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  1. Although he's made right-wing noises on immigration, Ed Balls was a Brownite and is probably to the left of Ed Miliband.
  2. jonmtzr

    Great Britain 1910

    Is it fininshed yet? I'm keen to try it! Also has anyone ever considered making any of the 1920s elections?
  3. Amazingly that worked spectacularly! Got 377 seats! Thanks v much! Time for harder levels!
  4. Hi, was wondering if I could have some advice on why my campaigns keep going wrong, on easy level! As Labour in 2010, I play similarly everytime and about mid-way through the campaign I go from about 240 to 180 seats, never to recover. I'll give a broad summary of how I play: Use 1CP for targeting and target about 9 seats, rest on extra footsoldiers. Targets usually in London, north Yorkshire and the Midlands. If a seat becomes more than 7/8% in my favour or against me, change the target to another seat. Make 1/2 crusaders. Make many ads, usually based on theme. Always have minimum 1 billboard and one regional/national ad playing throughout the country (I usually just let the regional ad play everywhere except NI, I rarely make leaflets) - I build up excellent momentum (often 10-20%), but this never seems to translate into votes. When I'm high in momentum, I attack Cameron. I do about 3 issue knowledges and 2 debates preps at the start, then not many afterwards. I barnstorm about once every 4-5 turns. I initially reasearch one of my theme topics (usually my theme is one personal topic, then two pro-Brown policy areas - I never change my theme), and use the insight for an ad or speech towards the end of the campaign. I then research Cameron scandal. I have taken to planting spies in LD and Tory HQs. I always accept radio/tv opportunities. I spin as much as I can. I usually jump around the country, though sometimes I stick around in an important place for 2-3 turns. What am I doing wrong/what do I need to do better? Thanks
  5. jonmtzr

    Great Britain 1910

    Please send to metzer_chelsea@hotmail.co.uk - will it work on PM4E 2010?
  6. Also, the 2010 campaign should be 4 weeks, not 6...
  7. Thanks very much for getting the 2010 update out before the election! I think these suggestions will really improve the game: 1) The election debates need to have a MUCH bigger impact - we've seen how Clegg's performance revolutionised the campaign. I think we should be seeing poll changes of 5-10 points if a candidate is the clear winner. 2) Please please please please please please give us seat-by-seat declarations on election night! It will be literally the best thing ever. 3) On the platforms of the parties, one of the issues should definitely be Constitutional reform. I'd suggest Left: Proportional representation (Lib Dems) Centre-Left: Elected House of Lords, Alternative Vote system (Labour) Centre: Investigate Lord's reform, retain FPTP (Conservative) Centre-Right: No change in system Right: Re-introduce hereditary peers
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