it, so who knows maybe he'll run) Deval Patrick Evan Bayh Also note that if Russ Feingold is added he should be listed as Senator, not governor. No idea where that came from.
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