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  1. First, I want to say how awesome it is to be able to spout off ideas here and know that someone's actually reading them from the game developers. Offbeat question / idea. I was looking at my other presidential election games and I've always wanted to ask this - why don't you reformulate debates for PF forever? Make them interactive? Example - 1) Do you support abortion? (a) Yes, I support abortion in all cases, it is a woman's right!!! ( B ) I support abortion but I'm squishy on the finer points (anti-abortion for third trimesters etc) © I'm pro-life but I'm open to legalising first trimester abortions (d) I am totally pro-life because it's murder!!! (e) Undecided Attach values to each answer (or some such) and maybe create a way for there to be interactive debates that could swing a presidential election. The players could create up to 10 questions in a scenario. I don't know, I'd have to develop this idea a little more in my head if you're interested and figure out how it could be done. I understand you're dealing with a heavy load so take your time on responding if you find this idea interesting at all. Thanks for the games and hopefully this feedback is somewhat interesting.
  2. I'd like to ask a question if it's not too presumptive of me. Question - would it help if I gathered information on current candidates (I can link to news stories, etc to show my information?)and posted it here to correct Congress Forever's data? It seems like a collaborative strategy here to improve the product and I'd like to pitch in if that is something that would be helpful? (Example - Parker Griffin is listed as a Democrat, some of the Nevada Congressional delegations are off etc). (I don't mean to intrude or impose. Just offering).
  3. Did a bit of tweaking and worked like a charm. Thanks!
  4. I had the same problem. It was seat distribution. For example, the wrong party won PA 19 and 1 even though the announced winners were the other party. Example Candidate Vote % NUM Philip Avilio 141,776 41.3% 1 Todd Platts 201,337 58.7% 0 The majority and seat percentages seem calculated off the NUM column. Hope that clarifies.
  5. (a) Windows Vista ( Notepad (Programs >> Congress Forever 2010 >> Parties (for example) and I get that error message
  6. First, I wanted to say your products have been fantastic over the years. I've been buying them since 2004. New products understandably can take some getting used to. I tried what you suggested. Didn't work (I think this is a bug, correct me if I'm wrong). "Cannot create the C:\Program Files\Congress Forever 2010\scenarios\Congress - United States - 2010\parties.xml file. Make sure the path and file name are correct." It doesn't seem to be routing to the scenarios page - is it my computer or the program? (Just wondering). If it's my computer, I'll fix it on my end but I don't think it is. Sorry to bug you - thank you very much for your help and patience with this.
  7. I can't save the manual changes in the files, for the record. How do I do that?
  8. Hi, Two questions (I'm a longtime player of these games but I tend to lurk here) 1. Would you consider raising the EP's or can we do it manually somehow? (Is that possible?) 2. When do you estimate we'll be able to save games? Thanks, Reagan 43
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