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  1. any chance you could email a zipped folder version to nathanielmarshac@aol.com .rar doesn't work for me
  2. Ran as Paul Ryan in the primaries. Tied with Cain in Iowa (though they called him the winner), came in a close second in South Carolina (~0.5%), came in a close second in Nevada (~0.5%), and an even closer second in Minnesota (0.2%). Eventually I shifted my focus to Super Tuesday where I planned on winning Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Vermont. I got Rick Perry's endorsement which secured me Oklahoma and I won Vermont, came in second in several other states including ND and Hawaii (though this wasn't super tuesday). anyways, from there I won Wisconsin and was finishing second to Cain in just
  3. this is from a 2016 scenario i've been devoting myself to working on for the last three days straight. it's almost done, but i decided to take a break and play it. i played as palin (she's normally off by default) and won pretty easily. the closest state was oregon and i think the reason I won CA is because Schweitzer lost it big time to cuomo in the primaries and i barely lost to Scott brown (again, normally off by default) but i devoted millions of dollars, footsoldiers, crusaders, and such to the state. i think all of that work helped me win it in the GE, it was fairly close still. st
  4. a proposal i made a long time ago was allowing candidates to enter at multiple dates throughout the campaign (the reverse of them dropping out).. you could set the incumbents (without challengers) to enter the day of the first primary
  5. Yes, I was the guy who got Liddy Dole the Republican Nomination. I spent the first two weeks fundraising and researching against Bush. Next, I released a series of attack ads on Bush in New Hampshire and Iowa. Campaigning my heart out in Iowa I took the state easily, took the momentum...taking second to McCain. From there I won or came in second in just about every state. Right after Super Tuesday I convinced McCain to endorse me, which he graciously agreed to. Now it was pretty much just me and Bush left to battle it out. I released a ton of scandals on him and eventually stole the nomination
  6. TOP FIVE 5) An option to switch from Electoral vote to Popular Vote Makes it realistic for governor/senate and other races 4) More in depth conventions From the list of veeps and all crusaders in the party choose 5 speakers + a keynote Pick two issues for the Veep's speech and four for the Leader's speech Show a "convention bump" 3) More exciting election night Don't have results called as soon as their polls close If you win/lose use a method to draft your concession address (like for the conventions i mentioned) 2) Reinstate multiplayer play I was around when you coul
  7. I thought this was, at one point, possible.
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