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  1. yougo1000

    United States 1900

    Could you make a non-rar version please also. i got rid of winrar
  2. yougo1000

    Congress Forever 2010 Version Info

    When will the demo for congress forever be released?
  3. yougo1000

    President Dukakis - 1992

    Add Bush Sr. and Clinton. Maybe Kennedy
  4. yougo1000

    Crumby & Co. is free

    Whenever I play my easygoing goes down.
  5. yougo1000

    United States-1856

    I can't wait
  6. yougo1000

    Congress Forever Help

    Probably a bug.
  7. yougo1000

    Congress Forever Help

    What difficulty are you on?
  8. yougo1000


  9. yougo1000


    No matter what scenario I am doing on the 2nd or 3rd polling a BIG lead goes to the opposite party on easy. i have done everything possible to keep the lead and the lead for the opposition increases.
  10. yougo1000

    Prime Minister Forever - British 2010 Feature Suggestions

    In the next update the polling sholud be modified to reflcet the final results.
  11. yougo1000


    When you make a speech it would say do you want to make a custom speech? If you hit yes it will take you to a text box where you can type your speech and then hit OK or Cancel
  12. yougo1000


    President Forever says I have to reactivate it
  13. yougo1000

    United States Congress 2006

    Maybe lieberman shouldget half of the average
  14. yougo1000


    I have an idea: Maybe a custom speech option.