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    2017 UK Election (adjusted polling)

    Not sure what happened for me, but was polling at around 200-220 the whole way through the campaign - managed to get big momentum during the very last few days and ended up with a very close hung parliament!
  2. labourjack

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    It'd be really interesting, during the campaign and afterwards to be able to view how much time each candidates spent in different states as well as how much money they spent and where. Would be interesting to be able to export this data too.
  3. labourjack

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    I think this is a great idea - I'd love to see an enhanced election night just as you describe! Fingers crossed
  4. labourjack

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Election Night: Rather than having the states flip-flopping between Dems and Republicans on the U.S. map, only colour it in when it has been called. Perhaps a special graphic or pop-up could appear when each state is called for a candidate?